My hair had grown for about half a year now and I had lots of fun playing with my hair and myself. Every two months I had changed the colour of my hair and sported different hairstyles and I had great masturbation sessions while I changed my look.

Christmas coming closer I saw one day a new clipper that gave me a huge erection in the shop that sold it. Just reading about the balding comb that cuts your hair down to 0.6 mm made my penis getting hard and thick. I thought that this would be a perfect Christmas present to give myself and to use it on me on Christmas Day.

I invited three friends of mine for a special Christmas party and I announced that they had to come for breakfast and that I would give them a surprise. On Christmas Day morning my friends arrived and I opened the door naked. I asked them to take their clothes off as well and to sit down for breakfast. During our meal I announced that my surprise for them would be that I would shave my head today in a very special way and I would like them to be my audience.

An hour later I was standing under the shower and my friends washed and dried my long hair for the last time. I then proudly presented the new clipper to them and they all got very excited about it. But I realised that it might be a bit difficult to cut off my long hair with it in one go. It had certainly to be a bit shorter that the clipper could shave my head down to the skin.

We decided that I first should cut my hair shorter with a pair of scissors. I then got the idea that my hair should be wet again when I attacked it with the scissors and it should be the sperm from all of us to make my hair dripping wet. We all get erections and orgasms watching head shave videos and so I got my laptop into the bathroom and I played the videos I had made of my head shaving sessions from the past. We four then stood in a row and started simultaneously masturbating to the videos. With each shaved head at the end of a video we had our orgasms and the sperm was collected in our hands and applied to my head. Six videos and 24 ejaculations later my hair was really dripping wet from all the sperm.

Now it was the time of the scissors to do their job. I grabbed into my wet hair with one hand and with the other I started cutting my hair. As I felt my sperm-wet hair falling down on my body and getting stuck on my skin I got an erection again and masturbated my dick with one hand while continuing cutting my hair shorter and shorter. My friends had their dicks in both hands and gave them a lot of training for getting big and hard. Sometimes they took one hand off from their hard bones and went down to their testicles and further backwards found their way into their own ass and the middle finger was pushed deep into the whole that was offered to the finger.

After a while we thought that my hair now was short enough to do the rest with the new clipper. I dried my hair and started the clipper. The noise of the motor made us crazy and I slowly guided the blade of the clipper to my forehead and leaded it close to the skin backwards. The effect of the machine was unbelievable, I felt the blade moving and adjusting its blade just perfectly to the skin of my head. With only one comb a wide path had been shaved down to the skin of my head with bushes of hair saluting on both sides of the new road on my head. It was as if a snowplough was clearing a road from heavy snowfall.

I continued snowploughing my head now with one hand and masturbated my penis with the other. After only five or six times moving the snowplough across my head the road was completely free of hair and we all shot our sperm away from us when my last hair was falling.

Then I went under the shower and shaved my head completely clean with shaving cream and razor. From the shower I saw that my friends now were fighting a bit about who would be the first one to get my new clipper in his hands. The strongest of them won and he immediately started to shave his shorter hair off from his head. We all looked astonished at him as he never had shaved his head before. After a few minutes he was done as well and he came to me under the shower and asked if I would shave his head clean now. He was a bit afraid of doing it himself for the first time and so I started to shave his head and gave him instructions how to do it himself. The last shaving he then tried to do himself and he got more and more confident about it. Finally he masturbated and shaved his head with the razor at the same time.

In the meantime the epidemics had grown and the second friend had got hold of the clipper and was shaving his head. He was already experienced with shaving his own head and shaved it clean as well under the shower while the last friend also could not resist getting rid of his hair. So, we all ended up with shaved heads and spent the rest of Christmas Day watching the video we had taken from the whole ceremony and watching it we fucked each other until late at night. I spent a lot of time during the next days watching that video again and again with my middle finger finding the whole in my ass and changing my penis into a hard bone with my other hand.



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