During the summers of my youth in the late 1980's, I visited my grandparents every so often. They lived in an old farmhouse, nestled at the end of a dirt road within the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. Usually I would stay for a few weeks at a time, seeing as how life at my parents' homestead wasn't exactly the most harmonious. My days were mostly spent exploring the surrounding woods and helping my grandparents out with various chores and whatnot. More often than not however, we simply kept each other company.

The farmhouse itself was nearly a hundred years old, adorned with a backwoods facade of weathered stone steps, a rusty tin roof, screen doors, and a large front porch, complete with rocking chairs and a swing. Though not much for looks, it was a comforting place. A favorite past time of mine was lounging lazily in the swing while reading a book or a comic strip, as the hours slowly crept by and the heat gradually formed big, billowy clouds in the sky.

At times it would get so hot, that nothing else would do but to take a quick swim in a nearby mountain shoal. Stripping down to my underwear, I'd wade into the water carefully. Icy at first, the water would soon become a cool velvety blanket of relief. While lounging back against the slippery rocks of the shallow stream, it never took long for my farmer's tan to fade away into an even, golden bronze. Hidden within a thicket of pine trees, one didn't have to worry about modesty. One could spend the entire day there relaxing, without a care or worry in the world.

Sometimes my uncle Robbie would drive up for a visit. He lived a few hours away in the southern part of the state, so generally he only made it up to the family homestead for a few days out of the month. I always admired my uncle and looked forward to his visits. He was a lot of fun to be around, and his presence tended to break up the monotony that a southern summer could induce. A quintessential southern gentleman, he sported a thick good ol' boy accent and a kindly demeanor. In his mid thirties at the time, his typical wardrobe consisted of a either a short sleeve Polo or Lacoste shirt, with either a little alligator or jockey logo sewn onto the front, along with conservative Dockers' work pants and penny loafers. Broad shouldered and masculine, his build was that of someone who once played sports in high school, but which had gradually and naturally filled out slightly over time. His looks reminded me of the actor Kevin Spacey quite a bit. Framed by an unbuttoned collar, a thick tuft of dark chest hair daringly displayed itself and inched its way up toward a stubbly jaw line. On occasion he grew a full moustache, which served to draw one's attention even more to his hirsute arms and legs. A slightly receding hairline outlined a fatherly, yet gentle face.

I couldn't help but feel attracted to him.

One particular weekend, he drove up unannounced and surprised my grandparents and I with a visit. Immediately my grandmother prepared the typical southern meal, complete with sweet tea, cornbread, okra, and so on. We talked for a while and caught up with one another. Afterward, as was typical of my uncle during his visits, he changed out of his business attire, into an old white t-shirt, loose exercise shorts, and worn sneakers, so as to get some heavy duty yard work done. Spotted with holes and the random ripped portions of torn fabric, a good bit of skin always seemed to show through his work clothes. Also, from the look of it, I don't think he ever wore underwear underneath the shorts.

Having just celebrated my eighteenth birthday, I was old enough at this point to assist him with the more arduous jobs around the homestead. Of my own accord, I took every opportunity to help him as best I could. Usual outdoor work consisted of chopping wood for the upcoming winter, making minor repairs to the house, and keeping the yard from becoming too overgrown. If left unattended to, it didn't take too long for the surrounding woods to start creeping in and taking over.

As he and I worked that summer day, it soon became humid and hot as the afternoon sun beat down on us relentlessly. His shirt began sticking to him. Obliging my desires unknowingly, he peeled the musky shirt off and sat it aside in a sunny spot to dry. I tried not to be obvious as I snuck glimpses of him every now and then. We were busy pulling honeysuckle vines from my grandmother's hemlock trees, when he asked, 'Aren't you hot? Take your shirt off if you want to...' Of course, even though I knew that I was probably a tall glass of water as well, I was far too self aware, shy, and bashful around him to do so. So I simply said, 'I'm alright,' and continued to watch as the sweat rolled off of his back and shoulders, down into the small of his back. His shorts grew dark with sweat, and revealed every curve of his physique. His chest hair became matted, and his erect nipples dripped with perspiration. A faint trail of hair ran from the middle of his shoulder blades, along his spine, before ending in a small patch above his buttocks.

At one point I grew hard, and had to walk away for a brief time in order to let the urging, painfully engorged member within my jockstrap and jeans settle down somewhat. I didn't know how I was going to get through the next few nights, especially when knowing that he planned on staying the weekend. We always shared a bed.

When my uncle visited, if he spent the night, he and I slept in the same room. There were four bedrooms, but from the time that I was little, I always remembered sleeping by him in bed. Especially with the farmhouse being as old as it was, every little noise would scare me as a kid. Initially I slept with him out of being afraid, but as I grew older, it simply became a habit to continue sharing a bed together, almost as if we were brothers. Plus it didn't really make sense to sleep in separate rooms, given the nature of his sporadic visits, nor did it make sense to dishevel two beds. He usually stayed up late reading, and then we would talk for a while. Eventually we would each drift off to sleep, with moonlight shining in through the window and the soft, barely visible outline of his body lulling me into sweet dreams.

Robbie typically only wore a pair of old shorts to bed, and that night was no exception. The yard work had dredged on, and eventually we called it a day with the honeysuckle and reached a stopping point. We watched TV with my grandmother for a while; campy episodes of Dallas and Charlie's Angels. Robbie sat on the couch in his wet shorts and kicked back a few beers. Every now and then a small dribble of beer would miss his lips and glide down his chest and be illuminated by the glow of the old picture tube television. My grandmother had nodded off to sleep while watching the TV, so we tried not to wake her when it was time for bed.

My uncle and I were both still pretty sweaty; so we each wanted to take a shower. My uncle showered first. He got out a clean pair of old, ragged shorts and slipped his wet ones off. I had never seen him naked before. Thankfully he was too tired to notice me staring at his hairy ass as I pretended to pick out a book to read. I only caught a glimpse, but his uncircumcised dick hung low like a horse. Earlier, while we were working outside, I saw his balls for a brief moment through a hole in his shorts. I had always thought that he was well endowed, but this was the first time that I actually saw him in full splendor. Embarrassingly I tried to think of something else, so as not to have a repeat of what had happened previously with my unexpected erection.

Once Robbie was out of the shower, I got cleaned quickly and put on my pajamas. It was a warm night, so when I came into the bedroom I wasn't surprised that my uncle hadn't turned the covers down. He sat upright with his reading glasses on, propped up against a pillow, reading a dog-eared issue of After Dark magazine by lamplight. His thick chest hair took on a slight golden hue. The thin shorts accentuated his crotch, and I could see part of his dick through a frayed hole in the fabric. He glanced up and said, 'I've got an old pair of shorts if you want them... you're not going to be hot in that?'

I couldn't believe my own voice when I replied, 'Where are they?'

Robbie got up and scrounged around in his clothes for a moment, and pulled out a pair of side-split gym shorts and an old sleeveless athletic shirt and handed them to me. 'There you go.'

Timidly I left the room to change. I slid off my pajamas and underwear, and slipped on the shorts and shirt. The shorts were even rattier looking than the ones that Rob had on, and definitely didn't leave much at all to the imagination. My dick and balls could easily be seen, but I decided to just stop being so shy or embarrassed. When I walked back into the bedroom, my uncle was still reading. He casually looked up. 'That better?'

'Yeah,' I answered sheepishly. 'How long have you had these?'

Half chuckling, he said, 'I've had those since my high school days... playin' basketball.'

I shut the door tightly and subsequently got into bed. We talked for a while. He turned a page in the magazine every so often, as I tried to keep my mind off of his body. Another erection started to grow, which would be more than obvious in my shorts, so I turned over and faced the other way and humbly wished him a goodnight. Soon afterward he turned out the light and said, 'Well, goodnight. See you in the mornin...'

As the night went on, my erection kept coming and going. I rolled over to look at him periodically, watching as his beautiful chest moved up and down, softly and rhythmically. At last I couldn't withstand it anymore. I turned over so that I lay on my back, and as carefully as I could, so as not to wake him, I pulled my shirt off. I dropped it off the side of the bed, inched my hand down toward my enlarged dick, and slowly drew back the waistband. Pre-cum leaked out over my fingers as I gently stroked my cock. Slowly and steadily, I moved my fingers along the aching and gleaming shaft as the head bulged with repressed tension. For a split second, I almost panicked as my uncle turned over away from me. I stopped momentarily, and then slowly began to resume stroking again. Long... slow... languid strokes. I couldn't believe that I was doing this... and then, unable to hold back any longer, I came. A thick burst of cum spouted forth. It was difficult to resist the urge to jerk too quickly and wake him up, but I managed to squeeze the last of the juice out without rousing him. It took a while for my dick to become flaccid again, but I tucked it back into my shorts and sat there in the wetness of my own spunk for a while. Slowly, I eased myself off of the bed without disturbing him, and left the room to get cleaned up.

When I returned, I crawled back into bed, temporarily appeased. I drifted in and out of sleep. As much as I wanted to however, I just couldn't stop thinking about Robbie, and how I wanted to touch him and be close to him. I knew that he was my uncle, and that I shouldn't think that way about a relative, but I couldn't help it. I scooted over toward his body, still trying to be careful not to wake him. Gently, I slid my leg over his. He didn't budge, and it felt so good to me. Our body hair acted like a warm and velvety blanket. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, I continued to risk things further by inching even closer. Unable to stop myself, I rubbed my leg sensuously along his, and made my advances more obvious. Though he stirred slightly, Robbie continued to snooze on without taking any notice. Or so I thought...

Finally, I did manage to fall into a short-lived sleep. Short-lived, because at some point later on, as the night wound its way toward morning, I felt my uncle's hand on my arm. It must've started raining, because I could hear the pitter of rain drops as they hit the tin roof. I lay turned away from him, and kept as still as possible on my side, for what seemed like such a very long time, pretending to still be asleep. Then I felt his hand increasing its firmness. His fingers sensuously began to graze over my body as he moved closer toward me. My breathing quickly became deeper and fuller as his rough hand explored my body. Though not quite as hairy as his, my chest was nonetheless thick with curly ringlets and already well developed, despite my young age. Squeezing my nipple, he kissed the nape of my neck gruffly. His touch and the smell of his aftershave caused my dick to come to attention again. Lovingly, his hand caressed my chest hair and started slinking down toward the waistband of my shorts. Kissing me again, he slipped his hand underneath the waistband and slowly began pumping my dick. It throbbed and pulsed as his thumb rolled over the bulbous, circumcised mushroom-like head. As this was happening, he began to grind his dick into the back of my shorts, and I felt his breath, rapid and warm, against my neck. His dick pressed long and hard into the cheeks of my ass, spreading them through the cloth. Over and over again, with a slow and deliberate rhythm, he worked his groin against me. The thrusts kept time with the stroking of my dick. Robbie's pre-cum began to soak through the back of my shorts.

Of course, it was all too much. I gasped out loud as I shot a heavy load. He continued pumping my dick however, jerking and draining every bit of cum from the throbbing erection. The warm liquid trickled down over his fingers. His thrusting stopped temporarily as he drew his hand away from my dick. The kisses continued, along my shoulder blades and back, as he brought his cum drenched fingers up toward my mouth. I licked them clean as he slid them across my lips. A trace of honeysuckle still lingered on his hands as his fingers groped in and out.

Then, when I thought it was over, Robbie reached down and slid my shorts completely off, and removed his own as well. Fully naked, he lay back down beside me, and pressed his ever swelling dick into my ass once again. Wet with my spit, his fingers groped around until they found my inviting and puckered asshole. One finger slipped into the rosy orifice, slowly gliding in and out. Next, he tried three at a time. 'Ughhh,' I moaned, as he pulled his fingers back and forth into my anus. This went on for quite a while, until he brought his hand back up to greet my mouth again. Once more I eagerly licked them clean. A sweet, pungent taste of sweat, beer, and salty cum.

Meanwhile, my dick began to ooze and leak pre-cum again as Robbie kissed me more fervently. Reaching back down toward my ass, he then parted my cheeks and found my pink entryway again. As gently as he could, Robbie pushed the head of his prick into my welcoming hole. 'Wait - wait- ughh,' I muttered. It felt so huge.

'Shhhh... Don't worry,' he reassured me, kissing my cheek. 'I won't hurt you. I'll go in slow buddy.'

I don't know how long it took, but it seemed as if he pushed in for a very long time, inch by inch. At last, just when I thought I couldn't take any more of his engorged prick, he pulled back out gradually, and then slowly eased back in. The thrusts started slowly like this at first. Patiently he worked his dick in, before carefully drawing out once more. The pace and intensity eventually quickened, as a slathering of pre-cum granted him more leverage and greater speed. The rain came down harder.

'Uhhh... Ughhhghh,' he grunted, as a hot jet of cum spurted from his dick, deep inside my ass. Subtle warmth flooded my insides as Robbie's seed sputtered and gushed forth. Rocked with spasms, he continued thrusting until all of his juices were drained. I clenched my buttocks, milking his rigid tool as best I could. So many thoughts rushed through my head in that moment, but mostly I thought about how much I loved him. In the afterglow, we lay entwined together for a long while, motionless, with his prick still deep inside of me.

My dick began to ooze another thick and heavy stream of milky ejaculate as he held onto me close and tight. His strong arms reassured me with the most tender and loving caresses. After a short time, Robbie began to grind his hips against mine once more, and another round of deep thrusts, much rougher in nature, soon ensued. Thus commenced the deepest and best fucking that I've ever had. A euphoric feeling of intense pleasure spread throughout my body and seemed to go on and on relentlessly as he pounded my ass without restraint. Like two jackrabbits, beads of sweat broke out across our bodies as his large, jism filled balls slapped against me. There... again... I felt his chest pounding against me as he ejaculated into my ass once more. Afterward, we lay there, joined together silently. Spent, I looked down at my dick and noticed that I had apparently come again. I fell asleep with his prick still inside of me, as cum leaked and oozed out of my ass for the remainder of the night.

That morning Robbie and I slept in for a little while until finally rousing ourselves up for another hot summer day. When we woke, we where still joined together. For the remainder of the weekend, we each wore a pair of tattered and worn shorts as we worked outside. A stream of Robbie's cum steadily and continuously dripped from my raw asshole and ran down my legs as we went about our activities in the southern heat, so that the back of my shorts were always sticky from a mixture of both cum and sweat. While working, every now and then he would grin and brazenly finger and squeeze my ass through the shorts; often lifting them up just enough so as to slip his fingers into my insatiable, warm hole for a brief bit of discreet and impromptu play.

Sometimes this puppy love would segue into a session of deep and thorough rimming. Uncle Robbie's tongue took to my sweaty ass like a greedy wild cat, intently lapping up his milky cum as it flowed forth ceaselessly from of my succulent and quivering man pussy. Steadying himself by hunkering down beneath me and holding onto my well muscled legs, his tongue would drive deeper and deeper into my anus, fully exploring the warm hole with unwavering determination. Rob's strong and capable hands stroked the length of legs as he repeatedly brought me just to the point of orgasm, before slowly edging off again in an effort to prolong our mutual satisfaction. Eventually our rimming sessions culminated in wanton moans of unabashed pleasure as we each shot our respective loads of hot cum into the open air. Subsequently, Rob and I always enjoyed taking a moment to clean each other up, an equally gratifying activity which involved licking the sweat from one another's balls and downing the excess cum from our overly stimulated members. 'Damn that feels good. Mmmm... Damn,' he would usually quip under his breath as I finished him off, taking the entire length of him into my affectionate mouth with a single deep-throated motion. 'Mmm... Keep doin' it. I'm proud of you.'

Of course, after the fun filled days and nights of that weekend, we continued to embark on plenty of intimate escapades within the safe haven of our farmhouse bedroom and the surrounding foothills. As I grew older, summer became synonymous with our sexual explorations of one another. Recently, we've begun a new tradition. After an especially long, sweltering day of 'work' at the homestead, we cap things off by heading down to the waterhole for a swim. Slipping out of our shorts, we lay naked together in a shaded, shallow pool, and watch the sun set behind the trees while jacking each other off. No matter what, my uncle Robbie and I will always do our utmost to make each summer special... ones that we'll never forget.



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