I hurriedly secured the front desk area then headed for my room which was at the end of the hallway closest to the front desk entrance.

Billy had thrown the security latch and then closed the door, which prevented the door from shutting all the way. I walked into the dimly lit room to find Billy stretched out on the king sized bed slowly massaging his rock hard ten inches.

The only light was coming from the bathroom, where the door had been pulled almost all the way shut.

Billy looked up as I walked in, grinning at me.

'I'm ready.' he said.


'To go to heaven. That is what you just told me isn't it?'

I grinned back at him. 'Fuckin 'A' it is!'

I secured the door, then stripped down.

I don't get the chance to work out as often as I'd like due to my crazy ass schedule, but all in all I don't look half bad for a guy my age.

My salt and pepper hair is still full and thick, and although my chest hair has started to turn, I've often been complemented on the carpeting my chest offers. My quarter sized nipples were rock hard and my cock was straining against the fabric of my boxers.

As I got down to my boxers Billy stopped me from stripping any further.

'Stop. Let me finish for you.'

I didn't argue. As I walked to the edge of the bed my cock found the opening in the boxers and peeked out.

Billy sat up on the side of the bed, and as I stepped closer he handed me the bottle of poppers which I took and began snorting like a meth junkie in need of a fix.

My cock grew even harder and my head began to swim.

Billy reached out and grabbed my cock, roughly pulling me to the edge of the bed. His mouth opened and swallowed me. I threw my head back and moaned. This mother fucker could suck cock!

He deep throated my boner, tickling my balls with his tongue once he had the eight inches all the way down his mouth. Then he slowly began sliding his mouth up and down the length of my shaft.

I trembled all over, afraid that I would blow my load early.

'Fuck baby that feels so good!'

Billy took his mouth from my cock and looked up at me. 'You have NO idea how long I've wanted to do that.'

With that I dropped my shorts to the floor and crawled on the bed to lie next to him.

Probably as long as I've wanted to do this. With that I went down on his cock. It took me a second to maneuver my mouth, but soon I was deep throating his ten incher. I felt his body tense and his balls stiffen. I knew it wouldn't take long to bring him to climax. But first I wanted to have some fun with him. I crawled down between his legs, the pushed them up over his head bringing his hot pink pulsing little hole up to where I could get to it.

Without warning, I rammed my tongue up into his little fuck hole. It was warm and moist and tasted like paradise. I tongue fucked him as he clenched and unclenched his boi cunt.

I spread his cheeks as far apart as I could and dug in deep with my tongue.

'Fuck Ryan that feels so damn good!'

He shoved the poppers bottle under my nose and I eagerly inhaled. Then he shifted the bottle to the other nostril and once again I sucked it in.

With my head swimming in the clouds, I tongued his ass till I was sure he was about to shoot.

I eased my tongue out of his hole and swallowed his cock and then, taking my hand, I stuffed his balls into my mouth as well. I sucked all three at the same time. Billy moaned and dug his hands into my hair, shoving my head down onto his cock.

I slipped two fingers into his already moist hole and began finger fucking him while sucking harder on his cock.

That did the trick. His body tensed up, his cock stiffened, his ball sac began to tighten.

'Oh fuck Ry, I'm going to cum!'

I hurriedly popped his balls out of my mouth, then with one last movement, I rammed my head back down on his cock.

He shot load after load of hot thick sweet cum into my mouth. I swallowed eagerly, not wanting to waste a drop. He must have had a weeks worth of cum built up. I thought he would never stop shooting, but, fuck, I didn't care if he shot all night. His cum was so fucking thick and so amazingly sweet that I would have taken a fifty-five gallon bucket of it!

He finally stopped and I saved the last couple of squirts in my mouth.

When he was spent, I raised up and rolled over next to him on the bed. Then I grabbed him and rolled him on top of me.

I grabbed his head with alarming force and brought his mouth to mine.

I deep tongue kissed him, giving him back the last loads of his hot cum.


'Thank you. You have one pretty damned amazing cock on you.'

Billy looked up into my eyes. 'Fuck me.'

That took me by surprise. I was just sure he was bound to be a total top, especially sporting a hot cock like the one already beginning to stiffen between his legs.


'Please? Seed me.' He reached down and squeezed my throbbing cock. 'Make me your bitch.'

I didn't have to be told twice.

I hit the poppers bottle a few times, then grabbed the bottle of hotel lotion sitting on the bedside table. I lubed my cock up and then shoved two lubed fingers up Billy's ass, getting it good and moist while Billy sucked down a few hits off of the poppers bottle.

I raised up and gave him a slow, deep passionate kiss. 'Are you ready?'

He nodded his head.

I grabbed his legs and raised them, bringing his fucking cunt hole up. He wrapped his skinny, silky legs around my neck. I leaned in and ran my tongue up and down the length of each calf. He moaned. Then, just out of pure evilness to prolong giving him my cock, I took his foot from my left shoulder and slowly began sucking each toe. I would suck, ever so slowly on each toe, then deep clean in between each one. When I was done with the first foot, I took the foot from my right shoulder and repeated the process. Billy had stroked himself all the while till he was rock hard again.

'Hand me the poppers.'

'Yes sir.' He winked at me as he passed me the bottle of Jungle Juice Platinum.

I took a few deep hits and then gave the bottle back to him.

Without warning, I placed the head of my swollen cock up against his sweet pink hole, then rammed it in all the way to the base in one hard thrust.

'Fuck! God damned! Oh man! YES!'

I didn't take time building up speed. Instead I began ramming my cock up his tight hole in thrust after thrust. I could feel him tighten his boi cunt around my cock which only made me fuck him harder.

Billy tightened his legs around my neck.

I began pulling my cock all the way out, then ramming it back up inside his fucking hot, tight ass.

I rammed thrust after thrust. I could feel my ball sac tighten.

'I'm gonna cum!'

Billy tightened his ass and his legs one last time. 'Give it to me. Fill my ass up!'

I pulled my cock out, then with one last thrust, I rammed my cock deep inside his ass. My balls slapped his ass as I shot load after hot load deep up inside him.

Once I was spent I pulled out of him, rolled over and laid down next to him. I was covered in sweat, my heart pounding. Billy's body was sweat drenched as well. His long mane of hair was wet, as if he had just stepped out of the shower.

He rolled onto his side and looked at me.

'My god Ryan that was AMAZING! Thank you so much!'

Without waiting for an answer, he bent down and licked my cock clean. When he was finished I raised him to me and gave him a deep kiss.

'I'm not done yet.'


I flipped him onto his back, grabbed his legs and thrust them high, then shoved my tongue back into his ass and began to suck hard. As I felched his ass he began to moan.

I sucked hard till I had the cum I had deposited out of my cock filling my mouth.

With a mouth full of my own hot steamy cum, I climbed on top of Billy. I brought my mouth down close to his. Thinking I was going to kiss him, Billy opened his mouth, ever so slightly.

I took my hands and spread his mouth open wide.

Then raising up till I was about two feet over his mouth, I spit the hot load deep down his throat.

Billy eagerly sucked it all down.

Once I was done, I took my tongue and licked up the few drops that had fallen outside of his mouth, then leaned down and gave him one last, long deep kiss.

'Thank you,' I said as I looked into his deep blue eyes, 'that was fucking amazing. Please tell me you want to do it again.'

'Hell yes I do.'

'What about your old lady?'

'Hell, that bitch doesn't get ANY of this.' he said reaching down and giving his rock hard cock a shake. 'I got drunk one night and she tricked me into getting her into bed. She knew I was gay, but she was determined to 'straighten' me out.'

'One of those huh?'

'Shit man, if she hadn't ended up pregnant right off the bat, I NEVER would have married her. Bitch don't get none of my cock. I keep that for the glory holes at the adult store out on I-40. Besides, she stays so strung out most of the time, she doesn't realize she's not getting any. If it weren't for my son, I'd leave. I just don't want him raised by her alone. Who knows what might happen.'

'Well then, let's not make this a one time thing. What do ya say? Interested?'

Billy reached up and pulled me to him, parting my lips with his tongue. As he kissed me he reached between my legs and gave my cock another squeeze.

'What do you think?' he said with a wink.

I fucked Billy the next two nights while we were all snowed in. He stopped by my room for 'lunch' those next two days, and I fed him. Oh, I fed him alright....a nice thick, creamy protein shake.

After that, Billy began to find an excuse to pop in at the hotel at least one night a week while I was on duty. Then we began hanging out together on the weekends. After a couple of years Billy began bringing his son Trey with him. Together the three of us would do a movie and pizza or go fishing. Two years ago Billy's wife was killed in a head on collision on the interstate. Apparently she was high on meth and never realized that she had crossed the median and was driving into oncoming traffic. The eighteen wheeler that hit her killed her instantly.

That night, after everyone had left, I sat by Billy's side. Trey, who was now fifteen had gone to bed. Billy slid over next to me and took my hand.

'Ryan, thank you so much for being here. I don't know what I would have done without you.'

With that he leaned over and kissed me, slow and deep. I put my arms around him and pulled him to me, returning his kiss.

We were so wrapped up in each other that we didn't hear Trey walk into the room.

'I wondered how long it would take for you two to be in each others arms.'

Billy and I, both surprised and embarrassed, looked up to find Trey standing there, totally naked, holding his six inch boner in his hand, a wicked grin on his face. 'Mind if I join you?'

Without waiting for an answer he walked over to the sofa and sat down in my lap pulling my mouth to his, parting my lips with his tongue which the shoved deep down my throat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him raise his hips, offering his beautiful boy cock for his dad to suck dry. Billy wasted no time in swallowing his son down to his beautiful bush.

Since that night, Billy and Trey have moved in with me, and together the three of us have become one happy cocky family.



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