Every weekend when Mark came back from 'business' was a weekend of pure hell.He would tie me up to the bed posts and do things to me...bad things.


I woke up naked in Dave's bed,his arms around me.As I lay there thinking about what Mark had in store for me today I quivered a little,I don't know if Dave was already away but he sensed that and held me tighter and whispered in my ear,'I'm so sorry'.

Dave was....different,gentle and although I was supposedly his 'slave' he never treated me like one.Dave and I tried to escape from this place many time....we have the marks to prove it.Even though Mark was his brother,he never hesitated.I turned around to face Dave and he was just staring at my face,his lips pressed against mine and we kissed for what seemed like hours.

Dave was the one who broke the kiss,as he went beneath the sheets and reached for my hardening cock.I moaned softly as his wet tongue came into contact with my pole,he licked around the head then went all the way till my balls.When my moans grew slightly louder he took my shaft all the way down his throat and began an up and down rhythm.I felt his moist mouth moving around my cock and his tongue as it almost flowed about in the space that remained in his mouth.My breathing became faster and my moans we're getting louder,all this only made Dave increase his pace and I could hear him breathing around my pole.As I was seconds away from my climax I screamed,'fuckk....I'mm...I'mm gonna cummm'.Dave removed my tool from his mouth and began jacking it,held near his face.

'Uh!Tim,I want it,give it too me',was all I heard before I arched my body thrusting my member as far as I could in his hand and exploded,my warm cum first hit the left side of his face and then his eager mouth,volley after volley of cum entered his mouth or his wet pink lips.Even his hand was dripping cum,he licked his lips and then his hand till there was no cum left.

Dave said while still panting,'I'm going to fuck you now'.'What are you waiting for',I replied.he grabbed my legs and me to him,he positioned my butt over his shaft and slowly brought my butt down,as his member invaded me I felt the sharp pain of my hole being stretched.Dave began to move in and out of me at a slow steady pace and I started to jack my already hardening cock again.Our moans filled the room,mixed with 'oh yeah's'.

As Dave neared his climax he began to pound my ass,ramming his tool all the way in.A few more moans and thrusts and my hole clenched around his tool as I shot my load on his chest and stomach and on mine and he screamed,'uhh,yeah...take my load' and I felt him shoot his hot cum inside me,he kept thrusting while he was cumming as he paced down.

He fell on top of me and pulled out of me and I felt his cum flow out of my ass.One of his hands went into my messy,long hair that now covered my ears and his other hand he placed on my rising and falling chest and he spread his leg across my body as he crushed his lips against mine and we stayed like that kissing and catching our breaths in between kisses till we heard sounds and talking come to life downstairs and we knew that......that he was back.

We got dressed or rather Dave got dressed as I was allowed only to wear underwear when Mark was home.Dave held my hand as we went downstairs.As soon as Mark saw us he forgot about his conversation with his men and waved them away,the only thing different was the tall naked boy who was on his knees.The boy had dark brown hair that covered his forehead almost like mine,his face was beautiful.His body was nicely toned,he had a nice chest and abs,but nothing overly defined,each of his nipples was a perfect disk,everything about him was perfect.....even his 5 inch soft shaft.His Beautiful,deep black eyes was staring directly at me.He looked down when he saw that I was also looking at him.

'This brother is my new pet,I think I'll keep this one'.The he looked at me with a look that sent chills down my spine and said,'oh,I have lots planned for you two,now...come with me'.

Dave's grip around my wrist tightened,but I too very vividly remember what happened the last time,'Dave,let go....it's...it's going to be okay,but you have to let go'.'Good boy,now both of you follow me',Mark said as he began walking down the very familiar corridor.The other boy got up and began walking and I kissed Dave and joined him.



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