I pulled into the Forest Preserve parking lot and took one of the last 2 spaces. There was an open space next to me as I opened the door and stepped out. A man reading a book in the car across the space looked me up and down.

He must have liked what he saw as he said, 'I believe you're the guy, Chuck Jorgensen , said I might be interested in meeting'.

'You know Chuck?' I said walking over.

'Yes, he said you have the largest balls he's ever seen and a very good sized cock.' I can tell from that bulge in your jeans he's very right.

Looking around for a Ranger, I unzipped and carefully pulled out my cock and balls. Pressing up against his car I rested them on the door of his car. Without any hesitation he slipped his mouth over the glans and his fingers began to massage my balls. Almost involuntarily I started to pump his mouth.

'Wait this area is a little dangerous but I wanted to taste that,' I can't do much here anyway with this chair and the rough terrain; he said motioning to the wheelchair in the back seat. 'Can you come over to my house, I live close?'

The vanity of having him comment on my balls and cock and the fact Chuck knew him lead me to accept and 15-20 mins later I was watching him get out of the car and wheel his chair into his house.

Inside the house I shed my jeans and all I had on below the waist were briefs that I pulled up to revel my ass cheeks. A ¾ hard on indicated my direction and interest as I walked past him.

His hand swept over my ass cradling it and he squeezed a cheek. 'Help me get undressed he asked' as he slipped off his sport shirt, tee and chain then waited for me to pull his pants down. I went down on his cock for a moment as soon as I slid the trousers and briefs down. Free of those, I spread his footrests and jacking myself off I went to work on his cock, a medium length, medium thick, bit salty, sensitive head stick of pleasure.

He stopped me and said, 'listen we have time.....go sit on the back of that couch.'

After I had he pulled his chair up and had me position my legs on the arms of the chair.

I laid back on the couch back and was suspended between it and the chair arms as he licked and sucked my balls taking each into his mouth, tonguing them, sucking them, then slid my cock down his throat and took me to the edge 3 times then slipped his mouth off my cock. I was lying there when his tongue took my asshole. I say took as I've never had a tongue that far in my asshole before.

Unable to resist I arched my back and wiggled my ass and began begging for more. His hands spread my cheeks and his tongue went almost to my tonsils. I pumped my hips and begged for his pleasuring.

He stopped for a moment and I asked how he knew I loved rimming and tongue fucking so much? Oh, Chuck, he said you wanted it every day and it seemed you even wanted it even more than him doing you cock.

He just started up again and the doorbell rang once, and then rang again. His tongue was penetrating my asshole again so when the door opened I could have cared less. Whomever it was cleared their throat and I glanced towards them. Standing at the end of the Living Room was Chuck Jorgensen and only through the door about 30 seconds he was already undressing.

'How is he Joe?' he asked. 'Exactly as you said, control his asshole, Joe' said slipping a finger into my ass' and he'll do anything.'

I arched again to take his rimming....and push his finger deeper.

Chuck walked over and said,' More importantly I want to know how he fucks and sucks?' dropping a semi-flaccid cock on my lips. I suckled it and used an arm to pull him closer and motioned him to pump my mouth. He was excited and I started to taste his precum. He pulled out and said I have other places for that.

We stopped and took Joe into the bedroom. Placing him on the edge of the bed, I went down on his cock.

Chuck started licking my asshole as he did every day that I saw him; I wiggled, pushed back and even spread my cheeks not missing a stroke sucking Joe's cock. Suddenly Chuck's mouth pulled off and a hand covered in olive oil painted my crack.

A cock head, Chucks, meeting my asshole, quickly followed that lubing and with a firm grip on my hips he penetrated me. Now regardless if your asshole been tongued a 100+ times, if you've never had a vibrator, butt plug or cock in your ass before the first one always seems big. He pushed all the way in slowly. I held my breath as I tried to relax.

I wanted him but my way so I pressed back on him as deep as I could so he would stay still. I wiggled a bit on him while hhhmmmming as I sucked Joe.

I relaxed as much as I can but the cock in my ass was definitely bigger than the one I had sucked in my mouth earlier.

I started to work him hoping he'd stay still until I had myself open...lengthening stokes by ¼' inches rather than halves. Finally after 5-10-15 mins ( I have no idea how long it really was) I loosened and after 20-30 mins he was fucking me like I was his doggie in heat. His hands had transferred to my shoulders and I was as hot as he was when I felt the hot cum shoot up into me and he pulled me back fully against him as he shot and shot.. As if the fates approved Joe shot down my throat just after Chuck had taken my anal cherry. I reached one hand back to keep Chuck in my ass as long as I could as my other stripped the cum from Joe's cock to my eager tongue..

I had an idea about Chuck and as we separated I fell forward onto the floor, spread my ass cheeks and gaping hole and teased him to eat me clean. He did arousing me again and now I wanted someone to fuck me. I sucked Joe up moving him to the center of the bed. Since he was paralyzed below the waist, I oiled my ass and facing his feet slowly made his cock disappear into my asshole.

He mentioned I had a great ass so I fucked him slowly making his cock head pop out and re-enter me every stroke as I took every inch. Chuck straddled his legs facing me and force-fed me his cock. Hands gripping my head as they forced my mouth onto his cock.. There was a little ATM taste on his cock but the olive oil on his cock kept me from gagging.

Joe talks me into a rush of desire as he mumbled a running commentary of how close he is to cumming and how good I am on his cock. Finally just as his cock popped out of me, he began to spurt all over his cockhead and my sphincter then I slipped it back up into me. After pushing it deep, I shifted up to ride just the head coaxing every drop from his twitching cock.

Chuck is almost ready but I slow him down. I want him or should I say my asshole wants him. I roll off Joe and onto my back. I can feel the cum running from my asshole. Chuck kneels there figuring I want my asshole sucked again but instead I cry for him to fuck me.

Pushing my legs up and reaching for his cock I guide//pull him into me...inserting his cockhead in my open asshole and my legs wrapping around him as I pull him in. Fuck me....ram me hard and make me feel it I challenged him.

Legs in the air, ass gripping the older man's cock, 2 men's cum about to mix in me again. I'm fucking the man I let take me first, my cherry popper and right now all I want is his cock. I need. I want to feel his cum again. He rams me hard my cum filled ass making sucking sounds as he does.

I think this old man fucks good enough if I never fuck anyone else other than these 2 men a 1000 times my hole would be filled and happy. My legs are pushed up over my shoulders as I feel him release and my legs and arms flail to drive him deeper and longer. Fuck your whore I whisper in his ear....give me....that cock. His thrusting drove cum from both Joe and him out of me and I felt it trickle down the crack of my ass.

Finally he slowed and slipped from me as he lowered my legs. I rolled around to suck his cock, not worried about ATM as I licked and slurped cum from both my lovers mixed with my own ass drippings from his cock, especially sucking his balls.

Twenty-four hours before I was a guy who enjoyed a blow job, ass play and maybe sucking a cock in return. Now, I was a cum slut for 2 men almost old enough to be my Father.

As I cleaned the last drop off his cock I crawled over and began sucking Joe's cock intent on riding it again.

Hard again, I mounted him and as I was sitting on him trying to push him deeper , I slipped my hands behind me and heard a hard click and felt cold steel. I was cuffed and mounting his cock trapped. I rode on figuring, well not figuring anything. Joe motioned me to lean over and sucked my nipple, gripping the other nipple in his pinching fingers he held me as strong pinching heavy weighted nipple clamps were attached to both my nipples. In a few minutes I had went from servicing cum slut to trapped cum slut.

'Go on' he said. You have to satisfy us to have those taken off. I did as I was told grinding back and forth on his cock before riding him to a long filling orgasm that leaked out around my asshole. As I contemplated his cum in me, I thought maybe this isn't so bad but then I am bound. As Chuck helped me off him, he jacked my cock and massaged my balls. Then placed a weighted sack around the base of my cock that swung noticeably as I walked. I was told to get on my knees. Chuck backed up to me and pulling a chair over he backed up onto my cock. My cockhead, pressed against his hole. The hole gave a bit then my cock slide in as he pressed back. He was a tight fit for a man who I assumed had fucked a lot in his life. We've had trouble with you young fellows fucking too fast and cumming too soon so the gear you have on. Fuck too fast and that swinging bag will smash your balls, and the bag is better than a cock ring holding you back from cumming.

'Yeah, but it'll take a real load to get off', I asked.

Yes, but those big nuts of yours are loaded and if you recall, in all this sex we've been having, all this fucking and sucking, you've never been allowed to cum. So when your balls ache that much for release, you'll cum.

He moved back and forth, my cock entering him deeper then coming out so the head split his asshole. He teased my cockhead with his asshole before plunging back on me completely. I leaned forward and started to fuck him back. My nuts swelled and a low aching started after 15-20 mins. He wiggled his ass as I fucked him and pressed back wanting it deep and as he wanted it. As a half hour came up, he reached between his legs and held my nut sack in his hand, then squeezed it as I moaned. I asked him, 'how long do you usually go?'

'Long as I want.....last boy lasted 2 hours', he replied.

If I tried to fuck him faster, he pulled out and just on the head of my cock the stimulation was worse. I tried once to stop and he did things with his colon strong enough to almost bring me off than stopped.

At 90 minutes, I bite his back and begged him to let me cum....

At 2 hours he said,' you're better than the last boy.....he'd cum all over my ass by this time.

At 2-1/2 hours he sped up and I screamed with a cramp in my nut sack, he grabbed me and as he released the weighted sack massaged a pint of crème painfully released into his ass. I lay over his back, spent and wiped from the exertion and the release.

He lead me back to bed where I sucked and fucked Joe again and, after a brief scare that I'd have to eat my own cum out of his ass, he fucked me as I sucked a semi-flaccid Joe.

Finally the cuffs, nipple clamps and sack were off and I lay exhausted on the bed. We had been sucking, fucking and playing for over 12 hours.

'You'd never been fucked before today had you?' Chuck asked.

'Nope, a little cock sucking, rimming but never taken cock,' I replied.

'Well Joe and I want you back...... 'We want to have you service us and we'll take care of you.'

'Would it include the bondage?' I asked hopefully.

'Yes, and sometimes harsher actions' 'It makes Joe hard to see a bound toy flogged.'

Wow, I said aloud. Handcuffs, weighted nipple clamps, a bag weighing my balls and flogging and being fucked........can I stay!!!!!!!!! I'm spent, tired and just the idea of bound, flogged and fucked almost made me cum.

So I became their cum slut, bottom, slave and anything else these two men wanted, eventually including even eating my own cum out of Chuck's ass.

15 Years later, our relationships still intact I sucked, rode and serviced all their needs one last time till death took theses two lovers from me.




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