When I was fourteen, my mom passed away and left Dad and I to take care of each other. Dad was only seventeen when I was born, so we were more like brothers that father and son. There wasn't anything we couldn't discuss between us. Well, not much anyway.

My name is Clint Davis. My dad, Don, and I live together in a mid size town, where dad works for a major consulting firm. I'm now nineteen and engaged to be married to Jill Sims, daughter of dad's boss. Mr. Sims is the president and CEO of Mid-West Consulting.

Jill and I started dating our jumior years in high school. Dating and fucking that is. About the same time I began experimenting with sex with a couple of my buds and discovered that I loved sex with guys as well as women. I loved sucking their cocks, fucking their asses and having mine fucked.

When we announced the engagement, our parents asked us to wait until we were at least twenty and we agreed.

Going back, after I realized that I liked guys also, I was facinated with the bulge my dad always showed when I saw him in his briefs. That's all he wore when at home. One night I came out of my room totally naked and walked to the kitchen, passing right in front of dad.

'Forget something?' he asked.

'Nope. I've decided that this is the way I'm most comfortable and plan to go this way at home. Feel free to join me if you want to.'

Dad laughed but a few days later, when he came in from work, he came out of his room totally naked. Looking at me he smiled and said, 'You're right, this is more comfortable.'

We began living in the nude at home, and didn't try to hide things if we popped a boner.

Shortly after my nineteenth birthday, I sat next to dad on the sofa and said, 'Dad, I need to talk to you.'

'It sounds serious. You know you can talk to me about anything. What is it?'

'Well, I really don't know how to say it without possibly hurting you.'

'Just spit it out son.'

'Dad, I'm bisexual.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes, sir, I am. For the last couple of years, I've been having sex with a few on my buddies and a couple of their older brothers. I really like it. Oh, I also love fucking Jill. I just like having sex with both sexes. Each one has something different to offer.'

'Does Jill have any idea about this?'

'Oh, fuck no. I'll never tell her.'

'Good. Don't. Son, I'm bi also and your mom never knew either.'

'You're bi? You have sex with guys?'

'Yes, I do. That's where I am on the nights I call and say I'm working late.'

'So, you're not upset or disgusted with me?'

'Fuck no, Clint. HOw could I be if I'm doing the same thing?'

'What are you doing if I may ask?'

'I don't mind you asking. I give and receive oral and anal, kiss, make out, cuddle. Just whatever happens, happens.'

'Same here. Can I confess something to you?'

'Why stop now?' he said with a smile.

'I've wanted to have sex with you ever since you started going nude. I think it would be hot as hell to go down on you.'

'Well, I've been eyeing you also and you are of legal age now,' he said as he rubbed his crotch.

I leaned toward him and kissed his lips, offering my tongue as I reached down and began stroking his stiffening cock. He reached for mine. We kissed as we stroked each other.

After breaking the kiss,I moved down to his nips, licking and sucking them before working down to his navel, then pubes.

'Damn, son, you do have some experience.'

I moved to between his spread legs and licked and sucked his large balls before licking up the underside of his cock to the head where I licked off the precum draining out. I soon swallowed his cock and my dream came true as I sucked my own dad to a roaring climax. Taking the complete load in my mouth and holding it, i pulled off dad's cock and looked up at him and smiled as I swallowed.

'Son, you don't know how fucking hot it was to watch you do that,' Dad said. We then changed positions and dad sucked my cock dry. I was in sheer ecstacy watching my cock go in and out of his mouth. When I climaxed, he did the same as I did...took my load, smiled at me and swallowed.

'I see what you mean,' I said.

We kissed more and I looked at him and said, 'I'm moving into your bed with you at night.'

'That's fine with me,' he answered.

That night after going to bed we fucked each other and that was another trip to ecstacy. Dad and I had sex regularly but not daily.

One weekend, Dad asked if I'd like to go with him to the neighboring city avout fifty miles away and check out the bath house. Since Jill was out of town with her family I said definately. We drove over Friday night and got a motel room. Dad began to fill me in on the bath house.

'There are rooms you can rent or just use the lockers. There are three huge jacuzzis, a monster sauna and a monster steam room along with a large communal shower room. In back is what is called the maze. It is just that, a maze. There is only black light and yu can't tell who is there. There are white markings on the baseboards showing the aisles. One area has about a dozen small cubicles with a small stool in each one. You can go in and lock the door and sit on the stool. There is a glory hole on the opposite wall facing the hall. Someone will come by and stick their cock in for you to suck. Also, as you walk in, there is a small dish containing non-toxic water base white paint. Dip your finger in it and then touch the top side of the base of your cock. With the black light all you will see is white dodts floating around, but you'll know where the cock is without feeling all over the guy which you can do if you want to.'

'Dad, that sound so fucking hot.'

'It is son, believe me. Last trip I was in one of the glory hole cubicles and in no time sucked ten cocks.'

'Holy fuck,' I said.

We drove in silence for a while when I looked at dad and asked, 'Dad, how did you get started?'

'Well, you know that you were born during our senior year of high school. I started truck driving local then state wide and was gone most of the week. I was also taking a correspondence course in consulting. Anyway, one night while I was on the road another driver and I were sitting in his rig talking and having a few beers and one thing led to another and me made a pass at me and I let him. I enjoyed it and reciprocated. I found that I enjoyed that also. I had been curious and wanted to find out what it was all about. I just kept it up on the road but not when I was in town. After your mother died, I swore I'd never love another woman and swore off them. I really didn't feel like I was cheating if I was with another guy.'

Nothing more was said until we checked into the motel. We went in and changed into shorts and tee shirt but minus any underwear. we wore flip-flops which we would keep on in the bath house.

We arrived and went in and dad showed his ID and was verified as a member. I signed up as a member and dad paid the membership fee for me.

'You might want to come without me,' he said as we went to our lockers. We decided to hit the maze first because that is where most of the action was.

Dad and I each placed a white dod on our left shoulder so that we could identify each other. We seperated and began groping cocks. I found the cubicles and went into an empty one. No sooner had I locked the door before a hard cock came through the hole. I began sucking my first cock of the night. There were many more to come.

Close to three the next morning dad and I found each other and decided to head back to the Motel.

As we drove back, dad smiled and asked, 'Well, how was it?'

'Fucking fantastic,' I replied.

'Did you keep score?'

'Yea. First time in a glory hole cube I sucked eight. I then roamed around and had three suck on me and I sucked four more off, got fucked six times and went back to the cubes and sucked off five more.'

'Damn, you got about five more than I did. Friday and Saturday nights are always fairly active. The rest of the week is okay but not like tonight.'

We went back Saturday night and had another round. I lost track of the number of loads that I swallowed that weekend. I began going every two to three weeks, fucking Jill like crazy in the meantime.

Jill and I were married when we turned twenty one.

My best man, dad, and my three groomsmen threw mw a bachlor party in the penthouse of a local motel. The hired two male strippers, without my knowledge, to 'raid' the party. They came in and found us all nude and stroking, supposedly ready to arrest us. Soon they were nude also and dancing around before we all ended up in a huge orgy that lasted for hours. That was my last male fling for a while.

Fast forward to right after our second wedding anniversary. Dad and I decided on a camping trip. Jill didn't mind as she had exams to study for. I had joined her dad's firm and dad and I worked together, sneaking off to deserted offices occasionally for 'quickies'.

We headed out on the camping trip to a place owned by one of dad's friends. Dad warned me about him.

'Son, he loves to fuck and suck. But be forewarned. He has almost eleven inches and it is thick.'

'Have you ever taken it?' I asked.

'A couple of times but it wasn't easy. Once it was in and I got used to it it was fantastic. He doesn't get rough when he fucks. He knows what damage he could do with a cock that size.'

'I want to try it and see if I can take him balls deep.'

We arrived at Greg's property and found Greg already had the camp set up and was lounging naked sipping a beer. Dad introduced me to Greg and we quickly stripped. Greg dropped to his knees and began sucking each of us, alternating from one hard cock to the other.

'I want both of you to cum in my face,' Greg told us. When we were getting close, Dad and I began jerking and kissing and soon both emptied our loads out into Greg's face. He was covered in thick white creamy cum. He licked off what he could and left the rest in place.

That night I did the impossible. I took all of Greg's huge cock up my ass and it felt fantastic. Dad blew his load just watching me get fucked by the massive tool.

It was a wild weekend to say the least. We returned home and dad dropped me off at mine and Jill's house before heading home.

About a month later, Jill and her mom were out of town on a shopping trip and I decided to go to the bath house.

I drove over, signed in and went to my locker and stripped. I headed for the maze. After a couple hours and numerous cocks, I felt a hand grope my cock.

'Umm, nice,' the mystery voice said. I reached for his hard cock and when I felt it I returned the compliment. We began kissing and stroking each other. The chest was hairy and I loved that. Suddenly, they man dropped to his knees and swallowed my entire cock. Damn was he ever goo at sucking. After taking my load he stood up and said, 'That was delicious. I'd like to have it more often.'

'Well, we might have to work on that,' I replied before going down and sucking his larg cock to a climax. As I stood, we kissed and he said, 'Usually when I come here I get a room at the motel down the street but I didn't this time due to time limitations. But I definately want to meet you again. How old are you, if I may ask?'

'Almost twenty-four. And you?'

'Old enough to be your father. I'm forty-five. Is that a problem?'

'Fuck no,' I answered.

'Next time maybe we can go to my motel room.'

'I'd like that.'

'Would you have any objections if my son joined us. He's just slightly younger than you.'

'No problem at all. It would be hot to be with a father and son.'

'Great. Any idea when you might be back?'

'No, it just depends on when my wife is out of town again.'

'I know exactly what you mean. I'm married also. Look, when ever you're here, put two dots of paint on you so I'll know it's you. I'll do the same.'

'It's a deal,' I said.

I sucked a few more cocks before returning home. As I drove the fifty miles back to the house, I thought about the guy I had met. Something seemed familiar about his voice.

It was almost six months before I had a chance to go back to the bath house. Jill was out of town for the week visiting her grandmother. I signed in and remembering what the man had said, I put two white dodt on my lower stomach at the base of my cock. After about an hour, I saw two white dots coming toward me.

'I see you remembered,' the voice said.

'You better believe I did. Is your son with you?'

'Yes. He's here somewhere. I'll tell you what. Let's meet at the motel in an hour. Room 125. But don't let anyone else have that huge load of yours.'

'Deal, and you save your's for me.'

'You got it. See you later.'

I checked the dial of my watch. I found a glory hole cube and began sucking cock. When I again looked at my watch, an hour and ten minutes had passed. I hurried out and dressed and drove to the motel. Parking, I hurried to the door of room 125 and knocked.

'It's open,' I heard the familiar voice say. I turned the knob and pushed the door open. As i started to step in I froze.

There on the bed was Tom Sims, my father-in-law getting sucked by Brad, my brother-in-law.

'Oh shit,' Tom said. 'Was that you with the two dots?'

'Yes, it was.' I said with difficulty as I stepped in and shut the door. I walked over to the bed and could see two white dots at the base of Tom's cock.

'I don't believe this,' he said. 'You might as well get comfortable and join us. All our secrets are out now.'

I stripped and lay on the bed next to Tom, my father-in-law, my boss. Soon that passed as we kissed and Brad sucked on my cock. Soon, Tom and I were in a sixty-nine as Brad fucked my ass. WE all three climaxed at almost the same time.

As we lay talking afterward, Tom looked at me and said, 'Does Jill have any idea?'

'Fuck no, not that I know of. She's never said anything and things are great between us sexually.'

'That's good to hear. How about your dad? He's fucking hot.'

I couldn't believe that Tom was talking about my dad like that.

'Yes, he knows.'

'He has no problem with it?'

'No, sir. He's the one that introduced me to the bath house. He's more gay than bi.'

'Mother fuck! You mean I might have sucked Don and didn't know it?'

'You could have. He goes there a lot.'

'You think he'd like to make a four-way out of the situation?'

'He might. I can check it out and let you know.'

'Do that.'

The rest of the night was spent fucking and sucking. It was a three-way orgy.

The next week, dad and I both got a promotion. Dad was shocked and couldn't believe it. I knew the reason why.

Talking to dad one day, I said, 'You know, I find both Mr. Sims and Greg hot as hell. I'd love to do both of them.'

'I agree about Greg, but I wouldn't kick Tom out of my bed. I think he wears boxers because one day I'm positive I saw him with a partial boner. Looked nice and big.'

I let the subject drop. The next day, I told Tom what dad had said. We cooked up a scheme to get the four of us together. Tom and Greg lied about a business trip out of town and went to a small motel on the outskirts of town. I told Jill that dad needed some help with some remodeling he was doing and that I'd just spend the night there. No problem.

I told dad what I had told Jill and he thought that I just wanted to spend the night with him.

'How about a hot four-way?' I said to dad.


'I met a couple guys at the bath house and they are in town at a motel and suggested that I bring a friend for a four-way.'

'Well, sure, if you trust them.'

'I do. I'll call them.' I dialed Tom's cell number and said, 'We're on our way. What room are you in?'

We left and I drove and as we neared the motel, I told dad, 'They're in room 15 in the back. They said the door would e unlocked and to go on in and get comfortable.'

'Where will they be?'

'They said that they'd probably be in the shower.'

We arrived and parked in front of the room. I walked to the door and as I opened it we heard the shower running.

'Hello?' I yelled.

'Hey Clint. Come on in and get comfortable. We'll be out in just a minute,' I heard in a disguised voice.

I locked the door and dad and I began to strip. Once naked we lay on the bed and began watching TV. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and out walked Tom and Greg, both sporting huge erections.

Dad jumped up and said, 'What the fuck is going on?'

'Calm down Don,' Tom said. 'Everything is cool. Clint, would you like to tell your dad how all this came about?'

I told dad the whole story and he found it humorous after a while. The four of us spent the night having wild sex, fucking and sucking.

Tom now manages to find 'business trips' for the four of us to take, from over night to three and four day conferences. Jill is thrilled at the way dad and I get along with her family. Jill and i still fuck like rabbits and she has no idea what so ever that I am also having sex with her dad, brother, and my dad.

I love my dad and in-laws.



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