This is a prequel to the main story of A Sharp Sword. Here, we follow Liam almost a decade before he was the man he is now, before he was ever a lord at all.

Liam the Waiter

The sun was now just hidden behind the roof of the neighbor's house. When that was the case, at this time of year, it meant that it was about 6 PM and that Liam's shift at the local bar was about to begin.

The bar was only a few minutes away and being a waiter there brought Liam more money than any other job he or his friend ever had. Actually, he was probably making more than his parents made together. When you think about it, waiter at the Dove Bar was probably one of the best jobs of the lower city. Sure Liam was cute but he was also young, too young to be taken seriously as a waiter for the drunken poor people of the lower city. But Liam's father, an eternal drunk himself, owed a lot of money to the bar and since he was friend with owner, he arranged for his son to pay out the debt by working there. Liam did a few little jobs for old Bobd, the owner, and since he worked hard and managed to get along with the clients, Bobd allowed him to stay as a real employee after his father's debt was paid. Bobd was an old man in his sixties. According to everyone, he was a loner but sometime years ago, he fell in love with a girl half his age. He married her and they had a kid named Bast. The woman eventually left Bobd without any goodbyes and left him with a grumpy behavior and their son.

If Liam was only a boy, Bast was now a man. Although a young man at 20 years old. Bast was an inch taller than Liam and his hair was shorter and a darker brown. Both guys were lithe but Bast had finely developed muscles on his skinny body. You could see the curve of his small biceps even under his long sleeves and his nice pecs bulging underneath the shirt. Bast also came back one day with a tattoo on his right forearm. Nothing extravagant, only a few long feathers, meant to represent his father's establishment: The Dove Bar. Although Bast would be considered attractive even with a bag on his head, his best feature (at least in Liam's eyes) was his face. Deep dark blue eyes, with a striking gaze. A sharp nose, hairless cheeks on a masculine jaw and mean, kissable lips that could turn in a heart melting weapon when he smiled.

Bast's job at the bar was to be his charming self and thus bring in customers. He would spend his day wandering around the city, meeting, inviting people over and when the night came, he would party with them. For all of Bast's appeal, Liam could not deny he had a little crush on him. However, he made point to tame that crush to a minimum since he couldn't get rid of it. It is not that the two guys didn't get along. They didn't interact with each other often but when they did Bast was nice and they would trade jokes and banalities. The reason why Liam refrained his infatuation was that even though Bast was nice, nothing suggested he was remotely interested in the young boy. Also, Liam had no proof his crush even liked boys, if anything, it was unlikely. More than once, Liam saw Bast take drunken girls upstairs, where he lives with his father. Liam could imagine them just chatting and playing innocent games if it wasn't for the loud screams of love making each girl would make. Liam would be closing the empty bar and having to suffer the ruckus of women orgasms. Liam was a virgin, nothing surprising at his age, but he thought it was still incredible how Bast could trigger such powerful reaction from all the women he brought to his room. Sure enough, the owner's son also brought male friends to his room, but since Liam never heard anything from them, they probably only slept there.

That day, Liam was quite surprised when he entered the bar. The Dove Bar was packed full of people. Immediately, he was called at the bar by Bobd himself who was pouring beer in mugs.

"Over here Liam the Late!"

"I'm not late! But why is there so many people?"

"Who knows but I intend to make the most out of it!"

"Are you saying you are actually gonna work in your bar?"

"Stop being so insolent child! ...But it's true I'm not quite familiar with where the stuff is... You give a hand to Anna at the bar and I will handle the tables."

Liam was glad. Anna usually never needed help at the bar and Liam would only wait on tables. But he loved the bar much more. You don't need to smile as much there. Actually, people need to smile at you. And you also make MUCH more money.

"Hi, Anna! I'm supposed to help you. What do you want me to do?"

"I'm swamped here and I don't want you in my way. How about you take care of a third of the bar and you're in charge of restocking the bottles as we empty them. Ok sweetheart?"

"Works for me!"

Liam probably wouldn't have been able to handle half of the bar on his own anyway, with this much customers. He was mixing a drink for a red haired girl when Bast appeared suddenly and jumped behind the bar, next to Liam.

"Liam! Where can hide? Quick!"

Liam was busy and a bit confused by the request but Bast's eyes were very serious. Liam took Bast by the wrist and brought him to the small room where they stocked extra bottles of liquor. The room was small, about 6 feet by 6 feet, with shelves full of bottles. It was located at the end of the bar so no customer could go there without getting behind the bar.

"What's wrong?"

Bast took a look outside the room and closed the door. The two guys were now alone in the small room.

"There is a woman that came in, just now. She has long black hair and a fancy blue dress. She can't see me here. She can't know I have anything to do with this bar."


"I eh... I met her here a few days ago... and I... slept with her."

"So... from what I usually here coming from your room, she must have been happy about that!"

Bast seemed taken aback. He almost looked shy or embarrassed. Liam was about to say something to make him feel better but the man came back to subject.

"You don't understand. She's a... a... I don't remember it but she has a title, something li-"

"A title! You mean she's a lady!?"

"Yes... I had never met one so I was intrigued. We went back to her place 'cause I wanted to see a castle..."


"Well, it wasn't a castle. It was a really big house though, and real fancy."

"I mean what happened!?"

"Well, she was really into me. She kept saying stuff she wanted to do with me, making plans... and I guess I led her on, a lot..."

"And if she's pissed she can use her wealth and power to destroy the bar. Hell, someone with a title could probably destroy the whole lower city!"

"Yeah... that's why I'm hiding."

With a well deserved sigh of exasperation, Liam walked out of the room.

The lady was now waiting at the bar, in Liam's section. On a night like this, Liam would only have to stand behind the bar to receive a dozen orders but he wanted to handle this one with care so he went to her.

"What can I get you, miss?"

"A glass of white Karoff."

"I'm afraid we don't have anything that fancy here... can I get you Marossk instead?"

"I suppose..."

"There you go."

"I have a question for you, sir"

"Haha I'm no sir but you can ask anyway!"

"Have you seen a young man with a tattoo of feathers on his right arm?"

"Feathers hunh... That's the only thing the local tattoo artist can draw decently. I'm sure you could find a dozen of them here tonight."

The lie was sketchy but Liam had come up with it quite fast, so he hoped it would stick.

"Really? I haven't seen one yet. Also, the name of the bar is The Dove Bar so I thought there might be a connection there, since I also met him here last time?"

She asked it like a question but there was only burning accusation behind her eyes. Liam tried to change the subject while selling beers to other customers.

"Last time? So you're looking for a friend!"

"I really wouldn't say that, no."

"Well... there is a Raven Bar in the middle city, if you're on quest for bird named bars."

"Actually I think I will stay here for the night. Unless you are trying to get rid of me?"

"Of course not, milady. I prefer your sophistication to my regular's rowdiness!"

If she acted like she was on to something, Liam's most convincing smile seemed to make her doubt it. Not enough however because she stayed seated, scanning the room. Liam kept serving others but he was also worried Bast might come out and ruin everything, so he went back to the room.

Bast was sitting on the floor, his arms around his knees like a child, but he rose the second he saw Liam.

"She gone?"

"Nope. She sat at the bar and she wants to stay..."

"Are you saying I have to stay here!? We are hours away from closing time!"

"I know but she's clearly mad and looking for you. Maybe I could try a distraction and you get out..."

"Never mind. It's not worth the risk..."

Bast sank back to the floor with a desperate expression on his face.

"You got her pregnant. That's why she's here."


The tattooed guy almost knocked over a shelf when he jumped to his feet. Liam had planned to hold the prank longer but he couldn't help but laugh at the handsome boy's expression.

"I'm kidding! She has a blood ring, didn't you notice?"

Bast was dumbfounded.

"A what?"

"A blood ring. A golden ring with a red stone. Girls wear them not to fall pregnant."


"How can you have sex with so many women and not know that?"

"Well... we don't all have a smart mother who works in the upper city."

"How do you know my mother works in the upper city?"

"Is it a secret? I just heard about it I guess..."

Liam didn't think Bast had really noticed him, so he was nicely surprised to learn that the older boy knew things about him.

"Anyway, maybe females are just too complex for you!"

"Ha... ha... ha..."


Liam took two bottles and exited the room but this time he left Bast with a smile on his pretty face. Back at the bar, the inexplicable frenzy was still going strong. Liam poured more beer in an hour than he usually does in a whole night. The angry lady was still seated and glaring at the room. However, the more drinks she ingested the more her vigilance suffered. Liam though that maybe it would be easy now to sneak Bast out of his cellar but then again, it was still a risk and Liam also liked to have the young man to himself. Missing that face a little bit, Liam went to the room for a barely necessary restock.


"Heeeeey! My favorite waiter!"

"Geez, are you drunk?"

Bast proudly showed him a half empty bottle of strong liquor.

"I see you found a way to amuse yourself."

"Not really... It's no fun drinking alone. Sit with me."

Bast tugged on Liam's shirt. Liam was flushed by his handsome senior's neediness. Although, at that point, Bast would probably be glad to have even a rat to talk to.

"I can't. I need to go back to the bar, it's a busy night. You should want me to go back, it will be your bar one day."

"Yes, yes. I am always impressed at how responsible and smart you are for someone so young."

"Thanks. It's because I don't intend to spend my life living like most habitants of the lower city. And neither should you. You have the luck to have a father with one of the rare successful businesses around here. You're charismatic and you work harder than what you let others think. You could make something of yourself."

"...Thanks Liam. Marry me"

They both exploded in laughter.

"All right, see you later."

"Yes, stop slacking off!"

And Bast slapped Liam on the ass. Liam blushed and was glad Bast couldn't notice as he was leaving.

Little by little, the crowd seem to dissipate. Anna kept looking at the clock. She had two young children at home and the neighbor who watched them while she was gone hated when she was late. On a usual night, the bar is closed at this hour and Liam and Anna are almost done with the closing. Today though, people were still seated at most tables and liquor was still being served. Bobd noticed Anna's fidgeting and called the "last call". Luckily, the angry lady finally realised she wouldn't find her tattooed man here tonight, so she left. Liam wiped his brow with relief and headed for the room were the tattooed man was. He expected to find Bast even drunker but he wasn't expecting this. The bottle he had been drinking was completely empty and for some reason he had removed his shirt. His bare chest made the young Liam blush scarlet. Bast was smooth all over. He had small and muscled pecs with sexy strawberry colored nipples. His abs were not super visible but his stomach was hard and lean. His biceps were timid but still boner-inducing.

"What happened here?"

"I was too hot...and I spilled a bit of liquor on my shirt."

It's true it was hot in the room but it didn't explain why his pants were unbuttoned too. Nothing was visible aside from more skin but when the drunk man rose to his feet, his pants were pulled down a bit, revealing short brown pubic hair. Liam nudged at the other man's crotch.

"Did you also found a new way to pass time?"

"Hey! You left me alone a long time."

Bast fumbled at his pants and managed to close them.

"We closed and she's gone."

"Finally! Now we can leave this room!"

Bast made a few wobbly steps and half fell on Liam, who held him up. Liam didn't even have time to process that he was basically hugging his half-naked crush before Bast made it even more awkward.

"Maybe the two of us can go back to my room. You were very helpful tonight, maybe you can be again, upstairs."

While saying that, Bast pulled at Liam's shirt, unbuttoning a button and popping two of them. His other hand was sloppily patting Liam's young butt and the older boy ended his proposition with a kiss. Liam turned away and shook off the hand on his behind.

"You're drunk."

"What!? Oh, c'mon! We could still-"

"Stop it! You can barely stand. I seriously doubt you could give me anything worth it upstairs and unlike you I would still remember it tomorrow."

Liam's tone was cold and as solid as his arguments so Bast allowed himself to be guided out of the room without more groping. They were halfway across the bar when Bobd saw them.

"What in the world happened to him?"

Bast only mumbled intelligible stuff.

"Seriously... sometimes I wonder if he gets himself in that state just to escape closing! Give him to me lad."

Bobd was a large man so he was able to manoeuvre his son with much more ease.

"I'm gonna throw him in a cold bath and give him some coffee. I'll be back to help with cleaning, after."

"It's okay. I can handle it with Anna."

"She left; she had to take care of her kids. I'll be back."

Bobd disappeared in the stairs with his handsomely drunk son and came back a few minutes later, as promised. They washed tables and found mugs and glasses everywhere. Liam's eyes wanted to close and he had to force himself to stay up.

"Bobd. You should go to bed. I'll handle the rest of the tables and I'll come back early tomorrow to do everything else."

Bobd looked at the incredibly messy bar and sighed.

"Yeah, maybe that's a good idea. Good night."

"Good night."

With the end of his shift so close, Liam found enough energy to clean the minimum and then walked out of the Dove Bar.

The night was dark and almost cold. He just closed the door when he was surprised by someone.


Bast was leaning against the outside wall. Judging by his voice and ability to stand on his own, he had sobered up. He walked to Liam and his face was serious even if it was hard to see in the darkness.

"I'm sorry I was... inappropriate. I was really drunk and you did well to put me in my place."


Liam was only half-glad for the apology. Some part of him still thought he should've taken the opportunity when it was there. Bast put his hand on Liam's shoulder.

"But I'm glad you were there tonight. I really think you're a cool guy."

Bast leaned in and pressed his lips against Liam's. Liam closed his eyes and felt his heart flutter.


"I get it Liam... but I just want to have more fun with you, and I think you do too."

This time the older boy didn't just bring his lips. He took Liam's face in his hands and made their tongues meet. It was Liam's first real kiss. He could taste coffee and a hint of spicy liquor. But above all, it was the warmth that seemed to flow from his mouth to the rest of his body. Liam wrapped his arms around Bast's neck and in turn the other wrapped them around Liam's waist. They made out slowly and meaningfully for a while before Bast pulled away just enough to speak.

"Should we go to my room now?"

"I've never done this before..."

Liam didn't know why he said it but it made him furious with himself. Perhaps some part of him was afraid he couldn't fake experience when needed too.

"I assumed. I'll be careful with you."


Bast took him by the hand and they went back in the bar. Inside they scaled the stairs two by two and snuck into the owner's son's room. Bast nudged Liam toward the bed and so he laid on it. When he turned on his back to look at Bast, the older boy was removing his shirt. Liam did the same and Bast joined him on the bed. As soon as they started kissing again, the tattooed guy started to slowly unbutton Liam's pants. Liam breath grew short and he tried to relax. He did so by focusing on Bast, instead of himself. He ran his hands over his back, he shyly squeezed his butt, he grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer, making their bare chest touch and heave with desire. Before he knew it, Bast was removing his loose pants, making Liam completely naked. Liam didn't even have time to be shy about it because his attention went to the other man who was now removing his own pants. His tights were firm and barely haired. His stomach formed a "V" shape that brought attention to his crotch. Short brown stubble crowned his genitals. His balls were as smooth as the rest of his body and his penis was half-hard and already long. Liam was surprised at the length of it but mostly glad it didn't seem too thick. When Bast laid on top of Liam, the contact of their privates and the rest of their young and smooth bodies made their penises fully erect. The couple made out for several minutes. They rolled everywhere in the bed, sometimes Liam was on top, sometimes it was Bast but either way, they couldn't let go of each other. Liam was now lying on his back with his legs spread apart and his crush between them. While kissing the young waiter, Bast touched his anus. Whether it was reflexes or stress, Liam's hole was shut tight. The older man kept massaging with caution but chose another method to relax his partner. Bast began to kiss and lick Liam's neck to great reaction. It was like hundreds of pleasure filled lightning bolts were shocking him. Liam couldn't hold his moans and had to let out louder approving sounds when his tattooed man pinched an earlobe between his lips. It was like Bast was trying to maul Liam's neck and devour his ear but the young boy had never felt something so good in his entire life. Liam was out of breath and his head was spinning when the other started to make his way down. Bast took Liam's young and large member in his mouth and sucked on it slowly. Liam was in heaven. Warmth was enveloping him, his senses dulled only to give his penis more sensations. Bast gobbled his balls and after making them slick and sucked, he went back to Liam's penis. Liam watched his penis disappear completely in his handsome crush's throat. Bast began to suck more vigorously and Liam had to tell him to stop or he would cum already. With a big smile on his face, Bast went even further down. He pushed on Liam's legs to prop his ass higher and buried his face in it. Liam gasped and grasped the sheets in his fists. Bast's tongue was rimming his hole and soon enough, was poking inside it to Liam's indescribable pleasure. Bast could be confused with a hungry animal who found a feast and Liam was glad to be this delicious but it was starting to be almost frustrating. His hole was hungry too and he had dreamed about it for too long.

"Fuck me, Bast. Fuck me."

Grinning, Bast stood on his knees and pulled Liam's ass closer in a quick motion. He grabbed his long shaft, pressed the head against the anus and waited for it to open up. When he was a few inches in, he repositioned himself and carefully drove to rest of it inside. Liam was surprise he wasn't in pain. The sensation was definitely weird and perhaps uncomfortable, but not painful. Completely in and satisfied with his position, Bast leaned on his elbow and brought back their chest and mouth together. The tattooed guy cautiously fucked his partner and the feeling was so new that Liam had a hard time deciding if he liked it or not. He felt his insides get used to the motions and Bast must have felt it too because he picked up the intensity of his fucking. If Bast's dick was sliding in and out at the same pace, his kissing slowed down. He took Liam's wrists and brought them far above his head. The submissive position made Liam feel vulnerable and the penis sliding inside him felt better. Bast caressed and kissed Liam's arm as he went back to his elbows. Then, he started to molest the young boy's vulnerable neck and ears with his tongue. If it was more than enough to bring pleasure back to Liam, he also changed the motions of his love-making. The pace of his dick was now completely irregular but above all he continuously changed the angles of his penetration. It was like a hot and nimble snake was caressing his rectum. The constant surges of unexpected bliss were chipping away at Liam's sanity, leaving only pleasure and desire. Liam couldn't find enough skin to caress. He wove his fingers through Bast hair, fondled the muscles of his arms and ran his hands over his back all the way to his ass. Liam was now firmly holding on to his lovers behind. Bast's buttocks were contracting and releasing under his hands has he shoved into Liam. They heaved up and down and danced around as the tattooed partner made sure to hit every angle of his partner's insides. Without warning Liam felt the lust rise inside him like a geyser. He held on even tighter to his lover's ass and as his toes curled up under the overwhelming feeling, Liam came in loud groan. His moaning of satisfaction was soon joined by Bast's rising loudness. The older boy was pounding harder and faster into Liam's clamping anus. Liam felt the warm cream inside him before he heard his partner screaming in relief. As soon as he finished ejaculating, Bast wrapped Liam in a bone crushing embrace and they exchanged wet and amorous kisses. Liam remembers the kisses slowing down but also that they never let go of each other and finally they must have fell asleep because the next morning he woke up in Bast's arms without really knowing when they decided to sleep. Exhaustion from the night's work must have caught up with them as soon as their tumbling was done.

The next morning, Liam got out of bed without waking up Bast. He snuck downstairs and began to finish the cleaning of the bar. He was still sleepy and worked slowly until he heard footsteps from upstairs. Suddenly he realised he wasn't ready to see Bast again. What did it mean for them now? They did not really have a relationship to begin with and Bast was clear when he said he was seeking fun? Still, unsure of how he was supposed to act, Liam cleaned the most obvious messes and left the bar at lightning speed. When he finally got home, he took a towel, fresh water and quickly washed himself. Then, he crashed into his bed and couldn't help falling asleep with a raging hard on as he remembered his first time.

Moring and afternoon came and went and Liam only slept through them. He woke just in time to jump in clean clothes and run to the bar for his other shift. When he got there, he was glad to find the place in a much more manageable calm. He didn't want to, but he immediately scanned the room for his handsome first lover. He found him in a corner of the bar, with a bunch of other people. Some trashy girl across his lap. The scene was far from unusual but less than a day after he was the one with have Bast to himself, it bothered him. He went over to their tables and took their orders. The feather tattoo guy gave him a common smile, with no sign of complicity, as he ordered the same liquor he had drank yesterday. Liam took more orders across the bar and brought them to Anna. As the barmaid prepared the drinks, Liam had some time to think. If they were going to act like nothing happened, he would be fine with it. There was nothing shameful about it and it didn't mean they wouldn't do it again someday. If anything it would make it easier to do it again someday. Now comfortable with the situation, Liam brought the gang their orders. He exchanged the cups and mugs against coins and coppers. Most of Bast's friend under tipped him or not at all. People who "hanged out" with the owner's son usually had that attitude but without suprises, it stinged a little bit that day. Trying to tell himself there was nothing to be mad about, Liam headed for the little cellar to refill the bar and vent in private. As soon as he opened the door he was shoved unceremoniously inside. He was about to give whoever it was a piece of his mind but when he turned around, Bast's mischievous smile melted his anger.

"I like how we're acting like strangers."

"Is it any different than what we usually do?"

"Hmpf, I guess you're right. Nothing has changed."

Grinning, Bast dropped to his knees and dropped Liam's pants to the ground. Liam barely had time to compute what was happening before the owner's son took his soft dick in his mouth. In a record time, Liam got rock hard and Bast was happily deapthroating him. The older boy was giving joyful moans that made the younger boy's dick vibrate. Elation and confusion were mixing in Liam's brain but he chose to simply enjoy the servicing. Bast eventually stopped for air and as he did he grabbed Liam's hips and turned him around. His face pressed against rows of bottles, Liam felt Bast burry his face between his buttocks. He re-felt how good a tongue felt when pressed against his anus. He grabbed his own dick dripping with Bast's saliva and jerked himself, while having his ass eaten. After a while, Bast gave Liam's right cheek a playful bite, rose to his feet and lowered his own pants. Liam was ready to go down on him and return the favor. However, the tattooed boy grabbed his head and started to kiss him. Then, he brought their dicks together and began to stroke them together. The feeling of both their dicks pressed against one another in a pleasuring grip was bringing Liam as much fun as the feeling of their balls gently slapping against each other. Bast was being the perfect tease. He escaped or pulled away at most of Liam kisses and would then counter with very passionate ones. He would only brush his lips against his neck but it got really good when he unexpectedly nibbled on Liam's thick lower lip. The surprise and playful little pain made Liam's inside stir and he came. White and hot goo covered their penises and puddle on Bast stroking hand. Bast let go of both their dick. Then, he grabbed his own with his other hand and began to jerk himself more vigorously while he licked Liam's cum off his hand. Liam almost came again right then and there because he didn't think he ever saw something sexier than Bast licking cum, while stroking his long dick.

"Move, Liam"

Liam had barely time to step aside before Bast's dick started to ejaculate ropes of white across the room. A few squirts later, Liam was impressed because his own ejaculation was a lot less spectacular than that eruption. Bast had his eyes closed and his chest was heaving under his loud breathing. Liam dropped to his knees and swallowed Bast's cum covered shaft. He sucked as best he could and tasted the salty/sweet flavor, while Bast's body jerked and spasmed with pleasure. The two boys pulled up their pants and wiped their mouths. Bast explained that Bobd had seen Liam sneak out of his son's room this morning and he wasn't happy about it. He liked Liam as an employee and was afraid his beloved son would cost him that employee.


"Well, he isn't FURIOUS but I think we should try to be discreet around him... and maybe not go to my room."

"Okay, I guess we'll see how it goes."

Liam still wasn't sure what was going on between them but he just enjoyed the perks of it. The rest of the week was more of the same. They traded blowjobs in the cellar almost every day. Liam went on his knees to pleasure his older friend and the next day Bast would do the same. If the night was slow, they would each go down on the other, maybe more than once. One night, Bast offered to help Liam with the closing since Anna had to leave. The tattooed guy barely washed a single table before he was behind the bar pounding into Liam's welcoming butt. Eventually, Liam worked the courage to invite his lover to his home for better comfort.

"About time you asked me! I brought you to my home the first night!"

"I know... But we'll still have to be cautious; we wouldn't want my father babbling about it to yours."

"It's okay. I'll only make you scream a little!"

They laughed and almost ran to Liam's room. He had had plenty of fun at the bar but the younger boy was more than happy to get back to good old horizontal sex. Bast used his long shaft and vast experience to make Liam cum all over his stomach. The older boy licked it all up before dumping his own load in his young partner's mouth. Then they cuddled and kissed and laughed.

"Why are you looking at me like this, Liam?"

"I'm not looking at you weird... I mean it's nothing..."


"I just never thought you liked boys."

"Hahaha. Why not?"

"I knew you liked girls because I heard them. I saw you go up with boys but I didn't hear them."

"I see. The reason why you didn't hear anything was just because the sex wasn't comparable."

"I'm confused. I know I don't have much experience but you almost always make me scream."

Bast moved in a more comfortable postion. He was lying squarely on his stomach with his arms crossed under his head. The sheets covering him up to his chest. He looked at Liam with sharp and teasing eyes.

"The reason why the sex wasn't as good is because I wasn't the one in charge."

Bast used his tattooed arm to slowly pull down the covers up to just below his plump, smooth ass.

"Usually when I have sex with guys, I like them to give it to me."

Bast caressed his own side, slowly went up his right buttock and made his finger disappear between his cute cheeks. He gave a sexy whimpering noise and Liam's dick went rock hard again. Liam was speechless. His long time crush wanted him. He wanted him like he had wanted all those girls and now he wanted him like a man. He wanted his manhood like he had just taken his ass. With new found confidence, Liam threw the sheets out of the bed and jumped over the older guy. He spit on his fingers and replaced Bast's own digits inside his anus. A few seconds of massage and Liam straddled Bast's behind. He slipped his big penis between the older guy's smooth cheeks and happily watched it disappear inside. Liam felt more resistance and heard Bast gasped a little. He took it a bit slower and waited for Bast to adapt. The man was truly more experienced because he was welcoming the whole length of it in seconds. With soft and firm little buttocks pressing against him when he penetrated deep, Liam fucked him with everything he had. Bast was moaning and grunting but Liam wished he was talented enough to make him scream like he did. Wanting to change things up he pulled out and propped Bast on his knees, in a semi-sitting position. He slipped inside again and was glad to find his lovers ass pressed even tighter against him. He picked up the speed and when Bast grew louder, he fucked ever quicker and harder. Liam was using every muscle in his body to pound Bast like he deserved.

"Oh Liam... Fuck... Ohnn... You're so big... fuck yes, fuck me."

Liam was glad but he wished he would shut up because it made him so excited he felt the ejaculation and came. Channeling the orgasm, Liam caught Bast's hands and pressed them against his ass. He made his tattooed partner feel how hard his ass contracted when he shoved his dick deep inside him. He gave hard, quick and powerful thrust that shook Bast's whole body. His dick was now lubricated by his own cum. Bast's breathing grew labored and he tried to free his hand his hands but Liam wouldn't let go.


Liam felt Bast's inside tighten and held him as his dick emptied itself without any help from his hands. Bast slouched against him and they just stayed still, taking it all in.

"Congrats, you made me scream!"

"I heard, yes. I'm happy I was able to return what you always give me."

"Don't say it like that. It's not because I don't scream that I don't enjoy fucking you. But I have to say that that was intense."

"I'm glad you like it because I sure did! I will want your ass again for sure."

"Anytime, Liam. Anytime!"


Adam Monroe

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