1. Stuffing the Bird.

Wrapping his arm around me his tongue travels around my neck. Biting and nibbling my head rests on his shoulder. Moans escape as he lifts my shirt up, feeling the soft skin of my stomach. My hands push stuffing into the turkey as my mind and body escape into ecstasy. His hand rests on mine. Pushing stuffing into the turkey his cock pushes against me, getting thicker with every thrust of his hands. His abdomen pushes against me and his cock pushes against my boxers as he continues to tease my neck. As the turkey begins to fill up his other hand makes my boxers drop to the floor, with my knees together they float down with little effort. He rubs his hand against my soft, warm cheeks as he spanks softly. His other hand still stuffing the turkey, I moan with each spank. His now huge, thick cock pushes lightly against my now exposed bottom. My body pushes forward as he thrusts softly, pushing his cock against my tight hole.

Biting my lower lip I moan, "Stuff me with your big, thick, hard cock."

He bites my neck, "I'm going to stuff you like this turkey. My big cock, then my warm, thick load deep inside your tight ass." He spanks me again as I moan, his cock twitching against my hole.

I bend over the kitchen table and my ass stands high in the air. My hands spread the cheeks and allow him to get a very nice view. My tiny pink hole glistens as he drools onto it. My body quivers as he leans over me, the head of his huge cock slightly touching my hole. Biting my lip and gasping he thrusts inward to me. The huge head of his cock pushes me into the table as he pushes, until my body can't push with him anymore. He continues to thrust as my tight hole stretched around his head. Holding his head in me makes my mouth hang open. I always forgot how huge he is until it's in my tight ass. He pushes after a moment's pause, making my mouth open wider as he travels deeper. His abdomen touches my bottom as he thrusts the last inch into me. The pleasure of his cock filling me up makes my body tremble with pleasure. As he holds his cock in me my moans echo throughout the house. Using his length he thrusts deep. My body orgasms quickly, feeling every inch slide past my tight hole and travel deep into me. He thrusts deep, and pulls out and lets the head rest against my hole. He pauses for a second then thrust it all the way back inside me. My moaning gets louder and more frequent the faster he thrusts. He spanks me frequently as he thrusts out. Every spank makes me clench around him, making it tighter as he pulls out. Using his hands to help him push they rest on my thighs. My moans continue to get louder as my legs shake with pure pleasure. His cock feels so great inside me.

The table begins to rock back and forth violently as his thrusts quicken. The condiments and table d├ęcor begin to fall off. The spanking noise of his abdomen slamming into my ass became louder and much more frequent as glass clangs together as the table rocks. Moans begin to escape his mouth as mine get as loud as they can. Squeezing my ass cheeks hard his body thrusts very deep and holds in me. My moans continue as he does this. Cum fills my bottom as he grunts. The warm, thick cum shoots inside me and I can feel his cock twitching with every stream of cum he releases. As he thrusts a few last times he thrusts deep inside, even more cum filling me up. He moans as the cum begins to overflow from my tight ass, dripping down his cock deep inside me and dripping on the floor. He thrusts a few more times as I moan, still in orgasm from the thick warm cum filling me up. I feel the cum dripping from my bottom, making it even more lubricated. He spanks me with his cock still deep inside. The cum drips down my scrotum. He pulls out, his cock standing tall, covered in cum. I turn around and lick the head softly. I stroke the base as I suck the cum off his cock. He moans as I deep throat him, causing him to shoot backwards. I smile, and glancing at the turkey I smile very widely and chuckle. The similarities are very apparent, as my gaping hole lets more cum drip onto the floor. I continue to jerk his off, smiling.

"Mmm, I want to celebrate Thanksgiving like that every year." I say, seductively to him.

He smiles, "I'm not done stuffing you this year." A look of pleasure causes him to smile, followed by me bending back over the table. A bit of the cum rests on my asshole. Using his cock he gathers it onto the head, and pushes it deep inside me again. I moan as he spanks me hard with his huge cock still inside me.

"I hope you can handle a double stuffing this year." He spanks me again as he thrusts hard against my ass.

"Thanksgiving is my new favorite holiday." I thought to myself, his thick, hard cock deep in my tight ass, using his cum as lubricant.

2. The Biggest Christmas Toy Ever!

Opening my eyes a very long box wrapped in gold paper sits in my hands. Gasping and staring at him he smiles back at me. I reach out and hug him, as my mind runs wild on what he could have gotten me for Christmas. Ripping open the paper enough to read the sides I smile and look back at him as he loves my reaction. I open the box and reach my hands in to pull out a very large, heavy black dick. I giggle at its enormous size as my mouth begins to water with pleasure. Using both hands and moving side to side the massive dong flops around in front of me. The dick is almost as big as my forearm. My eyes grow wide just trying to imagine deep throating this dick. I've had some big toys before, but never this big before. I bite my lip just thinking about it inside my tight asshole.

"Baby this is too big for me!" I say, still rubbing the cock up and down.

He laughs and smiles at me. "I was thinking you could put it in your tight ass while you suck me off." I moan seductively at him. My fingers play with its hairy scrotum as my mouth opens wide to see if the head can even fit. He grabs the base and pushes it into my mouth for me slowly. I get on my knees and hands and close my eyes. It stretches my lips out as he continues to push it into my wet, warm mouth. Keeping it in I begin to gag very early on it. It fills up my whole mouth and causes saliva to run all over it and my lips and face. Pulling the cock in and out, I create a very strong suction as my lips fit around the shaft. He pushes it against the back of my mouth pushing a large amount into my gaping mouth. My head leans back as it's too big to enter my throat. I gag again before he removes it from my mouth. My lips smack as the suction is broken. The toy glistens from my saliva. I reach out and begin stroking the toy very strong. I bite my lip as our eyes meet. He smiles as I notice his penis erect under his boxers. He lays the massive cock on my forehead placing the scrotum near my mouth. With my tongue out I play with the scrotum with my tongue. I enjoy my new toy as its balls are in my mouth as the shaft rests on my head. It goes beyond my forehead and is heavy. Using my right hand I jerk off the toy, and think 'I can't wait until I get to cum all over my new toy.'

On all fours again my short red shirt allows my bright green thong to be revealed. The dong slaps my bottom as he pulls my underwear to the side, exposing my tight, pink hole to him. My hand holds the thong to the side as he spanks my white butt. I bite my lip as the cock continues to spank my ass. My hands pull my cheeks apart for him wide, preparing for the massive cock. Using a hefty amount of lubricant he warms me up with his fingers. Using two fingers they slip right into me. He thrusts fast and hard as I moan from him wiggling them around inside me. As he pushes knuckle deep he pulls his fingers apart and enters a new finger into me. Grabbing the cock from him I put it in front of me on the floor. My mouth encases the head as I drool all over it, moaning onto it as his fingers rock me back and forth. Another finger enters as he continues to play with my ass. His hand reaches up and spanks me hard as I wince on the massive dick in my mouth.

"You've been a naughty boy for Christmas. I think I'll have to punish you." He spanks me again hard. "How about a big, thick, hard black cock inside your tight little ass?" I moan again as his fingers wiggle deep inside me twisting and turning in all different directions. He stretches his fingers out wide inside my tight, pink asshole.

He spanks me again, "Even with four fingers stretching you out they still aren't as big as that dick. I wonder how fast you'll cum on it, or how many times." I stroke the cock with my hand and take it deep in my mouth, gagging hard on it. I moan into the cock, dying to have it deep inside me while I suck his hard cock. He spanks me again as saliva pours from my mouth in ecstasy.

The tip of the dildo rests against my butthole and makes my body quiver. It pushes slightly and pauses as it can't enter. Taking deep breaths as he slowly pushes into me my mouth gets bigger and bigger as it keeps stretching me out. I moan loudly and begin to shake as it expands my tight ass wide. With just the tip inside my legs tremble as my face turns red from moaning. He pushes slowly as I feel every inch of the massive dick entering me, my tight hole stretching more and more with every centimeter. He spanks me softly as my hands release my butt cheeks. They smack against the cock and let me feel it traveling. I moan and groan the deeper it gets, until the head is completely into my warm hole. He uses the head and slowly pushes in and out. He pulls it all the way out and rests the head just barely into me. He pauses for a moment then pushes it back into me. I moan as I again feel myself stretching for the cock every time he does this. He spanks me when he returns the head back into me after fucking me for a moment. Relaxing my ass around the head I calm down for a moment, getting use to the huge dick in me. As my once-tight hole relaxes he begins to push deeper. After getting use to the head as the cock travels inside me my body begins to orgasm immediately from the size of it. After a few inches are deep inside me he pulls it out, feeling just as good going out as it does going in. He pulls the head out as my tight hole is stretched in front of him. More lubricant is added as the cock hangs in front of my bottom again. The cold lube squirts on my hole as he adds more. I bite my lip as I feel him lining back up. It slowly pushes back into me. Lunging forward as it enters quickly it takes me by surprise as it moves deeper fast. Pulling it out and pushing back in makes my body brew with pleasure. My tongue travels around my lips as the dong gets pushed deep into me. Closing my eyes as it pushes even deeper inside me my body begins to orgasm again. Using its size my body builds up the orgasm rapidly and loud moans escape my mouth as it shoves deep into me. Holding it in a long moan takes him by surprise, followed by quick and loud ones as he forces the dildo to fuck me quickly. Lost in orgasm the dildo travels in full thrusts. Leaving the head in as it pushes back, it shoots forward until the scrotum hits my body as I sway to its movements. A hand reaches under and begins to jerk off my penis. Increasing the speed of the dildo and his thrusts pre-cum begins to spray from my penis as he continues to stroke it. Loud moans escape as both orgasms cause my body to shake and my mind to run crazy. Leaving the dildo in after I begin to orgasm I turn to face him. My body shakes and tenses as he jerks me fast and hard, cum spraying onto the floor as the black dildo is held into me deep. He continues to jerk my cock until I scream with pleasure. The cock fucks me as the last bit of cum drips onto the floor. With a puddle of cum below me stops jerking me off and continues to fuck my ass with the thick cock. I stare at him still in orgasm from the cock. He stares at me with a very horny look. He lets me cool down with the massive cock still inside me. My body stops quivering as the orgasm slowly stops. He points to the cum on the ground after a moment. Leaning down my tongue licks it up like a house pet. He spanks my bottom and pushes the dildo to make sure it's deep in me. Staring at him with puppy eyes he smiles.

Opening his pants he reveals his hard cock to me. I wasn't expecting two big gifts this year. Putting my thong over the dildo still inside me it holds it deep in position. The feeling of it filling me up causes me to jerk him off very quickly. The tip of his cock twitches in my mouth as my hands twist and turn all along his shaft. Leaving my lips a bit open saliva travels downward and is taken by my hands. My left hand plays with his scrotum as he sits on the floor. Staring at him with big eyes my hands work quicker to jerk him off. Closing his eyes and moaning he grabs my hands. I decide to get up as he lies on his back. I swing my bottom around so it is on top of his face, as my mouth meets his cock again. We are in a 69 position as my mouth encases his cock in its warmth and moisture. His hands remove my thong and begin to manipulate the dildo again. He puts his mouth around my cock when he takes a breath from moaning. The dildo fucks me deep and the surprise of his mouth around me I begin to moan almost instantly again. Taken by surprise I begin to suck him off deep and hard. Deep in my throat he controls the dildo again and fucks me quicker with it. Working fast I hold him deep inside my throat. As my lips travel back up his shaft warm cum releases into my mouth. Using my hands to play with the shaft as the head rests in my mouth he releases more cum into my mouth. After a few pumps of the massive dildo into my tight asshole I do the same to him. Sucking up the last drop from his scrotum I swallow quickly. I jerk him off to make sure I've milked it for every drop of delicious cum. He swallows my cum and licks his lips. I smile at him as he spanks me hard, the dildo still in me. I bite my lip as my legs quiver again. His juicy cum felt good on my tongue. I take his cock back into my mouth as the taste of cum enters my mouth again. He spanks me hard and shoves the cock as deep as it will go into me. I smile with his dick in my mouth. A big dick, a couple orgasms, and a big load of cum in my mouth, this was the best Christmas ever.

3. A 'Hole' New New Years!

The New Year's party was great, I was so glad my co-worker had invited me. Mingling with some people I became pretty friendly with made me forget how much I had drunk. Between the water, alcohol, and working the shift before built up as the night stretched out. I excuse myself and walk towards Tim, it was his house and he had invited me to this party. I had a huge crush on him, and fantasize about him every time I rode my huge dildo at home. Even just jerking it off I imagined him spraying his hot load all over my face. I paused for a moment so he could finish talking to the group of people he was with. He said that there was a bathroom in his room that he didn't tell anyone about, and told me where his room was. I thank him, and he whispered that it was a very special bathroom. Thinking nothing of it I walk down the hall and into his room. I glance around at the plain looking room, and notice the bathroom door open slightly. Locking the door I quickly use the restroom. I instantly feel better, and wandered over to the sink. The cheers of drunken friends in nearby rooms become audible, even on the second floor. Running the water it glistens on my hands as they splash some on my face. Looking in the mirror at my face a hole on the side of the bathroom catches my eye as the towel dries my hands. Approaching the mysterious hole the towel lands in the trash. The large hole was about waist level as I knelt down t look at it closer. My first thought was someone drunk had caused it, but it seemed almost too perfectly round to be an accident. Curious I get down on my knees to try to see if there's anything nearby or in it. Nearing the hole a cock pops its head out slightly. Gasping at the enormous cock, it pushes further out. A very large, thick, erect cock is now peeking through the hole, hard as a rock and aiming slightly upwards. I remove my hand from my mouth, and reach towards it. A soft moan catches my ears as I begin to slowly play with it. My fingers run up and down the shaft as my eyes examine its massive length and girth. I bite my lip as I slowly jerk the huge cock off, it veins and stature making my mouth wet. I wrap my tongue around the head as my fingers increase in speed and get a firmer grip on it. My lips cover just past the head as it enters my mouth. My hands work faster as my tongue runs circles around him. Sucking hard I pull my head back, my lips releasing quickly. A pop escapes from my mouth as stands of saliva run from the head of the penis to my lips and tongue. Staring at these with my tongue out for a second my hand continues to jerk this mystery cock off. My tongue follows the underside of the penis as it travels down the shaft. The cock touches my upper lip as I push deeper until my tongue touches the base of the shaft. My hands rest around the base of the huge cock and help me suck him off. Holding the thick cock in my mouth for a second I pull my head back until only my tongue is touching the cock. My hand continues to rest on the base as my tongue dances around the head again, teasing him and making him twitch. Excess saliva runs down the shaft and onto the scrotum as my mouth continues to water at his juicy dick. As it begins to coat the scrotum in excess it drips onto the floor. Pushing the rock-hard cock back down into my mouth it pushes into my throat. Pushing deeper my lips touch the base this time as I hold his dick in my throat. I spank my bottom as I gag on him. My other hand gently rubs the scrotum covered in my saliva. Sticking my tongue out the cock exits my throat as half of it sits in my mouth. Moaning from the guy becomes even louder as my hand jerks him off with his head still in my mouth.

"Suck my big dick. It feels so good in your throat." I spank myself as I continue to play with his cock. The saliva that escaped from my mouth continues to travel down the shaft onto the floor. A rather large puddle accumulates as my lips continue to travel up and down the shaft. My hand returns to the base of his thick cock and helps me push off every time he enters my throat, allowing me to suck him off quickly. The moaning gets louder as my suction causes his dick to twitch inside my mouth. Tasting a little pre-cum on my mouth makes me suck him even harder as my hand returns to jerking him off. The party begins a countdown starting at 10 in the other room for the party. My head moves quickly with every passing second, the taste of pre-cum reminding me how much I loved swallowing a big, thick load. At 6 my hand spanked my bottom loud enough for him to hear through the wall. At 5 a warm stream of cum shot down my throat caused me to wince. When the party yelled 4 another squirt began at my tongue and was pushed down my throat by his cock to join the other. Tasting that thick, juicy cum on my tongue and feeling his cock twitching every time he released a big load made me want more of it. I stuck my tongue out as I gagged on him and a very large spray of semen slid down my throat and joined the rest as the party yelled 2. Holding the cock down my throat the party yelled, 'Happy New Year!' Suction from my lips lead my hand as they both moved up the shaft tauntingly. Licking the head for anymore cum to swallow my hand travels up and down the shaft, softly jerking the still hard dick. My fingers squeeze a small drop of cum out. My lips travel from side to side on the head, spreading cum all over my lips. Licking it off with my tongue the cock slides into the hole of the wall as I release my jerking hand from it. I lick all the saliva and cum that collected on my fingers as my mind replayed the same scene for moments on end. I thought of drilling a hole near my bed, In hopes of always have a large cock to suck every night. Cleaning up the very large puddle on the floor and licking my lips for that tasty cum I exit the bathroom with a grin on my face. I turn towards the bed to notice Tim lying on the bed. I blush out of reaction, and notice his cock exposed and the door to the bathroom closed. He smiled at me, as I noticed his cock covered in my saliva. I giggled as I walked towards him slowly.

"I wonder how much your tight ass would make me cum." He said in a very low, seductive voice.

I bit my lip as I walked towards that huge cock of his.

"I wonder how long you'll last inside my tight hole." I kissed his cock as it twitched from my soft lips. His hand reached over and spanked me.

"I'm not sure how much I can handle. It was making me gag in my mouth." I slowly sucked the head of him as he rested his hands on my head. His hands push my head down as his cock again enters into my throat. I wince at the size and length as he holds it in my throat.

"I guess we'll have to find out." He spanks me again as my lips travel up and down his shaft. I always celebrated New Year's at Tim's from that year on. And every Near Year's started out wonderfully, with cum in my throat and moaning in my ears.

4. "Bring Your Sons Hot Ass To Work Day!"

Opening the door my dad leads the way. The room was long and very well decorated I noticed as we traveled a long distance to reach a very large desk. Sitting down in one of the chairs my dad sits next to me, and behind the desk an older gentlemen reaches across to shake both our hands. After my dad he grabs my hand and holds it tight. Glancing at him my face breaks into a smile. Sitting into the chair my body and mind begin to wander as my dad and his boss talk business. Day dreaming of being with an older man gets me going a bit. He didn't have grey hair, it was salt and pepper. My mind ran wild with fantasies. I was brought back to reality when my dad checked his pager abruptly and then began to sit up.

"Can you watch my boy? I need to go check on one of our new clients. He says he wants to rework his plan in person. He can really talk your ear off too." My dad reaches the door as his boss nods.

"Sure, I can watch him for you. Bring your son to work day was my idea after all." The door closes as my dad thanks him. Sitting up I glance at him with a wide smile across my face.

"Son, how would you like to help your dad get a raise in his new job?" He smiled at me as he asked. I nodded, and blushed. He snickered, and patted his lap. Standing up slowly I made my way over. He wheeled back in his chair and put his knees together. Sitting down on his lap his hands guided me. Feeling his hard cock as I was sitting down only made my fantasies come true.

"Why don't I sit on your lap like my daddy does when he spanks me?" My voice was very sexual, and looking into his eyes I can see the spark of enjoyment.

"Sure, why not?" he says, swallowing hard.

I stand up to lean my body over his knees. My ass sits high in the air as I stiffen my legs. Spanking me very hard I bit my lip and wince. He rests his hand on my lower back as he again spanks me. I moan in pleasure as he does this again with my other cheek.

"I've been so bad, I deserve a stiff, hard punishment." I moan to him, as he spanks me again.

I stand up after and walk in front of him. Getting on my knees I back myself under the desk and pull him towards me. My hands work fast to release his long, narrow cock. Stroking it and breathing heavily onto it my eyes widen at the length. Licking my lips I stare at him from under the desk. His expression changes very rapidly as his long, hard cock enters my warm mouth. My lips travel down his shaft as my tongue travels circles around the head, covering it in saliva. I travel as deep as I can before gagging and hold him in my mouth deep. My lips move towards the head as he lets out a gasp from the suction I created around him. Kissing the head and jerking him off my eyes meet his again. He releases a bit of pre cum that my tongue licks up quickly.

"I love the taste of warm thick cum" I swallow the pre cum, "It feels so good when it shoots inyo my mouth."

My lips travel back down the shaft trying to get him to release more. A look of shock covers his face as he sits up in his chair. My dad's voice is barely a whisper as he responds. Realizing I am out of his sight I continue to suck him off. Traveling deep into my throat I stick my tongue out and play with his scrotum. Moving quickly my body shakes at his length in my throat. Tilting my head and continuing to suck him my hand twists and turns around his cock as they follow my lips up and down his long cock. I move at a much quicker speed now as the taste of pre cum fills my mouth. I drool imaging his warm load shooting into my mouth right now. Saliva runs down the shaft and lets my lips glide up and down faster. Holding his cock in my throat a tear runs down my cheek. As I travel back up to breath he pushes his chair back and stands up. With my dad gone he pumps quickly in front of me. My tongue hangs out as cum shoots across my face. I close my right eye as a thick stream lands across it. The rest of the streams shoot onto my tongue. As he releases one more stream inside my mouth and moans deeply I suck the head with a powerful suction. Pulling himself back out I show him the cum on my tongue. He smiles as I swallow it quickly, and start to suck him off again. I smile at him as he admires the cum on my face.

"Your father will be very happy with his new raise."

Using his cock he directs the cum into my mouth as it is quickly swallowed with the rest.

"What would I have to do for a promotion?" I say innocently, with his cock resting in front of my mouth. He smiles at me.

My dad was happy to tell my mom about the new promotion he got, assistant supervisor. I smiled at him as he looked at me, and mentioned the boss said it was me who convinced him to give it to him. If only my daddy knew how deep his bosses' cock was in my throat, how much cum I swallowed, and how I had to suck off the assistant director and take his bosses' cock deep in my ass. Not the mention the two huge loads of cum still in my tight ass from them both. Daddy said something about bringing me next week to meet his four new bosses, they were anxious to meet me. I guess I had to prepare for two cocks in my ass at once. I smiled at him and ate my dinner.

5. The Deep Throat Forest.

We glance around looking for anybody who may be watching us. The thick tree line is but a few feet away. It's nearly impossible to see a few feet into the forest and despite this we still take precaution. Walking very casually into the forest we head down a familiar trail, about a half a mile into the center of this forest. The trees shade us from the hot sun. The temperature cools down the farther we walk, looking back you can't see anything but trees and leaves. A gentle pat on my bottom makes a smile break across my face. I stop and allow you to walk up to me, pushing against me. Sticking my bottom out your hands grab either side of my ass. Feeling your erect penis against my ass gets me going. I bite my lip and turn my head around. Shaking my bottom from side to side your mouth opens in surprise as your cock gets harder. As I begin to walk away slowly you spank me again. The clearing in front of us is where we were heading to. We were no strangers to this place. A couch sits on top of a wooden flat with a tarp in the trees to prevent the water from soaking it. A very large tree stump about waist level is on the right side as we enter our place. Leaves cover the floor and virtually no sun gets through the thick layer of leaves. Walking to the couch I sit down resting from the walk. You sit next to me, as I relocate myself on your lap. Your still hard cock pushes against my bottom.

Sliding your hands up and down my legs your eyes gaze on my pale skin. Undoing my fly and button I stand up as my shorts slide down, revealing my white bottom to you. Grabbing each cheek you squeeze, spreading them apart. Leaning in your tongue runs around my butthole, leaving a very thick layer of saliva. My mouth opens as it penetrates me slightly, continuing to build up a very thick layer of saliva on my pink hole. A firm spank causes my body to rush forward. I begin to moan as your tongue dances around my hole, making my legs quiver with ecstasy. I spread my cheeks for you with my hands as your fingers push their way into my ass effortlessly from all the saliva. Three fingers push deep into me, until they're all the way inside. I spank myself hard as you finger me nice and hard, keeping most of the length of your fingers inside me as you finger me.

"Fuck me with your fingers babe. Warm me up for that thick, hard cock of yours." I bite my lip as I spank myself again, turning my white ass red. You spread your fingers out slowly, expanding my hole further. With your fingers wide apart it still doesn't ready me for your huge cock. You hold them apart for a bit, fingering my ass again as they remain spread out. My body shakes with pleasure as moans escape my mouth. The stretching feeling of your fingers makes my body orgasm softly, as my legs begin to quiver harder. You pull your fingers out leaving them spread apart. I turn around with my mouth open from moaning, get on my knees and slowly suck your fingers. Using my tongue I run it in between your fingers, and lick up and down them. You push them into my mouth and throat as they enter deep as they were in my ass. You pull them out after a few seconds, dripping with my saliva. I undo your fly and reach in for your cock. I pull it out. It stands big, hard, and erect right in front of my mouth. I gasp at the size, as my hands slowly stroke up and down. Pre-cum rests at the tip as my fingers run across it to help me jerk you off easier. I lick my lips in front of your cock as my hands rub it nice and hard. My tongue dances around the head, gathering anymore pre-cum. I quickly slowly every drop as it touches my tongue. The tip enters my mouth as my hands rest on the base, pulling the skin down and making the cock even longer. Your hands rest on my head as the saliva drips from my mouth down your shaft. You push my head down slow, as your hard, thick cock enters my warm, dripping mouth. It travels deeper until it starts to enter my throat. I pause you for a moment, remove my hand, and let you keep pushing. Your hard cock enters my throat as the pressure makes you moan. You push deeper until my lips touch the base of your cock. More saliva drips down and travels around your scrotum. You hold my head there for a moment, and push even deeper. I gag and wince, as you spank me hard on my ass and pull your cock out. I gasp for air as my mouth rests a few inches away from your cock.

"Say 'Ahh.'", You say staring at me with my mouth open.

My mouth hums as you push your cock back into my mouth and throat again. The fuck my throat hard as I moan on your thick cock. Saliva pours out of my mouth as you push my head fast, making your cock go deep, then pull out so only the head is in. Your body helps push it back into my throat as the cum pours into my throat. I moan loud as you continue to make my head bob fast on your cock. I can feel the warmth of the cum as it travels down my throat. I wince at the last bit as it joins the rest. Your cock rests in my mouth for a second after as I suck all the way up it. I kiss the head as a tiny bit of cum rests on it. I kiss it and rub it against my lips, smearing it all over them. You spank me hard again and your cock shoots back into my throat.

My now red ass rests on the couch, high in the air. My hands spread the cheeks apart as the head of your cock rests against my hole. You push it into me as my asshole stretches around your huge dick. I moan and scream loud as it travels into me slowly. You spank my ass hard.

"Fuck my tight ass babe. I want your cum deep inside me."

We walk out of the forest sweaty as the sun sets in the distance. You come up behind me before we walk into the clearing, pushing your still hard cock against my ass. I bite my lip as you spank me yet again. My body tingles thinking of the cum shooting back down my throat, or the cum dripping out of my ass as you pull your cock out of it. I giggle as I walk forward, and can't wait until we can do it all again tomorrow.




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