Walking into the cubicles in our overseas barracks was done very casually because they had no doors. I remember I was shocked, though, when I entered Dan's cubicle one afternoon and saw him lying on his cot stark naked! It was natural to see fellow soldiers naked while showering in the barracks, the gym, or in the swimming pool showers, but it was very unusual to see someone naked almost anywhere else. Dan's legs were splayed wide apart and he looked like he was rubbing his balls. I felt embarrassed for interrupting him but amazingly turned on by the thrilling sight of him, an exceptionally handsome, well-build soldier. We were both twenty years old. We were Bridge partners, playing for money, and I guess I wanted to talk to him about that, but I don't remember because seeing him nude and apparently playing with himself flustered and excited me.

'Oh, Hi, Jack.' He greeted me in normal tones. He did not try to cover up what he was doing, so I figured he was not in the process of jacking off after all.

'Uh... wadda ya up to?' I asked hesitantly.

'I'm just finishing up this treatment the doc gave me for a case of jock itch,' he told me.

'Oh!' I said with a laugh, 'I thought I had caught you jacking off.' I couldn't help myself from staring at his crotch. I felt he seemed pleased that I didn't react with squeamishness to his admission of having had jock itch.

'Well, not yet!' he said with a sexy grin. The smiles that passed between us seemed to be an admission to one another that we both jacked off. I wave of carnal desire pulsed through my abdomen.

'The doc examined me again a few days ago and told me that the jock itch has cleared up completely, and is not infectious, but said I should continue applying this cream until the tube is empty. Now it's empty; so you caught me on the final day of treatment.'

Somehow, hearing him tell me the problem was not infectious sparked a strong flame of desire in me, once again, for this sexy guy. It was like he was telling me not to worry if we ended up fooling around together.

'Here, sit down,' he offered, shifting his body over and patting a spot on the bunk next to his right thigh.

I sat down as if ordered to do so, feeling lightheaded at being in close quarters with a guy who was so handsome, so masculine, and, of course, so naked. When we had first started playing Bridge as partners, he intimidated me with his size and with his gruffness when I made mistakes, but I was lucky at cards and we made money together. I also studied the game to come up to his demanding standards, so I was used to following his directions. Nonetheless, I was nervous sitting next to a naked, hot, male body. I was on the edge of the cot, at his thigh, looking towards his face.

'The doc was REAL good,' he whispered, sounding turned on.

'Wadda ya mean?' I asked, my heart in my throat. It sounded like a sexual opening. My eyes again darted down to his big, lightly hairy scrotum as his moving hand caught my attention. He was idly rubbing a clear ointment in the juncture between leg and balls. His surprisingly large cock was flopped over towards his hip, aimed at me.

'Well, at first, as I lay naked on his exam table, he told me I have very big balls.'

'He called 'em 'balls,'' I asked, surprised.

'Yeah,' he sighed huskily, ''very big balls.'' His voice carried a passionate tone, but also told me he was very proud of how big his very big balls were.

'Gee,' I sighed naively, unable to stop myself from glancing at his big balls, yet again.

'Then he asked me how often I jack off. Just like that. Not, do I jack off, but how often!'

'Holy cow!' I blurted out. 'What did you say?'

'I just told him the truth. I said I jack off all the time.' His expression was one of great interest and excitement and I felt it must mirror my own expression.

'Wow!' I said quietly.

'So, you know what he asked next?'

I shook my head.

'He asked me if I had jacked off already that day, yet. And here I was laying naked on the exam table right in front of him.'

'Gee,' I said again.

'When I said no I hadn't, he asked me if I'd like to, and he started rubbing my balls. My very big balls!'

'No shit!' I exclaimed. 'What did you say?' Once again, my eyes were drawn down to Dan's balls as he moved from applying the ointment to openly fondling those very big balls. I felt a surge to hardness in my cock, and saw obvious growth in Dan's cock, too.

'I didn't say anything,' Dan told me huskily, 'but I didn't have to because the doc saw I was getting a hard-on as he played with my very big balls.'

I watched his erection lengthening and straightening up. I looked up at his face in amazement. Every time he said 'very big balls' I felt myself getting more and more aroused.

'Then with his other hand he rubbed my belly and ran his hand under my cock and through my cockhair.' As he spoke I looked down to see his right hand erotically duplicate the movements he was describing. 'Then, he grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. Like this!' His hand wrapped itself around the still growing member and began a slow, effortless, well-practiced stroking. He writhed somewhat on the cot, his thigh rubbing erotically against me. It was spectacular to see him playing with himself so openly, to watch his cock stiffen to full erection, and to feel his body press against my body, but it was exceptionally arousing to hear him talking so explicitly about the amazingly sexual incident.

'I got a solid hard-on in a hurry. This doc really knows how to handle cock, I'll tell ya.'

'Gee, a handjob from a doc,' I whispered, impressed.

'Then ya know what he said?' He looked at me intently. I couldn't respond, and could hardly breathe. 'He said, 'Man, I love the feel of a big cock in my hand! What a big cock!''

'Gee!' I repeated, yet again, glancing down at what had become a truly big cock.

'Then he said in a husky voice ringing with longing, 'Man, I love the feel of a big cock, like this one, in my mouth, too! I'd sure love to suck this big cock! Lemme suck it!''  He sounded completely turned on as he shook my stiff cock as if to confirm visually what he wanted to suck!

'You're kidding!' I exploded. 'What did you do?'

'I just smiled. I love blow-jobs!'

'Blow-jobs!' I repeated softly, but with emphasis.

'Yeah, he leaned over, sucked my cock into his mouth and, swirling his tongue , allowed my cock to slide deeply into his throat.  He sucked and bobbed, drew out my load, swallowed all of it, giving me one of the best blow-jobs I've ever had.'

'Have you had many?' I wanted to know with such overwhelming curiosity that I couldn't stop myself from asking.

'You'd be surprised,' he sighed with a wicked grin. 'Haven't you?' he suddenly asked, urging me to match his erotic admissions, and giving me an opening to enter completely into a verbal sexual give-and-take with him.

I grinned back. I couldn't help it. Before I could say anything, he said, 'I thought so. You're far too sexy not to have had your fair share of blowjobs, too!'

I nodded, agreeing, delighted that he thought I was sexy.

'Let's see,' he sighed suddenly, and his right hand released his cock and slid onto the fly of my fatigues, fingers grasping though the confining material as he felt my erection.

'Man! You're hard as stone already! It feels like a big one!' He sounded very excited, but kept his voice low.

'Watching you beating your meat and hearing about your blowjob in such detail got me hot,' I admitted with unnecessary candor. It was obvious why I was turned on. He was one hot number and we both knew it. And, to be candid, this turn of events wasn't really all that surprising because lately we had been sort of teasing each other with more and more frequent sexual innuendoes as it became apparent to each of us that we liked one another, and were forming a strong bond. The teasing had been like a test we both passed and now we were on the very brink of discovery!

'Let's whip it out and take a look,' he demanded, quickly opening my belt and popping the top button.

'Won't someone catch us?' I asked, suddenly fearful.

'Naw, no one's around this time of day, you know that,' he replied casually, as if not paying attention to me while unzipping my pants. My cockhead came into view. It looked huge. Much bigger than his, but I was so aroused I figured his would expand to equal size with further arousal.

'Wow! Look at this!' he sighed, wrapping his hand around the shaft of my cock in a tight grip.

'Ummm!' I sighed as waves of lust fired off through my balls and into my abdomen. Instinctively, I thrust my hips upwards to pound my cock up into his firm grasp.

'You like this!' he sighed, pumping somewhat on the only partially exposed shaft.

Without a word, I reached out and grabbed his cockshaft with matching pressures and began to pump it. Exposed as it was, I was able to jack it from tip to base with great ease and diligent effort, knowing it was feeling terrific for both of us! Up and down! Up and down! Up and down!

'Man! You are getting me so hot!' he sighed huskily. The he added with a grin, 'I sure wish the doc was here now to suck it!'

'We don't need the doc, man,' I admitted, huskily.

His whole body seemed to freeze. Every muscle seemed to tense, making him look spectacular and completely turned on.

'I'll fill you with fresh cream in a hurry if you'll just slip your mouth over...'

It wasn't necessary to finish the sentence because my head started downward at the word 'fill' and his cockhead was completely in my mouth by the word 'slip!'

'Ahh!' he sighed softly but emotionally as I felt the expansion of his cockhead as it reacted to the moist heat and instant pressure of my skilled mouth.

'Ooh!' he quavered as he realized he was being sucked by someone with talent. 'Man!' he added, 'you do it so good!'

As for me, I was doing what I love doing - sucking the cock of a man who loves having his cock sucked. The harmony was perfect! He humped, I sucked. With each hump, more cock was driven into me, deeper and deeper, until those very big balls of his were thumping against my chin with each hump. He got hotter and hotter!

'I'm gonna cum!' he warned quietly but with an urgency that told me to prepare for blast-off. At that instant, I realized he was enjoying himself. So was I!

Semen spurted into me in great jets of delicious nectar. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. It was a man-sized load! Creamy and tasty, viscous and hot, masculine and sensational! I was ecstatic! I sucked and swallowed 'til he was completely drained and satisfied. He sighed with contentment and gently pushed my head away as he pulled out.

Suddenly, he ordered me to stand up. As I did so, he threw his legs off the cot and sat up, his face in my crotch, ripped open my fly and sucked in the head of my cock like a real expert. I was amazed. Reciprocation, I had come to discover, is a very rare commodity in quick male sex. But here he was, inching my cock down his throat! I lost all control and began hosing an enormous load of cum into him, almost spasming out of control as he sucked me dry. It was awesome!

Oh,  Man! Oh,  Man! That was wonderful!' He sighed sincerely, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he looked up at me. His face was alive with enthusiasm. 'Why did we wait so long to do this?' he asked with a grin.

'Yeah, way too long,' I agreed, smiling at him. 'But you'll have to tell me the name of that doc,' I said.

'What doc?' he asked innocently.

After a startled expression covered my face, he started to laugh. I couldn't help it, I laughed with him. But I stopped when he said, huskily, 'Let's do it again! Sucking your great cock and drinking down your big load got me all hot!'

As the big cock slid easily back into my eager mouth, I felt a great sense of admiration and delight at having found such a wonderful Bridge partner!


Jack Sofelot


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