A Sailor's Bromance By Entonces All names have been changed to protect the guilty in this true story This is my third contribution to this site. Would you believe that I write Christian Action books? I say that true believers come from those of us that have lived full lives, and not from cloistered nuns. What I want to write about today did not come from my experiences in a Mexican prison like my first two stories, but one of my times while in the United States Navy. I will state right away that I love straight guys or at least the men that you would never find in a gay bar.

One day while combing the ships in port at Naval Base San Diego for a particular electronic part, I happened upon a cute blond guy. He was working his ship's supply department and was cool enough to check to see if he had the part I needed. I was ever so thankful for his courtesy and during his search we struck up an instant mutual liking of each other. I had to be very careful and not let on that I buttered my bread on the gay side because back then we didn't even have Don't Ask and Don't Tell of the President Clinton era. But Paul didn't catch on to me until later. He was a party boy from Miami and all he wanted to do was serve out his enlistment so he could go home. Our relationship started that day.

After Paul was certain that he didn't have the part that I was looking for we started talking about how we both liked to dress nicely to go to clubs. Then I suggested that he and I should go out together sometime. He countered with, "why not tonight after work or did you have duty?" I was free and the next thing I found myself doing was running back to my ship without the part and an excuse that it would have to be ordered. My supervisor was not pleased but he knew that I was the type to put in an honest effort so he cut me loose for the evening. This was not going to be the normal sailor's night out on the town.

Paul met me at the enlisted club on base for warm-up drinks. He liked rum and coke and I could drink that poison too. Drinks on base were far cheaper than in the city so we made sure that we got good and looped. Paul suggested that we go to a club on the other side of the bay. He said that the girls there were plentiful and we should be able to score. I went along even though I don't switch hit because Paul is really hot. He had those deep blue eyes the color of which you only see while far out to sea, plus he had an ass on him that I would follow anywhere. Along the way we bought a 500ml bottle to keep our buzz on, of which we passed back and forth while on the bus.

This hot man loved to drink. The more intoxicated he got the more touchy feely he was. I still took this all in stride because many straight guys are like that if they don't feel that their manhood so to speak is threatened. The biggest complaint I found from guys like him is that they are put off by effeminate dudes, sissies for short. I am to this day not one of those that wears my true colors on my shirt sleeve. Sure I will flip 'em and dick 'em every chance I get, but I don't parade around in such a way that anyone can tell that I am gay. It's just not my style. Paul grew really comfortable with me. Finally we went to the club that he suggested. There were no women there and the drinks were pricey so we went to another Navy Base close by. It was a base where the Navy's submarines were docked. Their club was all guys too but the drinks were cheap and we decided to stay. It was not long that a song by Billy Idol came on and Paul asked me to dance. This too is not very unusual in the military. I would say that I danced with more straight guys in barracks and military clubs than what you would think is possible. All this motion was really waring on my new friend. He was getting really drunk. Before I knew it he put his arm on my shoulders and said; "Rick, man you are a way cool dude I like you." Then he kissed my cheek. Well my engines went into over drive. I know that the kiss would be just the first of more to come. I said all the right things to show that I really liked his company too. His cologne was intoxicating and frankly I was losing my way back into my closet. I drew a little closer as we continued to talk.

I could see that Paul was going to kiss me again. As he aimed for my cheek I turned my head and planted a wet one on his lips. Oddly this kind of behavior was going on unnoticed right on a Navy base. I took it a step further and placed my hand high up on Paul's thigh just so that my pinky finger was notching what looked like his dick. He didn't flinch nor did he move his leg. I didn't rush but in a little time later my more of my hand was on his manhood under the table. I could feel that it was coming to life. I have been with intoxicated straight guys before. I know that to get where I want to go is all in being slow and easy. No matter who you are when your cock is up it knows no conscious, all it wants is to get off. Paul was no exception. Would you believe he kissed me again! I couldn't take this any longer, hell I was already so hard I feared that I would get off in my pants and I had no intentions of wasting a good load that way. I suggested to Paul that we should leave. He said okay.

Outside the bar I said that I could stay out all night because I didn't have duty the next day which was Saturday. Come to find out neither did he. I suggested that we find another bottle and hit a motel. Paul thought that was a great idea. We made it halfway back to our starting point before the right combination of liquor store and cheap motel could be found. Still none of this is basically unusual for sailors who live on ships. A night in a real bed becomes an extreme luxury. Being away from the military for a short time is a relief too. I went to the desk clerk and asked for a one bed while I was out of earshot from Paul and simply stared down the man who looked at the both of us, while getting the room key.

Inside Paul took it all in stride; again this is not terribly unusual with military guys short on money. There is closeness very unlike anywhere else in the civilian world between men serving in the armed forces. Today we call it bromance. Paul took off his cloths and hopped on the bed. He said; "When I pass out I want to be on this side," as he poured himself another drink. I was very erect and I can't hide that I have an eight inch cock. So I took my time getting out of my cloths. This also allowed me time to inspect the man that I was about to share a bed with. Paul was more than a blond with deep blue eyes. He had a compact surfer's body. I guess that his bubble butt came from all the time in the water. He is shorter than my 5'11' frame by 5 inches. He is what I call a propeller boy. The short ones like that I imagine sticking on my dick and spinning them around like a propeller. But let us not confuse Paul with any of that either. Once I finally saddled up beside him, he started to wrestle with me. Again straight guys do this, but most times not drunk, on a bed and with a dude that is getting hard all over again. He noticed this and said: "Oh I, you must have been at sea for a long time, huh." I jumped on this excuse and replied yes. But that didn't stop him from tussling with me. All this body to body contact was driving me crazy. What I wanted to do was to begin consuming him right on the spot but I also didn't want him to freak out either so I continued to play along.

Paul tired of the rough housing and killed his drink. We talked some more like old buddies from way back then he laid back on top of the sheets and promptly went to sleep. Damn I thought. I wanted more but he passed out or so I thought. I fidgeted for a time and drifted toward sleep my thoughts were still centered on the hot man laying next to me. After what seemed to be an eternity Paul rolled over and placed his hand on my still hard cock. He gripped it and said "don't tell anyone" before he pulled my dick out to go down on me. My God this was a fantasy coming true. He sucked ever so gently on my cock head as though he thought he might damage it. Then he took more of me into his mouth as he slowly pivoted his body around so his boxer clad dick was near my face. This time his being shorter than me was a hindrance. So I messaged his to its full proud state. I played with his ball-sack gently and eased my hand around to fondle his plump ass. His globes were firm as a honeydew melons. The valley between each globe was more of a line because each half touched the other in their muscular firmness. I had to push with a little force to put my fingers in there so I could grip one butt cheek. Was he trying to evade an invasion or was this natural, I wondered.

When Paul came up for air, I announced that it was my turn. I promptly went to work removing his boxers and engorging myself on his fat six inches. His responded with wow man that is better than any of my bitches. I took a breath and answered that they don't have one of these rods so how would they know what to do with it properly, and returned to my work. I have always played the top role mainly because there are so many bottoms out there. The last thing I want to be said about me is this. "I took this butch guy home and the first thing he did was throw his legs up at me!" Sucking cock is not one of my best things. I do it so I can get my dick elsewhere. Paul was going to find out.

I worked his cock over for a good amount of time then I started on his testicles. I gently slurped up one then released it to start on the other. This process I alternated back and forth before I returned my attention to his cock. I love feeling his pulse pounding within his cock but I made sure that I did not bring him off. Some guys orgasm and sex is over. Straight men are the worst for this and they might include a sense of remorse too. So I kept Paul on the edge but wouldn't let him get off. Just when he started panting I surprised him by giving him his first ass munching. I lifted his muscular legs and drove my tongue straight into his tight manhole. He let out an almost animal groan which sounded between a lion's purr and a dog's growl. It was deep in tone and I knew I had hit a pleasure point he never had. I continued to probe him with my tongue as I slowly stroked his dick. Paul was in a form of heaven that he never knew existed. His hole was responding in a pulsing motion. It was time that I showed him what it was made for.

I rolled Paul over onto his stomach then gave his hole some more attention. This time I would probe deeply then withdraw and run my tongue up his valley, up his spine and stop at his neck then repeat. Each time my cock would press against his ass while my mouth was at his hair line. We had no lube but the best kind and I supplied plenty of spit to my dick when I started running up his body for the last time. I got to his ear and stuck my tongue inside as my dick worked its way into his man hole. He pushed back on me as it slid in. Paul was not new to this and that made things even better. We rocked in unison with me thrusting deep into him. He pushed up so he could get into the doggy position then placed my hand on his cock. I knew what he wanted and began stroking him in time to my thrusts which were increasing in tempo. Suddenly his hole gripped tightly on my dick, as his grew much fatter. He released shot after shot of cum, the sensation caused me to make my final approach too. When he said don't cum inside me I lied and cried out; I woooon't! The hell if I wasn't going to shoot my week old load in that hole that fitted me like a warm velvet glove. Once spent we laid back in the puddle he created and passed out. I have no idea when I withdrew from his ass. This was the beginning of a two year long bromance. I hate the military for this one thing. You can make the greatest of friends but somewhere or sometime you will split up. Paul if you are reading this, know that you are still sadly missed.




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