Every day here in Thailand, you can almost guarantee a sexual experience, as all Thais, both male and female love sex.

Last week I went to Bangkok to do some shopping, and left my car at the end of the overhead monorail car park and did all my journeys by train - faster and cheaper and definitely sexier. But this latest experience was one I could never have imagined would happen.

It was late afternoon and all the trains going everywhere are very crowded and you usually have to stand up (few seats) and hold onto something - an overhead rail or hanging straps etc

Anyway, this time I was holding my shopping in my left hand and holding onto the overhead rail with my right. The train was packed tight - so no-one could move except when getting out. Next to me, back to me, was a business man, about 30-35, very well dressed and nicely groomed. As the train started, we all jostled a bit as the train lurched. And straight away, a hand I could not see was touching my genitals, softly and not moving. I did nothing to move away, in fact I moved an inch closer to where the hand was.

The hand did not move either, and now I was pressed against it, and some feelings of hardening starting to appear. The hand then slowly opened and the touching hand now became a touching open hand with fingers - all very slow and gentle. That was too much for me, and I became very strong and my penis stood up straight and rigid inside my knee length shorts (thin material - so I had an obvious tent, but no-one could see anything as we were all packed in so tightly.

I was sure it was the business man, as he half turned his head with a smile on it, although we could not see each other properly. I could not return the enjoyment because of my shopping, so just stood there and enjoyed it. Even though the train stopped every 2 or 3 minutes, more people got on and pushed everyone tighter together. We were both obviously going a long way.

The fingers on the hand opened up slowly and grasped my erection, and started to move up and down. I had a thong on underneath so everything was very strong and tight. He never speeded up, but the shaking of the train and his lovely fingers were doing their work too quickly for me. I sensed he knew it, because he half turned again and nodded slowly. He speeded up just a little bit, but the train was rattling along and I knew I would not last too long.

I panted a little bit, as I felt the end in sight. He could feel me throbbing, more and more, and then.................too much, and I shot my load inside my thong. He kept sliding his hand up and down and squeezing gently. Oh god, when was I going to stop cumming. I could not see what kind of mess I was in, whether it had cum through my shorts, although I could feel something running down my leg.

He knew I had cum and just held my penis as it slowly subsided, and then we stopped at the next station. To my horror, he moved forward and pushed his way to the door and got out ! As he turned to walk along the platform, he turned and looked at me smiling. He gave me a small thumbs up sign, smiled and then walked on, wiping his hand on a white handkerchief,and out of my sight.

I still could not check the state I was in, but could feel more warm water running down my leg.

I got out of the train 2 stations after that, and could then see myself. Although the front of my shorts were very wet, they were dark blue patterned, so nothing showed. The wet runny sperm on my leg was almost transparent, so again nothing was showing.

I slipped into the loo, closed the door, slipped down my shorts and slowly peeled down my pretty orange thong which was soaked, with sperm inside and out. I washed as best I could and then walked out and across to my car.

I got in, looked in the mirror, and started laughing at the latest sexy experience since moving to Thailand. My only regret was that I could not see him properly or talk to him and arrange to meet.

A stranger on a monorail.................................



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