Ah, the feel of Autumn. I had the whole day, and the next, all to myself. My only problem at the moment was what to occupy myself with. I had been feeling quite horny lately, so I figured my best option was a trip to the nearest theater that specialized in porn.

     This particular theater, which showed a mainstream movie on the large screen and had several rooms downstairs that featured porn and plenty of men looking for sex, was just the thing to satisfy my carnal urges. In the rear of the downstairs area were a large number of private viewing booths with locking  doors. It had everything I needed under one roof.

        Everyone in attendance is here to cruise. Being a total bottom, the trick for me was to find someone looking to top, or at least needing a blowjob. I've always been into men around my age or older, and at thirty, I had plenty to choose from.

        Lots of men were walking a circular path around the private booths, so I decided to lean against the wall and watch the gay porn that was showing while I was waiting to be selected. Lots of guys walked by, made brief eye contact and continued cruising. I noticed one particularly good looking man who walked by repeatedly and held eye contact longer each time. I hoped he would make a move because he was just my type; mid forties, tall and handsome, and with the unmistakable look of lust in his eyes.

        On his fifth pass, he leaned on the wall next to me.

        "Hey," he said, "I need to cum bad. Do you wanna go to a booth with me?"

        "Of course." I said, and off we went.

        We entered a vacant booth and locked the door. Right away he removed my shirt and started sucking my nipples. I was very aroused, but he got down to business quick.

      "I hope you like to suck cock." he said. I assured him that I love to.

          I kneeled down and started undoing his pants. He finished the job for me. I was now face to face with an amazingly beautiful cock. It was about seven inches long with ample girth and a beautifully formed head. It was rock hard, nicely trimmed with every vein showing in the dim light of the booth. To say I was eager with anticipation is beyond an understatement.

        He removed his pants entirely, laid them on the bench provided in the booth and turned back in my direction. Without a word he started to rub his hard, hard cock all over my face. Over my nose, my eyes, my mouth and even my neck. All my senses were overwhelmed with the beauty of this cock. Yes, this is exactly what I needed. I took his cock in my hand and started to lick it, up and down, from the base to the head and back down, top and bottom, covering his entire cock with saliva.

        Finally, I took him into my mouth, and his cock filled it entirely. I worked his cock with my mouth and my tounge, making sure to feel every texture this beautiful cock had to offer. I was absolutely delighted with this magnificent example of manhood and worked his cock with enthusiasm.

        "Suck my balls," he said after several moments.

        I did not hesitate to fulfill his demand. His balls were shaved smooth and were quite substantial. I sucked on them one at a time and then managed to get them both in, gently tugging and pulling on his sack as I hungrily sucked on his balls as his cock layed across my face. It was such an arousing and delightful sensation.

        After several minutes, he shoved his thick cock back in my mouth. Now he took charge and began to fuck my face. He placed both hands on the back of my head and pulled my head forward with each thrust of his pelvis, ramming his entire cock right down my throat. He did this for about three minutes then took his cock out and started slapping me with it. Slapping my mouth, my eager tongue, and all around my face. 

        "You love this cock, don't you?" He asked.

        "Oh, yes," I answered, "I could never get enough of this cock."

        "Good," he said, "then take it, take it all and show it how much you love it. Let it know how much you want to make it  cum." 

        "I will," I said, "I'll show it how much I love and how much I need it to cum."

        Then he continued to face fuck me, thrusting hard and filling my throat with beautiful, hard cock. After about every ten thrusts, he would momentarily hold his cock at its deepest point, allowing it to nestle in my throat until I started to gag. Then he would pull it out, slap me with it a little, and start all over again.

        We were in the booth for just about an hour when he started to breathe very heavily. I was very excited and anxious because I knew exactly what this meant.

        He said "I'm gonna cum. Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum. You be a good little cocksucker and don't  waste a drop. I want to be sure you get all of it."

        He had nothing to worry about. I was hungry for all I could get. The anticipation was enormous.

        He pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked it fast and hard as I positioned myself directly underneath him with my open mouth hungrily awaiting his precious gift.

        "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," he said repeatedly. "Here it is, here it fuckin' is!"

        And with that, his cock exploded in a spurting wave of gooey white deliciousness. His hot load shot in my mouth and right up my face. The salty sweet taste was exquisite and satisfied me like nothing else could. I had cum on my nose, completely covering one eye, all the way up to my hair. He wiped some of the cum up with his finger and offered it to feed it to me. I accepted very willingly. Several wipes later every drop was accounted for.

        After wiping off the best I could, he dressed and we were ready to exit. He scribbled down his number and gave it to me. As he handed me the paper, he said "That was great. I really fuckin' needed that. Give me a call sometime so we can do this again." I put the number in my pocket and knew for sure I would be using that number very soon.

        We exited the booth and went our separate ways. I figured I would take up the same place on the wall I had been in previously if it was open. It was. No sooner did I lean on the wall than a nice looking ,heavily breathing man in his fifties leaned next to me.

        "Hey," he said, "I need to get off. You wanna go to a booth?" 

        Yeah, I really love going to the movies.        


Chris Romano

[email protected]


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