This morning I woke up with a hard on and starting masturbating and touching the one-week-stubbles on my head I thought it would be nice to have a quick shave of my head and an orgasm as well.

With my penis in my hands making it bigger and thicker I went to the bathroom and took the clipper into one hand still masturbating my dick with the other. I shaved off my stubbles and then applied shaving cream on my head with both hands.

Then with one hand still full of shaving cream I continued jerking-off and with the other hand I took to razor and shaved my head against the grain in all directions until the skin on my head felt very smooth.

Now the shaving cream in my masturbating hand was merging with the pre-cum and finally I masturbated my penis with both hands until I came sceaming with joy. The sperm shot into my hands and I used it on my fresh shaved head. I massaged it well into the skin and the remains I licked off from my hands.



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