Hey guys, how's it going? My name is Ray, and I want to share a nice hot story with you all. First let me start, I am 34 white male not bad looking at 5ft 8inches and 140 pounds. I have this thing for latin men... can't get enough that chorizo. Well anyways. Let me get on with this.

I live in a nice neighbored, kinda on the high class look, and have a nice looking young man and his family that lives next door. Ever since I moved into the area, I have been infatuated with this young man. He is about 20 years old about 5ft 3inches, about 100 pounds. He lives with his parents, and wife, no kids, but his wife is pregnant. Anyway, one day I was out cleaning my pool, and Renee was taking a break from cutting his yard. I asked him 'What was going on?'and he told me 'Nothing, everyone left for the weekend, but because he had to work he stayed behind.'I invited over for a quick dip into the pool if he wanted, and he told me laters, but thanks.

Well later in the afternoon, Renee knocked at my door, and was interested in taking me up on my offer for a quick dip into the pool. Renee was wearing a pair of red shorts and a blue polo shirt and carrying a big black towel. I told me to make himself at home, while I got us some cold beers. I walked out back and he was sitting in the lounge chair, just relaxing. We started drinking and talking about work and the neighbored, and things going on in our lives.

He took me off guard when he told me that he had been watching me since I moved in, and noticed I have had lots of guys over, and wanted to know if I was gay. I told him that infact I am, and that I had been watching him, since I moved in. As we continue to drink, I took off my shift to get more comfortable. As Renee took off his, I saw this hunk of a man, with a nice six pack of abs. Had a tattoo of his last name in the middle of his back. I told him lets gets into the pool, and took off my shorts, hoping that he would get the hint and take off his as well. I had my back to him at that moment, just so he could not see my hard-on, not that I am ashamed of having a 7inch think cock, but not sure how he would react at that moment. After removing my shorts, I dove into the pool, and as I was coming up I heard him say 'Nice.'

Just as I wanted he did follow suite, in taking off his shorts and I was amazed to see that he had a semi hard-on, and it was about 7.5 inches and thick with lots of skin hanging. He jumped into the pool, and came up right in front of me, grazing my cock on the way up. We played grab ass for a while then he sat on the edge of the pool. I placed my hand on his now rock hard 8.5 inches of chorizo, and was glad when he didn't stopped me. I told him that I wanted to suck his cock, if he didn't mind. He told me go right ahead, and started moaning as my mouth slid onto his manhood. I played with the foreskin with my tongue for a while, and tasted his precum (oh how good that tasted.) I licked his shaft up and down with my tongue, and stared playing with his balls with my mouth, using me teeth to nibble on the skin coving his massive balls, as I stroked his cock. After several minutes of giving him pleasure with my mouth he exploded in my waiting throat. Man I could feel every gush of man milk hitting the back of my throat, and it felt so good. I milked his cock for all it was worth. When he finished feeding me that fine chorizo we got back into the pool and swam for a while longer before he headed home.



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