It was one of those hot summer’s when the average daily temperature peaked near 100 almost daily. To top it off the humidity had also been sweltering all season. By mid-August it had almost everybody down and most people stayed behind closed doors inside the comforts of their air conditioners. I was one of those people but I was also getting bored of being inside all the time. I had decided this weekend I was not sitting in the house and was going to utilize my back porch and deck, maybe grill out and endure the heat the best I could.

By late Saturday afternoon I  had been drinking lots of water and trying my hardest to stay outside. I was sitting on the back deck and probably could have wrung my clothes out from the humidity. I was contemplating the idea of grilling or just saying screw it and heading inside to shower and sit inside the air conditioning. It was 101 degrees with 88 percent humidity index and miserable did not begin to describe it. I heard a voice on the outside of my fence and walked over to see who else had braved the heat. I was not used to having anyone come by the house.

Jamison had been my neighbor for the past three years. We spoke when we saw each other but outside of a casual hello or comment I really did not know much about him. He lived two doors down from me but was very private like most people in my neighborhood. I opened the gate to see Jamison standing outside dressed much like me. He was wearing a multi-color tank top and a pair of men’s board shorts with flip flops. He was a good looking man standing at about 6’2” with a lean build. His skin was tanned and his legs were muscular, I guessed he probably liked to bike or run. As I opened the gate he apologized for interrupting and I told him it was not a problem and invited him inside the fence. He made some small talk while I looked at his hard body and then he asked if I had any outdoor surveillance cameras. Apparently a few of the neighbors had some vandalism last night and his cameras had not captured anything. I told him I would be happy to send him what my cameras had captured and he asked if I was working outside on such a hot day. I guess the fact that I was soaking wet head to toe had him curious. I told him I could not stand to be trapped inside another weekend and had been trying to sit outside and we both laughed. Jamison asked if I would like to come over to his place this afternoon and use his pool. He said he had some drinks and maybe we could do dinner. I agreed and decided to get together about three. I asked what I should bring and Jamison replied nothing, just to come on over.

I arrived promptly at 3:00 PM and Jamison answered the door and welcomed me inside. As he gave me a tour he told me he was a cardiologist at the local university medical center. Our conversation was casual and general as we made our way back to his outdoor deck and pool area. He had misting fans around the deck and the pool looked really inviting. Jamison invited me to get into the pool and the water felt absolutely amazing. He mixed us both a drink and then got in himself. We spent several hours in the pool relaxing and talking. Jamison told me he was gay and that he had a boyfriend but it was just a causal relationship as they lived across the country from each other. He had prepared a fantastic light dinner and after eating we both got back into the water. As we stood in the pool and talked I could tell Jamison was getting closer to me and wanted so bad to reach out and grab him but resisted not knowing how he would react.

I felt Jamison reach out and his hands rested on my hips at my waist. I was not sure but I thought he was testing to see what my reaction would be. I move a little closer to him as I felt my cock grow against the fabric of my bathing suit. As our conversation continued I was hoping he would just push my suit down and I did not have to wait long before I felt his hands push my suit slightly off my hips. He asked if I was ok and I replied yes and he slowly pushed my shorts down over my ass cheeks leaving my cock trapped inside the front. He stepped in pressing his hard body against mine as his large hands began rubbing my cheeks. He leaned in and kissed me and I parted my lips allowing his tongue to explore my open mouth. I reached down and rubbed Jamison’s cock through his pants feeling he was incredibly hard and fairly large as I felt my swim suit push completely off my hips and down my legs as the kiss continued.

When we parted and caught our breath Jamison asked again “I just want to make sure again that your positive you’re ok with what is happening?”

I enthusiastically responded “Yes, please don’t stop.”  

Jamison said “You have a hot little ass and I want to fuck you. Do you want my cock inside your ass?”

I said “Oh god I want to feel your hot cock inside my ass and I want you to fuck me. Please”

Jamison pressed into me and kissed me deeply as he moved us to the edge of the pool and we got out. He dried me off and then dried himself and said “Let’s go inside so I can make love to you.” As he led me by the hand into his house and back to his bedroom. As he lay me onto the bed fully naked Jamison was still wearing his shorts but I could see a massive bulge in the front through his wet bathing suit. Jamison had taken control and I lay waiting to please him as his large hands began to rub my body sending shivers up my spine with anticipation. After a few minutes Jamison moved me and put me on my knees in front of him kneeling on the floor of his room. I knew what he wanted and I could not wait to bring him pleasure and to taste his cock in my mouth.

Jamison said “Suck my cock” as his groin pressed toward my face and I pushed his bathing suit off his hips allowing his gorgeous 8” fat cock to pop out and into my face. As I pushed his shorts down his legs I took his shaft and began licking the underside hearing him moan. I licked his balls and one filled my mouth as I sucked them. I worked to get as much of his cock into my mouth as possible and spent the next thirty minutes worshipping and sucking his beautiful rigid cock as he moaned in complete pleasure and held the back of my head.

I tasted his precum and I knew Jamison was getting close and I looked up at him and in a soft voice begged him saying “Please fuck me, I want to feel you deep inside me when you cum. I want you to fill me with your hot cum.” Jamison pulled me up and knelt me on my hands and knees on the edge of his bed with my ass up in the air. I felt cold lube hit my tight puckered hole before a finger dipped inside me. I had my face buried in the covers of the bed as I felt the massive head of his gorgeous cock press against me and then push to enter me. I bit the blankets as a wave of pain shot through my body as my ass was parted and invaded by this huge hard cock as I felt sweat bead on my forehead and I tried to relax completely to allow Jamison to enter me fully. As he continued pushing I finally cried out “wait, wait”

Jamison stopped and asked if I wanted him to pull out and I told him no, just to hold up for a minute to let me adjust to his massive size and he stopped and rubbed my cheeks with his hands until I told him ok, he could continue. Once he was fully inside me the feeling was incredible. He had once again paused and waited until I told him to fuck me. He started slow as he pulled his incredible shaft out and pushed back in driving me wild until I as begging him to cuck me harder. As Jamison pounded my ass from behind me I cried out to him to spank me and he began slapping my ass with stinging blows that were pushing me over the edge until I heard him holler out that he was going to cum and where did I want him. I told him “cum inside me, I want you inside me. Please cum” repeating myself as I pushed my hips back to meet his thrusts until I felt him push as deep inside me as he could and I felt him begin to blow his load as he grunted and yelled out in full orgasmic bliss.

As his orgasm subsided Jamison kept his cock buried inside me as he lay against my back and kissed my back and my neck. Once his cock began to soften he pulled out with a pop and then turned me over onto my back. He took my cock into his mouth and started to suck me until I blew my load with him swallowing every drop until I begged him to stop. I lay on the bed totally spent and exhausted as I asked him to hold me tight. He turned out the lights and crawled into be beside me as I turn onto my side and held me tightly. As I was drifting off to sleep Jamison told me that was the most amazing thing he had ever done. He said his boyfriend and he were both tops and he had never fucked anyone before. He and his friend would just jack each other off and perform oral on each other.

I was content and felt safe as I drifted off to sleep with Jamison’s hot hard body holding me tightly and pressed up against me. I whispered that I wanted Jamison to fuck me again, anytime he wanted and he whispered back that he would love to fuck me and make love to me anytime I wanted. My stomach was cramped and I told him he must have blown a gallon of cum into me. He said he had been so busy that he had not jacked off or cum in probably the last six weeks as I heard him being to snore and we both drifted off to sleep together.



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