A Play of Power

by Everett

Act Two

Frank and Seth entered the freshman dining hall shortly before serving time. There were tables with empty chairs near the kitchen from where waiters would carry their big trays piled high with steaming food. Seth stood back, waiting for Frank to choose a seat. After he sat down, Seth approached the empty chair to his left and asked, "May I sit here, Sir?"

"Sure, Seth," Frank said. "Take a load off." It sounded like something his grandfather would have said.

"Thank you, Sir," Seth said softly.

When they were both settled, Frank leaned toward Seth and spoke so the others at the table couldn't hear. "You know, Seth," he said, "you don't have to treat me differently from the way you'd treat anyone else when we're out in public."

"I'm sorry," Seth said.

"Don't worry about it," Frank laughed softly. "You'll get the hang of it."

* * *

After their meal, Frank and Seth stepped into the glow of the warm October evening. Frank stopped at the top of the wide stone steps and breathed deeply. Seth started to walk down but quickly returned to Frank's side when he realized what he had done.

"It's a nice evening," Frank said. "Let's take a little walk before we go back to the room."

They descended the steps together and headed toward the grove of old oaks where lovers often strolled when they wanted to be alone.

"How are you, Smith?" Frank asked. "What do you think of acting out our little play?"

"I'm fine," Seth said. "I think I'm getting the hang of the play. I'm beginning to get excited about what might happen when we get back to your room," he added.

"Good," Frank said. "That's good, Smith. It shows that you are into the play. It's important that you understand your role and that you want to play it well.

"It's kind of tricky though, playing these parts," Frank went on, "when to act and when not to. Back there in the dining room for example, you should have been more natural with me, as if we were friends - equals."

"OK," Seth said.

"Of course, we're not equals, and you will never forget that."

"No, Sir."

"If any one were to see us here, they'd assume that we are friends; that we are equals. But you and I know that that's not the case.

"When we're together someplace where no one else can hear us or see what we're doing," Frank continued, "here, for example, you will remember who you are and who I am and you will act accordingly."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

"You should want to show me the respect due to me every chance you get."

"I do, Sir," Seth assured him.

"You should take every opportunity to show me that you are my good boy and that you respect me and want to please me."

"I will, Sir."

"When there is no chance that we will be observed," Frank reiterated.

"I understand, Sir."

"Good," Frank said. "I'm glad you agreed to play this game with me, Seth. You're very attractive. I'm drawn to guys who are smaller than I am and who are pretty. You're very pretty, Seth."

"Thank you, Sir."

"I like blond beauties with blue eyes. And," he added, "it doesn't hurt that you have such a great bubble butt."

"Thank you, Sir," Seth repeated. "You're making me blush."

"Let's see," Frank said. They stopped walking. Frank placed his hand under Seth's chin and turned his face to the waning light. "So you are." He gave him a quick kiss on his lips.

Seth took a step back. "Not here," he said.

"Don't ever question my judgment," Frank said. He was not angry. His voice was even and calm.

"You must understand: As far as you are concerned, I am never wrong. If I am, I'll tell you and I will apologize, but don't you even suggest that I may have made a mistake."

They walked on. Frank spoke forcefully. "Do you understand me, Smith?"

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I understand, Sir. I didn't mean to upset you, Sir."

"I'm not upset, Smith. You're new at this and you don't know all the parameters yet."

"I know, Sir. I want to learn, though."

"Well, here's something that is important for you to know, Seth," Frank said. "Even though it seems that I am in complete control of our situation - our play, if you will - it's really you who are in control. You can walk out of this game any time you want to, and it will all be over. Of course, I would never speak to you again. Our relationship, whatever that may become, would be completely over."

"I wouldn't like that, Sir," said Seth. "I'm going to work to make sure that never happens."

"Good," Frank said. "I'm glad to hear you say that. Let's head back to the dorm," he added.

Seth smiled. "Yes, Sir," he said. "I'm ready when you are, Sir."

"I have something for you, Smith," Frank said; "a little gift. Give me your hand."

Seth looked quickly around, but no one else was close enough to see what they were doing. "All clear?" asked Frank.

"Yes, Sir" Seth said.

"I knew that already," Frank said. "You should have trusted me and done what I asked without looking around like a guilty little girl."

"I . . . I'm sorry, Sir," Seth stammered. "I didn't mean to . . . I'm sorry," he repeated clumsily.

"You'll learn," Frank said easily. "Now, give me your hand."

Seth held out the hand nearer to Frank. Frank held it firmly. He took a pair of handcuffs from his pocket and deftly snapped one end onto Seth's wrist.

"Wha . . .?" Seth began but Frank cut him off.

"You know what these are?" he asked.

"Sure," Seth admitted, " but I don't see . . ."

Frank jerked the opened cuff roughly and brought Seth to a stop.

"Quit it, Smith," he said angrily. "In the first place, you're forgetting how to address me. Let's try this last bit again. 'Do you know what these are?'" he asked again. "Answer me correctly."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

"Better." He resumed walking. "Now, in the second place, you seem to have forgotten our roles. Who am I in our little play, Smith?"

"The master," Seth said simply.

"Try again, Smith. Think before you answer. Who am I?"

Seth hesitated. He was worried that he might not give the answer exactly as Frank wanted it. Then he ventured, "You are my master, Sir."

"Exactly," Frank said.

Seth was relieved.

"And who are you?"

"I am your slave, Sir."

"That's right. I am your master and you are my slave. My sex slave. And this is the last time we will talk about what we are doing as a game or a play. From now on, this is just the way it will be for us: master and slave for all times and purposes. We will both know that it is a play, but we will never refer to it as a play again. We will act our parts as if it were a fact of life."

"Yes, Sir," Seth agreed.

"Which is exactly what it is," Frank asserted.

"You're wearing cufflinks because later on they will be used in our sex. Do you have any idea what's in store for you tonight?" Frank asked.

"I think so, Sir," Seth said, almost in a whisper.

"Thank god for that," Frank said. "I was afraid you might be as naïve as you look."

Seth laughed softly. "Not quite, Sir," he said.

"Have you ever been cuffed by anyone for sex?" Frank asked.

"No, Sir," Seth admitted, "but I've heard about it."

"Well," Frank said, "tonight will tell the tale. You will submit to my every wish."

"Yes, Sir."

"I will do some things that will likely cause you some pain, but nothing that will be strong or unbearable, and I will not do anything to you that will draw blood or leave a scar. Not tonight; not ever. This is going to ultimately be as pleasurable for you as it is for me, and you are going to come like you have never come before.

"Also, we will have a safe word; a word that you can say any time the pain is too much for you and I will stop whatever it is that you find painful or objectionable. That word is 'fox.' Say it by itself or in a sentence. Say it softly and I will hear it, and when I hear it I will stop immediately.

"Do you have any questions for me?"

"I don't know enough to have any questions, Sir," Seth said simply.

"Do you believe what I have just told you? Do you trust me to not hurt you unduly?"

"Yes, Sir, I do," Seth said.

"Well, here we are," Frank said as they approached their dorm. "Let's do it."

Just then a small group of freshmen bounded through he door coming toward them.

"Put your hand in your pocket if you don't want anyone to see the cuffs," Frank said.

Seth did as Frank suggested and followed him up the stairs.

Frank unlocked and opened his door. He didn't step aside for Seth to enter as he had done on their first night together. That would never happen again. When the door was closed and locked Frank pointed to a spot just inside the room. "Wait there," he said. "Assume the position."

"The position, Sir?" Seth asked.

"Figure it out, Smith," Frank said. Seth slowly spread his feet apart, placed his hands behind his back and lowered his head slightly.

"Spread your feet twelve inches apart," Frank instructed him. Seth adjusted his stance.

"Good boy," Frank said. "That's exactly right." It was a simple remark but Seth took it as high praise.

Frank took off all his clothing except for his boxer shorts. He carefully hung his things in the closet and placed his shoes on a rack for that purpose. He turned to Seth. "Get naked," he said, and he stepped back to watch.

Seth took off his shirt and held in loosely in his hands. He looked at Frank, uncertain what to do without specific instructions, but Frank didn't help him out of his dilemma. He folded his shirt and placed it on the seat of Frank's desk chair. He looked at Frank to see if he had done it correctly and, receiving no indication that he had not, he took off his pants, folded them and put them on his shirt.

When he was naked he turned to Frank and waited for further instructions.

"Lie face down on the bed," Frank said.

When he complied, Frank took Seth's arms and put them over his head, his wrists near the iron head. He snapped the opened end of the set of handcuffs Seth was already wearing to the center post, procured another set and attached them to his other wrist and the same post as the first. He stood back to appraise his boy. He was pleased.

The muscles underlying Seth's back were pronounced, and the skin was creamy white and without marks or flaws of any kind. The cheeks of his ass were high and round and covered with soft blond hairs. Frank ran his hands over those velvety mounds and down his legs where the hair grew longer and coarser. He increased the pressure as he continued his massage; long passes over Seth's thighs, soft kneading of his ass. He parted the high mounds and looked at his pucker. "Sweet," he said, and he slapped first one ass cheek and then the other.

Seth was surprised at the sudden change in Frank's treatment. He looked back as well as he could, but the constraints that held his wrists didn't allow for much movement.

Frank slapped him again. Then, as he ran his hands over the surface, barely touching the skin, he asked, "Do you like that?"

Seth assumed that Frank was asking about the light touch he was using. "Yes, Sir," he said.

"Good," Frank said, and he slapped each ass cheek again and glided his hands lightly where he had just hit him. Hit and glide. Sharp slap and soft caress.

Then he went to his closet and took a leather belt from its hook. He doubled it and swatted Seth's ass. Swat. Swat. The sound and the sting of the hits startled Seth as he squirmed slightly on the mattress. Frank hit him again.

"Do you know why I am doing this, Smith?" Frank asked.

"No, Sir," Seth answered.

"Because I can," Frank said, and he swatted him again.

"Because I am your master and you are my slave." Swat.

"To show you that I can do whatever I want to you and you will take it." Swat. Swat.

"Do you like this, Smith?"

"No, Sir," Seth said.

"Wrong answer," Frank said, and he swatted him harder. The sharp smack resounded in the room.

"Are you glad that I am spanking you?" Frank asked.

"Yes, Sir," Seth lied. Swat

"What do you say?" Frank asked. Swat. Swat.

"I don't understand, Sir," Seth said.

"When someone does something to you that you like, what do you say to him?"

"Thank you, Sir?" Seth asked.

"That's right, Smith. You say, 'Thank you, Sir.'"

Swat. "I didn't hear you, Smith."

"I didn't say anything, Sir," Seth said.

"Well, goddamn it, you know what to say," Frank said angrily. "Do it right," and he belted him harder than before.

"Thank you, Sir."

"Good boy." Swat.

"Thank you, Sir."

Frank continued to hit his boy's ass with his belt; sometimes hard, sometimes softly; sometimes on his round ass mounds, sometimes on his thighs or lower back.


"Ow," Seth said. He clenched his ass cheeks tightly together. "Thank you, Sir," he added quickly.

"Quit complaining," Frank snapped.

Swat. Swat. Seth squirmed but resisted the urge to cry out.

After several minutes and many swats, Seth's ass mounds had turned red. "Is your ass sore?" Frank asked.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said.

Frank took a jar from his night stand and spread its cooling cream over the mounds of Seth's ass.

"Thank you, Sir," Seth said.

Frank wiped some of the cream in Seth's ass crack. He spread his cheeks spread some on each side and around his pucker. Using it as a lubricant, he pushed a finger through the opening and briefly fucked Seth with it. "Ahhh," said Seth, hardly above a whisper.

Frank lowered his mouth and kissed the two dimples above Seth's ass. He licked and kissed his furry ass mounds and separated his cheeks to expose his hole again. He kissed his hole softly and licked around its rubbery ring. "Yes," Seth said softly.

Frank opened his mouth and placed his lips around Seth's ring. He alternately flattened his tongue to licked the hole and pointed it to fuck him with it. Seth squeezed his pucker and moaned low.

"Don't squeeze your ass," Frank said. "Open it up. Push out like you're trying to shit."

Seth pushed out and Frank dove in to lick and tongue-fuck him some more.

Frank stood and quickly slid his boxers off. He lubed his hard cock and again knelt between Seth's spread thighs. He placed the head of his cock against Seth's pucker. "Do you want this?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," Seth said. "I do."

Frank pushed his glans through Seth's ring and held it there. Seth moved his hips up and pushed back. He began to swallow Frank's cock with his asshole. "Do it, Boy. Take it all."

Seth wriggled and pushed back, inching Frank's cock into him until he felt Frank's balls against his perineum. Frank pushed him flat on the mattress and lowered himself on his back; skin against warm skin. He lifted his hips and began a slow fucking motion: out and in. Seth squirmed his ass and tightened his sphincter around Frank's shaft. "Oh, yes," he said softly. "That's it. Ahh, Sir."

Frank increased the tempo of his fucking. "Do you like this?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. His voice was little more than a whisper.

"Do you like my man cock fucking your boy pussy?" Frank asked.

"I love it when you fuck me, Sir," Seth said. "Fuck me more," he said. "Fuck me hard."

"You're such a cunt," Frank said. "You know that, don't you Boy?"

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I'm your own boy cunt to fuck whenever you want me, Sir."

"Fuckin' A," Frank said. He put his arms around Seth, pushed his legs further apart with his knees and fucked him harder.

"God! Fuck! Oh, yes." Seth was gasping for air.

Frank's fucking became faster and more forceful. He felt the tightness of Seth's opening around his shaft as he moved it out and in; out until his corona stretched the ring of Seth's hole, then down until he was completely buried in his boy; than he pushed and bucked trying to go further. "Take it, Pussy Boy," he said.

"Huh," Seth breathed with each thrust.

Frank loved the feel of his cock in Seth's warm canal. He fucked, relishing the feeling and the warmth. He could feel his climax begin to build. He fucked with increasing force, trying to go deeper with each downward thrust of his hips. "Are you ready, Pussy Boy?" Frank asked. "Are you ready for me to dump my load deep up your ass?"

"Come in me," Seth begged, sounding almost as if he were crying. "Let me feel you fill me. Give me your big load."

Frank could feel his climax grow. His cock head swelled. It tingled and demanded to be implanted as deeply as possible. "God! Fuck!" he cried.

Frank answered the increasing urgency of his climax with harder and harder fucking. "I'm going to come," he gasped.

"Come in me," Seth cried. "I want your come deep inside me."

And with that, Frank's cock exploded inside Seth. His thrusts were deep and hard; he grunted softly and repeatedly bucked against Seth's ass, his balls churning, emptying themselves of their seed.

When his load was completely expelled, Frank's muscles relaxed and he went limp on top of Seth. He lay there breathing heavily.

"Thank you, Sir," Seth whispered.

Frank kissed the back of his boy's neck and shoulders. He slowly withdrew and sat on the edge of his bed. He unlocked the restraints from Seth's wrists. "Roll over," he said.

He dipped into the lubricating cream and spread it over Seth's throbbing cock. He got between his legs, stuck a finger into his asshole and finger-fucked him as he stroked his cock. It didn't take long. Seth began to moan. Frank took Seth's cock into his mouth and sucked him as he continued to finger-fuck his hole. He laved the underside of his cock. Seth parted his lips slightly. "Huh. Huh. Huh," he panted almost inaudibly.

Frank sensed that Seth was about to come and he tightened his cheeks and tongue. "Oh, Sir," Seth cried, and he shot his load in the back of Frank's mouth.

Frank swallowed. "Roll over," he said.

He spread Seth's legs, parted his ass cheeks with the heels of his hands and licked his asshole with the flat of his tongue. Seth sighed. Frank made a hard point of his tongue and touched it to Seth's pink hole. He entered and tongue-fucked him. Seth flexed his sphincter and signed again. Frank licked and kissed the inside of Seth's ass mounds near his hole. He placed his open mouth directly over his hole, sucked, and withdrew his mouth with a loud "smack." He leaned back on his heels and massaged Seth's mounds, opening his hole again to see inside. "Push it out," he said.

Seth pushed. "Good boy," Frank said. "Push it out some more."

Seth pushed out and Frank reinserted the point of his tongue. He put his open mouth over Seth's hole again and licked and sucked, trying to felch some of his cum out. He sat back on his heels again and inserted the index finger of his right hand, then of his left hand and spread Seth's sphincter wide. "Push out," he said, and he probed some more with his fingers, but he had shot his load too deeply for any to come out.

He slapped Seth softly on his ass. "Better take a shower," he said.

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "I think I need one."

"While you're in the bathroom, shave that shit off your chin."


"You heard me. Shave that shit off your chin. I guess you grew that cute little bit of hair to show that you are man enough. Well, it doesn't work. It doesn't make you look like a man. It just makes you look like a boy who needs a shave."

Seth was taken aback by Frank's order. "But, Sir," he said, "I think whether I have a goatee is up to me."

"Up until today, that was true," Frank said. "But no more. Boys don't have beards or mustaches or sideburns. You are my boy. I want you to look like a boy. As your master, that is my call.

"You do want to be my boy, don't you, Smith?"

Seth looked at the floor. "Yes, Sir," he said meekly.

"Case closed," Frank said. "When you come out of my bathroom, your face will be as smooth as the proverbial baby's ass."

"Yes, Sir," Seth said. "Anything you say, Sir."



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