I had no problem finding Dad at the airport. He was wearing Bermuda shorts, a blue aloha shirt with green and red parrots, and a Panama straw hat with a yellow and green striped band.

"Couldn't you have worn something a little flashier?" I asked sarcastically. "I think they're still a couple of people at the other end of the terminal who haven't been struck blind by your outfit."

Dad grimaced. "Thanks, Colin. It's nice to see you, too."

I wrestled Dad's large beat-up suitcase out of the baggage carousel and carried it out to the parking lot, Dad walking briskly beside me. There's a steady wind blowing from the direction of the bay, damp and laced with fog. Dad hugged his arms across his hard chest, and I glanced at him. "I warned you to dress warmly."

"It's August," Dad replied. "This is California." His tone suggested there's no further room for discussion.

"All California isn't Los Angeles," I said. "Summer is San Francisco's coldest season."

"Jesus," Dad muttered. "Is there anything about this damn city that isn't abnormal?"

I stared at him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, nothing," Dad answered quickly, waving his hand at me, dismissing the whole conversation.

I had invited Dad to come stay with me for a few days. He and I never had the strongest relationship. It's gotta better over the years but we still have our moments. He was pretty much a bully to me as a kid. If it weren't for Mom my childhood would have probably been far worst then it actually was and believe me it was awful.

We just never seem to click. As I got older, things only got worse. But at least then I was older, taller and strong enough to defend myself against Dad. When he realized he could no longer hit me without me retaliating with a hard right hook to his jaw, he slowed down with his.

But on the day I told my parents I was gay, Dad and I got into this major fistfight, that seemed to have lasted for hours. We only stopped after Mom begged and pleaded with us through tear-stained eyes.

After that Dad and I rarely spoke. For a long time whenever I came home to visit from California he and I basically ignored one another and kept a safe distance. That was until Mom was diagnosis with cancer. If there was one common thread between us is our mutual love for her. He may have been a bastard to me but there was no question Dad deeply loved his wife.

For her sake we made a truce. I had taken a leave of absence from my job in order to move home temporarily so I'll be there to help out. It wasn't easy for either of us, and certainly we had our occasion blowups, but they were no longer done where Mom could be a witness.

When it became apparent the cancer was terminal and that she wouldn't recover, Dad and I find ourselves working together, side by side, to make sure she was as comfortable as possible. Along the way we began working harder at patching up the riff between us. We didn't what her remaining time on earth to be consume with worry over the two men she loved and cared for the most in life. On her deathbed she made us promise to really try at healing our relationship. At that point we would have done anything for her and we readily - if reluctantly - agreed.

When death finally took claim of her, it was devastating for both of us, and to our mutual surprise we both found ourselves leaning on one another for comfort and support. When it came time for me to return to San Francisco I couldn't help but detect Dad's reluctance at seeing me go. I was surprise to see it. Even more so was the fact I didn't want to leave him alone. Of course neither one of us admitted those feelings. It would have been hard for either one of us to do so. Overtime Dad came to accept - well, at least, stomach - my sexuality and I guess at this point in the game that's better then nothing.

When we got on the highway, I tried to get things back on better footing. "So what do you want to do during your visit, Dad? You want to see Muir Woods? Wine Country? Maybe visit Fisherman's Wharf?"

Dad cleared his throat. "Well actually," he said, "what I most want to do is see if I can pick up some ladies." He glanced at me with a touch of weariness. "It's been two years since Sarah's death and...well...a man does have his needs."

I didn't reply. I knew this day would eventually happen. He was only forty-nine when Mom passed away. He's in his early fifties now, and despite that, Dad is extremely good looking with a wonderfully fit body thanks to his years at working on the ranch. It's only natural he would still have needs. Not quite sure how I feel about it, but life does go on, and Dad has a right to look for companionship and who was I to try and deny him that?

"That is," Dad continued, "if there are any straight ladies left in this city."

"No, Dad," I said. "They're all lesbians - though there are plenty of drag queens I could hook you up with. I'm sure they'd be glad to give you a tumble."

Dad grimaced and looked out the window. We drove for a couple of blocks in silence, Dad staring at the passing cityscape. He turned his head toward me again. "I was serious. I really want to meet some women while I'm here. I was hoping you'd turn me on to some places where that could happen."

"Christ, Dad," I laughed. "I'd be the last person that could help you in that department."

Dad shrugged. "Just 'cause you play in a different league doesn't mean you don't know where the other team's ballpark is." He paused for a moment and said quietly, "Unless you don't want to help me because you're thinking I'm betraying your mother. Miss her still but...well."

We stopped at a red light. I turned toward him. "No Dad, I don't think you're betraying Mom. You said it yourself. It's been two years. It's time. I know she would understand."

"Thanks, son." It was one of those awkward moments of closeness that neither Dad nor I was still fully comfortable with. We've come along way but we still have a lot of road to cover.

The light turned green and I as pulled off I decided to lighten the mood. "I'll ask some my friends if any of their blue-haired mothers are available."

"You're a regular riot," Dad said rolling his eyes chuckling.


I overslept the next morning, and by the time I pulled myself out of bed, I had only half an hour to get ready before my bus arrived. I told Dad I'd leave the car for him if he wanted to do any sightseeing.

As I stumbled to the bathroom, I heard Dad snoring soundly behind the closed door of the guestroom. I jumped in the shower, toweled down, grabbed my vitamins and herbal pills from the medicine cabinet and gulped them down, all in ten minutes.

I was in the kitchen pouring myself a quick cup of coffee when I heard Dad make his way to the bathroom. A moment later, he stuck his head through the kitchen door. "What's the big idea, messing with my Viagra?" he asked.

I raised my head and looked at him. "What are you talking about?"

"My Viagra," he said, holding out a pill bottle. "I put it in the medicine cabinet last night, and it was on the bathroom sink when I walked in just now."

I stared at the fat orange bottle in his hand. "You're crazy. Those are my saw palmetto pills."

"The hell they are," Dad snorted. He tossed the pill bottle to me. I caught it and read the label: Viagra.

"Shit!" I said softly. I looked at Dad again.

"How many did you take?" he asked.

"Two, I think. I was in a hurry."

Dad rolled his eyes. He looked at me with an expression half-exasperated, half-amused.

"Half a pill will give you a woody that won't quit." He laughed. "In about an hour's time, you're going to get a hard-on the size of Florida. And you'll be sporting it until sometime around Thanksgiving."

"Jeez," I said, running my hands through my still damp hair. "This is just great. I've got a presentation to make first thing this morning."

"Well, you better concentrate on baseball scores while you talk," Dad said, still laughing, "or else everybody's going to think you've stuffed a zucchini down your pants."


The bus ride to work was pure hell. As long as I don't get a hard-on, I'll be Okay, I told myself. All of a sudden, every guy on my bus looked like he just stepped out of a Tom of Finland sketchbook, from the junior executives decked out in their tailored suits to the construction workers in their tight, low-riding jeans and flannel shirts. I spent the entire ride leaning forward, my eyes trained to the floor of the bus.

When I reached my stop and got off, I kept staring down at the sidewalk, not even risking a glance at the street beggars panhandling on the corners. When I finally pushed through the office door, and gone onto the elevator, I began to let my guard down. My cubicle's only a short walk away, and once there, I could stay put, surrounded by my unerotic beige cloth walls until it was time to give this fucking presentation.

My relief made me careless after getting off the elevator. I looked up, forgetting that I'm passing the glass wall to the company's fitness center, and I spotted Victor Ruiz inside, dismounting from one of the StairMasters. Oh shit! I thought. He saw me, waved, and pushed opened the glass door, grinning. "Hey, Colin," he called out, "all set for your presentation?"

I tried not to notice how tightly his gym shorts hugged his powerfully trim hips or how his sweat-dampened no sleeve T-shirt clung to his strong torso. "Yeah, sure," I grunted.

Victor could get me hard in a flash, even without a gram of Viagra pumping through my bloodstream. In the state I'm in now, one good look at him, and I'll be a walking towel rack for the rest of the day. I mumbled something about being late and pushed past him with my head turned away.

"Hey, nice talking to you," Victor called after me. I could tell by the edge in his voice he was hurt by my brush off. I felt bad. Victor is a really sweet guy. Despite his twenty-six years there was something about that guy that was so gentle and deeply sincere. I couldn't help but think he would be an awesome fuck with the possible addition at being a great deal more.

In a few words Victor Ruiz is a gorgeous stud. At six feet and about two hundred and four pounds the dude possess an incredible athletic physique. During his college years he was the star wide receiver on his football team and his body certainly shows that off. His skills on the field was phenomenal. He was called the wonder boy in the press. He was one of the top picks for the pros. But sadly before the NFL's college picks could be announce he suffered a career-ending injury that placed him on the sidelines. Despite that major lost Victor kept his body in great shape over the years. He had bulging ripped muscles that was beautifully proportion, lean with brilliant symmetry. He was divinely well cut with superb definition.

His wide round shoulders tapered down to an amazingly trim narrow muscle waist. His long legs are patched with hard muscles. His well-chiseled biceps bulged with sharp brilliance. That brilliance can also be find in his bloated hard pecs and super flat stomach that was riddled with stainless steel abs. His ass was simply gorgeous: tightly bubbled, smooth as marble and muscular ripped

Besides his body the thing I was most intrigued with in regard to Victor was his ethnicity. African-American on his father's side and Puerto Rican thanks to his mother, Victor is simply beautiful. He has a milk chocolate/caramel complexion that wrapped around his smooth, tight un-blemish skin that I find utterly fascinating to watch.

His face is handsomely open with large expressive dark brown eyes, a wide attractive strong nose, full juicy lips, solid cheekbones and a chiseled chin. He wears his hair in a very short-tapered fading hairstyle and he has a small patch of groom hair just underneath his chin. He's all man but you could still see the sweet child lurking inside him. That combo only increased Victor's hotness.

All the ladies in the office simply adored him and the guys think of him as a down-to-earth average Joe. An extremely private yet out going person, I wasn't sure about his sexuality, and that's the only reason why I haven't made a move on him.

I've had a long dry spell and if there were one guy I would love to get my thirty-eight year old juices flowing again it would be with that sizzling hot biracial sweetheart stud.

I had been in a long-term relationship. I had thought he was the one but he turned out to be a major jerk in the end. It ended nine months ago. I knew I should have gotten back on the dating scene but after so many years it was more difficult jumping back in the game then I thought. So I basically kept myself busy by working out.

At six-one and one hundred and ninety-six pounds my Caucasian physique is awesomely shredded. I have a large muscular frame with superb development that was both massive and streamline lean simultaneously. Every sharply ripped muscle on my large body is extremely well-cut with high definition. My proportions are insanely shredded and I possess only five percent body fat making my bulging chiseled muscles more pronounce and more exaggerated in appearance. In fact despite Victor's ripped bodily brilliance being slightly larger in muscle weight I actually appear larger then him when standing side-by-side.

Not to brag but I'm pretty damn handsome myself. Brown haired and green eyed, I have smoldering All-American good looks with chiseled strong features. I have a masculinity that is very laid-back that normally makes me a very approachable type guy. During my college years I made extra money as a fitness model and was damn successful at it. I made it on several covers on major fitness magazines and actually had an impressive following among fans.

In fact that's where I met my former lover. He was also a fitness model. The attraction was immediate and we became lovers quickly. Looking back I realized that's all we had: great sex. That would have been fine if it didn't turn out that Greg was an arrogant pig who couldn't keep his jeans zipped up! Greg was simply too much of a slut for me. I didn't have a problem with him being a slut in my bed. It was the other beds he was whoring himself in that I had a problem with.


I was a complete basket case by the time I'm setting up the overhead projector and the flip charts in the conference room. I could just feel my dick stirring in my pants, like some stalking beast getting ready to pounce, and every time it twitched I had to stop and conjure up images of the most repulsive people I can think of, buck-naked. I've already worked through images of my elderly sixth grade teacher Mrs. Whitaker, the fat warty newspaper vendor at the corner stand, and just about every Republican senator ever elected.

Ten o'clock rolled around, and the company staff started wandering in. Victor was the last to make it, and he sat at the only remaining empty chair, directly in front of me, with no more then a couple of feet away from me. It was casual Friday, and he'd dressed in a pair of snug, extremely low-riding jeans and a form fitting open-collared white cotton shirt with the top two buttons undone. He was damp from his shower, and he looked young and boyish, as if he just stepped out of a green meadow by a sun-dappled lake. God! He had "fuck and love me hard" written all over him. My dick sprung to life, and I have to close my eyes and conjure up the image of Rush Limbaugh bent over with Ann Coulter fucking him hard in the ass with her dick. My cock reluctantly lowered itself again.

I started talking about the company's earnings during the last quarter, how our domestic and foreign markets had been doing. Victor sat back in his chair, his strong arms draped over the back, his long, powerfully graceful legs were spread open giving me a bird-eye view of his large crotch, the bulge of which, looked down right mouthwatering. I quickly imagined how lovely it would be to have my face buried in it giving him a major blow-job before flipping him over onto the conference table and ravishing him right there in front of our colleagues. I'm sure the ladies would love it.

My dick began stirring rapidly. I tore my eyes away. "While our domestic sales have been strong," I said, my heart hammering in my chest, "our efforts in the foreign market have been sporadic." Victor ran his fingers through his well cut shortened hair and yawned. I watched his Adam's apple rise in his strong thick throat and wonder what it'd feel like to nuzzle my face against the nape of his coltish neck. Slowly, as inexorable as a force of nature, my dick stiffened and grew. I felt it stir against the thin fabric of my tight slacks, pushing them out into a gray flannel tent. Someone snickered in the back of the room. One of the ladies of course.

"Many companies in our manufacturing sector are making inroads into our European markets," I continued, trying to fight down a wave of panic. "In the next quarter we can expect our competition to be...um...stiff." The snicker becomes louder now, joined by another. Victor stirred in his chair, spreading his legs wider apart. Images of me sliding my hands slowly up those tight thighs, massaging them and stroking the muscles, while nailing my cock inside his delicious ass ran through my mind like a runaway train. My dick throbbed with a slow, heavy pulse, synchronized with my heartbeat, making my pants flutter.

"We will have to redouble our efforts to recapture these markets," I continued blindly, hopelessly. "But the road to profitability may prove hard and long."

The snickering began spreading across the room like a brush fire as everyone seem to join in. My mind is assailed with unbidden images of me stripping Victor naked, swallowing his thick dick, before clocking his sweet, tight ass with my big, fat cock. I risked a glance down. Dad was right; it did look like a zucchini was stuffed down my pants. The entire length of my fully erected dick is clearly outlined under the thin fabric for everyone in the room to see. And right where the head can be made out, there's a dark stain of pre-cum against the light gray of my slacks.

My eyes swiped the room, and I could see faces red with the effort to keep from bursting out in laughter. I looked directly in Victor's beautiful face. He wasn't laughing with the others. Instead he had a look of profound understanding pity which only made the situation worst.

If there were a window in the room, I would have gladly kicked it out and jumped twenty-nine stories down to my death.

Hurrying to the end of my presentation, I mumbled a wrap-up, clutched my papers, and walked out of the room, my boner leading the way. I could feel my face burn and can only imagine how red it must be as the room exploded in uncontrollable laughter the second I left the room.

I retreated in humiliation to my cubicle. The Viagra was pulsing through my body, keeping my dick as stiff as a slab of steel. I wouldn't step out of my cubicle at that moment if the goddamn building were on fire.

I reconsidered this as my morning coffee worked its way through my system. It wasn't long before I had to pee, yet my dick showed no indication of even the slightest retreat. I could drill through granite with it, batter down thick oaken doors, pry boulders loose and roll them down hillsides. I could just imagine all the snickering and whispers I would get walking past the secretarial pool with dickzilla thrusting out in front of me. I stayed put despite the urge to pee slowly mounting inside me.

When noon finally arrived, there was a stir in the office followed by a general exodus out of the doors to lunch. I peeked over the cubicle walls; the place was deserted. I risked a dash to the men's room - and to my great relief - find it emptied. I pulled down the zipper to my pants, and my ten inches sprung out, proud and stiff, pointing up toward the ceiling. I pushed down on it, but it resisted every effort I made to aim it toward the urinal. If I pee now, I'll look like a fountain in the Tivoli Gardens. I was always proud to be so hung but at this moment I wished I was more like Tiny Tim.

Just then I heard the bathroom door open. I tried to shove my dick back inside my pants, but it refused to bend and be forced back into my fly. Victor walked up to the urinal next to me, unzipped, hauled out his cock and started peeing. He glanced down at my stiff dick in my hand, and then at my face, his expression startled. "Jeez, Colin," he said. "You really are a horny bastard today. But jerking off in the john...?"

"I'm not jerking off!" I said angrily, still struggling to force my dick inside my pants. I gave up and looked at Victor, my face burning. "I just have a little problem I'm trying to handle, okay?"

Victor smiled, his eyes staring down at my dick. "Not so little..." he said as his eyes met mine. "For a white dude you got yourself some serious African jungle dick! Anything I can do to help?"

"I don't know," I said cautiously. "What do you do about a dick that gets hard but refuses to go down again?"

"Well," Victor said, his face deadpan, "I guess you just gotta take the problem in hand." And with that to my surprise and delight he reached over and wrapped his hand around my swollen dick, giving it a hardly squeeze.

"Victor," I said, "that's not going to make my dick any softer."

"I certainly hope not," He smiled wickedly. His big hand started sliding up and down my shaft. He watched as I glanced toward the door. "Relax," he said softly. His hand picked up speed as he jerked my shaft. "Everyone's out to lunch. Got the place to ourselves."

He spit in his hand and then continued stroking. I closed my eyes and sighed and then pulled Victor toward me. I planted my mouth on his and kissed him hard, pushing my tongue toward the back of his throat. Victor eagerly responded. I slid my hand down his jeans and felt his own stiffed cock strain against the denim. I pulled Victor's boner out of his open fly. My hand filled with his dick: thick, warm and throbbing.

"Let's go inside one of the stalls," Victor murmured. "We don't have to push our luck."

For a private guy, Victor is certainly proving himself to be forward and confident when it comes to getting it on. Maybe this problem I'm having is going to turn out to be the best thing to happen to me in a long while!

We shuffled inside the nearest stall and shut the door behind us. Thankfully it was the handicap stall so it was very roomy. Victor pushed me against the door and stuck his tongue into my mouth. We kissed energetically, Victor pressing his body tightly against me, his hard, fat dick dry-humping my belly. I fumbled impatiently with the buttons of Victor's shirt, and when I finally got them undone, I ran my hands along his tightly pack, muscled hard milk chocolate torso. I find his hard nipples and gave them a good tweak. Victor sighed in my mouth before I bent down and ran my tongue over those twin brown nubs as my hands continued sliding down his firm flesh, across the ripples of his abdominal, down his flanks.

I tugged his jeans down just enough and ran my strong fingers over his smooth taut ass, squeezing the hard cheeks, feeling the warmth and sleekness of his sweet flesh. Damn his hard butt felt so damn good in my hands. Victor's asshole is tightly closed, and I pushed against it gently with my fingertip, not penetrating him, just massaging the pucker of flesh. Victor sighed and thrust his body even harder against me, until it's hard to tell where his flesh ended and mine began.

Victor pushed away and sat down on the closed toilet seat. His eyes were leveled with my dick, and he contemplated it intently. "Fuckin awesome," he murmured. He wrapped his fist around it, twisting and turning it, before bending my dick down, then releasing it. It slapped hard against my belly and then swayed from side to side. "Shit this got to be a least - what? - nine...ten inches and damn if it ain't thick as a beer can!"

Victor stared at it with eyes of pure worship, and I can't lie, I was highly enjoying the way he was looking at it. "You guessed right in terms of ten inches," I smiled down at him.

"Bet you know how to work it up a juicy ass," He smiled adorably up at me licking his lips.

"Never had any complaints."

"I'm sure you haven't."

Victor squeezed the fleshy shaft, and it leaked a drop of pre-cum. Victor leaned over and lapped it up. His tongue continued to swirl around my dick head, and then his lips nibbled their way down the shaft, inch by slow inch, while his other hand tugged at my balls. I undid my tie and unbuttoned my shirt and leaned against the stall door and closed my eyes, letting the sensations drawn from Victor's warm, wet mouth tingle through my body.

"Sweet Jesus, that feels good," I groaned. I began pumping my hips, sliding my cock in and out of Victor's hungry mouth, fucking his face with long, deep plunges. Grabbing hold of his head I rotated my pelvis sawing my thick rod deeply down his throat. Victor couldn't get enough of it, as he made hungry love to my dick, twisting his head from side to side as his lips slid up and down the shaft until he was eventually deep-throating me with each plunge he gave me. God I've never been deep-throated in my life. Never was able to find a dude whose throat was big enough. I felt as if I just died and gone to fuck heaven.

"Ahh fuucck...ahhh yeeaahh," I squeaked out at the top of my lunges. Grabbing Victor's head tighter in my grip I long dicked the hell out of his throat. Over and over I plunged all ten inches of my cock down Victor's gagging mouth slamming my thick nuts against his chin. And damn if Victor wasn't swallowing it up! He sucked hard and greedily on my dick woofing me down, using his long wet tongue and juicy full lips like a vortex, engulfing every inch of me down his windpipes, as if he had no gag reflex at all.

At one point Victor grabbed tightly on my buttocks and jammed the entire length of my cock in his mouth and held it there sucking hard on it with his jaw muscles. I thought I was going to explode right then as he force me to grind myself against his face.

Pulling my dick out of his mouth, Victor dragged his tongue over my balls, burying his face in them, nuzzling and swallowing them in his mouth as his hand started stroking my dick again. He looked up at me, his mouth full of ballmeat with his hand full of cock. I grabbed onto his head even tighter and tugged from side to side. "Yeah," Victor mumbled, "that's right."

I planted my hands under his armpits and pulled him to his feet again. I reached down and wrapped my hand around both our dicks, feeling the heat of his thick eight inches flowing into mine, the two cocks heads pressed together, leaking pre-cum, and I used the slippery fluid to slick up the twin meaty shafts. We kissed again, my mouth traveling over Victor's eyes, his nose, his neck, always returning to his juicy fat lips in order for my tongue to plunge down his throat. Victor sighed softly, hungrily as he came himself over to me.

"Jesus, I'd love to fuck your ass," I said.

"We're in luck," Victor said slurping my tongue in between his wet lips, tightening his arms around my broad muscled shoulders, "I'm a man who enjoys being fucked."

I looked at him. "Sorry, but I don't have any lube."

Victor grinned. "Don't worry, I do." He fished out a tiny tube from his back pocket. His grin broadened. "I always carry a couple with me. You never know when the little fuckers will come in handy."

We both laughed. I pushed open the stall door a crack and take a quick peek to make sure we were definitely alone. Closing and locking it back, I turned to Victor taking the lube out of his hand. "Put your palms against the wall," I said, my voice low and urgent.

Victor obeyed, leaning against the wall, arms outstretched, legs spread apart, like a street punk waiting to get frisked with his lower back arched pushing out his buttocks. I put a generous dollop of lube on my hand and slid it between Victor's ass cheeks, greasing up his mocha asshole good, sliding a finger inside him. Victor groaned, and I slid in another, feeling them both encased in the warm, velvet flesh. I oiled up my stiff cock and then slid my boner up and down the length of his ass crack.

Victor leaned against me, and I wrapped my powerful arms around his muscular torso, burying my face into his neck. His scent was intoxicating. It was erotic and exotic. It was the type of scent I was certain only a man of color could process. I pushed my dick head against the pucker of his asshole and slowly impaled him. Victor moaned as I worked my long dick up inside him, inch by slow long inch. When I was fully inside, we just held our position, unmoving, except for the rise and fall of Victor's chiseled chest underneath my arms.

"How it feels Victor," I asked him sweetly as I began roaming my thick palms across his chest while simultaneously rotating my pelvis sensuously humping his butt with my huge penis. "Tell me...I want to hear it."

"Aah hell. Ahh damn," Victor sighed breathlessly to me. "Your white dick so big and thick. Feels good...fucking good! Aahhh!"

I started pumping my hips, my strokes short and slow at first, but deeper with each thrust of my hips. Victor turned his head, and we kissed noisily, fusing our mouths together, our tongues pushing hard against each other. His lips are so full, so thick, so juicy. I slid my hand down the tight muscles of Victor's hard body and wrapped it around his hard dick, beating him off in sync with my stabbing dick. I picked up the faint scent of soap from Victor's body, from his morning workout shower, and the newer smell of fresh sweat. I felt like I'm sinking into his body, his soul, my flesh absorbing his, my skin melting into his. I was mounting him real good, rotating my pelvis grinding and humping myself deeper inside him. His moans and sighs echoed throughout the bathroom as I kept his body pinned firmly against the stall wall.

My hunger for his ass soon got the better of me. It wasn't long before I was hammering into Victor with such force I had him crashing into the stall wall. I was giving it to him hard and forcibly and he was loving every moment of it.

The slapping sounds of sweaty bodies filled the room. His muscle form was trembling all over and his head was bobbing on and off my shoulder. His eyes were rolled back and his open mouth was gasping. He looked so incredibly gorgeous! He was totally drowning in ecstasy. I simply wanted to swallow him whole. I knew I was overwhelming him but that didn't stop him from begging and pleading for more.

"Ooh God Colin...yes...yeessss...take me...FUCK MEEE GOOD...that's it...AWW!!!"

I pulled out of Victor's ass and sat on the toilet seat, my cock thrusting up and hard as steel. "Turn around and sit on my dick," I growled. "I wanta watch your face."

Pulling one leg free of his jeans, Victor squatted, facing me, and lowered himself onto my dick. He wrapped his arms around my neck and leaned his torso back, squeezing his ass muscles as I churned my dick deep inside him. Our eyes locked together as we fucked, and I felt Victor's hot, jagged breath on my face. He pulled me toward him, and we began kissing passionately while our bodies rocked in harmony. I spitted in my hand and slid my saliva-slicked hand down his thick shaft. Victor groaned as I worked his dick over, the sound muffled by our mouths being fused together.

"Fuck, you feel so good inside me," he said. He pushed his creamy milk chocolate torso back again and slid his eyes down my muscular torso. "God Colin, your body is fucking incredible body. So muscular, so strong. Got myself one fuckin' hot man with his stiff, stiff cock plowing my ass," he growled happily. "Fuck me real good, boy! Do my ass up right!"

Victor's eyes were ablaze as he roamed his hands over my wide shoulders, across my chiseled chest and ripped abs. He was loving my body as my hands held onto his firm buttocks, impaling myself deeper inside him. God how beautiful he looked and felt!

Just then we heard the bathroom door open, and we froze. We stayed locked in our positions holding our breath, me sitting on the closed toilet, Victor impaled on my dick. However the fucker proved to be a little devil. Softly Victor began swirling his hips in a circular motion, squeezing his ass lips tightly together sucking on my cock. The sensual sensation was out of this world, but under the present moment, completely distracting. I frowned up to him hoping to give the silent impression for him to stop but Victor only continued looking down at me with a wicked grin showing off his beautiful dimples as he continuously humped my cock into his hot ass.

We heard footsteps walk toward one of the urinals, the sound of pee hitting porcelain, the flush, and the bathroom door opening and closing.

"That must be Hodges," Victor whispered, still grinning and pumping me. "The shithead never washes his hands."

I gave a low growl and thrust up hard inside Victor ass again. Victor threw back his head and inhaled his breath sharply before releasing a long, satisfying sigh. It was clear that it was time to wrap this up before the return of the lunch crowd. I held Victor firmly around his waist with my hands and arms, and I began pounding into him with vigor, quickening my urgent pacing. I watched with pleasure as Victor sweaty muscled body bounce and thrashed about as I plowed deeper and deeper inside his juicy hole.

"Urrgh yeeah," he bellowed, "ram that white dick up my black ass! Uggh...ugghh!!"

I felt the sweat gathering on my forehead and trickle down the side of my face as I lifted myself off the toilet standing straight up on my legs carrying Victor with me as I slammed him up against the stall wall.

"Goddamn your strong as hell," Victor sighed happily as he wrapped his arms and legs around me. I was amaze myself at how easily I was carrying his weight as I continued ravishing him.

Victor's mouth once again met up with mine, as his desperate whimpering and panting sounds vibrated down my throat as we hungrily kissed one another. I was right about him. He is a great fuck; a fabulous one. He worked his ass beautifully, squeezing the muscles around my dick with each upward thrust of mine, rocking his body smoothly over it, as he began drawing my orgasm out with a slow inevitability.

It took me longer then I thought it would. For a solid ten minutes I went after him but damn if it didn't felt good! With that one final plunge up his ass it pushed me over the edge. I groaned loudly and felt my body spasm as the first volley of cum squirt up inside Victor's fiery ass, followed by another, and then another still. I held onto Victor tightly as my body shook, my face buried and sucking hard against his neck, his arms and legs tightly holding around my back; his strong hands on my head.

When I was finally done, I still grasped him tightly, feeling the heat of his body flood into mine as glob of cum leaked out of his well-spent chute as I lower myself down onto the toilet with Victor still on my lap.

Victor started beating off, his hand a blur as it slid up and down his throbbing shaft. I squeezed his balls with one hand as my other arm wrapped tightly around his firm waist. Victor's body trembled and a thick wad of cum pulsed out of his dick and splattered against my torso. Victor gave a long, drawn out sigh as his orgasm plays itself out, depositing one ropy wad of jizz after another on my exposed ripped chest and tight abs. By the time he was done, I was caked with his load.

We sat there, locked in our embrace, our bodies slippery with sweat. Victor dragged his tongue over my torso, lapping up his seed, and then kissed me. I could taste the salty flavor of his sperm as his tongue pushed against mine. He laughed softly. "Damn," he said.

"Yeah," I said, grinning, "my sentiments exactly."

I slowly pulled out of his ass. To my great relief my dick had sunk to half-mast and was continuing its descent. "Well, I think we got the problem taken care of," I said as I took a very satisfying pee.

"Glad to have been of service," Victor smiled happily as he pulled and zipped up his jeans heading out of the stall and gingerly walking towards the sink to wash himself up. "Call me if it comes up again."

I followed him to the sink, running hot water and using the liquid soap from the dispenser to do the same cleaning up with my body. "I think I may have the same problem later tonight," I said to him playfully. "How about I take you out to dinner? I know a great seafood restaurant down by the bay area."

Victor laughed as he began button and tuck his shirt back into his jeans after finish washing. "Everybody knows a great seafood restaurant down by the bay area."

I had to agree with him smiling as I reached for a paper towel drying my hands and torso before I did the same with my shirt and pants.

"But yeah," Victor said leaning his buttocks against the sink folding his arms across his strong chest with his long legs spread wide. "I'll be happy to go out with you tonight."

"Yeah? Great." I replied walking over in between his stretched out legs wrapping my arms around his waist pulling him into a lazy hot kiss. Shit I could feel myself getting hard again, but at this moment, I didn't care.

"It's the least you could do," Victor said giving himself over to my kissing as the palms of his hands rested on my strong chest. "Seeing how you're gonna be giving me another hard fuck later tonight, you should at least wine and dine me first. I don't wannabe thought of as a cheap and easy fuck. I have my reputation to think of."

We laughed in between kisses as I held him tighter in my muscled embrace. God he felt so good in my arms. It just seemed right somehow. And the more I thought of being back inside him again the more I ravenously kissed him and the harder I got. It got me to think.

"Tell me something," I asked him nibbling on his bottom lip, squeezing his willing body closer to me. "Are you a pitcher or catcher or a combination of both?"

Victor licked my lips before driving his tongue deep in my throat. "I pitch on occasion but I prefer being the catcher." One of his hands reached down and began softly groping my crotch. "I'm a proud dick queen. I like them big, long and juicy and I love the way it feels when properly pitched to me. Won't have a problem with that, will ya?"

It was the answer I wanted to hear. "Nah...no problem. I was born to pitch."

"I guess we were made for one another."

"Yeah...I guess so."

We finished dressing and returned to our respective cubicles just as the lunch crowd was returning from lunch. During the course of the remaining day, I passed Victor several times in the hallway, and each time we smiled and winked at each other without saying a word. And each time we pass I would take a quick look back and stare at his hot round black ass snug in those tight low-riding jeans of his and smile even boarder to myself.

And it was getting me harder by the second.

I picked up my phone at my cubicle and dialed his extension.

"Hello, Victor Ruiz speaking," his low sweet honeysuckle voice had me smiling.

"You said if I had anymore problems, you'd help me out with it," I whispered in the phone.

"God Colin," Victor giggled, "Are you going to be one of those guys I'll haveta beat off with a stick?"

"With an ass like yours, perhaps, but something tells me you're the type who can't get enough of it yourself!" We both laughed. "Now meet me in the storage room in ten minutes and I need a serious blow-job."

"Listen to you," Victor smirked happily, "ordering me about. Who you think you are?"

"Just get in there!" I hung up the phone. I looked over to his cubicle and sure enough Victor was up and heading down the hall towards the storage room. There was an adorable skip in his step.

Ten minutes later I was in the storage room. To my delight Victor was standing in front of me buck naked sporting a hard dick with a hungry gleam in his brown eyes. He slammed me up against the door, locking it, unbutton my shirt wide, was down on his knees, had my fly open and was woofing me down with energy. He awarded me a mind-boggling blow-job that lasted a solid ten minutes. He slurped, eat and swallowed the hell out of me to the point I literally seeing stars before my eyes. I was expecting a quickie but clearly Victor had other thoughts.

Just when I thought I was about to blow Victor pulled my body down upon him onto the floor wrapping his naked limbs around my clothed shoulders and waist. Before I knew it he had me snug firmly inside his beautiful butt with my body pressing him hard against the floor going after him missionary-style.

The way he was massaging my cock with the rings of his sphincter nearly had my head exploding off my shoulders as I wrapped my arms tightly around him kissing him hard in the mouth. I could feel his hard naked dick rubbing against my exposed abs. In fact I couldn't help but get seriously aroused by the contrast of our present form.

Here we were in the storage room of our work place with just a locked door preventing us from being exposed to our fellow co-workers. We were down on the floor going at each like hungry bunny rabbits with him completely naked exposing himself totally to me as I feverishly ravished him completely clothed with just my fly and shirt open. The more I reflected on it the more passionately I mounted him. The fact that I was twelve years older and technically his superior in the work place only made it that much hotter.

I was chewing and licking at his neck as his arms and thighs gripped tighter around my body with his fingers buried in the thickness of my hair. "Ah fuuckk Colin," he sighed longingly licking into my ear, "you're such a stud." His back was arched feeding himself even more to me. He was simply drowning himself in a state of euphoria as he squeezed our bodies even closer together. There was something deliciously desperate at his need at being taken by me as he moaned and sighed with complete and ardent abandonment.

"Ahh take it...that's it...so strong...make me yours...ahh...uhhh."

He spoke those words with such naked hunger. I swear I couldn't get enough of it as I gave him the rich loving he so clearly wanted and needed from me. He had completely surrendered himself over to me as I rode him slowly, passionately rotating my hips, grinding myself thoroughly inside his moist opening as his pleading moans echoed throughout the storage room.

I sat up on my knees lifting him off the floor and had him straddled in my lap. I ate at his throbbing Adam's Apple as I gave him a thorough riding bouncing him up and down on my ever-hardened crotch.

What was supposed to have been a quickie lasted for a good half hour. When I finally blasted inside him I had Victor in a doggie position with my muscled clothed thighs resting on top of his own with my powerful arms wrapped tightly around his chiseled midsection plastering my torso against his iron sweaty back gluing ourselves together with my cock buried deep inside him, still rock hard and needful. Damn if the effect of that pill was still raging hard inside me.

His body had grown completely limp and I could feel it and damn it was a nice feeling. I pulled back his head and gave him an intensely slow full-throttled kiss as he moaned and whimpered deep in my mouth. Goddamn I could easily get addicted to him! Even after unloading I kept him there in my tight arms kissing him continuously. I swear at that moment if I could have swallowed him up whole I would have gladly done it!

"Now if you don't mind," Victor said to me as he tuck my still semi-erect cock back in my pants and zipping it up, "I actually have work to do." He stood up smiling as he began dressing. God his dimples could be used as lethal weapons. I couldn't help noticing his legs were rather wobbly as he slipped them in his jeans. It was an ego-filling image for me. Before he was able to finish putting on his shirt I gathered him up in my arms and was kissing him wholeheartedly against the wall yet again with my hands caressing and squeezing tightly on his fine butt.

"God Colin," Victor whispered breathlessly in my mouth as his arms squeezed tightly around my shoulders as his hands rested firmly against the back of my head, "you're making every fantasy I ever had about ya turning out to be true."

I pulled away from his lips and stared into his warm eyes. "You've been fantasizing about me?"

Victor blushed sweetly. "Yeah, I have. Couldn't help it. You're so incredible sexy. Real friendly...and nice. I've spent plenty of restless nights in bed wondering what it would be like you taking me...having me...using me. And now to discover you're even better then all my dreams combined...if you're not careful I could fall for ya pretty easily. Now let me go Mr. Richards, sir. I need to get back to work."

He tried to get out of my arms but I wouldn't let him go. Not until I gave him a longer, more smoldering kiss as my hands groped even more powerfully on his buttocks. "I'm going to buy you the biggest more expensive seafood dinner and then I'm going to take you back to your place and give you the most passionate loving you ever experience."

"I'm gonna hold ya to that," Victor grinned as we left the storage room with me rewarding him a quick hard smack on the buttocks.

It was clear to me that not only did we have unfinished business between us, but more importantly, we could be on the start of something truly special. Like I said Victor was a really sweet guy. Smart, unbelievably good-looking and easy to get along with. He was a major catch, and someone that nice, could never be thought of as an easy fuck.

Yeah this is definitely going to be the start of something pretty damn special. And when the ladies discovers he's no longer available and that I got him...ha...ha...ha!!!


That evening after getting home preparing myself for my date with Victor, Dad was all over me about what happened today.

"Nothing," I said. "The day went by smoothly. Smooth as silk."

Dad looked at my suspiciously. "What about the Viagra?" He asked. "the prescription I use is pretty damn powerful."

"I took care of the problem," I said. Dad opened his mouth. "I took care of the problem." I repeated looking straight at Dad. Dad got the message and backed off, but I could tell by the look in his eyes he didn't believe me. Or perhaps he did. There was a hint of a wicked gleam in those eyes of his. When I asked him how his day went, he showed me a book he bought at a neighborhood bookstore: The Straight Single Man's Guide to San Francisco. He told me he wouldn't be having dinner with me tonight before I got the chance to tell him I had plans myself.

While sightseeing he met a woman and she asked him out on a date. He was surprised at how forward she was. Dad is pretty old fashion. He feels that it's the man's responsibility to ask the woman out. But then again this woman was in her early-thirties and from Dad's description she's extremely sexy, and from the way she flirted with him, Dad was excited.

"Well good for you," I told him. It was sincere.

"Yeah but she is young," he said with a worried tone. "What would she want from me?"

I turned and looked at Dad. He was eager but still a little nervous. This was his first date since Mom's death and he has been out of the game for a long time. Decades in fact.

"Dad, you're a good looking man," I said giving him encouragement, "you're in fantastic shape. I mean guys my age would kill to look as hot as you, and when you want to, you could be pretty charming."

"You think so?"

"Yeah I know so. I remember Mom telling me stories how you two first met and how you sweep her off her feet with all you charm and good looks. You still have it."

And indeed he did. As I said despite his age Dad is very handsome with a fantastically well-shape muscled body. I certainly got my looks from him. If he was gay he would be a sought after and much prize "Daddy."

"She did?" Dad had a warm expression on his face. "Your mother sure was pretty when I first met her. Like an angel from heaven and she stayed that way. Always. Still surprise I was able to get and keep her."

"Well you did."

"I know I didn't always make things easy for her," Dad said in a reflective voice, "or for you."

"That's in the past," I told him.

"But I loved her...I surely did."

"She knew, Dad."

"So all I have to do is be charming, huh?"

"Yeah. Hell if you could get a chick young enough to be your daughter to ask ya out, you must've done something to attract her." Dad smiled at that. "Don't worry. Relax. Let her took the lead and see what happens."

"Okay...but I'm still gonna pay for dinner. There's still some things a man is supposed to do when out on a date. Especially if he expect to get something in return."

"I couldn't agree more. Besides, at the moment you're not looking for a life mate, are you Dad?"

"No, I'm not," he said rubbing his chin in thought. "But its pass time you should be." He said that last remark underneath his breath. Clearly it wasn't meant to be heard but I was touch he would say it with him fully aware that in regards to me that someone would be a man and not a woman.

At that moment I couldn't help but think about Victor. A warm feeling washed over me as I smiled to myself.

"She's pretty hot," Dad smirked thinking about his chances with his young lady. "Her body is just...sinful. She's tiny but fully packed. Full tits, nice ass. She could be in the pages of Playboy and she does seem to want me."

I couldn't help but laugh giving him a hearty slap on his strong shoulder. "So I'm guessing you won't be home tonight?"

"No. I won't be home tonight," his grin was board, "be seein' ya in the morning...maybe the afternoon if I'm lucky. Tomorrow is Saturday."

I told him the same, which only had him stare at me more suspiciously then before.

"You sure nothing happen today," he asked with a arched eyebrow.


"Okay, okay. I'm gonna finish getting dress for my date."

After he left - thankfully wearing a nice, simple outfit of black dress slacks, matching blazer and a white cotton shirt - I looked in the bathroom medicine cabinet for my after shave cologne. I could see that Dad took his Viagra with him. But then I noticed a tiny envelope taped against the inside wall of the cabinet.

Opening it, there was a note inside:


Hope they'll bring you as much luck tonight as they did today. See I am trying. Have fun and thanks for the talk. You're a good son.


Turning the envelope over I shook it as two small Viagra pills dropped into my hands. I laughed out loud as I popped one of them into my mouth while tucking the other one in my wallet, silently wishing my dad luck at enjoying a warm body as I knew I would be doing the same tonight...and hopefully for me...the start of something much more.




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