Everything is prepared for the big day. I'll be naked in my bathroom under a plant with very big leaves and start my business.

The hair on my head has grown for a few months now and is about three inches long. I also have grown a wild beard during that time. I'm totally naked now and I bring myself in position in the bath and take my penis in one hand and start slowly masturbating. With the other hand I grab a clipper and I start shaving the sides of my head down to the skin. I enjoy moving the clipper forwards and backwards with one hand and masturbating with the other. My penis is getting harder and harder as my hair is falling down on my naked body.

After the sides and back of my head are shaved I touch the shaved parts with both hands and enjoy feeling the skin on my head and the remaining long hair on top. Then I take the clipper again and move it very slow further up to shave all my hair off from my head. I enjoy seeing and feeling my hair down on my body and masturbating while shaving my head down to the skin.

Now my head is shaved clean with the clipper and I touch my bald head and the remaining long beard on my face with one hand while continuing masturbating. My body is covered with the long hair from my head and after very short time I feel my first orgasm coming. I catch my sperm with both hands and rub it into the shaved skin of my head.

Now I need the clean shave of my head and I go under the shower washing the sperm off from my head and I see my long hair falling down from my body into the bath. I take the shaving foam and cover my head with it. Then I also put a lot of shaving foam on my beard and start shaving my head with a razor. I grab my beard and shave my head and feel my penis getting big again. I give him fun continuing shaving my head in all directions.

I touch my shaved head now with one hand and wherever I feel stubbles on my head the razor has to go there again. After a while my head is shaved very smooth and clean and I wash the shaving foam out of my beard and dry my body with a towel.

Now I stand in front of my mirror, touch my shaved head with both hands and see all the hair that has grown on my body. As I'm touching my head I also see the hair in my armpits and I take the clipper again into my right hand and while continuing touching my shaved head with my left hand I shave off the hair in that armpit. Then I shave the other armpit as well.

Then I shave all my hair off from both arms and feeling my penis getting hard again I take it and start shaving my chest down from my throat. My body hair is falling down and is caught in my pubic hair area and covers my penis. Now I make sure that my penis is getting very hard and I start shaving my pubic area and my penis as well. Now only my legs are left to shave and a few minutes later I have lost all my body hair.

It is time now for another clean shave. I go under the shower again and cover my whole body with shaving foam. Holding and moving my penis I shave my whole body clean. Now only my beard is left and I shampoo it very well now. Then I turn the water of my shower on full speed and feeling the water splashing down on my shaved head I rinse my beard clean. Then I spend the next minutes under the flowing water masturbating until the next orgasm comes.

To make everything perfect the beard has to go now as well. Again I take the clipper and shave my face totally clean apart from a big moustache that I want to keep. I'm standing in front of the mirror now and shaving my face clean and of course I have to serve my penis again.

Now I'm looking perfect and I have deserved to lie on my bed, touching my shaved head and body, the moustache and my penis. I have the next orgasm then and I massage my shaved body with my sperm and fall asleep very satisfied.



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