A Package Arrives

The cat was insisting I let him go outside. I wasn't dressed yet, so I followed him to the back door, smiling as I felt my tumescent cock thudding back and forth against my muscular thighs as I walked, enjoying the feel of my heavy balls, remembering the very erotic dream I'd had just before waking. Every day I enjoyed this feeling of being in the nude as I let the cat lead me. The back door faced a wooded hill that completely screened my back yard, so I had no hesitation as, naked, I opened the door.

The cat turned and scurried back into the kitchen when the door opened, because there, right in front of me, was a parcel deliveryman bending down to place a package at the side of the door. His face was even with my crotch. I had forgotten I had been expecting a package. I was surprised. So was he! 

He remained in that bent over position, staring at my expanded dick, for longer than seemed necessary for him to gain his composure and straighten up. In those few seconds, I felt my erection strengthen, surging downward, filling out further, reacting to his very masculine, handsome good looks, strong body, and this kind of sexy curiosity he was emitting.

The moment froze in my memory: the feel of my bare feet on the cool tile floor; the warmth of the morning air on my body and particularly on my balls; the sight of his head at waist-high as he stared at my expanding cock; the allure of his strong body dressed in tight clothing which showed off his muscular frame; the smell of the fresh summer breeze mixed with the light but unmistakable scent of his masculine body odor and faint cologne.

We knew one another, having greeted each other on past deliveries, and having had a few moments of friendly banter. I liked him and found him appealing, but there never seemed a spark of sexual interest from him, and so there had been none from me, either.

"Wow! Jack, you look terrific!" he sighed, as he rose, still holding the package, still looking at my crotch. He sounded very sincere and sort of turned on. Again, I was surprised, but delighted!

Uh... well..." I sputtered, trying to overcome surprise, but doing nothing to shield my nakedness, "...come on in, Ben. You don't want the neighbors to see you talking to a naked guy." We both knew that my back yard was unusually private, but it did give him an excuse to come in if he wanted to take it.

"Yeah. Yeah, man, I'd better come in," he whispered, as if not wanting to be overheard by the neighbors. It made me smile. There was no neighbor near enough to hear us if we shouted. My dick kept expanding.

As we entered the kitchen, he put the package down on a counter without even looking at it. His eyes remained fixed on my cock. After a moment, while I just didn't know what to say because I was lost in the enjoyment of the sexual tension between us, and while waiting for him to make a move, he finally said, in a husky, sex-laden voice, "Man, that looks good enough to eat!"

My favorite expression! It jolted me from my stupor and I moved towards him. He came to me and we pressed together, wrapping our arms around each other and falling into a strong bear hug of real masculine sexual power and all-consuming passion. Words were no longer necessary. In an overpowering frenzy of emotion, we both knew what we wanted.

Suddenly, he stiffened, as if a bolt of electric current flashed through him. I wondered why.

"Oh, my god!" he sighed, "look at THAT!" He was looking at something behind me.

I felt a surge of his hardening erection as I struggled against our embrace to turn to see what he was looking at and saw my reflection in a large mirror on a kitchen door. I looked into his eyes through the mirror.

"What a MAGNIFICENT ass!" he moaned, sounding more turned on than I had ever heard from anyone else, and pressing his crotch tightly against me in a sort of humping movement.

"Let's do it!" I pleaded.

"Oh!" he sputtered, "Oh, damn!" He relaxed his embrace.

"What? What is it?" I asked in alarm.

"I just remembered I'm on the clock," he tried to explain.

"Clock?" I asked, puzzled.

"Yeah. Shit! The company installed these computers in the vans and can monitor the length of time my van is parked. I can't stay very much longer, at all." He looked depressed. "It would be difficult to explain a long pause here," he added.

"Look," I advised, "if you're asked, why don't you say that a sexy lady dressed only in, say, a flimsy, waist-high apron, opened the door just as you were leaning down to place the package, and one thing just to lead to another. It couldn't be helped. Guys love hearing about sexy quickies."

"Umm," Ben hummed, thinking about it, "that might work."

"Great!" I responded. "Let's get comfortable in my bedroom." I held my breath.

He stepped back, looked down at my throbbing, leaking major hard-on, grinned, nodded, and took the hand I was offering him.

In the bedroom, as I was none-too-carefully removing his clothes, he said, "Jack, I'm sorry, but this has to be real quick. Lemme fuck this beautiful butt, jack you off as I come, or suck it after I come, and then let me run."

I couldn't help but look disappointed.

"But I'll come right back after my shift is over, I promise!" he exclaimed with a smile. "We'll both drop hot loads right now, relieving this urgent, overwhelming demand for mutual orgasm we obviously both feel, and later we can really get our engines going. Wadda ya say?"

"Oh! Yes, yes," I agreed wholeheartedly. I was on my knees removing his shoes and socks, while looking up into his flashing eyes, and felt a jolt of passion rage through my body causing my erection to throb. His eyes widened as he watched from above.

Although I had realized he was very well put together, and the sight of his shoulders and chest had given me a thrill, I wasn't really prepared for the sight greeting me as I slid his pants down. He wore no underpants. His erection, only inches from my eyes, was spectacular! Larger than mine; wider than most; perfect in its proportions, hues and odors; highlighted by a beautiful display of manly hair; and set off by the biggest pair of ball I've ever seen! Perfection! Mouth-watering perfection! I was unable to stop myself from rising up and sucking that mammoth cock-knob into my eager mouth. He humped in response.

"OH!" I exclaimed, popping off of the cock and standing up. "I'm gonna come!"

Instantly he leaned over and slid better than half my long, hard shaft into his mouth, sucking diligently, and when he slid his hand lovingly around my balls, I erupted into him, spurting jet after jet after jet of juice into him as he drank all of it down. It was terrific! "Wow! I exclaimed.

Only after he sensed I needed to be released did he relinquish his prize, coming off my cock with a pop. "Wow, indeed," he sighed. "You are really hot, coming so quickly from, actually, just looking at me and touching my cock with your mouth. This was really thrilling for me, and your cum is the Best! You're great!"

"You, too!" I volunteered honestly. "Now, com'on, how'd you want to slip it to me? On the bed? Standing? Doggy style? In the shower? How?" I asked with a leer of passion.

"You're ready to do it right away?"

"Absolutely. I want it! I need it! Give it to me!"

"Wow!" he almost shouted. "My mind's a whirl of possibilities and ideas, but, to be honest, I got the sense that your mouth is really talented, and I'd like..."

I leaned over and sucked in that big cockhead before he could continue, falling into the well-proven techniques of the experienced cocksucker that I am proud to be and happy to delight him with. His cock was a wonder to suck - delicious, large, eager - everything a first-class cock should be and everything a first-class cocksucker dreams of. We fell into a series of humps and jabs, as more and more of that great cock was fucked into me. He grabbed my head and jarred me with vigorous, enthusiastic lunges, forcing that cock deep, deep down my throat. I loved it! I love sucking cock!

It wasn't long before he began to whimper, sigh, and take short loud breaths as he worked his cock into me. When he felt my lower lip at his balls, he shouted, "Oh! Geez, you got it all, man! I'm in to the bone! This is fantastic! What a cocksucker! What an amazing cocksucker! In to the bone!" Each phrase was emphasized with an energetic hump.

I thought he'd come right then, but we joined in a mutual rhythm of jabs and parries, as I rode the length of that fuck-bone down to balls and back, up and down, him fucking my face and me sucking for all I was worth. I loved it! And I could tell he loved it, too!

My hands had been roaming his strong body to every part I could reach, and, when I finally encircled his huge balls, he called out, "Man! This is beautiful! I'm gonna come!" And immediately I felt a heavy spurt widen the tube and fire off into me. I fought against his pressure to hold me down and raised up to catch the rest of his glorious ejaculate on my tongue, swallowing after every spurt, spurt after spurt after spurt! Marveling at the taste, heat, thickness and volume of his cum. I was ecstatic! Finally, sensing he was through, I slid my face back down to the bone and waited. Slowly, he relaxed and began to deflate. When he put a palm gently on my forehead, I let the wonderful weapon slip out of my throat and mouth, reluctantly.


As I stared at his spit and sperm shiny cock, he put his hands under my arms and straightened me up. Then he pulled me into a warm embrace.

"Man! That was memorable! I never expected it could be so great!" He sounded surprised, pleased, and grateful all at the same time.

"It was awesome!" I sighed softly, breathing into his ear.

He put a hand to his ear, laughed, and said, "That tickles!" just like a little kid. He was relaxed with me. It was a great sign of affection.

"Oh, man!" he suddenly said excitedly, "I gotta get going."

I grabbed his clothes and led him into my large bathroom. It has lots of mirrors.

"Let's wash up," I recommended, and we rinsed our mouths, washed off cocks and balls, and dried off. He dressed as I watched and helped. The looks that passed between us spoke volumes of longing and lust, fondness and, yes, love.

At the back door, he grabbed my cock, kissed me lightly on the lips, and said, "I'll be back before 7."

"Want some dinner?" I asked.

"Great, I be here before 6." he called as he went away.

I stood there until I heard his van start up and move away. I was happy!

That evening, as we sat in the kitchen eating a hearty steak and potatoes kind of meal, I asked him how it went back at the terminal.

"The boss called me into his office as soon as I got finished with paperwork. He asked me if I realized that they tracked the wait time of the vans and I told him I did. Then he said that I had spent 35 minutes at one stop, and I thought that sounded too long because we seemed to have come so fast. He asked me what had happened. And, after trying to act reluctant, I started to tell him your story, Jack, about the lady in the apron. I thought it starts to sound plausible, when he interrupts me, saying, 'Bullshit!'"

"Geez," I interjected.

"I asked him what he meant, and he said, 'We all know you're gay, Ben.' I was genuinely surprised. I never came on to anyone in business, co-workers or customers, and I have always been what I would consider discreet, so I said, 'What?' And he said, 'Com'on, you're young, healthy, handsome, well-built, sexy, humorous and intelligent, but you're not married or dating - what other conclusion can be reached.' Well, and I admit this was dumb, Jack, but I just reacted. I said, 'Sexy?' It just came out of my mouth. It was like the only word I had heard."

I chuckled. Ben frowned. So I asked, "What did he say? How did he react?" I was overwhelmingly curious.


"He looked sort of pissed and said, 'Of course you're sexy. And half the guys here would like to make it with you, if you'd just relax and look around. So be a sport, tell me what really happened today, I'm dying to know. You can level with me. I won't tell anyone else. It's just that hearing about stuff, straight...' he took a pause, '...or gay, is exciting.' He emphasized the word 'gay' in an odd, almost tender, way. I asked, quietly, 'Exciting?' He immediately responded, "Hell, yes! Tales about sexual adventures are always exciting. Arousing, too. So, please, just tell me.' And I said, 'Yeah, sure, just tell you and then you'll fire my ass.' I know it was another dumb thing to say, but actually I didn't like being grilled about my sex life.

"He said, 'I'm not going to fire your ass, man...' he paused, '...though I may want to fuck it. It's such a great looking ass!' he added.

"My mouth must have fallen open in surprise. He smiled at me in a way he probably thought was reassuring, but it just look plain lustful to me.

I had to interrupt him. "Holy Cow! Your boss said he wanted to fuck your ass? That's amazing! How did you react? What's he like, anyway?"

Ben laughed aloud. "I'm telling you about the most embarrassing moment in my life and you want to know what he looks like? I think both of you are crazy!" he said with a smile, adding, "In a nice sort of way. Your tongue's hanging out. You're hoping to get every dirty detail, just like he was, aren't you."

"I'm sorry, Ben, it's just that I like dirty details, too." We both laughed. Tensions were broken. "Go on. I'll try not to interrupt."

"Well, I figured if he really wanted details, I'd give him all he could handle. I told him I had known you from other deliveries, and when he gave me that look as if to say, 'You've done it with him before,' I told him that when you opened the door we were both surprised. I was because you were naked and semi-erect; and you were because you didn't know I was there and bent over at waist high putting down the package. So the boss repeated the phrase naked and semi-erect under his breath and slid his right hand under the desk. I admitted that your form and your large endowment simply stopped me in my tracks. The boss nodded his head in understanding. Then I told him that we went inside and were talking when I suddenly saw your perfect ass in a mirror and stopped breathing. His eyes got very large. He was listening with rapt attention, even as I noticed movement in his right arm. I launched into a fabricated version of what happened. I told him in great detail how I fucked you and then you fucked me, and when we were washing off in front of the bathroom mirrors we got so hot for each other we ended up doing an amazing sixty-nine in the bed. I said that when we were dressing I told you that I was concerned about time and it was your idea to say it was a nude lady in only an apron.

"The boss looked horny as hell. He's the owner's son. He's about 25 or 26 and keeps himself fit. He got up and came around to the front of his desk. I saw that he had a big erection in his pants with even a wet stain up near the belt. I guess I was either too descriptive, which made him horny, or not descriptive enough for him to pop his wad in his pants. At any rate, he asked me in a hoarse whisper if I would please 'help him out!' It was clear from his body language and his voice that he was begging for it. I said something like, 'Well, I guess it's my fault for getting you hot, so I could, you know, jack you off.' He responded urgently but quietly, "Fuck, man, I want you to suck my cock!" And he unbuckled and opened his pants and pulled out this, I mean, really great looking large cock! 'Suck it!' he pleaded. So, what the fuck, I sucked it! I not only sucked it; I gave him a no-holds-barred, deep-throated, memorable blowjob. I didn't want him to feel I wasn't doing my best and give him reason to be annoyed with me, you see?"

I nodded while grinning.

"Well laugh if you want to but this whole episode was unnerving. Although I must admit that he really pumped a huge load into me when he came. I counted eleven big spurts of cum before he eased out some last dregs."

"Wow! Eleven – that's amazing!" I sighed. I was getting hard in my pants.

"Yeah," Ben agreed. "He went back behind the desk and plopped down into the chair, his cock still hard and uncovered. I waited for him to say something. He took a while to settle down and catch his breath. Finally, he said, 'That was beautiful! That was the best blowjob I've ever had and I've had lots of them, man. I don't think I ever came as much as I just did, now. Whew, that was astounding! The Best!' he repeated. The smile he flashed at me was genuine. Then he said, 'Thank you!' I could tell that he was sincere."

"Did you come?" I asked quietly, adding, "I mean it must have been very arousing to suck a big cock and be fed such a mammoth, hot load."

"Well, it's strange, but although I did get aroused and I did enjoy it, it wasn't accompanied by an urgency to cum. I guess blowing the boss in his office was sort of off-putting. I thought pulling out my dick and offering it to him just wouldn't be the right thing to do. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah, guys getting quick blow jobs are seldom reciprocal," I said with a grimace.

He laughed and said, "You know what I'm talking about, man."

"Sure do," I agreed. "But now, let's finish eating, then go into my bedroom and fill in the details."

"Details?" he asked looking puzzled.

"Yeah," I said, "the details he'll be asking for when he sees you again. He likes details!"

"Hmm," Ben hummed with a grin, "good idea. Let's go work on the details!"


Part 2

The package delivery guy, Ben, had spent the night with me. We so overdid our pleasures that we woke up late. I fixed a quick breakfast while Ben showered and dressed. He gulped down some coffee, grabbed an egg sandwich I had prepared for him, and headed with me toward the back door, led by my cat, who, showing good taste, liked Ben, too!

The cat went outside and we followed together out onto the patio. I was still buck naked with a long tubular cock giving evidence of my continuing desire for Ben. He embraced me strongly but then surprised me by whispering into my ear, "Do not look now, but there's someone up the hill in the woods, watching us! I caught a glimpse of sunlight reflected off a pair of binoculars."

I was startled but did not react. We separated and Ben waved goodbye to me as he rounded the side of the house, heading for his car. I waved back and then turned to face the wooded hill. I caught some movement. Yes, there was a man up there!

Very boldly I called out, "Hey, com'on down," while raising my arm and waving my hand in a classic, friendly gesture. I watched as the man, after some hesitation, slowly worked his way down the wooded slope. As he came out of the trees into full view onto the backyard lawn, my breath was taken away! He was a tall young man, obviously well-built, extremely handsome, and with a crotch bulge in his light-blue jeans that promised large rewards. As he moved towards me, I could see him take a deep breath, straighten his broad shoulders, smile, and confidently approached me.

"That's my land up there," I said quietly in a non-threating way, pointing up the hill.

"Sorry," he said, "I didn't realize I was on your property." He stepped onto the patio, stopping only about a foot from me. Close up he was even more attractive. I felt my cock twitch and expand. He looked down at it, then looked into my eyes and smiled. The smile made me feel lightheaded.

"What were you doing up there?" I asked.

"I was birdwatching yesterday," he said with a grin, "when I happened to see the parcel delivery man bent over staring at your... uh... crotch and then go inside with you. He didn't leave right away, so I stayed to see what would happen. When he left, and embraced you while you were still naked, I, frankly, found it very exciting to imagine what the two of you had been doing in there."

"Exciting," I repeated calmly. 

"Well, I'm a man. I've often wondered what two men do together. When I saw your dick expand as he stared at it, my dick started to expand, too..." he paused, "...like now," he added in a sexy low voice.

"You'd better come in," I said in a voice that seemed husky and turned on. "You don't want the neighbors to see you talking to a naked man." I smiled, remembering that I had said basically the same thing to Ben yesterday, while knowing that the back of the house was completely private. Well, it had been private until this guy decided to do some birdwatching. 

"Why birdwatching," I asked out of curiosity as we entered my home.

"I'm in grad school. I decided to take a birding course during the break this summer. It's interesting..." he paused, again, then added, "...but not as fascinating as watching him follow your naked ass into the house."

"I believe you need to have your horizons expanded," I said with a smile.

"Or something like that," he responded, grinning from ear to ear, and following me into the kitchen. He put his binoculars down in the same spot Ben had placed the package. I smiled.

"I think we could talk more openly if we got you out of these clothes," I said as I reached for the hem of the T-shirt he wore. He raised no objection as I raised the shirt over his head. His upper torso was breathtaking. "You must work out strenuously to have such strong shoulders and arms; such well-developed pecs and washboard abs," I praised in awe.

"Yeah, I work out all the time," he said with pride. "I was on the water polo team in college and now I follow the body building program the coach designed for me." He sort of sucked in his breath, straightened up, smiled, and preened for me.

As he straightened up, so did my cock. I got a major erection! He stared at the erectile process and sighed, "Wow!" That one word told me we were both in for a treat! I reached for his belt and he offered no resistance. Once again I was delighted to be unveiling an exceptional body and I was thrilled by his open and friendly attitude.

"I'm Jack," I told him. "What's your name?"

"Dick," he said with a grin.

"Good name," I said softly. He laughed. So did I then. The laughter made us instant friends, I feel sure. We were grown men going after something we both wanted equally. It made me feel great! And from his expression, I'm certain he felt just as great at this moment.

"Um..." he began hesitantly, "...what did you two guys do together, yesterday?"

"What would you like to do once you're naked with me?" I parried. I knelt down, removed his shoes and socks, and then removed his jeans, which had slid down to his ankles. Looking up at him from this position was exciting. His only garment was a pair of light-blue boxer shorts, which looked distorted by the very large erection only partially hidden by the flimsy material.

"I..." he started to say but stopped when he saw me reach up for the waistband of the boxers.

"Have you had much experience in man-to-man sexual play?" I asked quietly, trying to be clear about the sexual nature of this contact, yet hoping not to turn him off and drive him away.

"Well, as an undergraduate, there were a few guys on the water polo team..." His voice trailed off and he grinned down at me. The grin was a great sign.

"Gee, just the mental picture of you guys in skimpy Speedos..." I sighed...

"Yeah," he broke in, "we had some good times..." he paused again, then added softly, "...without the Speedos!"

"Wow! You are really turning me on!" I admitted. I pulled the shorts outward, releasing his hardon, and tugged the shorts down and off. The sight of his stiff, large shaft and big balls left me breathless. There have been truly memorable moments in my life, and this was one of them! My balls pulled up tight against my cock-base, my face and neck felt hot, my breathing was heavy and my mouth dry. If I had put my hand on my cock at that moment, I'm sure I would have reached orgasm, I felt that turned on! 

"You look HOT," he whispered down at me, in tones that confirmed he was hot, too.

"I'm ready to blast off," I admitted.

"Come up here and let me..." He stopped. I was standing in front of him, offering my cock to him before he could finish his thought.

"This looks so good," he said as his fist reached out and grabbed my cock a mid-shaft in a very familiar and knowing way. "Umm," he hummed as he bent down to slip his mouth over my engorged cockhead.

As this amazingly sexy guy sucked hard, and with a skill that told me he had experience, I knew I would come quickly! I leaned over, rubbing his broad, muscular back with loving strokes, and said simply, "I'm going to cum!" His sucking became extreme and I came immediately. I shot one strong volley of my semen after another into him. He drank it all down, swallowing after each spurt until there was no more. With seeming reluctance from both of us, we broke apart.

We stared at one another for a moment, me looking zonked no doubt, and him looking well-satisfied. I opened my arms and he grabbed me into a body-to-body embrace of both passion and tenderness. I love hugs, and this was one of the best!

After a while he whispered softly, "I almost came, this was so spectacular! I didn't know a man could pump out as much cum as you just did!"

"How much cum can you pump out," I asked with a grin.

"Don't you want to rest up a bit? Catch your breath," he asked with a note of concern, yet with a satisfied grin on his handsome face.

"Not while you've got that baseball bat pressed against my belly," I said with a laugh. "Wha'cha plannin' to do with that giant log?" I asked breathlessly.

"I've had some blowjobs..." he said shyly as both of his hands slid down and grabbed my ass passionately, "...but I've always wondered..." He stopped, probably thinking he had gone too far.

I rotated my ass while flexing my ass muscles and let out a groan of pleasure.

"Oh, Man!" he sighed, "you want it!" Two fingers pressed in between my cheeks seeking my hot portal. When I didn't reject the contact, his large middle finger found and pressed against the opening, as I relaxed to offer myself to his intrusion. "Umm," he hummed with pleasure as he understood the level of my submission to his carnal desire.

"Where do you want to do it?" I whispered.

He looked puzzled.

"I mean do you want to do it here. Or in the bedroom. Or in the bathroom with lots of mirrors, so we can watch ourselves as we fuck!" I was being purposefully lascivious in an effort to make the bathroom seem like the best choice. He didn't disappoint us.

"Oh, the bathroom," he said excitedly, releasing my ass and leaning away from me. I released him from my embrace, took his hand and led him into the bathroom. "Just like yesterday," I said to myself excitedly, although realizing at the same time that this young grad student was one of the hottest and sexiest guys I had ever encountered. Everything about him delighted me: his upbeat, friendly attitude; his eagerness to engage in sex with me; his handsome good looks and strong body; and, of course, his giant cock and huge balls which were up tight against the root of his cock, clearly indicating his readiness to fuck my ass and reach an orgasm. In simple language - he was HOT!!!

Just as we were in that awkward moment where neither of us wanted to alarm the other with a sudden move, there was a knock on the back door.

"Shit!" I grumbled, "Who the hell is that?" I smiled at Dick and told him I'd go check. As I was going out the door, I turned to him and said, lightly, "don't start without me!" We both laughed.

I opened the door and found myself looking at a handsome man with a big smile on his face. His eyes bulged when he got sight of my stiff erection. A straight man would have bolted at the sight of a big, hard cock in his face. This guy only smiled.

"Yes?" I questioned.

"You must be Jack..." he paused, "...or the naked lady in the flimsy apron."

We looked at each other for a second and then started laughing. 

"You must be Ben's Boss," I said, "C'mon in," and I backed away in a welcoming manner.

As he came in he said, breathlessly, "My God! Ben said you were handsome, but, geez, I never imagined..." He apparently couldn't continue as his eyes studied my body.

"What's up?" I asked in a friendly voice.

"Well... uh... my cock, for one thing! You're breathtaking!" He gave a sigh of sexual desire.

"Thanks," I said with a smile, "but why are you here?" I wanted to add 'at such an awkward moment with Dick's dick waiting for me in the bathroom,' but I didn't. I did ask, "And what's your name."

"Didn't Ben tell you my name?" He seemed surprised. 

"He calls you 'The Boss.'"

"It's Chad. I've been thinking about Ben's lurid tales of you that he's been spinning, so I decided to throw a 'Let's-get-to know-each-other-party' at the warehouse on Saturday afternoon, with you, me, Ben, and some of the more - let's say - 'adaptable' boys in the company. It'll be a killer party."

"I'll think about it, but follow me. There's something you've got to see." I turned, led him towards the bathroom and heard him whimper quietly, "Man! What a gorgeous ass!" I smiled.

"Look who's here," I announced as I entered the bathroom and then moved aside.

The Boss followed me in and then sucked in a loud audible gasp as he saw Dick standing there not only displaying his amazing navel-high erection, but also being duplicated in a large bathroom mirror. Frankly, I was as stunned as Chad.

"This is Dick," I announced, "and Dick, this is Chad the boss of Ben, the guy you saw staring at my erection yesterday. He wheedled an explanation out of Ben about what went on during the time his truck was parked here. So you see, he's as interested in what happened as you are!" I was delighted to note that the intrusion of a stranger didn't cause any negative effect on Dick's attitude or on his stiff cock.

"You two are perfect!" Chad said in awe. "What were you doing when I knocked?" a note of sincere curiosity in his voice.

"We were just getting started, but why don't you strip off your clothes and I'll lean over and suck your cock, while Dick fucks me in the ass. I'll be in my all-time favorite position!" I've always found it's best to be up-front and blunt rather than beating around the bush. 

Chad was a randy fucker and was naked before I finished the word "position."

I turned my back (well let's be blunt) I turned my ass to Dick, making a clear offer for him to jump aboard. He embraced me, his arms around my chest, while pressing the full length of his hardon between the cleft of my ass-cheeks and sliding the big weapon up and down, making me hot as hell. The press of his whole body and his hard cock against me got me wonderfully turned on.

Chad moved in front of me at a distance he knew would be just right for me to lean over and take his cock into my eager mouth. Ben's description of Chad's cock was exact - a really great looking large cock - and I hummed with pleasure as it was pushed into, and sucked into, my mouth. Knowing that Ben had sucked this cock gave me an extra thrill as I went about trying to get him to say that THIS is the best blowjob he's ever had, and beat Ben's record.

Simultaneously, I was using my ass movements to get Dick to fuck his cock into my throbbing, pulsating, hot asshole, longing for the large cock to be plunged into me, plugging me good and proper. I felt like an absolute nymphomaniac at that moment; wanting cock, needing cum in my ass, and sucking for cum to fill my mouth and throat. It was a moment of true sexual nirvana! A moment infrequently experienced but cherished for life! And moments later it was experienced again as Dick forced his huge cockhead through my asshole and into my hot rectum, thrilling me to the very core of my being.

Time seemed to be lost. I used my mouth and ass to the full level of their well-trained expertise. At the height of my pleasure, and fearing my own load would be lost to the floor, suddenly both men sailed into mouth-filling and ass-filling orgasm. I swallowed and swallowed an amazing load from Chad, yet even in my heightened level of euphoria, I was able to count the number of his heavy, thick cum spurts: 15! I was both amazed at the number and delighted that he had pumped more into me than he had into Ben. Of course Chad hadn't had the added stimulation of watching a sexy dude fucking Ben's ass like he did with Dick fucking mine. 

The cooling off was very slow but eventually Chad tugged his cock out of my spermy mouth, and Dick, with seeming reluctance, pulled his from my ass. I was saddened to feel them leave, but glad that they had both wanted me to have pleasure and gave me their loads.

When I straightened up, flaunting my precum soaked knob, Chad looked like he was about to devour it. I held him back, saying, "Let's see if Dick wants some cum to drink, okay? He hasn't had as much cock as you've had, so it would be a nice gesture."

Before Chad could do anything, Dick sighed with longing, "Oh, please! I want to suck your cock again."

Oops, I thought, the cat's out of the bag.

"You sucked his cock already?" Chad asked sounding both surprised and turned on. "Well, go ahead, but you have to promise you'll come to a little party I'm throwing on Saturday afternoon with Jack and some of our friends."

Dick was already in front of me ready to go down, but said, "Okay," calmly before sinking my cock into his demanding, hot mouth. I was so ready that I believe one day he'll remember the big load I pumped into him as the easiest load he ever drew out of a cock! 

We stood around talking for a while, getting to know each other better, until it became obvious that Dick was eying Chad's big boner with interest, and Chad was salivating over Dick's cock.

"Let's go into my bedroom for a moment," I suggested as I moved toward the door. In their eagerness to follow, they damn near pushed me into my bedroom.

It was obvious that they hungered for one another, so I told them, "I'd really love to watch you two suck cock! It would be fantastic to see you 69!" When they both reacted with stiffening erections and bright facial expressions (frankly, looking like dogs in heat) I knew I had made the right call. "Go on, boys, get some cock!" I encouraged.

They jumped together onto the big bed like two big kids, hooting with pleasure. "But what about you?" Chad asked, and Dick repeated, "Yeah, what about you?"

"I'll try to keep from shooting off while I watch you two hunky dudes go at it, and when you're through, Chad can take my load in his mouth since he's been drooling after it since he got here," I said with a laugh.

"I've got a much better idea," Chad announced. "Jump up here and fuck me in the ass as we 69!"

"You want to get fucked in the ass!?" both Dick and I said together. I said it with delight. Dick said it in surprise.

"Fuck, yes," Chad admitted happily. "I like to take it up the ass just as much as he next guy! So, hop on!"

As I "hopped on" and snuggled up against Chad, Dick moaned, "This is great! What a sexy thrill. And look, we can watch ourselves in that giant mirror.

"Umm," both Chad and I hummed with erotic pleasure.

After the two of them connected, lying face-to-cock on their sides and starting to suck, I eased up behind Chad's muscular ass and eased my cock against his tight hole, letting my cock pulsate. His body heat caused me to leak precum, lubing my cockhead and making entry into his amazingly tight heat possible. He groaned. Dick hummed his recognition that Chad was being plugged, and slid a hand around Chad's ass to touch my cock. It almost caused me to shoot right then, but I held off until I knew Chad was feeling extreme pleasure from the entire length of my cock thrusting in to the hilt and ramming his prostate effectively as I fucked his ass! 

"Oh, this is perfect!" I sighed with feeling.

"Umm!" both of them hummed in agreement.

A three-way orgasm struck us immediately! They gurgled as they sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed hot cum. I grunted over and over with orgasmic pleasure as I humped my load into Chad's ass, which felt like it was sucking my cock as each of his cum-spurts tightened his ass muscles as he came. It was overwhelmingly exciting and memorable! After a wonderfully long time of relaxing together and calming down, rubbing each other as best we could, we finally pulled out, shifted positions and rolled onto our backs, shoulders touching shoulder.

"Wow!" someone sighed. We all agreed, humming, "Ummm!" We rested, comfortable together in the afterglow of great sex.

After some long time, feeling we were all about to fall asleep, I said, "I'm gonna release this big cum-load Dick deposited, and then take a shower."

Both men roused themselves and agree, saying, "Me, too!" together.

I sat on the toilet and quickly squirted out the big deposit, moved to the bidet and cleaned my behind, as Chad sad on the toilet and followed my example, saying," Man, you've got a bidet. I love bidets!"

"What's a bidet," Dick asked hesitantly.

"It's something like a toilet, as you can see, but it shoots up an adjustable spray of water to effectively clean your ass." I paused, and as an afterthought added, "Women like it, too."

"I gotta get me one," Chad said quietly but earnestly.

"Come on, Dick, let's shower. Chad' will join us in a moment." I said.

"Uh," Dick said haltingly, "I'd like to try using the bidet, too. Okay?"

"Sure. Enjoy!" I said lightly, smiling at him. He grinned back.

"Here," Chad offered, "I'm finished. You'll enjoy it!" With that, he stayed a bit to explain the simple method of use.

"Gee, this feel good!" Dick sighed.

The three of us laughed together and then tumbled into the large shower, again playing around like kids.

As we stood around toweling off, taking in the sight of the three of us in the mirrors, looking, well, spectacular, Dick surprised me.

"Jack. I've been thinking about it and I'd really like it if you'd fuck me in the ass!" I was a very bold statement.

Chad said, "Wow!" with a hungry tone in his voice.

My response was to throw an instant boner in front of them, obviously agreeing. But I noticed Chad got a quick boner, too. I figured I'd better hurry before he jumped the line.

"Get over here, you sex fiend," I demanded with a grin. He moved close to me immediately.

"It'll hurt, you know," I said softly.

"But I'm told it'll feel real great by the time you shoot your load into me," he replied. It seemed that he was purposely talking dirty to attract me, as if asking me to fuck him wasn't attraction enough!

I reached for a small bottle of lube sitting on the sink counter and was about to pour some on my hand when Dick said, "Here, let me help, and he lubed his fist an deftly and lovingly spread the creamy liquid on my rigid cock, paying extra attention to my cockhead. As I watched, I noticed that his cock was becoming as rigid as mine. I was thinking something along the lines of what a handsome, virile, sexy guy he was, when Chad broke into my thoughts.

"My God," he sighed, "You two will be the biggest hits of the party on Saturday. Bigger than anyone before!" His sincerity was obvious. We smiled at him.

Dick rinsed off his hands at the sink and then backed up right into my body, pressing my cock between us. "Do it," he implored quietly.

Chad sucked in his breath as he watched in fascination, his big dick throbbing. As I made the initial movements to start careful penetration, he began to jack off in front of Dick. "Oh, man. This looks so good!" he breathed.

As my dick entered Dick, I realized that this guy had naturally developed into the perfect specimen of a mature male, capable of taking and enjoying every aspect of masculine lovemaking. My breast swelled with the desire to make this, his first fucking, into the one that he would rank above all the many, many more he'd be getting in his long life! So I expended every effort and every talent I had to make this memorable - for both of us!

His ass was made for being fucked, and with hardly a grimace or a groan, he took everything I could give him, rearing back at me to force every inch of my long cock into himself. We moved around so the we could watched ourselves in the mirrors from every angle, fucking like wild.

"This is too good," Chad groaned. "Watching you two fuck is making me cum! Here it is!" With that he starting spraying us (but mostly Dick) with the thick ropes of cum that I already knew he produced in large volume. Swallowing those ropes was one thing. Seeing them splattering on us (but mostly on Dick) was an amazing sight.

Suddenly Dick cried out, "You're fucking the cum right out of me, Jack!" and an incredible rope of cum shot out of him, crossed the distance to Chad, and splashed right onto his lips! A second shot of his cum started out and splattered against Chad's forehead an instant before Chad got the spewing cockhead into his mouth and began swallowing and swallowing and swallowing Dick's prostate-massaged huge outpouring. The scene duplicated in the mirrors, and Dick's ass-throbbing pressures on my cock as he came, forced me to cum and cum and cum deep in his ass! And cum some more! It left me, and probably the two of them too, out of breath.

I had pumped so much cum into Dick that I felt leakage out of his rectum onto my balls. We moved, still connected, to the toilet, where he pulled off my cock and quickly sat down and sprayed my cum into the bowl. He sat there exhausted for a while and then moved to the bidet.

After we showered together, all smiles and relaxed, we toweled off. I was feeling kind of dazed, but Dick came right up to me, grabbed my head with both hands, leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Well, you know me, I kissed him right back, while Chad looked surprised and pleased. "Damn, you guys are sexy!" he sighed softly.

Dick pulled back, smiled, and said to me, "Thank you!" with sincere emphasis. 

They both got dressed in my bedroom as I watched. "Wanna stay for lunch?" I asked hopefully.

"I'd like to, Dick agreed quickly.

"I'd love to, Chad said, "but I gotta get back to work. The longer I stay out the more the guys might fuck things up. You understand, don't you." I could tell that he would rather stay for lunch. Before he left the bedroom, he turned to us and said, "By the way, if you should run into Ben, and I feel sure you will, don't tell him about the party on Saturday. We want to give him a BIG surprise.

We smiled and said, "Okay," together. That simple word, "Okay," made me feel great! It made me believe that Dick would be hanging out with me from time to time before Saturday. I liked that thought.


Jack Sofelot


Jack Sofelot


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