I am happily married, but have long known I like cock. I tried a few times to tell my wife I am bisexual, but she always changed the subject whenever I hinted that looking at an erection could turn me on. I hadn't been with another guy, but because I was secure in my marriage, I was ready to fully explore my sexuality.

While my wife was away on business, I decided to check out the nightlife in town. I happened to run into an old high school buddy named Jim. We spent the next hour at the bar catching up with each other's lives. I suggested that we go back to my house where it was quieter and the drinks were better.

Once we got there, our conversation turned to earlier days and our sexual exploits. A somewhat uncomfortable memory came up of a male friend who had "tricked" Jim into having sex with him. A great deal of alcohol had been involved in that less than memorable seduction. Jim was embarrassed that I remembered that had happened, but I told him that I had been with guys when I was 18. When he asked me for details, I decided to lie. I told Jim that before I got married that I had really given the gay side of life a try for about a year. Jim was shocked but I also saw a lustful curiosity in his eyes.

I started relating gay fantasies I'd had over the years as if they had really happened. I started out slowly and without much detail, but as Jim encouraged me, I started to let go of my inhibitions. For years I had wanted to know what it would be like to slide a man's rock hard penis in and out of my mouth. I would imagine caressing his manhood with my tongue and hands until he couldn't help but explode inside of me. As my stories became more creative, I began to offer very graphic details about my gay exploits. I could see Jim struggling to remain indifferent. He was clearly losing that battle as he encouraged me to tell him more. I could see in his eyes that he liked talking about having sex with men. My cock throbbed and my mouth watered anticipating what sexual secrets we would share that evening.

I couldn't keep my eyes off the increasingly sexy bulge in Jim's pants. My made up stories and stiffening cock were disclosing all my sexual secrets. I could see by the swelling in his jeans that Jim had a few secrets of his own to share. My loins ached with lust as I remembered Jim's penis from our days back in high school gym class. Even when he was flaccid, Jim was larger than average. I smiled as I realized that I wanted far more than to see Jim naked. I wanted to be the one who made him get hard.

As Jim began to tell his own story, my mind raced with images of what he would look like lying in my bed in the morning. He was a very good looking man with a killer physique. I knew he had been with a lot of women, but for tonight, I would make him want only me. I imagined both of us getting so loud that the neighbors would know two guys were going at it next door. I didn't care...in fact, that turned me on all the more.

I still needed an ice breaker to get things started. I suggested we look at some internet porno and Jim readily agreed. I started out with sites that featured 3-way sex, moved to transsexuals and finally on to gay porn. It was then that I said I couldn't take it anymore and unzipped my pants to release my own raging hard on. I started to stroke myself spreading the sticky precum along my shaft that was already dripping from lust. Jim followed suit by pulling his pants down and letting his gorgeous 7-inch cock pop out like a rigid jack-in-the-box swaying in front of me. Seeing him like that made any thoughts of going back now impossible.

I clicked on a favorite gay video clip that showed a guy getting a deep-throat blow job. It cut right to the end when his creamy lava eruption gushed out between his throbbing cock and his partner's lips. I told Jim I wondered if I could deep throat a guy because I had never been able to do that in my younger days. He was slightly embarrassed as he asked if I'd like to try it on him. I made my move before he could change his mind.

I grabbed his huge cock with my right hand and started licking the precum off his shaft with the tip of my tongue. He immediately shuddered and arched his back greedily wanting to get off in seconds. I backed off because I didn't want him to cum so fast. I had waited years to get a taste of cock and Jim's would be my first. I decided that if I attempted to slowly deep-throat him that it would delay things extending the pure joy of experiencing my "first time."

And so I cupped his balls with my left hand and spread my lips to engulf his beautifully sculptured shaft. Jim became very still as he lustfully anticipated what I was about to attempt. The head of his cock slid across my tongue. I inhaled his delightful scent as I tasted the sweet salty essence that I had dreamed of for years. I forced my tongue to flatten out and he shuddered as the head of his cock approached the back of my throat. He released more precum causing my own cock to throb in response as his salty liquid coated my mouth. My lips could feel his pulse racing through the entire length of his cock as it stretched the limits of my throat. My gag reflex started to kick in as he yelled, "Oh my God, don't stop now. I need you to finish what you started! Don't leave me hanging like this!" I felt my nausea subside and set my mind to giving him the most earth shattering orgasm of his life.

I started bobbing my head furiously taking his entire shaft down my throat with each stroke. I must have had Jim's full attention because he became even more erect as he gave himself up to the moment. I found that the more semen he released, the farther I could take him down my throat. I kept celebrating the moment even as it was happening. I had Jim where I wanted him in every sense of the word. I stopped just long enough to say, "God I love the taste of your cock oozing cum into my mouth you sexy fucking stud." His dick throbbed wildly at that same moment offering his full support of our wicked behavior. I was so lost in the moment that my wife could have walked in on us then and I would not have stopped.

I was at a loss for how to delay our explosive conclusion any longer when Jim suggested we try a 69 position. We shifted around and I was delighted that it was a much better fit because the curve of his sculpted cock matched the bend of my throat. Jim's expert actions reminded me that he had been with a guy years ago because he knew exactly what to do.

Suddenly, the vibe between us changed completely. I had started out as the aggressor, but I felt our energies shift as I started feeling my feminine side. He tenderly moved his tongue along the sides of my manhood making me feel very much like a lady being orally pleasured. I marveled at my desire to have him gently dominate me. I had never felt so effeminate, like a woman whose greatest desire was to fuck her man to exhaustion and I was sensing just how much he wanted to please me.

I renewed my efforts to bring him to the perfect climax. We began to develop a steady rhythm as we kept increasing our speed. Soon his cock was thrusting farther into my throat than I could have reached with my fingers. It seemed impossible that I had him in me so deeply or that this sexy stallion of a man wanted to feast on my cock when he could have had any woman he wanted.

I was truly savoring the frenzied moment as my nose kept pushing against his balls while his pubic hair tickled my lips and chin. Our heads both bobbed frantically as we tensed for what we knew was coming next. I was even more turned on as I pictured what we looked like locked together as only men could be. A video of us right then would have been the ultimate money shot for a gay porno. Every vein in our bodies was engorged with blood. We could feel each other's cocks tense like a catapult straining to be released. Our fingers were digging into each other's ass cheeks as we both erupted spewing globs of cum with nowhere to go but down our throats. The neighbors would certainly have heard us if our screams of passion had not been muted by our convulsing erections.

I gave myself to Jim completely as I felt the orgasm of my life erupting up the length of my cock. His own semen cocktail overwhelmed me where I could barely contain the massive torrent of cum his manhood unleashed. The intensity of our shared passion redefined what being gay meant to me. We were not effeminate men but there was no doubt how much we both liked cock. I had come inside Jim as I never had with a woman. And yet, I knew I would soon be ready to go again because I wanted him to take what was left of my virgin body. This night was far from over...but that will wait for the rest of this story.


Somewhat Straight


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