Matt walked down the steps in the yard, leading the lad behind him and unlocked the door. It had been a long shift and Matt yawned as he turned the key.

' Sarge, are you in?'

he called as he stepped into the small lobby.

' Yeah, yeah, alright fella, I'll call you yeah.'

Lee laughed, and they could hear him from the other room. He made his way out into the front office.

' Alright Matt, what is it this time?'

' Young fella here, 'ad a bit of a ruck round the back of the Crown, sarge.'

' Another one was it Carl? '

Lee asked with a wry grin on his face.

' What was it all about then pal?'

' Wotcha, Lee.'

'I've told you, stop calling me Lee when you're hime.'

'Yeah, alright mate. Easy. I was down the alley round the back of the Crown, you know the one yeah, wiv this bird, she's just some fucking slapper from down the pub. Still she's not bad looking, great tits, and I was a bit pissed, and she was really putting it about. Fucking chatting up all sorts, and I couldn't be arsed to make an effort pullin' anyone else. So it kind of 'appened. Dirty bitch though. Still she was suckin' me off when some geezer came round there, and started laying into me. Well I don't put up wiv shit like that so I gave 'im a bit of a slap like, and then your mob turned up'

Carl gave him a big grin,

' Where's the other fella Matt?' Lee asked

' Sent 'im down to casualty wiv Mark, Sarge. Looked a bit of a mess, but nothing serious. Asked 'im if 'e wanted to press charges, but 'e said 'e ain't interested, Mark's stayin wiv 'im though in case 'e changes 'is mind. Think 'e's more interested in sortin 'is bird out.'

' So wot appens now then?' Carl asked

' You wait pal, and we decide whether we're charging you.'

' Lee, can't I just go, it weren't even a proper fight, 'e was just some college boy wiv a slag of a girlfriend. I didn't even do much damage to the fucker. Anyway 'e damaged my top, look.'

Carl's tee shirt was torn from the neck to just below his pecs, allowing a view of his muscled tits, and just a glimpse of each big hard nipple as he moved slightly.

' Just sit down, and behave mate.'

Lee pointed to a bench opposite the counter

' Can I 'ave a word Sarge?'

' Yeah. Come through. Oh, and you just fuckin behave Carl.'

Matt followed Lee through into the back office. Lee sat on the edge of the desk. Reaching into the pocket of his uniform shirt he took out a packet of Marlboro, and lit one, he inhaled deeply, and blew out a couple of smoke rings, his hand slid down to his crotch and he cupped one big tanned hand around the bulging packet in his tight black uniform trousers.

' Wanna a fag mate?' he held out the packet to Matt.


'God, I feel horny' he thought, ' Carl really is well fit'

and he felt his big cock thickening again. Glancing over, he could see his reflection in the glass office wall, his tanned forearms contrasting against the white shirt, and the black trousers. Covered with thick black hair, the thick muscular wrists, and heavy forearms displayed some of the power of his heavily muscled body, the size of his biceps just visible under the short sleeved shirt, as the fabric held tight to the muscle beneath. Instinctively, he tensed his muscles slightly. He took great pleasure in his very broad shoulders, tight in the uniform shirt, and the outline of his solid pecs under the tight white cotton. Both his big nipples were obvious through the material, and a mass of black hair spilled out through his open shirt collar giving a hint of the rest of the hair on his chest, and stomach. Bright green eyes flashed above sharp high cheekbones, and they contrasted well against his jet black eyebrows, dark stubble on his cheeks, and even darker on his chin. His hair was cropped very short at the sides, and in a No2 flattop on top, all a rich glossy black. As he moved, the light caught the cleft in his broad firm chin. He had an impressively narrow waist, long legs, and tight muscular arse. His big hand was still cupping his bulging packet, and the size of his cock was obvious, pushing halfway down his thigh.

'What do you want mate?'

'So what are we doin' wiv' the lad then, it was only a domestic. 'E was a bit unlucky we 'appened to be there. Any rate don't you know 'im?'

' Yeah, I do, 'e's a mate of my Dean, but that's beside the point. We'll keep 'im for a while, until we know whether the other lad wants to press charges. If 'e don't, and Carl behaves we'll kick 'im out after a couple of hours, if not we'll 'ave to charge 'im. 'E's an evil little fucker who don't know 'is own strength when 'e gets off 'is face. It's got 'im nicked a few times, and 'e's done some real damage to people when 'e's got carried away once or twice. 'Avin said that 'e's a horny little cunt.'

' Do what?'

Matt stared at him

' 'E's a right dirty bastard when you get 'im goin''

Lee grinned, at Matt, flashing white teeth in a handsome tanned face.

' You ain't'''..'

' Too fuckin' right I 'ave mate. 'Ave been for a couple of years, in fact might be a bit longer. I nicked 'im, and shagged 'im for the first time the same day. 'E came back for more a couple of days later, and has been regularly ever since. In fact we might just bang 'im up for the night, and if we're quiet later on we could all 'ave some fun.'

' Dirty fucker.'

' Oi, you're still on duty. Show some fuckin respect for my rank mate. You may 'ave been my partner for years but I outrank you now.'

Lee gave him another big grin.

' Any rate, you don't look like you're too upset at the idea.'

Lee muttered, as he looked at the big smile on Matt's face. Matt had broadened out a lot over the last year working out most days, and doing regular weight training. The width of his shoulders was emphasised by the cut of his uniform shirt, which was tight across his shoulders, but looser round his waist. He had a wide, solid, stocky build, and probably thirteen and a half, maybe fourteen stone of thick-set heavy muscle. His solid legs filled the tight trousers he was wearing, big muscular thighs stretching the black material, and the folds and creases displayed his bulging packet pretty obviously.

Matt had really worked on his arms and chest which bulged massively, with huge biceps and rock hard pecs, big dark nipples at least an inch long clearly visible under the white cotton shirt. He was less hairy than Lee, but the tight blond curls on his chest were visible through his open collar contrasting with his deep tan. The tan emphasised his sun-bleached cropped blond hair, blue eyes, and a tightly cropped blond goatee over a broad chin even more.

' Fuckin cool idea Sarge.'

Matt laughed.

' You know me, and your cock's saying it for you and all; that fucking pole of yours is as hard as I've ever seen it, and I've seen it often enough. In fact, I reckon I've probably seen more of it than your missus. '

He looked over at Matt, who was standing with his legs wide apart, his thick cock, rock hard and straining against his black uniform trousers.

' So does Deano know about you, and young Carl?'

' Nah, we 'ad a couple of close calls though, but you know my place, there's usually a few people around. Either mates of Dean's staying over, or mates of Darren's, and he's used to me 'avin people over as well. It was quite funny the first time Dean brought 'im round though. 'E wouldn't believe I was Dean's dad. It's quite good now though, if 'e stays over 'e ends up in my bed rather than sleeping on the sofa if I ain't got anyone else there, or 'e'll text me to sort something out.'

They heard noises from outside.

' Get your fucking hands off me you fucker. I'm going to sue the hell out of you people. This is absolutely fucking outrageous. I want a lawyer here now.'

Lee went back to the counter to find a well-dressed man in a suit between two uniformed officers.

' Are you in charge, tell these people to take these things off.'

He indicated the handcuffs.

' This is false imprisonment I'm suing you all. You may like to know I'm a lawyer.'

' They always are.' Matt muttered to himself.

' Do you want to tell me what's going on?' Lee asked one of the PC's

' I'll tell you what's fucking going on constable'

' With respect sir, I'd like one of the officers to tell me.'

' I said, I'll tell you.'

' With respect sir, one of my officers will tell me.'

' I said, I'll tell you.'

Carl looked up from the bench.

' Oi city boy, shut the fuck up and let the filth talk.'

The man turned round noticing Carl for the first time.

' Shut up chav, it's none of your fucking business.'

' Who you callin' a chav you cheeky cunt. Fuckin come over 'ere and I'll fuckin 'ave you, cunt.'

There was even more irritation in the man's voice now as he turned towards Carl, told him to fuck off, and spat at him

Carl moved slightly on the bench, and leapt towards him

' City wanker'

he shouted as he lunged at the man. Lee took one step forward, and stood between them, as Matt pushed Carl back down onto the bench, and pushed a big finger into the middle of his chest.

' You shut it and fuckin behave.'

' Right, what's this gent in here for?'

Lee looked at the taller of the two PC's.

' I'll tell you want I was doing. I was having a piss down an alley and these two came up, and said they were arresting me.'

The sarcasm in the man's voice was clear.

' This is absolutely absurd.'

' It's an offence sir.'

One of the two officers spoke to him.

' Yeah, right, whatever. Can I go now?'

' Afraid not sir, I'll be charging you.'

Lee looked him in the eye. ' I really don't like you' he thought to himself.

' Can you step over to the desk?'

The man stood at the desk, quieter now, but still seething with anger.

' Can't we just drop this?'

' 'Fraid not sir, now what's your name?'

' I bet it's fuckin Rupert.' Carl chipped in

' Shut up Carl'

' Charles Desmond.'

' Right Mr Desmond, can you just turn out your pockets.'

Lee started listing the items as they were put on the desk, when Desmond had finished, he looked up at the PC beside him.

' Just go through his pockets for me Ray.'

Ray went through his pockets one by one. As he felt in one of the trouser pockets, he brought out a small bag full of white powder.

' What's this?'

Lee looked at Desmond

' It's some charlie.'

' Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It's not your night is it Mr Desmond?'

He shook his head

Once they'd completed booking him in, one of the PC's led him through to the cells. Lee walked through to the back office again, and beckoned to Matt to follow him. Lee caught Matt's eye, and winked.

' I've just 'ad a thought.'

' I know you 'ave mate.'

' 'E ain't bad looking the city fella, and 'e weren't 'alf eyeing us up mate

'You're an evil fucker. ' Matt laughed, shaking his head

'You really are a dirty bastard '

He shook his head again

'I know exactly what you're thinking '

'Are you sure?'

' Pretty much so, mate, you're thinking it'd be a laugh to'. '

''. Stick Carl in the cell wiv' 'im. Got it one, captain. See what 'appens when 'e's got a bit of a scally wiv 'im. And even better we've got a bit of charlie, that might just get lost. I don't reckon 'e'll complain much if we kick 'im out in the morning wiv out pressing charges.'

Lee went out , and brought Carl through to the back office.

Matt sat back and looked back at Carl as they walked back in. Shorter than the others, Carl was just under five ten, and what he lacked in height he made up for in bulk. He was even stockier than either Lee or Matt with very broad shoulders, and a heavily muscled chest. The taut muscles of his powerful torso rippled as he moved, and Matt could see the tight vee shape of his powerful torso and the taut muscles rippling on his back under the torn white tee-shirt. His tight black jeans clung to his well muscled arse, and big solid thighs, and Matt had already checked out the impressive bulge at the front. Cropped blond hair and an almost smooth chest unlike Lee or Matt. His big pecs and big brown nipples were clearly visible as his white tee-shirt was torn almost to his flat stomach. He had sparkling bright green eyes, and a firm square jaw with quite a dark five o clock shadow, though it was a dirty gold colour, darker than his hair.

' Take a seat, pal'

Lee told him, and Carl sat down opposite Matt.

' Give us a fag mate '

Matt pushed the packet across the table towards him, and Carl took one out, lit it and sat back in his chair. Carl gave him a big grin, flashing white teeth in his tanned face. He slid one hand down to his basket and cupped his cock and balls in a big tanned hand, the blond hair catching the light.

Lee slid the charlie over to him.

' Sort out some lines for us mate.'

Carl looked at both of them

' You sure. I mean '''..'

' Don't be a twat Carl.'

Carl chopped out some lines, and rolled a note. They did a couple of lines, and then another couple.

'Well, are you going to tell 'im or shall I? '

Matt looked at Lee with a wry grin on his face.

'What the fuck are you two on about?

Carl looked at Matt. He looked back at Carl with a big smile on his face.

'There was this game Lee and me, used to play when we was just starting, it was something our first sergeant enjoyed.'

'Yeah, and it was a right laugh, wasn't it 'Lee interjected.

'Yeah, it was mate.'

'Go on then, what bloody was it? '

Carl looked at them both.

'Well, when we got some gobby punter like that city boy, we'd bang 'em up, maybe stick 'em in a cell wiv another fella, and we'd take bets on what'd 'appen.'

Lee gave a deep laugh.

' And a fair number got fucked stupid, we reckon we might do that with the city boy. '

Carl's eyes widened slightly

'So what are you thinking of doing?'

' Stick you and him in the same cell, 'e was eyeing us all up mate, didn't you notice?'

Lee grinned at him

'Go on mate, it'd be a laugh, and teach 'im to fuck us about, and learn a bit of respect.'

Matt looked over to Carl.

' We'd just leave you to it mate. You can do whatever you like, I reckon if he leaves here in the morning with no charges, he'll be happy, and he won't say a word about anything that happened. Besides the way he was looking I reckon he likes a bit of cock.'

'Fucking 'ell, I don't believe you two. You dirty fuckers.' Carl laughed, and his smile widened.

' And I can do whatever I like''' Fuck I like it'

Lee led Carl along the corridor, and unlocked one of the cells.

' Make yerself at home geezer.'

He gave Carl's bulging package a squeeze as Carl brushed past him.

' I'll get Matt to bring the city boy down in a minute. Oh, and don't leave too many marks on the fella for fuck's sake.'

Carl gave a big stoned grin as he heard the key in the lock and shifted in the bench slightly. He stroked his half hard cock through the tight jeans, charlie always got him as horny as fuck.

' Wotcha cunt.'

He chuckled slightly as Matt pushed Charlie Desmond into the cell.

' What the fuck''''.you can't put me into a cell with him.'

' 'Fraid we ain't got any other space sir.'

' But I won't be safe.'

' 'Course you will sir, Carl's a big pussycat really. Looks hard, but he ain't anything to worry about.'

He turned and pulled the cell door behind him.

' Well well, funny how fings turn out eh.'

Carl gave Charlie Desmond a big grin, flashing white teeth in his tanned face. He slid one hand down to his basket and cupped his cock and balls in a big tanned hand, the blond hair catching the light.

Charlie stared at him, and then looked away, but the look had lasted long enough.

' Fancy me do yah?'

' I don't know what you're talking about.'

' Oh I fink you do. Wanna see a bit more queer boy? Fancy a bit of white muscle?'

Carl reached down and pulled the remains of his torn tee shirt off. He was just under five ten, bulky and very stocky with huge broad shoulders, and a heavily muscled chest. The taut muscles of his powerful torso rippled as he moved slightly, and Charlie could see the tight vee shape of his powerful torso and the taut muscles rippling on his back. Both arms were tattooed, the left with three lions, the right with a Chelsea crest. His tight black jeans clung to his well muscled arse, and big solid thighs, and Charlie stared at his massive bulging packet.

' I hope you know how to suck cock proper pal, 'cos you're gonna be my bitch tonight.'

He pointed to the floor in front of him.

' Kneel down.'

Charlie didn't move.

' I said kneel fuckin down.'

Charlie still didn't move.

Carl leapt to his feet, half lunging at Charlie, as he caught him with a blow to the chest that knocked him across the cell. Charlie landed on the floor with Carl standing over him. Carl grabbed him by the hair, and pulled his head back.

'You're gonna 'ave to learn to behave pal.'

He yanked Charlie's head back further and then pulled it towards his crotch. Both hands on the back of Charlie's head as he forced his face against the massive bulge in his tight jeans.

'Better, now fuckin smell that. You like that dontcha queer boy the smell of a proper man's cock. Wanna lick it do ya.'

He loosened his grip slightly, and as he did so Charlie began to lick at the outline of his cock through the tight jeans.

'Fuck yeah'

Carl leant back slightly pushing his basket further towards Charlie's eager mouth. He slid one hand across his chest reaching for his left nipple, as the other hand rested on Charlie's head.

Charlie continued to lick and suck on Carl's massive shaft through the denim, one of his arms worked its way round the back of Carl's legs, and pulled on his arse. He slid the other up the front of Carl's right leg reaching for his waistband.

'Oi fuckin leave it alone cunt, I decide not you. Fuckin understand do ya?'

Carl pushed Charlie away

'I'll give you my cock when you deserve my cock, do you fuckin understand.'

Charlie knelt with his head bowed.

'Yes Sir, sorry sir.'


Carl laughed.

' Much better. See it don't take much does it fucker. Now lick my fuckin boots.'

'So are we going outside to join Carl, or are we just leaving him to it?' Lee laughed

'Better not leave 'im much longer or he'll have beaten the fuck out of the geezer unless we're careful.'

'I reckon it's about time we made a move. We don't want our Carl getting too carried away on his own, do we.'

He pulled his shirt over his head, and threw it into the corner, followed by Ray who did the same. Matt stood up already bare-chested, and all three big men left the room. They made their way down the stairs, and walked down the corridor towards the cells. Lee unlocked the door, and the others followed him in. Carl was kneeling on the bench with Charlie face down fucking him doggy fashion 'Yeah go on bitch, take my big fucking cock, fucking feel that big fucking cock, you like that up your fucking bitch cunt don't you pal'

He turned slightly as he heard the door, and gave a big stoned grin.

He laughed as all three big men moved round the bench, and pulled him up by the hair.

'You like cock, well you're gonna get some fucking cock now bitch.'

He pulled out of Charlie, squatting down on the bench, his thick cock resting against his washboard stomach, still wet with Charlie's arse juice. Eight and a half inches long his cock was slightly shorter that either Lee's or Matt's massive poles, by as Carl knew, it was even thicker than either of theirs.

He pulled him back further against his thickset body, so Charlie was facing the end of the bench with his legs spread. His grin deepened as Lee, standing at the side of the bench, pulled Charlie towards him by the legs.

'What's going on? ' Charlie sounded scared.

'Shut up cunt '

Carl pulled him further back as Lee pulled his legs over his massive shoulders

Lee gave a deep laugh, as he pulled Charlie towards him, and spat in his face. He leant forwards and pushed his face between Charlie's legs, and began to tongue his tight hole. As he did so, he unbuckled his belt with one hand, and then pulled open his fly, letting his trousers drop to the floor. His huge cock reared up well past his navel, rock hard against the thick black hair on his stomach.

Carl pulled Charlie further round so his head was hanging over the edge of the bench, and then he slid off the edge of the bench so his legs were either side of him. He pulled his head back further with one hand, and held his own rock hard cock in the other

' Open your mouth bitch ' he growled at him ' and suck my fucking cock.'

Charlie tried to shake his head, and Carl let go of his cock, and slapped him across the face

' Open your fucking mouth, you fucking slag'

He opened it, and Carl began to feed his cock down his throat. He laughed as he heard him choke slightly.

' Can't fucking take it you stupid slag.' Matt chuckled, ' Maybe we ought to give you some lessons'

Carl was leaning forward as he fed him more of his cock, using the power in his muscular body to force more of his cock into his mouth.

Matt and Ray were either side of Carl, Ray with his hands round Carl's chest pulling on his huge solid tits.

Carl threw his head back, and groaned at the sensation.

' Fucking hell' and groaned even louder as he felt Ray behind him sliding one hand down to his cock, whilst the other hand slid between his legs to caress his big bollocks.

Meanwhile Lee let Charlie's legs slide off his shoulders as he lowered him towards his huge ten inch cock. He paused slightly as his cockhead entered his tight arse, and then as he leant forward he grabbed both his arms, pulled him towards him and pushed his full length into him with one deep thrust. The movement pulled him off Carl's cock, and it slapped against his stomach as it slid out of Charlie's mouth.

Lee lifted Charlie off the bed, and had him held tight against his massive hairy tits, with his legs around his waist.

' Oi, Matt, give us a hand mate, let's get this twat properly opened up.'

Matt moved around the bed spitting on his hand and working the saliva into his huge cockhead. He stood behind Charlie, his hands pulling his arse cheeks further apart, as he positioned his cock against Lee's huge dick, and then he gave one massive thrust as he drove his huge cock deep up Charlie's arse. He yelled as he felt the second huge shaft drive into him, as long and as thick as the one already there, and both big studs laughed.

Ray was still behind Carl, and as soon as Carl's cock slipped out of Charlie's mouth he got his hand round as much of it as he could. He pushed Carl forwards with his other hand, so he was leaning towards the wall whilst sliding his cock in the cleft between Carl's cheeks. Carl steadied himself with one hand on the wall whilst reaching round for Ray's cock with the other

' Fuckin tasty pal' he muttered, as he felt the length and thickness ' Sweet'.'

He spread his legs wider apart, and guided Ray's dick towards his hole. Ray paused slightly with his cockhead against Carl's hole, and then he began a long deep thrust as Carl simultaneously pushed back onto his massive shaft. Carl gave an almost animal growl of pleasure as inch after inch slid into his body that grew louder as all nine inches were inside him and he could feel Ray's nuts banging against his arse.

There was nothing gentle in their fucking, it was pure animal male sex in its roughest most primitive form. They were shaking, and sweating, and groaning at the intensity.

Carl reached between his legs, and squeezed Ray's big bollocks, and that was enough to trigger Ray's orgasm.

' Fuckin jesus'''.' He threw his head back as he began to fire jet after jet of thick hot cum deep into Carl's body.

The first jet was enough to push Carl over the edge, and without even touching it his cock erupted. Pointing straight up, he exploded in a series of huge spurts, releasing great ropes of jism that hit his chest, neck, face, and the wall beyond.

Matt and Lee were supporting Charlie, Matt holding his ankles, and Lee with his hands under Charlie's armpits so he was sandwiched between them. They were alternating long deep thrusts between them, pulling out seven or eight inches each time whilst the other was sliding back into his tight hole. The pressure was intense as Charlie's muscles stretched to try to accommodate the massive length and thickness pounding his arse. Both big studs could feel the pressure building in the other as their cocks slid past each other, and their pace began to quicken as the fire inside them increased.

Their rhythm changed as well as they began to thrust together, sliding in and out of Charlie's body as though their dicks were joined together. Pushing deeper and deeper stretching the tight muscle.

Charlie was making a noise something between a squeal and a whimper and moan, that was louder and more visceral each time the conjoined shafts battered his prostate. His groans grew louder as the pounding continued, until he let out a deep throated growl and his cock exploded in a gigantic spasm. It was as though a fire hose had been turned on as he released almost a stream of cum that covered Lee's chest matting in the thick dark hair, and hitting his neck and chin.

The involuntary tightening of his arse muscles as he came was enough to push both big men over the edge, and they began to release thick ropes of spunk deep inside, bathing Charlie's guts with white hot man juice.

They could barely stand, as they supported each other as they fired jet after jet into him. Six, eight, ten, twelve times they both just kept going as they emptied more and more man seed into the tight warm arse and felt the hot love juice bathe their still hard dicks

Lee lifted Charlie off them and put him on the floor beside the bench, and then sat down.

He leant against the wall breathing heavily, big grin on his face, legs wide apart. His cock still three quarters hard, hung above the slumped figure of Charlie Desmond. He pointed it slightly and began a thick jet of warm piss all over him.

Carl snorted with laughter. 'You dirty fucker' and he swaggered over to join him, both of them bathing him in a heavy stream. Carl turned slightly towards Charlie's clothes, and began to soak them as well

'It'll give the cunt something to remember in the morning'


Lee O' Sullivan

[email protected]


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