Alistar stood there, dumbfounded by me. IT WAS PRICELESS!!! His eyes, red as crimson with flecks bright as gold in them, stared at me. His lips, from which I just stole a kiss, frozen in place unable to form words. His entire body tense and on edge. His biceps, which unconsciously bulge when he moves, were now locked in place. His abdominals clenched tight in their undead glory. Also his pecs are those of a Celtic Warrior God! His tight shirt displaying it all in such a seductive way...

But I haven't always loved Alistar. When we first met 700 years ago I was a well recognized Vampire Hunter and thought that there was no Vampire that could beat me. I was given the task of exterminating him, which clearly didn't turn out well. I was beaten in 10 seconds flat, yet he didn't kill me. Was I not worth his time? Was I truly so weak that he couldn't bother? I became obsessed with the hunt and chased Alistar for another 100 years. In those 100 years I must have faced thousands of defeats and I knew my skills were improving, but still he refused to kill me.

I realized that he didn't want to kill me. Alistar wasn't an evil blood sucking killer like other Vampires I had met, and I became more and more obsessed. When I would catch up to him, I wouldn't attack immediately. I found myself watching him, sometimes for days on end. While watching, I learned many things about him. I learned how when he wakes up, he stretches all the muscles in his body THOROUGHLY. I learned that when he walks, his back has perfect posture, and he holds himself in the image of a true warrior. I learned that when he goes to sleep, he doesn't toss and turn or even move a muscle. But by the time he wakes up, he has moved around so much that he is half naked in a destroyed bed. Gleaming in the morning sun I continued to watch him sleep and it was then that I realized just how beautiful Alistar was. In the way he moved to the way he slept, all of it was perfection. My 100 year obsession for him turned to love in that one instant and he became my world.

For for what seemed like an eternity, I tried to talk to him, to explain my feelings to him. Never did I get the chance. I was a Hunter and Alistar was a Vampire. He refused to let down his guard around me. My emotions raged for release and yearned to be heard by the only person who mattered in the whole world. I became crazed at the thought of him, and he was all I ever thought about. My desires for him grew with every year, so much so that it felt like they threatened to kill me. I needed to over power him to get him to listen, and I did what I had too. I researched witchcraft for the last 50 years. I scavenged for any book with relevant material and turned myself into something, dark, and maybe something evil. However I had gained power. A power that Alistar stood no chance in defeating.

That led me here, to Notre Dame, where I have found Alistar at last. He still hasn't been able to move from the shock he received tonight. Oh how I wish that I would have done this years ago all to see that one look on his face. I move in a little closer and examine him carefully. He looks so shocked just because I kissed him. Alistar is truly surprised beyond belief! This was unthinkable. I have done it, I have forced him to pay attention to me and he will never have the luxury to look away again. Alistar will become mine. I will take him to the ends of the earth and beyond with me. Then my maddened gaze broke him out of his reverie to look into my eyes once more.

"And Cameron... Why exactly, did you.... kiss me?" Alistar stuttered in such a quite tone I could barely hear it. He actually stuttered! I have never seen such an expression on his face. Beaming at this revelation I smiled again letting years of emotions out in this one simple gesture.

"Well we have known each other for 700 years. I would say we have a very special relationship." I said in a giddy voice. It's finally happening, we are having a conversation and he isn't using that vicious tone with me.

With his back already forced against the wall I move in closer, trying to absorb every ounce of information I can get on this whole new side of Alistar. He slumps up against the wall as his surprise mixed with fear overwhelms him and his knee's begin to shake. Yet, he still tries to stand tall, his posture slowly corrects it self, the Celtic Warrior God that I know is still in there. His beauty is intact as his sculpted chest heaves in and out faster than normal, sweat glistens on his forehead and drips off his bright red bangs. His shoulders straighten as they involuntarily rise to face any foe, even as his hands shake.

I reach down quickly and snatch up one of his quivering hands. Alistar jumps at the movement. I feel his hand without a pulse, cold in mine. The pale skin is rough from years of exercise and fighting. Even his hand is full of defined muscle from all the practice with a sword. I raise it up and gently brush my lips against his hand, softly expressing all my repressed feelings over the years though this one small contact. Shock washes over his face freezing him in place yet again. It feels like I have so much power now. A simple touch and Alistar is either too shocked or too scared to move properly. This overload of expression is just to much form him to process, which give me many more opportunities.

"Alistar," I softly address him and he looks into my eyes, bewildered by my tone. I stare back, my passion burning bright in my gaze. I pull him into a strong embrace, refusing to let him go. He struggles but cannot resist me now. The world around me ceases to exist. For the first time I am able to feel him, and smell him as I am absorbed by my attraction for him. He feels like a living marble statue, the supple skin impeccably defined by his perfect muscles and cold to the touch. His smell like that of the winter air, crisp and fresh, leaving me with the need to breath in deeper. Then later feeling the bite of the cold in my lungs.

Intoxicated by him now and with 600 years of yearning behind me I can no long stop, even if I wanted to. I push him down to the ground and I slip my hand up his shirt to slowly tease his tensing abs, feeling all the power they hold. Alistar, burning the remains of his confusion with anger, begins struggling even harder. He wriggles and squirms beneath my touch but powerless to stop me. My hand continues upward and I reach his pecs. Their perfection is indescribable. His sent fills my nose more and more, acting like a drug and I am getting ready for the high.

"STOP Cameron!" Alistar suddenly shouts, his voice ringing with anger and rage. He continues struggling to no avail. Actually, his attempts at escape increases my need for him. An insatiable hunger that is fed by my longing for him which grows with every touch. His cold body begins to heat up with the exertion as his muscles flex and relax, making my body tingle with the excitement of it. I want to tie him down and prove to him just how powerless his is against me.

"STOP!" He roars one final time into my ear, but it's different. I sensed something other than fear and anger in his tone. I thought I heard disgust. I look up and there it is, shining in his glorious red eyes, disgust while looking down at me. It swirls in his eyes and sends my mind spinning. A tumult or emotions parade through my mind at this and slowly settles on a paramount sadness that invades my uplifted mood. A look of disgust... My spirit comes crashing down with his gaze.

I stop my aggressive exploration of his body and Alistar calms down. I lay down on his chest, using it like a pillow. Gently this time I hug him. I embrace him with love, rather than lust, and to my surprise he doesn't resist as much. I look up at him. He is focused now on the church, seeming to contemplate and understand it's entire design from the bells to the front door. His beauty is the only focal point in my mind as I listen to his breathing slow and feel his skin cool beneath me. He calms me down, just being here with him make me feel refreshed like I haven't been living until just a few moments ago. Everything before was just a prologue to a life that will start now. Calming thoughts embrace me and I feel content here with Alistar and my fatigue from everything begins to catch up to me.

"I have loved you for so long Alistar," I mumble half to myself, "please stay with me forever, these years have been heart wrenching being so far away from you." A tear trickles down my cheek as my consciousness begins to drift off into sleep. I can feel Alistar looking down at me, not with hostility anymore, but not the way the I look at him either. He doesn't move, or say anything. Maybe he didn't realize I was speaking to him? However, my brain is too tired to finish that thought and the sandman sends me to slumberland where I dream of Alistar, and always will.



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