I had always had the hots for my younger cousin Jason. So when my mother told me he wanted to spend the night with me I was thrilled. I hadn't seen him since his mother, my aunt had moved the family to a different state. I wondered what he looked like. All I knew was that he was 18 and from what my mom had said, built like a brick house. When the day finally came I fluttered around my house getting everything ready. I had gone to the store earlier and bought the biggest steaks. My heart skipped when I heard a car pull up in the drive. "Calm down!" I told myself "he's probably got a girlfriend."

I opened the door. I didn't recognize the young man who leaned up against his car. He was so hot!! Tall with shaggy blondish brown hair, dark brown eyes and a lean, toned build. He smiled. "Cousin!!" I smiled. I knew this hot, young twink standing before me was my cousin. I stepped down from the porch and he ran to me and wrapped me in a bear hug. "I've missed you!!" I laughed. "I missed you too." Jason and I had been very close when he was younger. Jason looked up at me with those beautiful dark eyes and my heart melted.

I helped him with his things as we went inside. "I'm bushed from driving" he exclaimed. I nodded. "If you'd like to shower and change I'll make dinner." Jason nodded. I showed him to the master bathroom and showed him where everything was. There was a full length mirror I had hung on the door. I watched as Jason pulled his shirt up over his head. His back was tanned and muscular. I held my breath as he unzipped his pants and slid them off revealing a firm, smooth ass. I longed to touch it. He turned and I got a perfect view of his smooth chisled chest and rock hard abs.

I looked down and gasped. Jason's cock was at least 10 inches and it wasn't even hard! It hung between his legs like a fire hose. He had a tuft of dark, curly pubic hair and the tastiest pair of oval shapped balls I had ever seen. I tore myself away from the beautiful sight and went downstairs to start dinner.

After awhile I heard Jason come down the stairs. He wore a pair of jeans and no shirt. His hair was touseled from drying. He smiled innocently at me. "I needed that. Thanks." I nodded. "Sit and I'll get dinner." We ate the fattest, tenderest steaks I had ever had. After dinner we watched a movie. When the movie was over Jason was asleep. I covered him with a blanket and went to my room. I stripped and got between the sheets. I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen earlier. I felt my cock grow hard. I reached between the sheets and began gently stroking.

I thought of the cut of Jason's muscles and the thin, long length of his cock. The bulbus, mushroom like head. I longed to have it in my mouth. Suddenly I sensed someone else in the room. I opened my eyes to see Jason standing in the doorway. He was smiling. I quickly covered myself. "Jason! was there something you needed?" He nodded. I watched him walk over to the bed and grab the edge of the sheet I had used to cover myself.

I watched as he slowly pulled it off. "I want that!" he said nodding to my erect cock. I sat up. "What are you talking about?" He climbed on the bed and sat next to me. "Don't think I haven't noticed you looking at me." I nodded. "It's true, I do think you are hot but there's nothing we can do about it." He raised an eyebrow. "Oh isn't there?" I felt him gently grasp my cock. I closed my eyes. "Jason, we shouldn't be doing this." I heard him laugh. "Why not?" I looked into his sparkeling brown eyes. "Well for one thing, your younger than I am and two were cousins."

Jason laughed. "Do you think you're the first cousin I've had sex with?" I shook my head. "Then just lay back and enjoy." I gasped when I felt his lips on my hard cock. He began moving his head up and down. The feeling of his wet lips on my pecker was amazing!! I put my hand behind his head and ran my fingers through his hair.

"Oh yeah! " I moaned "Suck that cock!!" Jason's lips made a sucking noise as he went to town on my cock. Soon I felt my balls draw up. "I'm gonna cum! " I warned. He just sucked harder until I exploaded, blasting the back of his throat with my hot, sticky cream. "UUUUUHHHHH!!" I grunted as I came.

When he had licked me clean he sat up and smiled. "How was that?" I laughed. "Kid! Where'd you learn to suck cock like that?" Jason shrugged. "My best friend Cody and I fooled around a few times." I could see the buldge in his pants. "Want me to take care of 'little Jason' there?" Jason nodded. "Please." He layed down and I kissed his thin, pink lips. I tasted my own cum on his lips. I moved down his neck, stopping at each nipple to suck and lick each sensative bud. I smiled when I heard Jason gasp.

I moved lower down to the waistband of his pants. I looked up at the sexy young stud laying in my bed. "God you're beautiful!" I exclaimed. He laughed. "You're nothing to sneeze at either." I unzipped his pants and slowly slid them past his boney hips. He must have planned this because I saw he had gone commando. His thin, long cock lay against his stomach. It was long with a bulbus, mushroom shaped head. I pulled his pants off and pulled him to the edge of the bed.

First I kissed his balls and then I licked the length of his shaft. I felt him shudder. I took his flacid cock in my hand and stroked it gently, watching as the skin folded in on it'self with each stroke only to smooth out with each downstroke. I was hypnotized by this hot boys cock. I heard him laugh. "You gonna suck that thing or just play with it?" I looked up at him and smiled. "Hush!" I buaried my nose in his fresh smelling bush. I licked the head of his mouth, making it glisten before empailing his cock. Jason moaned loudly. "FUCK!!" I opened my mouth wider and went all the way down to his balls before comming back up.

I am somewhat of a cock efficianado. I have sucked almost 12 inch mosters to regular 6 or 7inchers. Jason's was something else entirely. It smelled and tasted fresh and clean. It was warm. Needless to say, I was in heaven. I sucked on that little twinks cock, making it nice and slippery. I could tell by the way Jason was panting and moaning softly that he was loving it. "Oh yeah! Thats it!" he murmered. I sucked on both of his smooth, fleshy balls. I had just gone down on him again when I felt his cock begin to twitch. "Fuck I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. I sucked on the head of his cock. His moaning grew louder. "OH SHIT! I'M CUMMING!!" I felt the vein that ran down the length of his cock twitch as he blasted my mouth with his sweet boycream. I swallowed every drop.

We lay there as Jason tried to catch his breath. "Damn! Cody has nothing on you!!" I laughed. "Thank you." He sat up. "Would you fuck me?" I felt my heart skip a beat. I had wanted to fuck Jason's sweet ass since he arrived and now here he was asking me to. "You sure?" he leaned close and kissed me. "Very sure." I nodded. I went to the dresser and got a condom and a tube of lube. "Do we really need that?" Jason asked looking at the condom. I shrugged. "Well, I guess not. I'm clean and I know you are."

I lifted his legs up where his knees touched his chest. I licked his crack and smiled as he sighed. I parted his smooth cheeks and there in the middle was his pink hole. I licked it with my tongue and felt Jason squirm. I dove in. Jason was in heaven. "OOOHH!! lick my hole!!" he moaned. I pushed the tip of my tongue into his ass causing him to moan louder. "Fuck me please!!" he begged. I didn't need to be told twice.

I lubed my cock and positioned myself between his legs. I rubbed my cock on his crack before entering. Jason grunted and I saw him grab the sheets. "Fuck!" I smiled. "Shh! It'll only hurt for a few moments." I worked my cock in and out of his velevet hole, pushing a little further in with each thrust until I was all the way in. "How do you feel?" I asked. He nodded. "Ok." I could tell he was in pain. "I though you said you and Cody had fooled around before?" Jason smiled. "We never fucked eachother." "So I am your first?" He nodded. I smiled. I began moving my cock in and out slowly. Soon Jason was panting and moaning. "Oh yeah! Fuck me harder!" I began moving faster, my balls smacking his ass with each thrust.

Soon both our bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat. "Come on you big stud, Fuck my brains out!!" Jason said smiling up at me. I really let him have it. I began pounding his ass merclessly. "Yeah, oh yeah!!!" he moaned. I felt my balls draw up. "I'm gonna cum!" Jason put a hand on my hip. "Yeah! I wanna feel you cum inside me!" I fucked his hot little ass for all I was worth and exploaded, coating his insides with my hot sperm. "SSSSHHHHIIITTTT!!!!" I screamed, closing my eyes tightly as the most intense orgasm I had ever felt rocked me.

When I was soft I pulled out leaving a trail of cum. I pulled Jason to his knees. I rubbed my cum soaked cock on his ass while I reached around and grasped his cock. I jerked him off. "Come on! Come for daddy!!: I groweled in his ear. He was leaning against me and breathing hard. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. I pounded his cock with my fist until he arched his back and I saw rope after sticky rope of hot cum spurted from his cock onto the bed. "FFFUUUUCCCKKK!!!" he squealed. I turned his head twords me and we tongued eachothers mouths.

After we had recovered, Jason helped me change the sheets and we fell onto the bed. He rested his head on my chest. "I'm glad I came here!" I chuckled. "So am I" We fell asleep, both fufilled and both content.

The End



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