Have you ever known someone, someone who isn't the typical sexy, hot person everyone loves but someone who is the ultimate piece of hot ass you love? I have and his name is Mark.

Mark was a friend of a friend and a few years older than me, I am only young so he wasn't really old but it is quite an age gap between the two of us. He had dyed blonde hair and had a really nice athletic type body but wasn't muscle, just right. We had the same kind of kinks, nylon, football gear and a love of bondage. He had invited me around for the night for some bondage and perhaps a night of passion. I arrived at his house at about 9pm and walked up to his house to knock on the door.

He answered the door quickly and was wearing a white football top and black shorts with a slight hard on.

'Hey you made it.' Mark said

'Yeah, I've been looking forward to this' I said and smiled. Mark invite me in and we got talking, after talking we started drinking and after that we went upstairs into his bedroom. His bedroom was quite large and had a comfy looking bed with rails just perfect to be tied too.

'Are you ready for the tightest, most intense bondage you have ever had, you lucky son of a bitch' Mark asked in a half joking manner half too excited to restrain his boner rising into me.

'Yes sir' I replied. Two words, two words that summed up exactly how I was feeling about this situation. Mark handed me one of his football kits, it was blue and nylon and oh so perfect for a little bondage slut like me.

'Put it on' Mark ordered 'Now' he enforced.

I quickly removed my clothes from before and began to put on the football kit I was instructed to leave my underwear off and after I had finished I stood still awaiting my next order.

Mark came over to me with black rope and silver duct tape. He bound my wrists together behind my back and pulled it really tight, I felt a little rope burn every time I moved my hands slightly and I enjoyed the struggle even more. He then tied my feet together and this was just as tight as my wrists. I was then tightly gagged with the silver duct tape and then blindfolded with the same duct tape. Mark then laid me on the bed and placed a vibrating cock ring around my dick, he turned it on and left it for over an hour.

I cannot begin to tell you the mixed emotion of feeling oh so much pleasure with every time I cummed and the pain of the vibrations attacking my genitals with every vibration. After I couldn't cum no more, Mark re-entered and removed it. He sat me up and ungagged me, and told me to suck him off. I suck on his dick for a couple of minutes until my mouth was filled with his warm cum.

I was then untied and my shorts were pulled down and I was given anal sex by Mark. He was such a hard fucker and kept going and going until I felt as if my asshole was going to rip opened. He filled my hole and then removed his dick.

Mark then got his cuffs out and cuffed me to the bed and gagged me with duct tape again. This time he left me unblindfolded so that I could see up his thighs and into his nylon shorts as he put duct tape on my mouth again. He gave me a wink and left me for the night. After a night of not really sleeping I woke up early in the morning and felt strange. I waited for Mark to turn up but he didn't arrive. Where ahs he gone? What's going to happen to me?



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