"Hey Bobby, where are you?"

A young man in his early twenties stood at the doorway, held open the screen door and looked each way on the porch that faced the front of the house. And then he saw him lying on his back on the swing, which was motionless.

"Oh shit Bobby! What in fuck you doing layin' there? You know Daddy and me are just awaitin' for you upstairs. Shit almighty." And he turned back into the house, and the hinges of the screen door whined as it swung slowly to an almost close.

The young man was unfazed by his brothers outburst. A smile flashed across his face. He kicked the side of the house with his right foot, and the swing began its motion, like a rocking boat, to the same singsong. He was tall and didn't quite fit on the swing, which hung by a link chain from each end, and was fastened to ceiling of the porch.

"Yessir. I'm a'coming Jeff," he said and his left hand idly scratched his balls, and his right played with his nipples, and he thought of what was ahead and his body gave a lurch, almost imperceptable except to him, and the hoped for anticipated pleasure excited him, and he knew he could have it all right now. But he kept shoving his foot against the wall and rocked the swing back and forth. He just wasn't ready.

His thoughts drifted back to a week ago. He lived in L.A. above Sunset Plaza in the hills above the Strip in a small apartment above the garage of a Neutra house built for the future in the 30's. Far enough up the hill to stifle traffic noise and afford a view of Los Angeles that stretched past the Baldwin Hills to the airport. It was a bright, clear afternoon with a balmy tropical breeze.

The telephone sounded; the fourth call today. "Yessir," was all he said as he hung up the phone, and he covered his nakedness with tight jeans and T-shirt and slipped his bare feet into slightly over-sized top-siders.

Mr. Dudly was a Friday afternoon regular. He had been waiting for this one.

All Mr Dudley wanted was head. Cock worship and pop goes the cum.

The phone was sounding off again when he opened the door on his return.

"God! Not another one" he thought to himself. Picking it up, "Yeah?

Well I just got back from ole Mr Dudleys'. Yeah everything came out okay.

Thank God all he wanted was a blow".......a pause, he listened...."Well I been going hot and strong, man. Shit! Four calls today.....well fuck!

Those two guys you had me go to this morning plum wore me out...well, I couldn't even get it up for Dudley, not that I needed to, thank God, but I gotta pass the big one tonight......I don't care if they asked for me an' only me. Shit! They don't want a limp dick and that's me right now.

Fuck it man. I'm leaving town for a while. Gotta rest up...Look! You want me to do that porn flick with Kevin or not? Set the filming up for the week after next. Okay?.....Yeah, I'll be back by then. Shit man!

I tell you I promise. Okay! Well you can deposit my money into the account.....yeah from today.....okay fucker! I'll see you in ten days or so...Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said I promised..." and he hung up.

He kissed the insides of his arms. The smell from the pits was there, pungeent and harsh, yet fresh and healthy. And he stretched his body as much as he could despite the confines of the swing, which crept back and forth in slow motion. Yeah man, it was good to be home with Jeff and Daddy. He felt recharged already. Almost, that is.

The screen door sounded its' whine again, and Jeff came out onto the porch. They were identical twins, two halves of the same egg, and if asked, both would admit that they felt complete only when they were together. Bobby gazed upon Jeff as he stepped onto the porch. The mirror image reflected a tall young man with a natural slender body, broad shoulders and narrowing hips. His chest showed moderate muscular development. The swollen, extended nipples surrounded by ample areole were erect and full, and hinted to a constant stirred up passion. In his right nipple there was a small gold ring. Looking at him, Bobbie felt a wave of lust; a positive stirring in his loins. "Yeah! It's sure good to be home," he said gently, the trace of a smile was on his face, and he fingered his own gold ring that was pierced through his nipple.

He reached for Jeff, who was standing beside the now almost motionless swing. His fingers lightly touched his brothers' cock, erect and proud, and leveraging his elbows, he brought his mouth even to the swollen penis, and flicked his tongue over it in a casual kiss. "Yeah man, you taste good," and he settled back on the swing.

Jeff pulled up a chair and sat down opposite his twin. He spread his knees providing access for both sight and touch to his erection.

"I guess you had a busy time on the coast, whoring' and all."

"Shit! Not any mor'n you with your fucking farmers and truckers."

"Well, yeah, there's them all right. Been a whole slew of 'em to keep Daddy and me busy. Times we wished you was here with us,. Fun though."

His eyes lit up, but he lowered his head in a kind of bashful smile.

"Yeah man! It's been somethin'. But let me tell you Bobby, we shore liked your porn videos. We show 'em down at the club and everyone thinks it's me making it with all them pretty boys. They don't know I got a twin brother. It must be lotsa fun. Least it looks like it."

"It's a lot of work too, Jeff. Hot lights an' all. You know when you're down on your back and some dude's got his cock up your ass and 'nother guy's sucking your tool an' someone else is sittin' on your face that's not acting Jeff, it's happening. Shit man! I do love it," he said wistfully as he thought of that particular scene, "But I got wore out.

I finished a flick Thursday had nine cum scenes. Course it took three days to make it, but shit man, it dried me up. Then the fuckin' service got a call from two guys who wanted a three-way. Shit they were so fuckin' wound up, wouldn't let me alone, just kept on sucking and fucking.

Shit! Look at me Jeff, the fuckin' thing's still soft and here you are sittin' right in front of me naked and all, and there's Daddy up stairs awaitin' for the two fo us....." his voice trailed off.

"Well you come to the right place Bobby. Daddy and me got plenty stored up in these here balls. Those fellers at Daddys' bar just want to pump it into you. Most of 'em haven't learned yet about eatin' it. So come upstairs and sit on Daddys' cock while You suck me dry. Okay? Besides Daddy needs a bit of cheering up."

"Yeah? Why, Jeff?"

"Shit! You know him Bobby, the older he gets the more he chases the chickens. Last week he got picked up by some deputy. He was driving down I-10 stark naked."

"What's so bad about that? I drove all the way from L.A. naked. Shit!"

"Yeah, but there was a boy in the car with Daddy. Justa licking Daddy's dickey. If he'd a been a white boy 'stead of a nigger that deputy might just a shot Daddy dead. You know how these bible-loving crackers feel about us queers. They hate us Bobby, been trying to close down the bar

ever since we opened it. They'd do it too if it weren't for Mr Jackson."

"Yeah" Who's he?" Bobby asked.

"Shit Bobby! You know. He's the guy what runs the county. Daddy pays him every week jes to keep 'em off our tail. Course he likes his little nookey too, meaning me. I gotta suck his ass so's we can stay open. The fat slob with all that fuckin' hair in his crack, pissin' on me an' all."

"Jeffs' hand was stroking himself, slow and easy, but effective enough to keep his cock hard and erect. Bobby watched him and remembered how sweet it was when he sucked on that meat, and the urge hit him like a ton of bricks falling off a roof, and he bounded out of the swing.

"Let's go Jeff. I'm ready. And they crowded through the screen-door laughing and caressing each other, and the door slammed shut with a bang.

They entered the bedroom arm in arm, kissing light, wet kisses. Daddy was stretched out on the huge bed, lying on his back, his pecker standing at atention so as to get noticed. A colored boy was just a sittin' on Daddys' face. A stream of yellow piss pouring out of his cock puddling all over Daddy. The only noise in the room was slurping.

"Shit! Rastus! You stop peein' on Daddy and get offa him," Jeff said inpatiently, and then added, "Daddy, I got Bobby with me now."

He looks so young, Bobby thought as he gazed down at Daddys' naked wet body.

He had seen so many men in the past two years he could pretty well judge a physical specimen and Daddy looked more like a brother with his hard taut flesh.

'Course if what Daddy said was true about Ellie Mae and how he plowed into her when he wasn't even twelve, and how he fucked her every single morning, rain or shine, 'til she come up pregnant, then he wasn't old at all.

barely in his his thirties, Bobby thought. The shot gun came later. Ellie Mae insisted on it, even though Daddy discovered boys about that time.

Didn't matter much since Ellie Mae took off with the first male with a ready cock between his legs, just as soon as she could get up off the birthin' bed, and left Daddy with week-old twin babies. Lucky he was living in the mountains. That's before he moved to 'sippi, so's no one would take them away from him.

Bobby thought about his childhood. Daddy sure did a good job araisin' us.

He looked at Jeff and reached for his nipple (the one without the ring) and a tear came into his eyes. Yessir! It's sure good to be home.

Rastus climbed off of Daddys' face and sat in a corner. Daddy looked at Bobby and now there was a tear in his eye. "Welcome home, sonny boy," and he kind of raised his hips and twisted them a bit and the eye of the piss slit loked at him and Bobby knelt by the side of the bed and bending over, swallowed Daddys' cock all the way, letting his nose bury into Daddys'

pissy pubic hair, and he began to suck and get new vigor into him.

Yeah, it was good to be home again.

By Wednesday the testicles were filled and Bobby felt vibrant and energetic and ready. Jeff gave his cock to his beloved twin on any demand, yet he restrained from sucking Bobbys' root, so a great need began growing in Bobby.

By Thursday, he was calling to Jeff for release, a release not ignored, but postponed. The sensitivity that bound the twins together was there, of course, and Bobby combined it with his experience in dealing with people.

and he realized his beloved twin had a purpose in delaying his orgasm.

The invisible tie that bound the twins each to the other, was overwhelming and as the days passed, Bobby became more and more aware of it. In secret and quiet moments, he asked himself if he could leave Jeff and return to the coast. L.A. seemed so distant now, misty and vague, too. The sex in the wicked city was fun, even exciting. There was danger, of course, like playing Russian roulette, but the danger enhanced the thrill of it.

Knocking on a door, not knowing who, or how many, or what was expected of him, gave a thrilling jolt of lust just in remembering it. Yes answering the call of Mr Goodbar was indeed dangerous. He had been lucky the past two years; only a few kinky demands. He had heard tales, from some of his partners in the porn films, that had been scary. He remembered Kevin had told him that once he had sex with a giant dog while the john took pictures. Ah! The excitement of not knowing; the precarious pleasure of 'love for sale'. "Ah shit," he thought, "I cant give up that life and I don't want to. But I don't want to give up being with Jeff either."

Daddys' bar had been converted from an old barn that had been built after the civil war. It was small; only forty feet in length and 30 or so feet wide, but the basic structure was sound. A solid shell of hard wood, put tightly together, and welded even more so by the torrents of rain that was common on the gulf coast of Mississippi. It seemed always to have the pleasant smell of wet cedar combined with draft beer.

Water had been piped in many years ago, but electricity had only been added recently, and then with just one cable coming in from the nearest utility pole, illumination was never more than adequate. Daddy put red bulbs in all the outlets, and the color and dimness gave the bar a mysterious and exciting aura; dark enough to encourage a kiss or cop a feel.

Farmers and truckers and migrating laborers, who liked or needed to get their rocks off, passed the word around that Daddy's was the only place in all of the south to get it done. They came from many miles away, so the bar was always crowded. For obvious reasons it was called the

'Glory Hole'.

There were no booths or tables or chairs. This was a standup bar. Patrons leaned against walls with their bottle of beer in their hand. Some sat on the floor and rested their back against the solid wood. The counter of the bar was at one end, and extended the full width of the building. It was set forward from the wall enough to provide space for a stage behind it.

The entire wall was covered by a mirror. It was on this stge that Jeff entertained the customers by singing bawdy songs and dancing a stimulating strip tease, showing off his beautiful body.

The juke-box in the corner sounded strident melodies and tribal rhythms, and soon the room would rock and roll with increased energy. Jeffs'

dance was calculated. He began at 8:00 PM each night and rested every fifteen minutes. He took off his shoes and jacket and socks and shirt very slowly so that by 10 he was down to his boxer shorts, which were tented by his hard cock trying to get out from under the confining silk fabric of the shorts,

It was exciting to watch as he gradually revealed his body, and the farmers and truckers showed their approval. He touched his nipples and his basket and rolled his tongue over his lips and beckoned anyone to come up on the stage and dance with him. Once in a while, one did, and Jeff got on his knees and buried his face in the mans' lap biting his cock through his pants. Ah yes! Except for the red or black or white shorts, he was nude. It shore was fun!

At this time Daddy would turn off the lights for the outside sign. He'd lock the door so that no one could come in from the outside. Daddy collected $ 25.00 from each of the men who remained. The Glory Hole was now a private club and beyond the law. All the beer and food a man wanted was now free.

With no restrictions present, Jeff would dance his finale. He and Daddy were naked now, showing off their strong and lean bodies. Daddy would kneel down and look up at Jeff with his mouth open. Hunger in his blue eyes.

He loved the golden stream, and Jeff loved pissing into it. It was real exciting to watch Daddy drink Jeffs' piss. As the music heated up, so did the men who paid their $ 25. There were always at least ten of them, never more than twenty, for that was the club limit.

Jeff would make obscene gestures and stick out his tongue and oscillate his hips to the shouts of encouragement from the horney men. His huge cock hard and erect, swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the music, splashed his golden stream all over Daddy. After that anything could happen, and did.

On Friday night, the rain and thunder came in gusty torrents, as it often did in the summertime, but the parking lot at the Glory Hole was filled with motorcycles and 18-wheelers and everythijng in between. Despite the sounds of the storm, you could hear laughter and shouting and music from within. The door was locked as it always was after ten. There were no laws now that would inhibit what when on inside.

Bobby was on the stage instead of Jeff. He hadn't come all week and he was horny with a capital H. Clad only in thin Calvin Kleins, his arousal was obvious. He danced, jerking his almost naked torso back and forth to the beat of the loud music. He had oiled his body so that the surface muscles rippled in the glow of the red lamps. He danced several feet away from the mirror that covered the wall, and the illusion was that there were two, not one, performing the sensuous dance.

The men who paid their money and remained, yelled their encouragement to Bobby to get with it and take it all off. Drop the shorts. Their state of intense excitement and anticipation was growing obvious. Soon Bobby was caught in his own hungers. He too, was ready for the cum feast. Nineteen men had paid their money. Nineteen cocks and balls and assholes to suck.

With a flip of the wrist, he slipped the shorts over his hips and they fell to the floor. His swollen cock jutted forward, a drop of love juice on the tip, and he stood there, on the edge of the stage, and lasciviously moved his hips back and forth.

His mouth was open and his tongue rolled over his lips and he shouted,

"I'm so fucking hot I want to suck everyone of you bastards," and then he danced naked, in a frenzy of obscene gestures, and the farmers reached for him and opened their flys and waved enormous cocks back to him. They hooted and called to him, "Come suck it, baby!"

Then the wonder his particular night happened. The roar of the turned-on males drowned out the rain and thunder as Jeff stepped out onto the stage from behind the curtain. He too, was naked, shimmering in the red light by the oil that covered his body, and he stood side by side with his twin, holding Bobbys' hand. It was double vision as the two beautiful naked men danced together, doubled to four in the reflection of the mirror behind them.

The startled audience watched as they embraced, slobbering kisses over their bodies. Then Bobby knelt, his knee on the floor, and in a moment of uncontrollable passion grabbed his brothers' ass and held him in position while Jeffs' yellow stream of piss poured over him, wetting his hair and dripping down his cheeks and chin, and falling on his jutting cock.

He kissed and teased and sucked Jeffs' balls and cock, and Jeff fucked in and out of Bobbys' mouth, the pee still aflowin'.

The passion and excitement of the two boys performing on the stage radiated out over the room and consumed those who watched. One of the farmers, tall brawny and blond, jumped up in a wild frenzy and, with a triumphant cry of a gladiator, tore his T-shirt into shreds revealing a muscular hairy chest, with oversized nipples peeking through blond hair. His stomach was flat and rippled with taut muscles that quivered with each movement of his arms. His blue eyes flashed like icicles and, throwing his head back, he laughed. A broad grin revealed white even teeth. He kicked off his shoes and shimmied out of his jeans and turned his now naked body to his farmer friend who was standing next to him.

"Shee-it man! Tonight I'm gonna do it. Yep thats it! I'm gonna do it right now. Git outta your fucking clothes Fred, and let me at it. I've wanted that cock of yours ever since we was in school, an' tonight I'm gonna get it."

He reached to the handsome young man next to him and brushed his lips against his and tore off his shirt.

Fred seemed surprised, but slid his loose pants to the floor. A huge cock jutted out from his hairy crotch. Bending down, the blond young man began with careful kisses, rolling his tongue up and down the shaft of Freds'

cock. The foreskin pulled back, and the glans penis seemed an angry red.

This outburst of passion took place in but a matter or seconds, and the farmers and truckers were overwhelmed by the sudden wild abandon of their friend and his buddy, who by now were tangled on the floor in a lovers'

embrace. Then the passion surged over them all in a giant wave, accented by the sounds of the storm outside and the music inside, and the sight of Bobby and Jeff stretched out on the stage, lost completely, as they devoured each others' asshole in a passionate sixty-nine.

Two more male animals let out a shriek and tore away their clothes. Then another and another and several more. In moments the wild emotion had spread and had taken over. Everyone was naked and laughing and yelling at their debauchery, revelling in their sudden promiscuity. It was as though all the lifetime restrictions that had guided their behavior were suddenly lifted and in a frenzied moment they gave way to their natural hungers that had been repressed so long.

The sucking and kissing and fucking began, and the smell of sweat and sex premeated the room. Daddy, who by now could not believe what was happening stood on the bar, naked as the day he was born and waved a stream of hot piss over the excited lusty men.

At that single moment of great awakening, among these horny lovers, there was an enormous clap of thunder, and the front door to the bar burst open. Rain swirled in and with it came a shocking apparition.

The fucking and sucking stopped as suddenly as it had begun, and all heads turned toward the door. The Reverend Brown, holding a bible over his head and chanting "Pray for queers, pray for sinners," marched in. He was followed by members of the Ku Klux Klan dressed in white sheets, with hoods and masks over their faces. They were silent. Only the raging storm and the chanting of the reverend Brown could be heard. They marched around the naked men separating them from their partners.

Daddys' piss stopped in mid stream. His shock lasted but seconds, for Daddy was a quick thinker. He jumped down from the bar and onto the stage where Jeff and Bobby were sitting up, staring at the Reverend Brown in disbelief.

Daddy reached to them with one hand and to the light switch with the other.

Screams and yells arose as the entire room was plunged into darkness.

"We gotta get out or here," he whispered to the twins. And with confident knowing strides, he led them to the back door which was behind the curtain.

They ran out. The cool rain striking their naked and heated bodies.

Daddys' cadillac was parked only steps away and because this was country, the keys were in it, and away they roared leaving the unexpected confusion.

When they reached the crest of the hill they looked back. The barn was engulfed with flames. Naked men were huddled together; the figures of the klan were gathered on one side with the Reverend Brown gesticulating and praying. The flames ate the old building with such intensity that even the rain could not extinguish them.

"Well there she goes," Daddy said, his arms around the boys and he started to cry. "Just when we was gettin' to those boys the do-gooders got to us


Bobby reached for Daddys' cock and very gently caressed it, and bending over he kissed it taking it into his mouth. He wanted to comfort Daddy, to ease the pain of his loss. But at the same time, he felt a great surge of relief and elation. Now he wouldn't have to leave Jeff. They would be together.

"You and Jeff can come to L.A. with me now. We can buy another bar and make a great gay club, better'n this one, and Jeff and I, and you too Daddy, can make lots of porn flicks. Shit! I made lotsa money you know. Think what the three of us can do in a horny town?"

And they kissed and loved each other, and Daddy steered the cadillac onto I-10 and headed west to fame and fortune and fun.


Joe Wilson

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