Sam wasn't hitch hiking, but no one could be blamed for slowing down and offering him a lift.

If you were driving up to him from behind; the first thing you noticed was his tight mop of curly hair that hung down to his shoulders in waves. Your fingers itched to touch and smooth into some semblance of order. Or use to pull his face deep into your crutch.

Or maybe you were drawn first to those broad shoulders and muscular back that rippled with every step that he took, tapering down to his slim waist. You would breathe a sigh of disappointment that he had covered his firm arse with a pair of baggy shorts that swayed as he sauntered down the side of the highway, seemly without a care in the world.

Those shorts finished high at the top of his thighs; so maybe you were drawn to those strong thighs and well developed calves that were so lightly dusted with fair hairs you would swear he was smooth all over.

Then before you know it, you have missed your chance and he is just a speck in your rear-view mirror. Maybe it was just a mirage.

If you were driving up to him from head-on; from a distance, there is a shirt-less man walking toward you. You blink and ease your foot off to accelerator. No, not a mirage.

Your eyes are drinking up the perfection of his torso; you start at the waist, grunting in annoyance that his shorts aren't tighter and his bulge is not visible. But you mentally note the snail-trail that starts at his navel and disappears into those damned shorts. Your tongue unknowingly snakes over your lips, as you imagine following that trail down to your reward. In the blink of an eye your mind takes a mental picture for later; and as he fades into the distance you spend the rest of the boring ride dissecting each delicious part of him.

The first thing is the gentle swing of his hips as he ambles toward the car; his abs matching each stride, relaxing and contracting in a perfect rhythm. His hairless chest filling with the humid air, as his body effortlessly keeps a steady pace eating up the miles.

His face is a blur, but your mind makes up for that, with the perfect ideal of a chiselled God of ancient Greece; strong jaw, straight nose and high forehead. The only thing you know for sure is that his eyes are covered with mirrored sunglasses, so that the colour remains a delicious mystery.


Clare was bolder than you

She was still horny from the encounter she was driving home from. Her lunch had gone well and the guy was ready and willing for more. But after 5 minutes of sweaty pumping in the restaurant bathroom; he had spilled his seed all over her new dress and she had spent longer cleaning his mess up.

For the last 45minutes, she had been massaging herself; she had abandoned her underwear on the seat next to her. The little convertible buzzed through the desert; when Sam came into view. 'Hmmm' she breathed as she slowed and pulled up next to him.

'Need a lift' Clare enquired, showing as much leg as was decent.

'No, thanks' replied Sam 'just out for a hike'. His brilliant smile lit up his whole face, showing off his straight white teeth.

'Okay, enjoy' not bothering to mask the disappointment in her voice and sped off into the distance.

'Faggot' she thought, but it didn't stop her masturbating to the memory of his body when she got home.


Todd and Joe were buzzed from the 6 pack they had consumed in the hot sun.

'I gotta piss' complained Todd.

Joe sighed, the boy couldn't hold his liquor, but he made one hell of a fuck. He remembered the last time they had hooked up and he was excited for the next round. Todd had one of those trim, tight little figures that you swore you could break with one hand but he had a wiry strength about him that belied his thin frame.

That, coupled with his thick cock which Joe loved to swing on as Todd gave him the deepest blow-job he had ever experienced. That was only out matched by his insatiable arse-hole that he had yet to find the limit of.

'I'm serious! I'm gonna piss my pants man! Pull over!'

Joe reached down between the seats and tossed him an empty bottle.

'Here, piss in this. We're gonna be late for the game.' Joe smiled and returned his focus back onto the road.

Todd's mouth gaped in surprise and thought 'Why not'. He hauled out his soft cock out of his faded Levi's and aimed it into the neck of the warm glass, sighing in relief.

'Bet you'd love to stick that somewhere else?' laughed Joe and Todd was forced to smile. He couldn't stay mad at the man driving.

Todd thought about the past 5 days since meeting Joe in a bar near his house. He didn't normally take anyone home on the first night. It was too risky, coming from a small town, the potential for mixed signals and the gossip and hassle that would come as a consequence. But he had been lucky with Joe and within 30 seconds of meeting they were both in bed.

When they were both satisfied and Joe was gently snoring, Todd stood back and appraised his new find.

Joe was sprawled out on his back, his cock, now soft, draped over one sweaty thigh. Todd remembered the hard rod as it pounded his hole with the force of a pile driver and his balls slapping against his butt. Tearing his eyes away from the monster slab of flesh, Todd admired the flat stomach and muscular chest that made up the rest of his torso and recalled the strength of his arms that threw him onto the bed before man-handling him into any position that gave his hard dick more access to his hot, willing hole.

Joe's voice dragged him back to the present.

'Aren't you going to get rid of that, before it stinks up my truck?'

Todd looked up to see the faint scowl on his face and quickly threw it out of the window. He still had his cock in one hand and decided to give Joe something to take his mind off the boring drive.

He shucked his jeans down his legs and over his bare feet and quickly got rid of his jocks and singlet, so he sat buck naked on the sweaty vinyl. He reached down and grabbed another empty off the floor and after placing both feet on the dashboard; teased his butt hole with the neck of the bottle.

'Shit Todd! Do you ever get enough?' Joe sighed, but his arousal was obvious in his eyes.

Todd ignored the taunt and concentrated on the hard glass knocking at his hole. He had prepared for Joe's visit with a thorough douche and a liberal lube job before he had arrived to pick him up for the game on TV. Todd's reception sucked and Joe preferred to watch it at his place.

Joe watched in awe as the bottle slowly penetrated the young man; and as each inch disappeared into his chute, Todd's cock seemed to rise and stiffen an inch more, until his full 7 inches stuck straight up to his navel.

It was then that Joe spied Sam on the side of the road and decided to have a bit of fun with his new fuck toy if the guy was up for it.

'Close your eyes and I'm gonna pull over, and give you a surprise' Joe said casually, a grin lighting up his face. Todd did as he was told and felt the truck slow to a stop. He Joe walk away leaving the engine running.


Sam saw the truck pull over about 20 metres ahead of him and as he neared saw the driver's side door open and a strong framed man get out of the cab. Sam stood over 6 feet tall but this guy would have beaten him by at least 2 inches and outweighed him by 20 pounds of solid muscle. He wondered what was up.

'Hey man' Joe started quickly not giving Sam an opening 'I'm Joe and my friend Todd in the truck needs some help. Could you go and have a look and see if you are up for it?'

Sam was confused, but agreed to help where he could; he approached the passenger side where he peered down on an unusual sight. The young man had a bottle half way up his chute and slowly pushed it in and out of his body. His nice pink cock drooled pre-cum over his body as he growled with each thrust, a carnal grimace marred his normally cute face.

Sam stood up and faced the man who called himself Joe and then back at the boy called Todd, before re-joining Joe out of ear-shot of the truck.

'So, what do you think? No problems if you want to just walk away. No trouble wanted here.' Joe said holding his hands up.

'I'm Sam' he replied holding out one hand to shake, a wry smile played on his lips as his dick twitched in his shorts.

'Well Sam' Joe smiled taking the offered hand 'we had better get him out of the sun before he either fries or loses that bottle completely. They both laughed.

Joe got to the truck first and ordered Todd to keep his eyes closed and scoot into the middle. Todd was doing this when the sound of his door opening and the weight of another body next to him made him jump.

Todd's eyes flew open and the bottle shot out of his arse to land on the floor of the truck. The first thing he saw was the hunk of a man sitting next to him smiling. He turned to look at Joe but he just concentrated on getting back on the highway and driving.

Sam saw the look on the boy's face and decided to put him at ease 'Hi, Todd, I'm Sam' he said 'If you're not cool with this I can get out whenever you want'

Todd couldn't believe his eyes, two hot men on either side of him, he could only gape at one and then the other in total surprise.

Joe took the opportunity to grab Todd between the legs and tug his deflated cock back to life and Sam parted his legs and poked him in his stretched hole up past the second knuckle.

'Shit Joe! You weren't kidding! I could probably get my whole fist in here!'

They both laughed as Todd blushed.

Joe pulled over to the truck stop and located the fire-road that lead to a creek side picnic area. After a bumpy 10 minute drive (that Todd wished would go on forever, due to the friction the bumps caused Sam's fingers to do inside him), the deserted area came into view. But Joe continued driving until he found a small beach beside the creek where they had complete privacy.

They all bounded out of the truck and quickly stripped and dove into the pool the beach had created. The water was deliciously cool and clean and soon they were all splashing and playing in nature, as nature intended.

Joe was the first to get out and sat on a rock on the beach; his long cock dangled between his legs covering his low hanging ball-sac, but as it rose after watching the other two men his foreskin retracted and nuts drew closer to his body. Todd saw the expression on his face and quickly ran to drop on his knees in front of Joe to take the monster before it swelled too much to take down his throat.

Sam watched from the pool in awe as the boy took the entire length in one swoop and sat next to Joe on the rock when he was beckoned. Todd took his cock in his hand coaxing it to life without missing a beat on Joe's cock.

After he had done his job getting Joe hard as a rock Todd turned his attention to Sam's meat. He took a moment to survey it; the dark blonde bush sprouted a thick tool and nestled in a soft sac two impressive nuts. Todd used his hand to massage the twin orbs in the velvety skin and let the head slide over his lips. The tangy taste of his pre-cum hit his tongue and he massaged another drop from the rigid shaft with his fist. He gently nibbled at Sam's foreskin and plunged down over the shaft so that half of the length slipped effortlessly down his throat. He heard the gasp of surprise from the blonde god and smiled to himself. He experimented in taking as much as he could until the entire shaft was deep in his throat and his nose was being tickled by the wiry pubic hair.

He released the shaft from his mouth and plunged back onto Joe's thick meat and then back to Sam. A good sort of ache was developing in his jaw but he was starving for cock and if he choked to death on either of these monsters it would be worth it.

Joe pulled Todd to his feet and moved Sam onto the grass; he grasped Sam's cock and guided it into Todd's loose hole.

Sam gasped as the velvety flesh sucked him deep into his bowels and Todd groaned as the thick shaft rubbed past his prostate. Joe lifted the boy so that Sam's cock slid back out again, before releasing him to plunge back down. Todd picked up the rhythm and soon was moaning with pleasure as the oversized cock filled his chute.

Joe knelt behind Todd, straddling Sam's legs, and pushed his thick cock toward the hole. He wanted to feel his dick share the one hole at the same time.

Todd paused on the up-stroke and allowed Sam's meat to slide out of his butt; he grasped the two shafts pushing them together with both hands, before forcing them into his hole. The two men watched in awe as their shafts disappeared into his butt. Todd didn't stop until they were both deep inside him and he gasped loudly as Joe pushed the last inch.

Joe gave him a minute to get used to the two huge poles wedged deep inside his butt, before pulling out to about halfway before roughly plunging back in. Sam Gasped as he felt Joe's cock slide against his and picked up the off-beat. So when Joe was deep inside Todd, Sam was on the out thrust. One cock and then the other plunged into Todd as he whimpered at the assault and the friction between the two cocks was almost unbearable for the men fucking the young greedy slut.

The pace started sedately as the two stud fuckers got a rhythm and got used to the new sensation of a tight hole and another cock rubbing against theirs. Sam was in heaven and allowed Joe to set the pace. Joe started quickening the thrusts and Sam followed his lead, which was easy because he grunted just before he was going to pull out and again when he was going to thrust back in.

Todd just had to sit there and enjoy the two studs stretch his arse like never before; his cock was rigid between his thighs but he was scared to touch it in case he set it off and spoil the wonderful session they had started.

Sweat started running down their bodies as the pace grew faster and faster and Todd scooped a decent handful from his chest and slicked Sam's dick up further, when he could reach it. Joe got the hint and spat on his dick to provide more lube. Todd's dick was leaking pre-cum all over Sam's chest and he added that slick goo to the mix of lube on his cock.

Joe allowed his cock to slide out of the hole and watched it contract back around Sam's thick meat. Sam missed the feeling of the other man's meat but when the hole tightened around his cock and Todd started using his arse muscles to contract further on each in-stroke, he realised what a lucky guy Joe was to have such a talented bottom.

Joe moved in front of Todd's eager mouth and allowed him to suck the shaft down his throat. He pumped his cock vigorously in and out of the hot mouth as Sam continued to rape his butt-hole.

'That's it slut! Take my meat all the way down your fucking throat!' he shouted as he grabbed Todd's ears forcing the entire length down into his gullet.

Todd soon had tears running down his cheeks, making him look younger and more vulnerable than the previous 30 minutes would suggest. But that didn't stop him from taking both cocks deep into his body. He was on fire as the hot mountains of muscle and sweat teased him to an ecstasy he had never felt before.

Joe could feel the cum boiling in his nut-sac and knew it wouldn't be long before the eruption would take place. He pumped Joe's mouth harder and faster than before and soon he had to pull out of that talented mouth and release his fire-hose over his young conquest.

'Aw, fuck Todd! Your mouth is so fuckin' hot! Take my cum! Drink my hot load' and Joe's cock let loose with rope after rope of hot sticky cum into Todd's face and hair, before Todd capped the geyser with his mouth, sucking down every last drop. He massaged and pulled at the source of the delicious nectar until it tapered off to a trickle and then nothing. He lapped up every last drop from the spent cock until it was clean. Joe gave an almighty shudder and pulled out of his mouth.

Sam watched in awe as the huge man dumped his load all over the boy, a drop managed to escape and land on his chest. He quickly scooped it up and relished the taste of Joe's spunk. His cock was still wedged solidly deep inside Todd and when Joe shuddered and pulled out of Todd's mouth he remembered his own needs. He pushed Todd off his cock and guided him toward the rock. Todd bent over so that his butt was in the air and Sam plunged his cock deep inside the hot hole after lubing his cock with a generous amount of spit.

Joe joined them and started massaging Sam's hole with one and then two thick fingers. Sam pushed back with each thrust and soon Joe's fingers had completely disappeared into his hole.

Sam loved the feeling of the thick fingers massaging his hole as his cock slid effortlessly into Todd's well used hole. Like Joe it wasn't long before he felt himself tip over the edge. He pulled his cock out of the hole he had fucked for the past hour and let loose with his load all over Todd's back.

Joe was there in a flash, lapping up each blast of cum as it landed on Todd's back. One shot landed on his cheek and when he had eaten every last drop; pulled Todd's face to the shot on his cheek and let the boy lap it up. Todd finished his meal by taking Sam into his mouth to get the last drops.

The Studs grabbed Todd and placed him on his back on the grass, Sam pulled at his rock hard cock; as Joe used his tongue to soothe his well fucked hole. The contrast of the two men's attention got Todd's balls boiling and soon he was thrashing and shouting as his own orgasm blasted from his cock. Sam pointed the spurting cock straight into the air and cum was flying everywhere. The first shot landed onto Joe's face, the next onto Sam's chest, next was back into Joe's stomach, before another hitting Todd in the eye. The torrent eased finally and Todd sighed in exhaustion and satisfaction.

They looked at each other's cum covered bodies and all burst out laughing and after a quick dip; they exchanged phone numbers and parted ways. Sam would never forget the encounter and wished them well for the future together.

Joe and Todd looked at Sam's retreating back as he continued his hike and then at each other. They smiled knowing what a special afternoon they had shared and both hoped to share a lot more together.



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