Brad had met Mark when he was twenty-three years old. Mark had been nineteen and they hit it off immediately. They both had the same interest and goals in life. After dating for six montha they became lovers.

That was fifteen years ago. Brad was now only a week away from his thirty-eighth birthday whan he came in from work one Friday afternoon to find that all of Mark's belongings were gone and there was a note on the coffee table.

'Brad, I'm sorry for taking the coward's way out and not speaking with you in person, but I have found someone else that I truly love. I have enjoyed our years together and you will always have a special place in my heart but I'm no longer in love with you. I'm sorry. Mark'

Brad stood stunned. His hands shook and he began crying. He had noticed that things between he and Mark had changed some and that Mark seemed to 'work late' more that normal but he never expected this. He collapsed on the sofa and let the tears flow.

After fimally composing himself, he went to the fridge and retrieved a cold beer, deciding to get totally and completely falling down drunk.

As he walked back to the living room of his condo, there was a knock at the door. He walked over and answered it. There stood Tim and Larry, his next door neighbors. He invited them in and offered them a beer.

Tim looked at him as he accepted his beer and ask, 'Brad, is everything okay? We saw Mark carrying some things out earlier.'

Brad handed they the letter to read. The read slowly and when finished, Tim looked at Larry and said, 'I bet that's the guy we saw with Mark.'

'Did either of you know him?'

'No,' they each answered.

'what did he look like?'

They described him as maybe mid to late twenties, well built, very handsome, with light brown hair and a moustache and goatee.

'That sounds like Jim, a guy we met at one of the clubs about a year ago. He came home with us and we had a three way. Very hot in bed. He seemed like a nice guy.'

They offered to help Brad through the rough times in any way they could. Mark thanked them and said that for now, he just wanted to be alone. They left and Brad did as planned. He got totally plastered.

The next morning after he could focus his eyes, he sat down and e-mailed Mark, asking why he hadn't sat down and discussed things or even told him in person? He never received an answer.

Tim and Larry took him out for his birthday and tried on several occasions to set him up with a date. Brad enjoyed the sex with the guys that Tim and Larry introduced him to but there just wasn't anything in common with them. After a couple of dates it would end.

Brad occasionally went to a bar or two but the only ones that seemed interested in him were the older overweight guys or the real fem types that wanted a 'daddy' figure. He wasn't interested in either.

Then a few weeks before his fortieth birthday, he went to dinner and stopped at a bar not far from his condo. taking a seat at the bar, he ordered a beer and began looking around. It was mainly the younger, muscular crowd. when he tried to meet one, it was soon obvious that they wanted someone closer to their own age. One that he had met in the past told him after one night that the sex was great, but he couldn't continue because he 'felt like he was having sex with his dad.'

When Brad was about to leave, a young man in his mid twenties came up to him and asked if he was alone. Brad said yes. The young man asked if he could buy Brad another beer. Brad accepted. The young man sat down and they began talking. The young man said his name was Luke.

Brad began to become more cheerful, finding that they both loved country music, liked camping and the outdoors, taking vacations without a planned itenerary, dining out, entertaining, and spending quiet evenings at home alone and cuddling.

As Luke began slowly rubbing Brads thigh, Brad looked at him and asked, 'Luke, you do realize that I'm fifteen years or so older that you.'

'So what? Brad I prefer older men. I'm not looking for a 'sugar daddy'. I want someone whhere we can contribute to the relationship equally. Older men are more settled and know what they want. They are also more experienced. I want to find someone to love and treat as my equal and learn from.'

Brad was impressed and invited Luke to his condo. Luke quickly accepted.

They arrived and sat talking for over an hour before anything began. But when the did head for the bedroom, the sparks began to fly. After a long round of passionate tongur fighting kissing, they explored each others bodies with their tongues.

Luke was built like a Roman god: large biceps, very defined pecs and abs, thick muscular legs, brown hair and blue eyes. His chest had a light coating of hair and a thicker treasure trail leading down to long thick pubic hair at the base of a beautiful nine inch uncut cock, not overly thick.

Soon they were in a sixty-nine, hungrily swallowing each other and working towards their respective reward. When it happened they were both moaning as they each hungrily swallowed the huge rewards that each was receiving.

They kissed and cuddled and before long were eating each others ass as a prelude to each fucking the other.

Luke and Brad saw each other every weekend. They experimented with some kinky sex, new positions and what ever else that they could think of. Brad was a new person. Te nex year was spent on weekend campouts, a vacation together, and nights at home.

When Brad's fortieth birthday approached, Luke invited Tim and Larry to a surprise birthday party for Brad. Brad arrived and was totally stunned. He kissed Luke and thanked him and hugged Tim and Larry. After a great dinner that Luke had prepared and enjoying the cake, Tim and Larry presented Brad with a small birthday gift.

Luke went to his bedroom and returned with a small gift, beautifully wrapped. Brad looked at it and began opening it. Inside was a smaller box. As Brad opened it, Luke dropped to one knee. When Brad looked at the two rings inside, Luke asked, 'Brad will you be my life partner till death do us part?'

Brad teared up and said 'Yes, Luke, Oh yes.'

They slipped the matching rings on each other, before Tim said that they were going out to celebrate. They had a great evening and the next day the four of them moved Luke's belongings into Brad' condo.

About six months later, the four of them went to the neighborhood gay bar and as the sat at a table looking around, Brad spotted Mark. He looked like hell. He had lost weight and was not his usually well groomed self. He saw Brad and walked over and softly said 'Hi, how are you doing?'

'Well, and you?'

'Getting by.'

'How's Jim?' Brad asked.

Mark dropped his head and said 'Don't know. A week ago he drained my bank account and cleaned out the apartment and disappeared. I've been meaning to call you.'

'Mark, I don't know why you wanted to talk to me but when you walked out it was over.'

'Are you seeing anyone?' Mark asked.

'This is Luke,' Brad said, introducing the two men. Mark looked at Luke with amazement when Brad said 'Luke and I are lovers.'

'Oh, I see. Well, then. I guess congratulations are in order. I wish you two well. Nice meeting you Luke.'

'Same here,' Luke replied.

After Mark had walked off, Tim looked at them and said, ' i hate to be so mean, but it served him right. I think Luke will agree when I say he didn't know what he was giving up.'

'You're right. But I'm glad he gave it up. Brad is just the man I've been looking for. We are perfect soul mates.' He leaned over and kissed Brad.

Brad looked at them and quickly agreed and said how much he loved Luke. 'When Mark walked out I thought my life was over, and it was for two years. I never dreamed I'd find someone like Luke. Actually he found me. I almost didn't go to the bar that night, but I'm glad I did. Luke has given me a new lease on life.'

The End



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