I'm Mark Davis. I am twenty-eight years on and work in advertising for a mid-size company. The job is okay, but the pay is lousy. My girlfriend says I'm worth more than I'm being paid.

One Sunday, as I relaxed reading the paper and sipping coffee, I decided to check out the classified ads. Going to the help wanted section, I began reading through the ads.

One caught my eye. It stated that a new and fast growing advertising firm was looking for someone with new and fresh ideas for it's ads, and would be working closely with the owner. It gave a phone number for an interview.

First thing the next morning, after a quick phone interview, I was asked if I could be in the next day. I said yes and was given an address and told to be there at nine. I told my boss that something had come up and I needed the next day off to take care of some personal business.

I went for the interview and after three hours, I was offered the job at one and a half times my current pay. I accepted the position, saying I needed to give notice and could start the following Monday. My new boss, Dave Winters, agreed.

On Wednesday, I gave notice that Friday would be my last day. My boss wasn't happy but I really didn't give a shit.

I started my new job on Monday, arriving in a suit and tie. I was quickly told by Dave that the attire for work was casual slacks and sport shirt. He said we should keep a suit, shirt and tie at the office to meet new clients. I was glad, because I hated suits and ties.

we went right to work with him asking me for ideas for a new client. The client wanted the ads to appeal to both young and old alike.

Over the next few weeks, Dave and I worked closely, with him calling me his 'assistant'.

When he would come to my work table, he was always getting close and would put a hand on my shoulder. At first, it made me slightly uneasy, but over time, for some reason, I began to like it, especially when he would slightly squeeze my shoulder or gently rub it.

After a while he began making casual comments about my physique and how good it as. Of course, I would thank him, and he'd give me a casual wink.

When a new client had an appointment, he would suggest that we change in his office where both out suits, shirt and ties were in the closet. As we changed, I would see him eyeing me closely. It really didn't bother me that much since I was used to changing at the gym and seeing other guys nude or almost nude in the locker room or showers.

Over time, his touching became more intense, with him standing behind me and as he looked over my shoulder, he would begin to give me a rub down.

Then, one Friday, as we were finishing up, he said, "Mark, if you play your cards right, I'll make it official and give you the title of 'Personal Assistant' and a nice raise."

I was extremely curious as to exactly what he meant. I was already doing everything he asked of me and he seemed very pleased.

A week later, he announced that there was a convention out of town and he had paid for a booth to display our work and try to drum up new business. He wanted me to attend it with him and work the booth together. I agreed and was looking forward to it.

Time for the convention arrived and we flew to the meeting. After renting a car, we drove to the hotel and as we did, he said, "I hope you don't mind, but to save money, I booked a double room. I hope you don't mind sharing."

"of course not," I replied. What else could I say at this point.

We checked in and went to our room. Since we were going to be there for a full week, we unpacked and put our things away. After doing so, he suggested we go down for a drink.

It was a Saturday. the convention was scheduled to start on Monday, with Sunday being the 'set-up' day for the booths.

We went to the bar and he chose a small table over in a corner. We ordered drinks, and he surprised me by saying, "This week should help us get to know each other better."

I didn't know how it could since we had discussed our lives extensively while working in the office.

After the second drink, we ordered dinner there in the bar and after eating he ordered more drinks. As we drank and he talked, I suddenly felt him place his right hand on my left thigh and rub it slightly.

I was shocked yet the feel of his hand on my leg sent unexplained electrical shocks through my body. I couldn't explain it. Never had a guy done anything like that before and never had I considered letting a guy do it. I was also afraid that if I reacted negatively, I might get fired, although I would have a good case in court if that happened.

He removed his hand and later replaced it on my leg,this time higher up. Again, electrical shocks went through me and to my surprise, my cock began to twitch and slightly stiffen.

I began to wonder just what in the hell was happening to me. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have another guy's hand on my cock. I had never ever had these thoughts before.

After a moment,he removed his hand and suggested we go to the room and get some rest.

"Tomorrow is going to be busy, setting up the booth and our displays," he said.

We returned to the room and he began undressing, as did I. He was soon down to his white bikini briefs, and I couldn't help but admire his muscular well built hairy body.

As I undressed he eyed me closely. Once down to my briefs, he again commented on how well I was built.

"Thanks," I said, "but you're pretty well built yourself. Do you work out at a gym?"

"Sometimes," he replied, but I have some equipment at home I use regularly."

"It's obvious," I replied.

Then the shocker came when he said he was going to take a shower. With no hesitation, he removed his briefs and tossed them aside, talking to me, totally nude and unconcerned.

After his shower, he returned to the room nude and made no attempt to put anything on for several minutes. I found myself checking out his long slim cock, but I didn't know why.

He eventually put on his briefs and we went to bed. After the lights were out, I lay there wondering why I was so interested in his body and cock. As I thought about it, my own cock stiffened completely.

Sunday, we sat up our both and again that evening went to the bar for drinks and dinner. It was a total replay of the night before, with his hand on my thigh. When we returned to the room, he again stripped and showered returning to the room nude.

I went in to shower and just as I finished and stepped out, he came in unannounced saying he anted to brush his teeth. He looked me up and down then said, "Man, you're pretty well endowed. That thing is beautiful."

I could feel my face blush and said, "Thanks," as he continued to eye my cock, smiling.

Monday, we fielded questions from prospective clients, giving out numerous business cards. Overall, we were happy with the results.

Again, we went to the bar for dinner and drinks, however when we returned to our room, he stripped to his briefs then said, "Mark, would you mind if I went nude here in the room? I go nude at home and sleep that way. Wearing these briefs, I really haven't slept that well."

"Well, I guess not. I've seen guys nude in the college dorm and at the gym," I replied.

He began removing his briefs and as he did he said, "Please feel free to do the same if you want to. It's an awesome free feeling."

"Thanks," I said, not wanting to admit to him I normally slept nude but didn't live that way.

He made the suggestion for me to go nude twice more. i found it intriguing and finally relented and removed my briefs.

"Damn, Mark, you look god enough to eat."

"What?" I asked in shocked surprise.

"Don't tell me you have never had guys hit on you at the gym?" he asked.

"Well, yea, some. Is that what you're doing? Hitting on me?"

"I wouldn't refuse if you said it was okay."

"Dave, are you gay?"

"Yes, I am. Is that a problem?"

"Not really. I had gay friends in college, but I've done anything with another guy."

"I'll speak bluntly. I'd love to suck it for you if you'd let me."

"Dave, is this what I have to do to get that assistant position? Is this what you meant by 'play my cards right'?"

"Originally yes, but the more I've seen your work and the way you handled the prospective clients today, the position is yours regardless of what you decide to do."

"I don't know. I will admit I'd like to get off."

"All you have to do is lay back, relax and enjoy it. Let me do the work."

"Hell, I am curious as hell now and the alcohol has my defenses down. Shit, come on," I said. "What do you want me to do?"

"Get in bed and get comfortable. I'll do the rest."

My cock was already beginning to stiffen. He noticed and said, "It seems that he's ready even if you're not."

I lay down and Dave got between my legs and began licking my cock. It quickly reached it's full hardness and when it did, he swallowed it completely. I let out a loud gasp.

He began pistoning up and down on it and the feeling was the most intense I had ever felt. After a moment,he stopped and began gently licking and sucking my balls. Ever so gently, he lifted my legs and before I realized it, I felt his hot wet tongue caressing my hole. My head began spinning at the pleasure I was receiving. Seconds later, I felt his tongue begin to enter me and it was awesome. After a few moments of the anal pleasure, he returned to my cock and soon brought me to my climax.

As I began to return to earth, I looked down at him just in time to watch him pull off my cock and swallow my load.

"Fucking delicious," he said,smiling. "how was it for you?" he asked.

"Un-fucking-believable!" I said. "I can't ever remember a climax like that. And what you did to my ass sent me flying high."

"Yea it has that effect on guys," he said as he sat next to me.

"Mark, now that you know about me, anytime you, shall we say, need my services, just let me know."

"Well, I feel bad that I can't return the pleasure. I will jerk you off though."

"You don't have to," he said.

"Maybe not, but I will."

I took his hard cock in my hand, my first time ever touching another man. I slowly began stroking him and when I could tell he was close, i sped up. He was sitting in suck a way that his cock was aimed at my chest. When he climaxed, his huge load fired out all over my chest. Rope after thick rope streaked my chest. I not only had his cum on my chest but also on my hand.

Looking at me he said, "let me get you a warm rag."

He went to the bathroom and while he was there my curiosity again took over. Bringing my hand to my lips, i sucked a big blob of his cum into my mouth. To my surprise, it didn't taste bad at all. The salty-sweet taste was intoxicating.

He returned and began cleaning me up. Soon, I was clean and he thanked me for letting him do me and for me taking care of him.

We went to bed and I knew then that I wanted to see what it as like to suck a man's cock.

The next morning, he acted as if nothing had happened. He was all business. But when we returned to the room before dinner, he stripped quickly. I did the same and lay back on the bed, legs spread. Seeing me he laughed and asked, "Is that an invitation?"

"Call it that if you want to," I replied. Smiling, he came over, got between my legs and sucked me off again, repeating the previous nights actions.

Once he was don, we dressed commando and went to dinner. I passed on the drinks, wanting to be totally aware of what was to happen later.

When we returned to our room, and once nude, he lay on his bed, not expecting me to want sex again.

The look on hos face was one of total astonishment when I climbed onto his bed between his legs and after lifting his cock, I began to lick it. It stiffened immediately and as I began sucking it he said, "Holy fuck! I was only expecting a hand job."

I sucked his cock trying to do as good as he had. After a while, I was able to swallow the entire shaft, burying my nose in his bush. After a few moments I lifted his legs and worked on his balls. I got my nerve up and took a deep breath and shoved my tongue between his ass cheeks, finding his hole. I licked it then shoved my tongue into it. He gasped and moaned loudly.

I returned to his cock and soon brought him to his climax. Having seen him climax onto my chest, I knew there would be some force behind it. I was ready and when he did climax, I accepted it all and held it in my mouth, savoring the taste.

As I pulled off, I looked into his eyes and smiled as I swallowed. He smiled back and asked, "May I do something else new to you?"

"Sure, why not," I said.

he sat up and moved close and pulled me toward him pressing his lips to mine. After a second he offered his tongue. I accepted and offered mine. Never had I experienced a kiss so erotic and intense. I loved it.

After the kiss, he asked, "What brought all this on tonight?"

"My curiosity again," I replied.

"Well, what did you think?"

"I loved the kiss. It was so intense and erotic. As for the other, I enjoyed it. It was an experience I'll never forget."

"You think you'll ever do it again?"

"No," I said sternly, then seeing the disappointment in his face, I added, "At least not until tomorrow night."

smiling, he said, "You asshole. Do you really mean that?"

"Yes, I do."

"Mark, would you like to share my bed with me tonight?"

"Sure, why not."

Soon we were cuddled together, kissing repeatedly and caressing each others body with our free hand.

The next morning he gave me a good morning kiss before we showered together and dressed for work. Than night we had our first sixty-nine.

Seconds after swallowing his load, my cell phone rang. It was Sue, my girlfriend. She asked why I hadn't called. I lied and said we had been exceptionally busy, entertaining prospective clients. I tried to cut the call short, wanting to get back to kissing and cuddling with Dave.

After I hung up, Dave asked if I was going back to pussy only when we got home.

"Dave, honestly, sex with you had been so much more satisfying than it ever was with her. I'm sure we will soon part ways."

"Hell, now I'm a home wrecker."

"No, you just helped me find my true self."

"I think tomorrow night, we need to get you out and go to a gay bar and let you maybe experience other guys. I know of one I've been to before that has small rooms you can rent."

We did and I met a guy about my age. He was hot and good looking and we rented a room and made out, kissed and had a hot sixty-nine.

I found that even though I had sucked and been sucked I wanted to do it again. I met another guy and took him to a room.

As we left the bar, Dave laughed and said, "I guess I'm doing without tonight. You must be worn out."

"If you're not careful, I just might rape you when we get to the room."

"Man. if you want it, I'd love nothing better than having you fuck me hungry ass."


"Yea. I love getting fucked as much as sucking."

We got to the room and I was soon buried deep in Dave's ass. I loved it and so did he. I could see in his face the pleasure he was receiving especially hen I climaxed.

Afterward I asked him to fuck me. He tried to warn me of the pain I would experience but I wanted it anyway. I wanted to experience that pleasure.

His entry and following insertion was the worst pain I had ever experienced. He wanted to stop but I wouldn't let him. he said that it would gradually go away. It did, and by the time he climaxed, I was totally into it and when he did climax the experience was awesome.

When it was over, I kissed him passionately and thanked him for helping me fine exactly who I was.

The rest of the week, we had sex nightly, sucking and fucking. I was totally into it all and admitted that I was now gay. He laughed at me because by the time the convention ended, I as checking out other guys at the convention, both other exhibitors as well as clients.

We returned to our office and during the day it was strictly business with an occasional kiss.

Sue was upset with me for working so much. When I said that I had to work late, I was actually having sex with Dave at his place. I called her less and less and she soon began dating others. Before long, we were leading our lives without the other, although we did remain friends, even after she found out that I was really gay.

Dave did as promised and made me Executive Assistant. We spent more and more time together in our off hours. I knew I loved him but wasn't sure how he felt.

Then one Friday, he said he was taking me on a special trip and he had something to ask. We went to a remote cabin that longed to a friend of his. It was a beautiful place.

Then as we sipped drinks out on the back deck watching the sun set, he got down on one knee.

THE END.....



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