At the age of eighteen, I joined the Marines straight out of high school. My dad had been a Marine and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

I did my basic training and developed my body well. I was muscular but not overly so. However, after two tours in the middle east I lost some of my muscle tone.

After my second tour in the Middle East, I was stationed back where it all started, Camp Pendleton, California. I lived off base and joined a neighborhood gym.

I only had six months left on my commitment and wanted to get myself back in shape. I had been a member about a month, when i noticed a guy looking me over frequently. Since I had a steady girlfriend, he kind of made me nervous.

I went to the gym three times a week and he was there every time. From the time I came out of the locker room, he would watch me work out.

Then, after one workout, I headed for the locker room to shower and change. He followed and after my shower, he came up to me and asked if I was a Marine. I told him that yes, I was.

Smiling, he asked, "How would you like to make some nice extra bucks in your off time?"

"Doing what?" I asked.

"Oh, some nude posing mainly, but maybe more for even more money."

I thought about it for a while, and being proud of my body, I said that I'd think it over. He gave me his card and said to call him with my decision.

Several days later i called him and said that I'd do it. He gave me an address and told me to come over as soon as possible.

I did and he led me to a room and picked up his camera, having me pose in different poses then slowly begin removing my clothes. Soon, I was nude and he had me posing in many seductive poses, even having me work myself to an erection. It was the first time I had ever had an erection in front of another man. Even so, I found it kind of exciting.

We had a couple of photo shoots and after the second one he asked if I was willing to strip and jerk off while he filmed me. I said sure, thinking nothing of it since I enjoyed jerking off once in a while.

We did a couple of those when he asked if I'd be willing to have another guy join in and possibly give me a blow job. When he told me what he'd pay, I quickly agreed.

We set a time to meet and when I arrived he introduced me to a man about my age that he had filmed before. He had us sit on a sofa and started a porn video for us to watch. As it played, we stripped and began stroking our cocks.

After a few minutes, the other guy leaned over and began sucking my cock. I wasn't sure how I would react but once he started I loved it.

Soon, I neared my climax and the man pulled off and lay his head on my stomach and jerked me off, aiming my cock at his face. What I climaxed, I shot my load into his face and open mouth.

When it was over, he asked how I liked it. I was honest and said it was awesome. The guy I had been with smiled as he licked my cum off his face and said, "I damn sure enjoyed it."

I dressed and as he was paying me he asked, "Mark, you want to do it again?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Well, how about two guys and you next time?"

"Sounds good to me," I said, "if he's one of them."

"Rick, you game to do him again?"

"Hell yea," he said quickly.

"Great. Maybe I can get Jim to be the third guy."

"Hell, we'll end up fighting over mark's cock. Jim loves sucking as much as I do."

It was strange hearing them talk about male sex so openly. It was still kind of new to me.

Over the next couple of days I frequently thought about how good the blow job had felt and although I had never thought about it before, I began to wonder what it was like to suck another guy.

I soon got the call that the three way was set up. I went and was introduced to Jim. He and Rick both were masculine nice looking guys. Seeing them on the street, you'd never dream that they were gay.

We were given basic instructions but tole we could do what ever we wanted.

We stripped and I saw Jim and Rick begin tongue kissing. When the three of us stepped up to each other, Mark looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and leaned toward him and we kissed, soon exchanging tongues.

"Fuck yea," we heard the photographer say.

Soon, we were on the bed and Jim and Rick were taking turns sucking my cock. As one sucked me, I was tongue kissing the other.

After a few minutes, Jim got behind Rick ad began eating his ass, then as Rick and I lay side by side facing each other, Jim got behind Rick and slipped his cock up Rick's ass.

I raised up to watch, it being the first time I had ever seen one guy fuck another. Rick moaned softly saying how good it felt. for some unknown reason, I was getting more and more turned on.

I was on my knees and Rick returned to sucking my cock. Without thinking twice, I lay down in the old sixty-nine position and quickly began sucking Rick's hard cock.

Again, we heard the photographer voice approval.

Rick and I sucked each other hungrily as Jim fucked Rick's ass. Soon, Rick and I climaxed and I eagerly took his load into my mouth. With my mouth full of his hot thick load, I savored the taste then swallowed.

We separated and as I watched Jim fuck Rick, Jim pulled out of Rick's ass and began jerking off, planning on shooting his load onto Rick's cock and balls.

I quickly moved closer and took Jim's cock in my mouth just as he began shooting his load. After taking it all, I looked at each of them and swallowed. As the three of us kissed, the photographer ended the video.

"Fuck guys, that was hotter than I expected. It was awesome," he said, then asked, "Mark, what made you join in so much?"

"At first i was just curious. After Rick, I just decided to do it again. I enjoyed it."

"Hot, man. You want to do more?"

"Hell yea. I might even go further."

"Man, you're going to be one of my most popular models."

The three of us showered together and after dressing and leaving, I stopped Rick and asked if he'd like to get together one on one without the camera. He quickly agreed and gave me his address and phone number.

I called the next day and we met at his place that night. after he let me in,we kissed and he said how much he was looking forward to our night.

I said I was also, then told him, "But before I leave I want to have been fucked."

"You serious? It will hurt like hell since your a virgin."

"I don't care. I want to get fucked. It will be another surprise on our next film."

We made love and I rimmed my first ass and liked it. Then we had a sixty-nine and I knew I was no longer the straight guy I had been a month or so previously.

After a rest period, I looked at Rick and said, "Now, fuck me."

Soon, Rick was entering my virgin ass as searing pain shot through my lower body. I held my ground and soon he was in balls deep.

After pausing and letting me adjust, he slowly began to piston in and out. Soon I was moaning, not in pain but in pleasure.

"Fuck, that feels awesome," I told him.

"Just wait until you feel my load shooting up your ass," he said.

Soon, I found out what he meant as his cock fired his huge load deep inside me. I loved it. I now was positive male sex was for me.

I broke things off with the girl I had been dating and began seeing Rick and Jim regularly for hot sex. I couldn't get enough. I not only loved sucking their cocks but loved the feel of their cocks up my ass.

When we did the video for the photographer and Rick fucked my ass the photographer went wild.

I now had just one month left in the Marines. They talked me into doing a video wearing my dress uniform to start, sucking cock while I was wearing it then just dropping the pants and Jim fucking me while I sucked Rick, still in dress uniform from the waist up.

I got my discharge from the Marines and my dad asked when i was coming home. I told him I was taking some time off to unwind before coming home. He said he was anxious to see me.

Little did he know that I had been signed by a porn studio to do two movies. In each I did what I liked best, sucking cock and getting fucked by hot built studs.

I finished the first and had a week off before starting the second. The second took several weeks to get right, which I didn't mind, because I got to suck and get fucked even more on the re-dos.

As the second neared completion the producer told me that the first one was selling like mad.

"Mark, you're the hottest guy on the market right now. I'm sure glad you signed with us."

I was making big bucks for each movie plus some residual funds from the videos that I had done with Rick and Jim. I still saw them and had sex with them away from the camera.

I finally called dad and said I was coming home for a while. He said great and that he had something to show me.

I drove home and when I arrived, I was greeted with a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. I could have sworn that when dad hugged me I felt a semi-erection as he held me close.

We went out to dinner and as we ate I asked what he had to show me.

"I'll show you tomorrow," he said.

We had a great evening and sat up late talking.

The next morning I awoke and went to the kitchen wearing just my Marine gym shorts. Dad was at the table drinking coffee and greeted me.

"Morning," he said.

"Morning," I replied, pouring myself some coffee.

After coffee, he suggested we go out for breakfast. We did and soon returned home.

Sitting in the den, I again asked what he wanted to show me.

Without saying anything he picked up the TV remote and turned it on. Then he picked up the DVD remote and pressed play.

As the movie started, there on the screen was me and my co-star kissing before I went down and began sucking his cock.

My heart raced and my eyes grew wide as I saw myself devouring the studs cock.

"Would you care to explain this?" he asked.

"Where did you get that?"

"I bought it at the adult video store. It announced a hot new star, Mark Long. So you've changed your name from Mark Davis?"

"I'm sorry, dad. It just happened."

"Well, I assume you can imaging my surprise when I recognized you in the movie," he said, "and just how did it happen?"

I began at the beginning and told dad every detail, and admitted that i was now totally gay. Then I asked him a question.

"And just why were you buying a gay movie?"

"Son, I've been gay since before your mother died. Actually, I guess you could say I was bi, but after her death, I went totally gay. I wanted to tell you but just didn't know how. Then when i saw you in the movie, I knew I could come out to you and hoped you'd understand."

"I do dad, completely. Like I said, when I did the first jerk off video, I was totally straight. I hope you're not upset that you son is a gay pron star."

"Fuck no, not in the least. In fact, I think it's hot as hell. I can't wait until I show it to my buddies. It would be hot if you could be here when I do and see the expressions on their faces."

"Maybe," I replied.

I noticed that there was a huge bulge in dad's pants and casually asked, "Dad, would you like mt to take care of that boner your hiding?"

"Fuck yea, son. Then can I take care of yours?"

"Sure," I said as I went to dad and began tongue kissing him as I opened his pants. Once they were open, he raised his ass off the sofa and I pulled them down and off. Quickly, I swallowed his cock and began sucking. It was hot as hell, knowing it was my own dad's cock in my mouth. Dad began moaning and soon filled my mouth with his sweet thick load. after hungrily swallowing we kissed again then traded places. He was soon sucking me and it was awesome to see my cock in his mouth. He eagerly took my load before swallowing.

Afterward, we removed the rest of our clothes and got our first good look at each others nude bodies. I was twenty-two and dad was only forty-one, but still in great shape and hot as hell.

We stayed nude and just before lunch we had our first sixty-nine. It was unbelievably awesome.

Then, in mid afternoon I asked dad to fuck me. He did so gladly after which I fucked him.

That night,dad asked if I'd like to share his bed with him. I said I would but only if I could do it the entire time I was home. His response was "Most definitely!"

That Friday, I suggested that dad invite his buds over Saturday evening to view the movie. He did and we had beer chips and dip available for them.

Dad suggested that everyone get nude before starting the movie. They did as I stayed in my room occasionally peeking around into the den.

Dad started the movie and as they watched they all began stroking hard cocks. Then one of his close buds that I knew said, "Brad, that guy looks a lot like Mark."

"Really?" dad replied casually.

Then another agreed and dad finally said it was me.

"Does he know you have this movie?"

"Oh, yes," dad replied as I walked out nude and boned saying, "He thinks it's hot!"

They turned and watched me as I walked toward them asking, "Anyone want a taste?"

Immediately all five said yes. I went from one to the other letting them suck on my cock before stopping at dad and letting him get me off.

Then, I returned to the first and sucked each one of them off one after the other, ending with dad. And before the evening was over several of them had fucked me. It was an awesome evening.

As the dressed to leave, a couple said it was awesome to have had sex with a real porn star.

While I was home dad and i had sex several times a day and had his buds over two more times.

Then I returned to California to start another movie. While in the producers office, i told him about dad having my first film and what happened.

"Fuck man, you been having sex with your old man?"

"Sure have and it was awesome."

"Damn, would I ever love to get him out here and do a movie with the two of you."

"I don't think he'd do it," I said.

We started the movie after I had the producer agree to send dad a complementary copy of each of my films.

One night after filming I called dad and as we talked, I told him a little about the new movie. He said he couldn't wait to see it.

Then i casually said, "I told the producer about you having a copy of my first film and asking me about it. I told him about you coming out to me and us having sex together. He wants to do a movie staring me and you as father and son."

"You're fucking with me," he said.

"No, I'm dead serious. He thinks it would be a big hit."

"Damn, that would be hot," dad said.

"What about your customers? What if one of them saw it?"

"I own my own business so i can't really get fired, and if they see it then they must be gay also. Hopefully, gays might see it that aren't customers and switch over and give me their business."

"Then you're considering doing it?"

"I'm considering it. I'll let you know what i decide."

Two days later dad called and told me to tell the producer to get a story line together and let me send it to him to look over. I did and the producer was thrilled. He worked up a story line and gave it to me. After reading it, I sent it to dad. I liked it and hoped dad would. It would be hot making a porn movie with my own dad.

Dad loved it and flew to California and did the movie. It was basically where a gay man comes home unexpectedly to find his son in bed having sex with another guy and neither knew about the other.

The cover to the movie showed nude pics of me and dad, our arms around each others shoulders and giving our names. 'Mark and Brad Long...A REAL father and son in their first movie together.'

It was a blockbuster and dad was thrilled, giving each of his buds a copy. His business did increase quite a bit after his buds showed it to their friends.

That was three years ago and I'm still making gay porn movies. Dad and I have made two more together and I go home as often as possible just to have sex with dad. Damn is he hot in bed!!!




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