After a long week of work I am stressed out and looking forward to my weekend. My boss has been such an asshole this week, bugging me about reports needing to be turned in on time. Getting on my back every second about a bunch of bullshit that I already have under control. I don't know, maybe he's stressed out about getting that promotion he's wanted for so long but it still pisses me off to have him down my back even when I have my shit handled. Anyway enough of work, this weekend is going to be great. I already have my bag packed and in the trunk of my car, and my friend Frank is waiting for me to pick him up from home so we can head to Palm Springs. Aside from getting away from work I'll also have a break from all this L.A. traffic. Frank received a gift certificate for two to a resort in Palm Springs for his birthday and he told me since I've never been to the desert, he wanted to invite me to celebrate. All week Frank has been telling me about this resort and how much I'm going to enjoy myself. I don't really know what to expect from a resort other than a few spas and a Jacuzzi maybe, and that thought alone sounds so relaxing. I clear up my desk and leave this hell hole of a job for the weekend. When I get to Franks house, he's waiting on his porch for me wearing a tank top, some shorts and flip flops.

"HEY ARE YOU READY TO HAVE A FUN FUCKIN WEEKEND?" Frank yells to me with his hands in the air and a big smile on his face as I pull into his drive way. Leaning my head out of my window I say.

"You have no idea, I can't wait to see the palm trees and all the cool shops I've heard about." Frank gives me a blank stare and says.

"Wow David, really? Let me just tell you when you see this resort, palm trees and shops are gonna be the last things on your mind", and winks at me. Now, Frank and I have been fiends since college and he's the type of person that likes to have a lot of fun and he tends to get a little wild around me. When he winked at me I knew he was up to something. So I laughed and said

"Well let's get this show on the road". Playing it off as if I'm excited when in reality I'm thinking, what kind of crazy ideas does he have. Frank throws his bag in the back seat, hops in the car and off we go. While we drive on the freeway we have all the windows down, cruising with our music playing loud and singing. It's around 5pm and it's warm out. In August the heat can be 70 degrees at night in L.A. and that feels hot to some of us, but when we got to Palm Springs it was 95 degrees. My suit had my body in a hot sweat, my balls were hanging low between my thighs and all I could think of was taking a cool shower so I could relax. After about two hours we get to the resort. I didn't see a name on the building, but there were lots of cars in the parking lot. I started to wonder what kind of resort this was. There was a white door at the entrance with a couple of rainbow stickers on the glass. Closing my trunk after taking my bag out of the car and walking to the entrance a man enters in ahead of us. He had this masculine sexy look to him. Not very tall but his body was lean and toned. Frank says.

"Damn David did you see that sexy fucker? He looks like he knows how to pound some ass!" Surprised to hear Frank say that, I pulled him by his arm with a smile on my face.

"Are you crazy? He could've heard you?" I told him as I laughed.

"I was hoping he heard me." Frank says as he opens the door. When we get inside there are some glass cases mounted to the walls, inside are some porn magazines and there was one that caught my attention. On the cover was a cute blonde guy holding his cock, with a shot of cum reaching from his belly button to his neck and puddle of cum in the middle of his chest. A voice from the counter says.

"Good evening boys, is this you first time here?" The man behind the counter looks to be in his early 50s and has a flamboyant personality. Frank tells him.

"I've been here once before but it's my friends first time." The man behind the counter happily says.

"Well it looks like I'll have to give you boys the tour, lets get you your key and on the way to your room I'll show you around." We head out the door across from the entrance and it isn't dark out side yet so we're able to see the resort pretty well. The host says.

"Up ahead boys, is the pool which never closes". When I look at the pool I see about 8 men, a couple of them swimming while the others check out Frank and I from head to tow. A couple of them are naked. I tap Frank on the shoulder as we're walking and say.

"What kind of resort is this?" The host jumps in and says.

"It's what ever kind of resort you want it to be." Baffled, I ask.

"What do you mean by what ever I want it to be?" He moves in front of us and says.

"Let me give you some examples." He points our attention across the pool and says.

"Over there we have a library with books, magazines, a lounge and lets not forget our selection of porn movies with plenty of categories to choose from." We start walking again and turn down a hall leading to a different side of the resort.

"Over here there's a sauna that you can enjoy whenever you please." Just as the host tells us of the sauna the man from earlier comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He has a tattoo beneath his naval that says Always Ready with an arrow pointing down to his crotch. He walks past us with his eyes on me the entire time with the deepest sexual look I've ever seen. I smiled as he walked past. Our host grabs me by my shoulders, looks me directly in the eyes and says.

"And if you really need to release some stress, this always helps." He turns me around and in front of me is the window to one the rooms. The curtains are wide open along with the door. Inside are two hot guys on the bed, one of them is a white guy with black hair and has a husky football player build. He's holding his ankles while he lies on his back. Laying on the end of the bed is slender but toned hot black guy with his hands on the inner part of the white guys ass cheeks, keeping them spread as he tongue fucks his hole.

"Yeah eat that ass, get my hole nice and wet fucker!" My eyes open wide and my jaw drops. I have never seen anything like that before. Instantly my cock was hard so I covered my crotch with my hands in an attempt to hide my bulge as the host walked us to our room. I was beginning to like this resort after seeing that.

"Here's your room boys, enjoy your weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do." The host says as he walked away. Frank opens the door, runs in and drops his bag.

"Oh hell yeah two beds. That means I don't have to push you off if I have someone else in here." He says, laughing quietly. With a smile on my face I shook my head. In the back of my mind I thought it would be kind of hot to watch my friend hook up with another guy.

"If I wanted to, would you let me watch?" I ask Frank.

"Fuck yeah dude, hell you can even join if you'd like, plus I could teach you a thing or two." Frank says as he grabs my ass. Laughing I tell him.

"Yeah right, as wild as you are I wouldn't be able to sit for a week." Frank points his finger at me, winks and says.

"You better believe it, I would wear your ass out." My face turned red, so I turned around quickly and went into the restroom yelling out.

"OK I'M GONNA TAKE A SHOWER NOW," and slammed the door behind me. I turn on the water, take a deep breath and clear my mind of Frank and his crazy ideas. The water from the shower was very relaxing as each drop of water hit every inch of my skin. There was a window on the wall in the shower, which was at my eye level. I happened to look out and see a fountain that was across the sidewalk from the window. Suddenly an older gentleman looking to be in his mid forties approaches the fountain. His hair is a salt and pepper color and he isn't wearing a shirt, only some speedos and sandals. His body is slightly toned with very short hair covering him from the top of his chest down to his ankles. He turns toward the window and notices me looking at him. We look at each other for what seemed like twenty seconds, and I get this sensational tingle down my spine. The man approaches the window and says with a Spanish accent.

"Can I come in there and join you papi?" Feeling nervous I delay in answering him.

"Ok, let me hop out of the shower and I'll let you in." I tell him.

"What if I just let myself in?" He asks in a soft sexual tone.

"You know maybe you shouldn't, I'm not here alone and I'm not sure if that would be a good idea, but how about I come out there to you instead?" Nodding his head he says.

"Ok, I'll be right here waiting for you." I turn off the water and quickly dry myself off, feeling excited but nervous at the same time. When I come out of the bathroom Frank is on his bed with the guy we saw when we checked in. Both of them are lying on their sides in a 69 position. I can hear the sounds of sucking, licking and moaning. At this point I am extremely hard. The front part of my towel that's around my waist rises from my erection. I stood there quietly, watching and enjoying what was going on. Then I got an idea. I went outside to get the man who was waiting for me.

"Psst, hey come here for a second". I say in a soft voice. What's your name?" I ask. He comes over to me, grabs my hand and says.

"My name is Gerardo". I respond and say.

"OK Gerardo nice to meet you. I've changed my mind again, I want you to come in my room instead." I tell him. He looks down at my towel to get a view of my boner, which is pointing directly at him. Without saying a word his left hand slowly moves to the back of my head. Pulling me towards him, firmly pressing our lips together. The feeling from his tongue entering my mouth gets my dick dripping wet. With his right hand he yanks my towel from my waist dropping it to the floor. I begin to step back and lead him into the room, our lips still attached. Glancing to my right I see Frank, still engaged in a lip smacking, face fucking session. Not once did he look up at me but I didn't care. I was just interested in this man who grabs my dick, stroking it as we lay on my bed. He whispers in my ear saying.

"I want you to lay here and let me do all the work papito." I close my eyes, anticipating the next touch. His lips start sucking my neck and his tongue swirls round and round in small circles, causing goose bumps to form on my arms. I grab the back of his head as he gradually runs his tongue down from my neck to my right nipple. I can feel his teeth gently bite my nipple. I bite my bottom lip, close my eyes and moan as his tongue caresses me, my body is in a trance. Open my eyes and look over at Frank to see him with his face in the pillow and his ass in the air. His voice is muffled from the pillow as he moans out.

"Aaahhhh, pound my fucking ass, harder, harder motherfucker!" Seeing Frank get man handled like that turned me on even more. Just then I feel the warmth of lips surrounding my cock, as Gerardo's mouth completely covers my shaft. The feeling of my dick down his throat is amazing.

"Oh shit you, can suck a good cock!" I softly place my hands on the back of his head and my toes curl up. I couldn't believe this was happening. Suddenly I feel his finger creep into my hole. Just then I see frank and his sex buddy move onto my bed.

"Oh hell yeah, fuck his face David!" Frank say out loud as he rubs his hands on my chest. I can feel the head of Frank's dick touching my right side. The other guy who was with Frank begins kissing me. I feel like I'm in heaven. I never imagined that I'd be involved in a foursome. The other man positions his crotch over my face rubbing his dick across my lips. I stick my tongue out of my mouth and lick the head of his cock. Grabbing his tool with my hand I play with his foreskin with my lips. I see Frank and Gerardo kissing as they both move down placing my dick between their mouths. This other man starts to fuck my mouth kind of hard making it difficult for me to breathe. I'm so turned on by this point that I can feel pre cum running down the shaft of my cock down to my balls. Frank turns me over placing me on my knees. With my ass in the air and my eyes closed I feel four hands caressing my ass and some ones lips sucking my dick. I'm not sure who is in which position now because I've closed my eyes. Suddenly I feel the pressure of a dick slowly enter inside me with hands on my hips pulling my ass back, causing whoevers dick that is, completely into my hole. I scream from the satisfaction of my butt being pounded hard and I fear the sound of a pelvis clapping against me.

"Take that dick bitch!" I hear from behind me. My legs start to feel weak and I feel as though I'm about to cum. I yell out.

"You're gonna make me cum". Hoping that they stop pounding me, but at the same time I don't want to stop.

"Keep pounding that tight ass." I hear Frank say out loud as my load shoots out hard onto the bed. Suddenly I feel this dick pull out of me as another one forcefully enters me. Pounding me even harder than the first one. Little did I know it was Frank.

"Fuck David, your ass is tight. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you." Frank tells me as he spanks me. He grabs me by my hair pulling my head towards him and arches my back. With his dick slamming me I turn my head to the side and stick my tongue out as Frank kisses me I moan loudly, enjoying the way my hole is being abused.

"Fuck yeah Frank pound me hard. Right when I say that, Gerardo pushes the other guy in front of me, grabs his cock and shoves it in my mouth. I can feel his pubic hair as it tickles my nose. My body quivers from everything that's happening to me. Just as I feel that I'm going to cum again, Frank takes his dick out. Turns me over onto my back as all three of them position themselves over me, Gerardo strokes my cock as well as his, and says.

"I'm about to shoot my load all over you. Frank places his dick over my mouth at the same time as he jacks off. Suddenly all three of them shoot me like a machine gun. I feel cum hitting me from every direction, all over my chest, on my cock, my balls and inside my mouth. I can feel the sweat from Frank's face drop down on me. My body shakes like a rattlesnake as the orgasm courses through my body.

"Let me get some of that cum!" Gerardo says as he licks Frank's man juice from my lips. I couldn't believe what I had just done.

"Oh my god, that was fuckin awesome." I say in an exhausted manner. The room got very quiet as Gerardo and the other guy grab their belongings and head out of our room not saying a word. Frank laughs and says.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!" I laugh at him and say.

"I cant believe what just happened, that was amazing."

"I told you that you'd enjoy yourself." Frank says as he slaps my ass.

"I had no idea you could take a dick so well." My face turns red and I make my way to the restroom.

"I'm gonna take a shower now and try to relax." I tell Frank. I take another shower staying in there for a long time. Feeling warn out I lather my body with soap washing off what seemed like streams and streams of cum. As I rinse myself off, the light in the bathroom cuts off. I yell out to Frank.

"Hey can you turn on the light please?" But he doesn't respond. I hear the shower curtain open up and Frank enters the shower.

"Mind if I join you?" He asks.

"Sure, I guess so." I answer. Not saying a word, Frank grabs the soap and rubs his body, cleaning himself and rubs his body against mine. He places his arms around my neck and starts to kiss me. I didn't want to stop him so I went along with him. Both of our cocks start to get hard and Frank pushes me down on my knees. Water hits my face as he places his dick inside my mouth. Pulling my head back and forth. I couldn't believe how much of a sex drive he had. I stroke is cock as my tongue runs up and down his balls.

"Open your mouth, I'm gonna cum." Frank moans out. Before I have a chance to open my mouth, a hard shot hits my forehead and tree strong shots fly into my mouth.

"This was the best birthday present I could have gotten." I hear Frank say as he slaps my face with his cock. I was extremely happy with how my weekend was starting and I could only imagine how much more fun I would have for the remaining time we'd spend at this resort.



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