I sat upright in the dark leather chair and kept my eyes forward staring at the clock. I had done up my hair before I came, and kept on my shirt and tie from when I left the office. I felt that it was appropriate, even though this wasn't an especially nice occasion. The walls were covered in wood paneling and there were two bookcases on the side walls. The room was dimly lit, and the curtains were pulled even though it was quite dreary out. I sat in front of a large, solid wooden desk waiting for Dr. Anderson.

This was my first time in therapy for years. I had been previously battling depression and anxiety, and even though it wasn't bad now, I felt it coming on. I lived alone in a downtown apartment, and found my life and my job going nowhere fast. I had a poor relationship with my parents, and we were never really comfortable with each other. To be honest, I haven't been very open with them; or anyone as a matter of fact.

As I sat waiting my mind drifted to the thought of my love life. What love life? I haven't had a relationship since high school, and didn't see one in the near future.

I began to get impatient as I waited for the shrink. I had a lot on my mind, and the room was feeling stuffy. A few seconds later, I heard the door open, close and lock behind me. Finally. I stood up and turned around.

Instinctively my hand reached out to greet the incomer, and my eyes traveled up his thick arm to his gorgeous face. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my crotch when I met his gaze.

I fell deep into his hazel eyes. His skin was bronze, but naturally, not from the sun. For a moment we just gazed at each other. He brushed his dark hair away from his eye and reached to grab my hand with a firm shake. After a moment I snapped back into reality and introduced myself.

'Hi, I'm Alex Young. Very nice to meet you.'

'Nice to meet you as well, please have a seat, Alex.' I returned to my seat as the doctor sat down behind the desk. He glanced briefly at the papers strewn across the desk. Apparently seeing that they were in order, he looked up at me.

I had been staring uncontrollably at him the minute he walked in the door. He was wearing a black suit with a blue shirt and dark red tie. The suit grasped his broad shoulders and muscular biceps, while hugging his perfectly toned waistline. Noticing my stare, he quickly filled the silence.

'I'm very happy to see you. I see that you have been to this kind of thing before, a few years ago. May I ask why you have decided to come back after so many years?'

'Well, to be honest, I don't even know if I should be here. It's just that lately I've been a bit confused on where I'm going with things. Therapy seemed to work great for the problems I had in the past, and so I just wanted some'advice on where to go next.'

'Of course, of course. Say Alex, if you'd feel more comfortable we can move over to the couch. I really do hate being behind this desk.' Again I was lost in his beauty. His voice was deep, and yet soft and kind.

'That'd be great.' I said as I moved over to the dark leather couch. I laid down and he took a seat in the chair beside me. He hadn't brought a clipboard or notebook over, but he swiftly got into conversation.

'So Alex, what exactly in life are you confused about?'

'Well,' I said, thinking quite deeply before I answered, 'I'm just not sure. I'm not really sure about anything these days. It just seems like I'm stuck in a rut, with no fun or excitement anywhere.'

'I see.' He mumbled, obviously preoccupied. He had been staring at me rather intimately, as if he wasn't really paying attention. 'Let me grab a pen and some paper to jot some things down, if you don't mind.' He said as he got up.

'Not at all,' I murmured. He walked over to a cabinet on the other side on the room. Once there he bent over to retrieve a clean notebook from the bottom compartment. His nice ass stretched the fabric of his pants and made them hug his massive, muscular thighs tightly. My mouth was watering as he continued to bend over, brushing the well kept hair out of his face once in a while. I started to feel even hotter, and felt my package twitch. My pants began to get tighter, but I tried to just ignore it. He finally found a notebook, and as he stood up and turned my gaze fell onto his crotch, which was eye-level from across the room. It bulged slightly, and I could tell there was something down there.

I began to get hard, and as he looked down to pick up a pen from his desk I adjusted my package. I tried to be subtle, but as he looked up he saw what I was doing. I smile tickled the corner of his mouth. I could feel my face get red.

'Are you sure you're comfortable, Mr. Young?' he asked with a smile on his face. I chuckled nervously.

'I'm fine, just a bit warm. It seems toasty in here.' I looked up at him.

'Now that you say that, I notice it too,' he said as he removed his jacket. 'Feel free to relax; you know, loosen up a bit.' He met my gaze, and I swallowed noticeably as I loosened my tie. He smiled softly. 'I saw you'getting comfortable, just there. I hope you don't feel nervous here,' he said, raising his eyebrows as he looked down at me.

'Of course not, you seem very nice,' I said as a smile began to creep onto my lips.

'I think I may know how to make you more comfortable,' he said. My heart fluttered a bit. I was getting so excited. I hadn't really felt this way before, but it was really making me hot. He got off of the chair and came down onto his knees so that we were face to face. I leaned forward. I could feel his body heat, and my asshole began to moisten. His breath smelled like mouthwash, coffee and a little cigar. I closed my eyes, and felt him come close to my face.

I felt his full, dark lips wrap around my own. He kissed me gently at first, and I felt like I was dreaming. I was limp and wanting, and I felt like I was paralyzed in an amazing way.

His tongue began to wrap around mine, and he stood up on his knees so that I was lying back on the couch. His giant hand cradled my head as he began to work his wonderful tongue around my mouth.

'Wow,' I managed to whisper as he pulled away. He looked me in the eyes.

'You know, I thought you were really cute when I walked in. Honestly, I just couldn't hold myself back,' he said, looking down.

To my surprise, I then took his thick, manly hand into mine, and rubbed it palm down against my stomach. I had never felt so horny in my life, and I would never imagine myself being so forward. He seemed to like it, and began to rub for himself and unbutton my shirt.

I took off my tie and he finished unbuttoning. With another kiss, this time on the neck, he then moved his hand below the belt. My entire body filled with warmth and I shook with delight. He was rubbing my thighs beneath my pants, always coming close but never touching my now completely erect cock. I hadn't shaved in a few weeks, so there was a thin layer of dark pubes covering my deck.

He removed his hand from my pants and began to undo my belt, button and zipper, all the time sitting eagerly on his knees beside the couch. He pulled my pants down to my knees, hesitated for only a second, and then pulled them completely off over my shoes. I laid there almost completely naked as he took in my whole body - 7 inch dick and all - with his eyes. He then looked up at me.

'Want to get really comfortable?' he asked. All I could do was nod my head, not able to talk in my state of ecstasy.

I looked down to see him working my shaft and gently rubbing my nuts. It felt incredible. I had never felt the touch of a man, and his large, warm hands were unbelievable. I began to moan softly, trying with all my might to contain it but failing. He smiled as he saw my face cringe with pleasure, and my dick began leaking pre cum all over his hand.

Just before I was about to blow my load, he moved away from my cock and moved his hand through my thighs to my asshole. I put my legs up to give him a better view.

He slowly inserted his thick middle finger into my wet asshole. I let out a loud groan of pleasure, and he laughed quietly. He began to work his finger in and out, hitting me in just the right places. I had never been penetrated, but it felt so right, and I asked for more. Giving me what I wanted, he inserted a second finger. His other hand was on his now erect dick, stroking it lightly through his pants. I was leaking more pre cum than I ever had before.

I began to reach climax as he hit my g-spot, and was groaning more than ever. 'Shhh, shhh,' he whispered with a wide smile. Just as I was about to cum all over my chest and his face, he grabbed my dick and began stroking violently, and inserted a third finger into my loosening asshole. He took my dick into his mouth, working his tongue down the shaft. Immediately I shot my man juice with a loud grunt. It kept coming and coming, and he milked it all out, licking some off of my chest.

I smiled, still twitching from the eruption and breathing heavily. I looked at him as he kissed my body.

'Now its my turn to give you some fun,' I said in my dirtiest voice. He began stripping; first his shirt, then his pants, shoes and briefs until he stood before me completely naked. I sat up so that I was facing his naked crotch. He was very well-endowed. His beautiful cut cock was well over an inch thick, and at least 8 inches long. The head was gorgeously large, and just the look of the thick veiny shaft make me want to come again.

'Suck me,' he demanded in a hot, authorative voice. I gladly followed doctor's orders, licking the deliciously pungent and slightly hairy ball sac. His penis was now completely hard, and I slowly took it into my mouth. I felt it throb in my mouth, and I licked the tip with my tongue ever so gently. He let out moans of pleasure, grasping my head to push in and out. I was eating more cock than I thought possible. I tried deep-throating as best I could, and got his massive pole three-fourths down.

'This is amazing Alex, but I wanna fuck,' he said boldly.

'I've never fucked before, but I'll gladly take your dick inside me,' I said, possibly desperately. I leaned over the arm of the chair behind him and opened up my ass to him. 'Please be gentle, I've heard this can hurt.'

He walked around behind me and slapped his huge hose against my ass a few times before slowly putting the tip in.

'Ughh!' I groaned with pain and pleasure. It hurt the farther he pushed up, but I wanted it bad'real bad. He began to pump, and after a few minutes it felt amazing. His hands ran over my body, stroking my hair, my chest, my dick, my legs. He leaned his entire body into the thrusts, and like slow motion, I felt his hot chest cradle around my body with every go. I began to feel like I was going to come again, and from his breathing I could tell he was too.

He was letting out moans under his breath, saying 'Fuck yeah!' and 'Take it all!'. I was sweating and hot, but I loved every second of it. I loved the feeling of his warm dick inside of me, filling my body. I let him stroke and handle my dick as I fucked his, and he began kissing and licking my back and my neck.

Soon our moans got really loud, and the pressure of his dick made me explode another enormous load on the chair. As I did he let out a yell and my insides filled with his warm liquid. His pulsing cock shot load after load until he was satisfied.

After a few heavy thrusts, he eventually pulled out. Turning me around so that we faced each other, he held me close and lightly kissed my face and lips. He laid us down completely naked on the couch, still kissing each other. I stroked his locks of hair, and he ran his hands along my bare bottom.

Eventually we dressed, and I said goodbye as I walked toward the door.

'Thank you so much for the help, Dr. Anderson.'

'Actually, I am Dr. Hernandez. I switched a few appointments with Dr. Anderson.'

I looked at him with surprise and curiosity.

'See you next week.'




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