Tired and confused, I lay on the bed and waited for someone to come in. No one. Nothing. I was alone for a few hours before I heard a noise outside the door. A man aged about 22 came in wearing light blue nylon shorts and a black nylon top. He was a good looking person with black hair and a cheeky grin.

'Hello boy, are you my prize?' He asked

'Mmmmmmmmmmph' I responded

'My name is Spike and I will be .... Looking after you for a while, are you ok with this?'

This time I said nothing.

'Good' Spike replied

He got onto the bed and started to rub my thigh up and down, up and down. Spike slowly caressed my hard and teasingly pulled down my shorts. He continued to play with me, tickling my balls and but stopping when I would show some excitement.

Next it was my torso that got a tease. Spike licked my chest with his big tongue and slowly went down to licking my pubes. He continued going down and sucking on me, he tried o edge me and did a few times until I just cummed into his face.

'Bad move'

Spike moved up onto my upper torso and rested his thighs on either side of me. He had hairy thighs and the hairs tickled me which was uncomfortable but his gorgeous eyes made it pleasant. Spike got his dick out and started to wank. He slowly went up and down before coming in my face this time after a few minutes.

To clean me up, Spike removed his top and wiped the cum from my face and dropped it to the side of the bed. I was then uncuffed and turned around so that Spike could rim me. His big tongue was wet and wide and got me all horny again.

I willingly then allowed Spike to tie me to the end of the bed and left me there for a few minutes whilst he rummaged through a few doors. When he came back he plugged something into the electric socket and I instantly heard a buzzer noise. Spike started to shave off my hair on my head whilst he held it in place. It was so weird to lose all my hair but at this moment in time I would have allowed him to do anything to me.

I was left tied up to the bed as Spike went to the wardrobe and got out a leather collar. After attaching it to me I was untied and told to walk like the bitch I am. I crawled on all fours to a iron door three floors down. It was dark and cold and I was bound by rope and pushed into what seemed to be a dungeon. There was another man in there in a similar condition to me, but he still had his hair.

I was kicked to the floor and laid there until I heard all the noise disappeared. What was going on? How could I escape? Could anyone help me? Mark? Spike?



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