A Mistake

So a girl is trying to talk you and your wife to swing. This is very bad advice.  Don’t start swinging. In fact the girl that you are talking about reminds me of the girl that first invited us for a threesome only to ditch me. 

Like all guys I thought swinging would mean getting all the strange pussy that I wanted. So for a year or so I tried to convince my wife Barbara to give it a try. I guess I finally convinced her because for my birthday Barbara offered to set us up with a threesome. We tried strip clubs and escorts but it was never the right situation. Then we met a girl named Linda online and she invited us over to a swinger’s party at someone’s house, in Arlington. 

Linda turned out to be very rude and nasty and not into me at all but every guy there was all over my wife. This is indicative of the type of rude insulting pushy people you'll run into at these sorts of parties. My wife Barbara and Linda disappeared with my car and I had to call my sister Michelle to come drive me home. 

When I got home Barbara was in bed with Linda and some guy I later found out was named Bruce. I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

Linda was sitting on the floor leaning against the side of the bed, with her legs spread, smoking a funny smelling cigarette. Like a magnet my eyes were drawn to her crotch, a thing of beauty, trimmed so neatly, and glistening with wetness.

Barbara was on her hands and knees slowly crawl towards her wide spread legs. Linda’s eyes were half closed and her free hand planted firmly on the carpeted floor, her breathing heavy and deep with anticipation. 

I watched intently as Barbara moved between Linda’s open thighs and started to gently stroke the hot flesh of her legs. Her hands travelled the length of her long, tapered limbs, down to her feet, massaging her toes softly and then slowly back up tracing gentle patterns with her fingernails. Further up and up Barbara’s hands travelled until they were on the insides of Linda’s thighs again only inches from her visible wet pussy. 

"Wow," Barbara exclaimed, "This is the first time I've ever really taken a look at someone down there." 

Linda moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” out loud as she felt Barbara gently work the folds of her pussy open with her fingers to examine her more closely. Her inner lips were swollen with excitement and protruded beyond the thick outer lips.

I shifted uncomfortably where I stood. Linda’s clit wasn’t the only thing in the room engorged. I suddenly realized that while I’d been watching the show that was being put on, I’d developed an erection that was straining painfully to burst out of my pants. 

I threw a fleeting look at their male companion and realized that he was sporting a major boner as well. Not surprising really, I thought.

He and I both watched closely as my prude of a wife Barbara's head sank lower and lower between Linda’s open thighs. Linda howled, “Ohmifuckinggod,” and I knew that Barbara's tongue had made contact.

"Oh...yes....lick me...suck me baby," Linda murmured.

For a second, Barbara raised her head and smacked her lips. The broad smile on her face told how much fun she was having.

"Just lie back and enjoy, baby,” cooed Barbara.

And then her head was gone again; buried between Linda’s thighs and loud slurping and sucking noises echoed around the room. Linda, it seemed, was finding it tough to keep still. Her head rocked back and forth as she received a tongue bath from my wife. Her hips bounced raising her butt off the floor and almost presenting her pussy as a gift to Barbara. 

I’d never really thought of my wife Barbara as bisexual and a part of me wondered if this revelation would change anything between us. I didn't really know the answer to that, all I did know was that I would be more than happy for her to entertain me in this fashion as often as she wanted to.
"Oh God, Barbara…I'm gonna....cum....Oh, God.....Yes...yes...Yes...YESSSSSSSSSS,” shrieked Linda.
As her orgasm ripped through her body, Linda’s hips jumped up and down like a kid on a trampoline. Barbara had slipped her hands under her new lover's butt to support Linda as she orgasmed, flooded Barbara’s face with fluid.
They were having so much fun that they tried to get me to join in. I did a little at first but the guy had such a big dick…nine inch, thick, uncut cock with great big low-hanging balls. I was so intimidated that I just gave up. I watched a little, in shock but then just went to sleep on the couch.
Barbara stayed in touch with most of the group from the party. She and Linda went out with them all the time. 

I can't tell you how rude and thoughtless some of these people were. They’d come over late at night drunk, uninvited. Eat our food, drink our booze and fuck my wife Barbara. 

Even she gets pissed off at some of this rude behavior. 

The week after, Barbara was playing with Linda and Bruce, a girl named Wanda came by. 

“Linda suggested that I come by,” she said, “She seemed to think we’d hit it off.” Then she took Barbara’s hand and with me following, led her to our bedroom.

When we got into our bedroom we all sat down on the bed. 

I did not know what to do or where to start. I think Wanda realized this because she started rubbing Barbara's thigh and she put her hand on my already hard cock. 

Let me explain that Barbara and I (or at least I did) actually thought a FMF three some would be me kissing and playing with both of the girls and they doing the same with me and then I would fuck both of them.

This is exactly what started to happen. I kissed and played with Wanda then kissed and played with Barbara for a while. 

They did some touching of each other.  They played with each other’s breasts and such but not pussies. 

Then the two of them started playing with me and rubbing as well as kissing me all over. Barbara would suck on my cock while Wanda kissed me and licked or sucked my nipples. Then they switched and Wanda sucked my cock while Barbara kissed me and licked and sucked my nipples. 

Then they both played with my cock and balls together. 

After a while, Wanda whispered for me to fuck Barbara. 

I smiled and crawled between Barbara’s legs. I started licking Barbara's pussy. She purred and moaned as this was happening. Then, Wanda started licking Barbara's breasts and sucking and biting her nipples. This pushed Barbara over the edge causing her to cum several times. 

I then stopped eating her and placed my throbbing cock against her wet pussy. Wanda took hold of my cock and slowly pulled me towards that hot, wet and swollen pussy. As the head entered, Barbara moaned and thrust her pussy at me causing me to ram it deep inside her. 

We started fucking slowly at first and it felt great. 

Wanda started kissing me and playing with Barbara's breasts. 

Barbara was thrusting at me and moaning, “ugh, ugh, uuuugh,” in pleasure. 

After about ten minutes, Wanda moved to Barbara's breasts and started licking and nipping them. Barbara cried out and started cumming. She was having multiple orgasms causing me to lose it. As her hot cum was squirting around my cock, I started shooting and shooting my hot cum into her very hot pussy. When I finished shooting into Barbara, I lay there holding her. Wanda and I kissed her as well as each other. Finally, I got off Barbara and just lay there

I felt movement on the bed and looked to see Wanda between Barbara's open legs. She was slowly licking Barbara's inner thighs; moving towards her swollen pussy lips. I could see my cum was oozing out of Barbara's pussy. 

Pushing Barbara’s legs further apart, Wanda started licking my cum as it seeped out. With a contented sigh, Barbara put her hands on Wanda's head, gently caressing it. 

Barbara is a shy-sweet, innocent, adorable, chubby little cherubic girl next door-pouty cupid bow lips and a little round spank-able bottom. She’s only five foot two and weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds, has brown eyes and medium length brown hair that at times looks reddish in certain light. Her skin is very pale and she has a lot of reddish freckles on her breasts and shoulders. Her breasts are a natural B cup topped with light brown/pinkish nipples that get about a half an inch long when she is aroused.

Wanda on the other was anything but shy and innocent. She did have a spank-able bottom though. Where Barbara was short Wanda was probably about five foot ten or eleven inches tall and was very slim maybe one hundred and twenty five or thirty pounds but very strong. She had milky white skin with cute little freckles all over her body, long slim legs, and although sparse, the softest pubic that I’d ever rubbed my face in. and like all true redheads her pubic hair was more orange than red.

There was quite a contrast between them physically. Wanda was so tall and Barbara was so short that Wanda made Barbara look like a child. Seeing Wanda’s redhead between Barbara’s legs was a sight to behold. 

Seeing this peaked my interest so I lay there and watch the two ladies enjoying each other’s body. 

Wanda was kissing and licking all around the outside of Barbara's pussy as well as pushing her tongue deep inside her inner folds, cleaning mine and Barbara's cum out of her pussy. 

It wasn’t long before I felt my cock getting hard again. Slowly, I moved around and started kissing and nibbling on Barbara's breasts and very hard nipples. She started wiggling her hips around and moaning. As her moans got louder, Wanda continued licking and kissing her swollen pussy. 

Shortly, Barbara started cumming again. Immediately afterward Barbara had cummed, Wanda rolled over and lay there panting. Her face was flush…in the way only a pale skin redhead is flush…pink with white splotches…and she was playing with her own pussy.

Moving between her legs, I took hold of Wanda’s skinny ankles and lifted her legs up and forced them back until her knees were almost beside her head.  This almost bent her double, curling her spine up so that her crotch was pointing at the ceiling, her pussy tilted up and open in front of me. She had long, thin pussy lips, now spread slightly open, her whole glistening pussy a nice bright pink color. I found myself fascinated by the sight so I moved even closer to get a good view.

Lowering my face, I started licking and kissing Wanda’s inner thighs. She moaned wantonly, bent her knees and spread her thighs further apart. I slowly worked my way up towards her sweet orange haired pussy. 

The lips were open and her juices were oozing out and running down her butt crack towards her asshole. 

When I started licking her delicate pink lips and she opened her thighs even wider; exposing her puckered little pink asshole. It was so clean looking with her juices shining that I couldn’t resist. My tongue flicked out and started lapping there also. Wanda gasped, moaning, “Yessssss, oh god, please, ugh, don't, ugh, stop.” 

I continued this for a couple seconds more then stopped and shoved two fingers inside her wet pussy. Once I got them lubricated and pulled them out. 

Then I started alternately rubbing her wet juices onto her asshole and pushing my fingers back inside her. Moving closer, I positioned myself to insert my rock hard cock into the entrance of her pussy.  

Whimpering, Wanda pulled the petals of her delicate-lips open, the vivid red of her nail polish like an explanation point against the bubble gum pink of her pussy. Her clit was so fat and erect that its tip poked up like a pencil eraser, rising far beyond the dark folds of her clit hood. Unable to resist the sight, I started teasing her by rubbing the head around her clit. 

Just as I started to slide inside her, Wanda wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me deeply inside her. She was very wet and my seven inch cock buried deeply inside her made her feel tight…very tight. 

We lay there for a couple of minutes entwined in each other’s arms just enjoying the feel of each other’s lustful bodies. 

Then I felt her start squeezing my cock with her inner muscles. It felt great, like she was jacking me off with her pussy. 

As I started slowly pulling out and pushing in, I also slipped my still wet index finger into Wanda’s asshole. She was so tight she gasped and bucked hard against me as it entered her. 

All of a sudden, I felt Barbara's hand playing with my balls. Looking down, I saw that she was playing with my balls and feeling Wanda's pussy at the same time. 

As I continued enjoying the feeling of Wanda's hot pussy, I felt her quivering in the throes of passion. 

Moving around, Barbara attacked Wanda’s breasts with gentle caresses, soft squeezes and the easy pulls and pinches on her nipples causing Wanda to moan deep in her throat. 

This was all it took. Wanda screamed, “I'm cummmmming, oh God.....this is great.” Her thrusting hips and squeezing pussy set me off too. 

We both exploded into hard orgasms. As I shot spurt after spurt of lava like cum into her, she was in the throes of multiple orgasms. 

I rolled off of Wanda gasping for breath. As soon as I left, Barbara moved in and started eating Wanda's cum filled pussy. Even though she went at it like she had been eating pussy all of her life, I knew this was only her second pussy eating experience…Linda being the first. 

I watched this for a few moments then got up to get hot, wet and warm wash cloths as well as towels for both of them. 

When I returned, they were lying together softly exchanging kisses and holding each other. 

I gently wiped both of them, cleaning dried cum off their spent bodies. They both looked at me, eyes shining and smiling happily.

They call in the middle of the night and Barbara will have to get out of bed and go meet them at McGee’s, or the Shack. She sleeps naked so when Barbara gets these late night calls she usually doesn’t even bother to put on a bra and panties. She just put on a sundress and a pair of heels and away she’d go. When I complain Barbara just say's that being a swinger was all my idea and I have to live with it. 

When she’d get home, Barbara would spread her legs and her pussy would be gaping wide open from the fucking she’d just got. Her love lips were always swollen and puffy and stretched apart revealing the wet pinkness of her delicate folds within. Her bushy pubic hair would be matted with wetness and leaking love juices. As Barbara opened her legs even wider a trickle of some stranger’s white cum would be visible at the entrance to her pussy.

"Go on cum eater," Barbara laughed, "You know what you want to do now."

Resigned to my fate, I brushed my tongue downwards over her belly heading towards her moist pussy. As I brushed my tongue over Barbara’s smooth belly I left a trail of my wet saliva as I licked past her belly button. I continued my progress down the bed until my body was situated between her wide open legs, and my face was level with her hairy pussy. 

"Lick me out then darling, get your tongue inside me and lick up all of those men’s sticky cum," I was firmly told.

I breathed in deeply and savored the heady smell of sweat, love juice and the other men’s fresh thick cum.

"Lick it all up cum sucker, before it leaks out and makes a mess all over our bed," Barbara said assertively as she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my head between her open thighs.

As usual I did exactly as I was told. I moved forward and poked my tongue out to lick Barbara's slippery wet slit. As my tongue made contact with the wet folds of her sensitive flesh Barbara let out a low moan. As I probed inside her pussy with my tongue Barbara squeezed her tight pussy muscles and forced a large globule of the other men’s sticky cum into my waiting mouth. I eagerly gulped the mixture of the strange men’s and her juices down feeling the hot cummy mixture coating my tongue and the back of my throat.

"Eat it all cum slut," Barbara moaned as my tongue brushed the sensitive area around her clit. "Suck it all out of me and then make me cum my lovely cum eater."

I licked her pussy alternating between circling my tongue round the sensitive little bud of her clit and licking deep inside her sticky hole. Each lick in her juicy pussy brought more of the salty, slightly bitter cummy mixture into my mouth. Then I eagerly swallowed. As I licked her pussy I looked up and watched as Barbara pinched her own nipples and rolled the engorged breasts between her thumb and finger. 

I circled her clit with my tongue with increasing pressure and as she moaned in appreciation I brought her off with my gentle nibbles on her clit.

"God, oh, yes," Barbara whimpered as an orgasm ripped through her and her body shuddered. I hadn’t been told to stop so I continued on licking her wet pussy as she calmed down. When she had finished and told me that I could stop, I moved up the bed and we embraced, holding each other’s spent bodies until we contentedly fell asleep.

We were already in bed one night when one of Barbara’s friends came over. He didn't even knock. He just walked in and came over to our bed. His was already naked and his cock was getting harder with each step. He pulled back the sheet and slid in beside us.

Barbara’s pale blue nightie was so sheer he could see there was no bra strap but she was wearing panties, the same shade of light blue. 

He took her by the shoulder and turned her toward him.

Barbara’s eyes opened as he kissed her and moved his hand to her breast.

As I watched her nipple got hard. He tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger. 

His cock was now full and hard and pressing against Barbara’s leg. She shook her head away from his mouth. "Stop!" she teased, "We can't do this! It's wrong. My husband is watching." 

"Oh yes we can," he said. He was like a train and nothing was going to stop him. He kissed her again, squeezing her breast, making her moan. 

"Please stop,” Barbara teased, hearing the fake anxiety in her voice. He moved his hand up under her nightie, down the front of her panties and down to her pussy.  Barbara’s legs tight together.  His fingers combed through her full bush and then his finger slipping between her lips. 

"Please honey! Don't,” she moaned.  

But I thought I heard a slight weakening of her resistance. 

"You know we want it,” he laughed. 

I was so excited from watching them that I was breathing hard but still calm and focused. 

"It’s time," he whispered, talking fast. "I have to have you." 

He kissed her again. And Barbara relaxed and kissed me back. He moved his hand away from her pussy back to her breast, pulling her nightie up, and cupped her other breast, squeezing and rubbing her nipple. Barbara was breathing so much faster. He kissed her again, this time pushing his tongue in her mouth and she responded, kissing me back, a full lovers' kiss. Her hands went around his neck and down his back and then up again. 

He pulled her nightie up and off and then slid her panties down. Breathing hard, Barbara lifted her hips a little to help him. If the panties had snagged he would have ripped them off. 

He moved over her, his cock against her pussy.  Letting his weight down on her lightly, feeling her soft flesh, her warm belly, her pubic hair against him, her breasts against his chest. He kissed her again, and her resistance was gone. "Oh," Barbara said. He was rubbing his body on hers, sort of up and down and back and forth, in a kind of circle, his cock massaging her pussy lips. 

He kissed her again and she kissed him back hard, her hands now on his back and neck, pulling him to her. Barbara opened her legs. "Baby, yes, hurry baby …fuck me.”

"Oh, you feel so good,” he moaned.   

"You too, baby, but hurry,” Barbara said, opening her legs wider and then brought them up to where her knees were near her ears, ass in the air. She brought her hands down to his bottom and pulled him against her.

Excited and wanting to watch, I reached between them and used my hand to guide his cock to Barbara’s pussy. When the head touched her slit, I naturally moved it up and down in the hot wetness that was oozing from her.

 "Push," I told him and Barbara’s breath left her body in a whoosh as his cock rammed deep inside her. 

Barbara’s long legs were soon up over his shoulders and she was moaning and gasping in time with his steady powerful thrusting. Her fingers dug into the cheeks of his ass, urging him on, as if trying to pull him in deeper each time he plunged into her. 

As I watched in awe, he was pumping her methodically, pushing all the way in. The almost applauded as he slowly pulled it almost all the way out and then almost brutally ramming it back in so hard and deep that their flesh made slapping noises as their bodies connected.

As I watch my wife fucked her good friend. 

Barbara started working her hips, ramming her pussy up, meeting his thrusts halfway. In seconds, amid her garbled moaning, I heard Barbara choke out the words, “I’m cumming, oh god, I’m cumming.” 

Her stud friend could barely hold himself back any longer and finally gave in to the moment. Gripping her hips tightly, he bucked into Barbara uncontrollably as he cummed long and hard. Barbara’s gorgeous ass bounced wildly on his cock, her clutching pussy sucking the cum out of him as if it were a mouth. 

The two of them collapsed on the bed, still caressing each other while they caught their breath.

It didn't stop there. Barbara started dating tourists that visit from out of town. I never knew when a strange guys show up at our door looking for a quickie in their car. I did my best to fit in. One night when Barbara was out and a car load of tourists showed up looking for quickies, I filled in for her by giving them blowjobs.  I’d never sucked a dick before and even though I thought it was a disgusting act, I did it to fit in. 

Barbara thought it was funny because when she got home I was they were sitting around the living and I was sucking the fourth ones dick. She laughed her ass off, the patted me on the head and sat around chatting with the guys while I finished blowing the last three.

A guy came over one night I thought looking for Barbara. When I told him she wasn’t home. As he unzipping pants and took out his cock, he said, “I’m not looking for Barbara I’m looking for you.”


“Yes, I’ve heard how good you suck dick, so I want a sample.”

I licked my lips as I stared at his cock. Then bowing to the inevitable, I went to my knees again feeling totally defeated, almost sobbing as my lips wrapped around his flaccid but growing cock. I tasted something different. 

He said, “Do you like that cocksucker I fuck your wife before I came here.”  He started getting vulgar, talking nasty but that only got me hornier for his cock. The smell made me so horny. 

Then he said, “I fucked her pussy for a while then her ass and cummed in her ass. Do you like the taste?”
Wondering how much of his cum I’d licked out of Barbara’s pussy, I moaned, “Yes.”

Using my hair, he pulled my mouth off his cock said, “Wait,” and kicked his shoes off.  Then took unbuttoned, unzipped and took off his pants and boxers. Then he sat down on the sofa, spread his legs wide said, “Come and get it.” Then with his hand on the back of my head he pulled my face to his cock. 

I engulfed it licking and sucking on his throbbing shaft. Laughing, he pushed me down his shaft all the way to his big balls. Holding me there he said, “Lick my balls.”

As my tongue danced all over his nuts he said, “Now suck them.”

I took turns sucking one then the other. 

Pushing me further down, he said, “Do what my wife won't do...rim me.”

I slid lower and kneaded the cheeks of his ass. My lips grazed across them and my tongue slithered along his tan line tasting the salt from his flesh. Lifting his legs and laid them on my shoulders as I licked the crease of his ass.  I pulled his butt cheeks apart and looked at his clean tight asshole. 

I had licked Barbara's asshole numerous times and we both always enjoyed it. 

My tongue slid wetly down his ass crack making him moan loudly. I licked his tight puckered asshole and he groaned with pleasure. My tongue slithered from his musky balls across his taint to his asshole before jabbing inside his ass and tongue fucking him as he writhed with pleasure.  I buried my face between his butt cheeks and sticking my tongue deep into his asshole. 

I must have hit his prostate because he groaned and cummed all over the arm of the sofa. 

Then I went back to sucking his cock, working it good. He finely gave up me a load, shooting it down my hungry throat. I played with his balls with his shrinking cock in my mouth. 

He push my off and said, “You’re a good cock sucking bitch. I'll be back again.”
When he was gone, I went to the bathroom and slide my pants down releasing my hard tiny cock. Then I jerked off on the floor with his taste still in my mouth.

I came home from work and some guy will be on the couch while Barbara was getting ready to go out. When she heard me come in she yelled from the bedroom, “Bruce is really horny tonight. Will you be a dear and suck his dick while I finished getting dressed?”

I knelt between my wife Barbara’s date’s outstretched legs and lowered his zipper, unbuckle his belt, unbutton the snap, pulled open his pants and there in Bruce's shorts was a nice tent.  When I started to pull his pants and his jockey shorts down, Bruce raised his ass to help me.

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was when the doorbell ring and its three more of Barbara’s male friends and when they saw me sucking Bruce’s dick they wanted equal time.

When I finished off Bruce one of his buddies was already sitting beside him on the sofa with his dick out. Moving from Bruce’s dick to his, I started licking the head of his cock, sticking my supple little tongue in the piss-hole.
“Mmmmmm,” I moaned, “You’ve got a big one, with nice thick veins.”

I paused to run a finger down a pulsing vein. Suddenly I opened my mouth wide and swallowed half his cock. My mouth was so hot and wet that he moaned that it felt like a pussy. I started moving my head up and down. I slid farther down his thick shaft with each swallow. I felt his cock crashing into the back of my throat and he seemed to be as thrilled by it as I was.  

I kept banging him harder and harder with my mouth. The thrill was too much for him to handle and almost from the start, he could feel an extraordinarily delicious tension in his balls. He just couldn’t believe how good my mouth felt. He’d never experienced such perfection in a blowjob. He said that I was talented. 

Catching my breath I move across to my easy chair and again lean over and took another hard cock in my mouth and started sucking it with complete abandonment. My head was bobbing up and down and my fingers lightly caressing his balls. 

I stop sucking, pausing to lick the underside of the head and shaft of his cock right where guys are the most sensitive. 

Caught up in the lust of the moment I wanted to suck him off. I want him to cum as much as he could in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum and feel it running down my throat. 

My mouth descended again down his shaft, making soft noises of wetness. It was my eagerness to please him that had him so aroused that his cock felt like it would burst. 

I could feel the volcanic rise and tingle of his coming orgasm. As my tongue licked under the head, the first spurt rushes into my mouth, followed quickly by another, then another. My hand pulls his cock out of my mouth as another gush of cum splashed against my lips and chin. I slide up some and come to a half sitting position, bringing my breast up to your still gushing cock. 

Barbara and I have been swingers for about a year. During that year I have no idea how many guys Barbara has fucked or how many pussies she’s eaten but I must have sucked over 50 dicks and haven’t gotten to fuck a single girl.

As I said, swinging is a nightmare. If you don’t like or don’t want to suck dicks…don’t swing.   

The end…





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