We are sitting close, my left hand twisting around, entangled with his right. I look at him, he turns to look at me and we both smile as I lean in for a kiss. I lay my head on his shoulder feeling fully relaxed. As if of its own free will my right hand moves to his right knee and continues slowly up his right thigh towards his crotch.

I find the object of my desire, as I gently squeeze and rub his member it stiffens and I know what I have to do. Moving to my knees in front of him I carefully unbutton and unzip his pants. The smell of his crotch is so intoxicating I start to lick his tool through his underwear. Pulling his pants down a little for more comfort, I pull the waistband of his underwear under his balls completely releasing his wonderful cock and balls. Being almost six inches in length, with one and a half inches width at the base to the top of his one inch mushroom head, I start by licking around the base and then up the underside to the tip.

I slowly stroke his cock with my right hand while my left massages his balls. With my tongue I lick the rim of his mushroom head making him moan softly. Letting only the head of his cock in my mouth I proceed to playfully nibble around the rim, swirling my tongue around his tip. Swallowing as much of his cock as I can, I start bobbing my head sucking as hard as I can. I feel his right hand on the back of my head and his fingers running through my hair, telling me I am doing a good job. It's not so long before I can feel his muscles constricting telling me he is close to releasing his load.

Continuing to stimulate him with my mouth even though I know how close he is makes my cock rock hard. Finally I stop letting him grab his cock in his right hand and the back of my neck with his left. He strokes his cock with such speed for the last few seconds before he shoots his load. Mouth wide open awaiting his delicious seed, he explodes in four long bursts, as his hot thick cum hits my face I try to catch the most I can with my mouth, enjoying when he misses my awaiting mouth none the less. As his cum drips down my face from forehead to chin I do my best to lick my sweet and salty treat. At last using my fingers to get the remainder into my mouth, I notice the expression on my partners face as one of pure ecstasy. Cleaning his cock and balls with my tongue I replace his cock and balls into his underwear, pull back up his pants and very carefully zip and button him up.

I return to my seat beside him and we both lean in for a passionate kiss. His tongue roams around the inside of my mouth searching for the taste of his own spunk. Our hands entangle themselves with one another as the lights turn back on. The shuffling of footsteps as the other people are make their way to either side of the room towards the exit. We remain sitting in our seats just staring at one another. Huge smiles across our faces as we enjoy each other's company. To this day I still have no idea what movie we were supposed to be watching and I definitely don't have a clue how it ended.



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