My relationship with Anthony began with what happened after a rather painful accident. I play soccer every Saturday morning in the park with a group of buddies. We get together once a week and relive our glory days when we played for the university. To make a long story short I was not wearing my cup during one of our more spirited games and I got kicked hard in the groin. I was just going to walk it off but it hurt so much I could hardly stand. It was not my intention to seek medical attention but a friend intervened and called an ambulance from his cell phone and before I could protest, I was laying in a cubical in the ER with my shorts down and my privates exposed.

An intern entered the room, pulled on a pair of rubber gloves, and examined my balls as I grimaced in pain. 'I don't see any damage to the family jewels,' he joked. 'I'm going to have one of our student nurses apply some ice to reduce that swelling'. I will be back in an hour to check on you.' 'I am going to give you a prescription for the pain.' 'Next time wear a cup'. The whole exam took less than a minute and the young doctor ran out the door to his next case. There was certainly no positive bedside manner or reassurance from him. I started to feel neglected until I looked up and saw a young man in surgery scrubs applying an ice pack to my aching balls. I was thankful it was a male student nurse and a handsome one at that. His name tag read: 'Anthony White, Student Nurse, University Hospital'. 'Ok, all done. How do you feel now?' 'Thank you Anthony that feels better,' I said.'

'The Doctor told me to stay with you until the swelling went down.' Anthony sat down on a metal stool next to me and held the ice pack and placed his other hand on my thigh to comfort me. I gazed into his handsome face. His smile made me forget about the pain. His blue eyes glistened in the reflected overhead light. I had nothing to do now but try to relax and to observe Anthony. I noticed he had a small diamond stud in his left ear. Occasionally when he opened his mouth to yawn, I noticed his pierced tongue. I felt a little embarrassed that someone had to hold an ice pack on my balls. I think we were both trying to put each other at ease. He had such a sweet smile that he was starting to become very attractive to me. I asked him about nursing school and he told me the classes he was taking and that part of his studies required him to work in the ER.

I mentioned his piercing and asked him how much pain he had to endure when he got them and asked if he had any more. Anthony pointed out an eyebrow piercing which I had missed and then he did something that was totally unexpected. He walked a few paces away so I could see all of him, undid the drawstring of his scrub pants and dropped them to the floor. He was not wearing any underwear. He pointed to his flaccid cock containing a 'Prince Albert' and lifted it up in my direction with one hand and cupped his scrotum in the other. After he allowed me a few seconds to examine his penis he quickly pulled up his pants. Suddenly I forget about the pain in my balls and I was thinking of his shaved groin and his pierced dick. 'Wow I bet that must have hurt', was the only thing I could think of to say. 'It sure did but its ok now,' Anthony answered. I have to admit, I don't have the world's best gaydar but I was starting to do some mental calculations about Anthony. I was wondering if he might be gay. The hour passed quickly. The swelling in my nuts went down.

After removing the ice pack, Anthony wiped my groin with a towel and helped me slowly get off the table. The young doctor arrived, had me pull my shorts down again and seemed to be pleased that I would survive. When the doctor left, Anthony came over and gave me a hug. It was a long and warm hug. He told me to have a seat in a wheelchair, but I said that I could walk OK. He said it was hospital policy to use a chair so I sat down and he pushed me to the exit. He told me he would call me for a follow up for his report. I left the ER feeling better and happy that I had met Anthony.

A few days later, I was at home and received a phone call from Anthony. He asked how I was feeling and that would it be ok if he came over to check on me. I told him that it wouldn't be necessary, that I was fine. He told me that he wanted to do a follow up for his class. He wanted me to answer a questionnaire for him. I told him to come on over and I wondered what might develop, if anything. Anthony arrived right on time and I showed him into the living room. I told him everything was fine but I would answer his questions. He asked me to take off my shirt so he can do a blood pressure check on me. He commented that the BP was fine but my pulse rate was a little elevated. I told him that it always happened when a good looking man touches me. Anthony blushed a little and made some notes in his record book. He then asked if my testicles were feeling ok and could I get an erection. I told him I was in no pain and that he can check out the erection for himself. I knew immediately that I had gone too far with my glib comment and apologized to Anthony. I told him I was sorry for that remark and that I was out of line. Anthony smiled and said 'No problem'. The next thing I knew Anthony was giving me a hug and I hugged him back. I asked him if he were straight, gay, or bi. 'Would it make a difference how you felt toward me,' he asked. I said no. He told me he had a girl friend. I told him that was ok but that was not the truth. I wanted him to be gay and I wanted to make love to him. We chatted for a while longer and then he left. I had a strong feeling that Anthony had an attraction to me but he was sending out a lot of 'mixed signals' so I did not know what to think or do next. He completed his exam and I answered his questions. When the examination was over, he left saying that he would follow up with me. I was really confused. I guess my gaydar was completely off. He thanked me and walked out the door.

A week later Anthony called me with an unusual request. 'Bob do you have any bananas?' I told him yes but they were a little green and he told me that would be perfect and that he would see me soon. A half hour later Anthony showed up at my doorstep. When I asked why he wanted to know if I had any bananas he told me he had to give a demonstration at nursing school the next day. 'This is going to sound a little strange but I have to show the class the proper way to put on a condom'. He told me his instructor told him he could use a banana in place of a penis for the purpose of the demo. Anthony asked if he could practice his presentation at my kitchen table. Anthony had a speech written on the importance of safe sex and at the conclusion of his talk he was going to show the proper way to use a condom. He pulled one of the green bananas loose from the bunch and rolled a

condom half way down the tropical fruit. He practiced for a while but he did not seem to be too happy about the realism of his demonstration. Then I had an idea. I went to my bedroom and brought back a box which I handed to Anthony. He opened the box and extracted a red velvet pouch. Inside he found my realistic cock dildo. Anthony first blushed a bit and then smiled. 'Wow this looks and feels like the real thing.' He squeezed the balls and run his fingers back and forth over the long shaft. Anthony's demonstration came alive as composed a new narration for his report. 'Foreplay is a very important part of sexual activity and one which will help achieve a hard firm erection'. 'This will prepare the penis for the application of the condom'.

I did not say anything to Anthony as he was going over his presentation but I felt a hard-on in my jeans. 'If I use this monster, I am either going to get an A or kicked out of class but the hell with the bananas', Anthony told me. Again a signal, but nothing further happened between us. We hugged and he left to finalize his report and demonstration for his next class. The next day Anthony called and told me that the realistic penis had the full attention of class during his demo and earned him an A in sex education. I was happy for him.

Two weeks went by and I accepted the fact that I would never see Anthony again. Just as I was preparing to go to bed there was a knock at the door. Anthony stood at my doorstep. He explained that he and his girlfriend had an argument and he was told to leave the apartment they shared. He asked if he could spend the night with me. I offered him the couch but he told me he was very down and needed to be with someone and could he share my bed. I nodded yes, stripped down to my white Calvin's and got under the covers. I watched Anthony slowly undress. The last thing he took off was his jeans. He was not wearing any underwear. He got under the comforter with me and cuddled. I was a little nonplused. Should I try to have sex with him or was he too straight to think about such a thing. 'I'm confused Anthony,' I told my new bedmate. 'Just what is your sexual orientation, and why were you and your girlfriend arguing?' 'She found a male magazine I hid under some clothes. Then she told me she suspected I liked men more then women. I called her a bitch, and she told me to pack up and leave. I have never had gay sex, but I am turned on by men.' I waited for Anthony to make the first move. It did not take him long. He put his arm around me and then he kissed me on the cheek. He put his tongue in my ear. I turned on to my back and I felt his

hand slide under my briefs and fondle my growing erection. 'Well looks like that soccer ball didn't do any damage down here,' he said.. 'I want to suck your cock?' Before I could answer, Anthony threw back the covers, pulled off my briefs, and began a blow job that would last a half an hour. He sucked and massaged my dick with enthusiasm and true passion. The feel of his fingers, lips and tongue sent a tingling in my groin which extended from my rose bud to the top of my engorged cock. I wanted to cum but I also wanted this feeling to last forever. My cock was dripping with his salvia and my precum. Anthony slid a condom on my manhood and asked me to fuck him. He straddled my legs and lowered his willing ass over my huge erection. He stared slowly to let his virgin hole accommodate me. He moaned and several times cried out with pleasure. I rolled him over and took command. As I thrust up, he slid further and further down my cock. His ass cheeks were resting on my pubes. Anthony grabbed his cock and stroked himself as I pushed deep inside of him. When I could hold off no more, I pulled off the condom and lay next to him to finish in a mutual jack off. We were both breathing heavily as we both came at the same time.

Anthony is still in nursing school. He lives with me now and he is just what the doctor ordered.



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