This is a complicated story, but I found it to be very exciting. It was to say the least, very erotic and stimulating for me. I also learned a valuable lesson about controling my sexual appetites.

This particular night, while working the morning shift midnight to eight, I was walking the tiers of the cellhouse taking count.

I was on the last tier, called 'gay alley'. As I approached the middle cell, there stood the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He was very slim, long hair falling to his shoulders, shaved from head to toe, completely nude, with the most magnificent cock (about 8 and a half inches.

He did not say anything and did not try to cover his nudity. I guess I let out a low gasp as I approached him. He smiled and winked at me as I passed.

This 'gay alley' tier was isolated away from the rest of the population to protect the more feminine prisoners from the predoters. There were only four prisoners on the tier at that time.

I proceded to the office and confirmed my count. I sat there for awhile with the image of this prisoner etched in my mind. You see, I had been in previous relationships with other men. In the closet of course, after all I was married that time.

His name was Duchey, pronounce Du K. He like to be called Ducky. He was on the extreme protection list and had to be excorted everywhere. He was gorgeous.

I had notice his aroused state when I walked by him. He was rock hard and obviously very horney. Obviously he needed relief and would take any help he could get.

The more I thought about this, the more aroused I became. I could not stop thinking about him. I had to have him. I knew I would, somehow.

I decided, hey I am the gaurd and I have control of all of these men. I summoned up my courage and approached his cell. He must of heard me coming, he again was standing there, completely exposed.

I stopped in front of his cell. I did not say anything. He approached the cell door and said, 'see anything you like honey?'

His cock was sticking out between the bars, fully erect, precum oozing out. He said,'I knew you wanted me when you walked by earlier, you could not keep your eyes off of my cock.'

I did not answer, I reached out, grabbed that magnificent cock, and started stroking it. He moaned with pleasure. He reached out and started rubbing my cock through my uniform. I was in heaven at this point, it had been years since my last man.

He got quieter and whispered, 'can you come in here so we can be together, I've wanted you since the first time I saw you!' I nodded yes in reply.

I pulled away and told him to stay in his cell when I opened the doors. He said he would.

I walked to the control lever, selected his cell and gently pulled his door opened. As I checked on the way back, the other prisoners appeared to still be asleep.

When I arrived at his cell, he jumped into my arms and gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever had. We held each other and kissed for quite awhile. He then asked me to undress so he could see my body too. I complied willingly. When I had all my clothing off, he touched and caressed almost every inch of my body, finally reaching my rock hard cock. I was not quite as large as him, 7 and a half inches, but he seemed to love it.

He sucked and licked on me so passionately and skillfully. He was magnificent. I moaned and moved with his every motion.

I could stand no more, I picked him up and placed him on the bed (cot). I then lay in the opposite direction and we began to 69 each other. I loved the feel of his monster cock in my mouth. We came one right after the other, his first and I went a couple of minutes later. An explosive orgasm!

We lay there sucking every last drop out of each other. I held his cock even after I stopped sucking on it. It was so smooth and silky.

Finally he spoke. 'Darlin, I love you dearly. But I have to tell you something.' 'I pulled a little trick on you, I want you so much and I intend to keep you.' 'Please do not misunderstand and please don't be mad at me.' 'Everyone on this range knows what just happened to between us, I told them what I was gonna do and they are not asleep.' 'Don't panic, they will not say anything unless I tell them to.'

I, at this point was in a panic to say the least. Exposure at this point in my life would have been devastating.

I asked him why he had done this. He said, 'you see, I am a dominant/tranvestite.' 'I need a willing sex slave and I want you to be that slave!' 'I am not into BDSM or anything like that, I just need a slave to satisfy my needs and I have chosed you.'

I was stunned. 'What do you want from me? I will do anything you ask, but please tell no one else, it will destroy me.'

He said, 'we shall see, I require complete obedience, never question my demands, do you agree?'

I agreed and believe or not, was totally frightened and excited at the same time. I had become aroused and was fully erect again.

Ducky aproached me, we were both standing at that time. He told me suck on him and make him hard again. I knelt and started sucking and licking on him feverously. I loved that cock!

It did not take long and he was standing at full mast. He told me to get on all fours on the bed. He then positioned himself behind me. He buried his face in me ass, licking and lapping my anus, balls, and cock. I became totally wet. He stopped, positioned himself between my legs, and slowly started working his cock inside me.

I was a little frightened, I had never had a member this size in me. He was huge and wondered if I could take it.

It hurt a little as he worked it in me. He was very skillful. After getting it all the way in, he started humping me slowly at first. He reached between my legs and started stroking me, playing with my cock and balls as he fucked me. He said as he held my cock and balls, 'these are now mine, I own them!'

He began fucking me harder at this point. He said, 'you are mine now and you will submit to me when I need you, do you understand?' ' I now am your mistress.'

I agreed. It had stopped hurting and it felt great with him inside me. I felt so attracked to him because of his femininety and afraid of him because of his masculinity. He was attacking me with his magnificent cock and making love to my cock at the same time. I was so confused and so excited. I finally admitted to myself, I loved it.

He started fucking me really hard. I could tell he was close. He was yanking so hard on my cock, I thought he was gonna tear it off. But, he was not that strong, remember he is very tiny for a man.

I came first. I squirted cum everywhere. He pulled every drop as he continued to yank me off. Then he came. I thought he would never stop. God, what a load. Cum was actually coming out of my ass as he was pumping it in. I was full of his love juice and could hold no more!

He stayed there, spent for a few minutes. As he slid out, cum rushed out and down my legs. He bent over, reached under me with his head and took me in his mouth, licking off all the excess cum off of my cock.

He told me to get up and we cleaned up each other. He took a towel and washed all the cum away. He then told me to get dressed.

Ducky then explained the rules to me as his slave. We set up a schedule for our engagement and limits to protect my position.

He said, 'I have had your ass and you belong to me!' ' I will take very good care of you and you will be my slave bitch!'

I did not ask any questions for fear he would get angry. He was a lovely mistress and I decided to get into this and keep her happy.

Over time, I brought in female attire, makeup, etc. to him. He was in heaven and told me he loved me more than he had ever loved before.

I was at that time only 24 and had a rock hard body. I actually looke exactly like Steve Martin. I guess this turned him on.

What a love affair we had! I really loved it when he ordered me around and fucked me. He always made sure I was satisfied too. He was one of my greatest lovers and I have never forgotten him.



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