Jeff lowered his mouth onto my cock his lips still wet from our kiss. The room

was dark and people moved in the shadows other couples and groups writhing and

squirming like something wet and organic.

His tong played on the neck of my rode its ridge resting on his upper lip. Then

his mouth started to move down taking move and more of my cock into it. The

warmth present with overwhelming tangibility like my mind was in the tip of my

pines. His tong still roomed the underside of my cock and I felt my balls begin to tens.

Jeff picked up speed and the sucking sound emanated from him. It was very wet and I

could feel trails of saliva creeping down my cock and past my shaven bass. I could

fell the spit now cold dripping of my clean balls.

Both jiffs hands were on my ass and as he felt me near climax he moved one

to start jerking my cock. It was fast pumping me as he looked up into my eyes. I saw

the smile on his faces as he enjoyed the sensation of pleasing me he went back to

sucking again, still pumping with his hand the other hand now playing with my balls

massaging them as if asking for there offering.

As he sucked I moaned that I was about to cum. He opened his mouth putting

his tong on my cock and spend up his pumping I could feel him massaging my balls

as he jerked my cock. A ripple ran up my shaft as my first contraction sent ecstasy

round my body and white sperm into jiffs open mouth. It splattered on to his tong a

thick rope splashing his mouth. The second jet was harder, it sprayed out sending

drops of cum onto jiffs face and lips, the cum on his lips was quickly stolen by his

tong and left to pool. There were 3 more spurts all of witch Jeff amid well, they laced

his tong and mouth with my cum, it colleted there as he squeezed my cock a few

times pushing out the last of my jizz.

'Should I swallow it or start a collection?' Jeff asked as he smiled at me.

Will start weighting the next part if you guys want more?



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