Seated in my office, I was working seriously. Everybody else was gone and I was alone completing my presentation. It has been some time since I had and I needed someone beside me on my bed urgently. I remembered this guy Zack. I took out my cell and gave a ring to him. It rang and rang and nobody lifted. I tried again and nobody lifted. I tried for the third time and nobody lifted. I stopped my fruitless attempts and turned towards my presentation. I thought may be he was busy and didn't lift the phone at that time and hoped he'll call me once he was free. Half-an-hour passed, and then another quarter, Zack didn't call me back. He didn't call me that day, neither the next. I was busy with certain other acquaintances by weekend.

Months after, a fine Sunday morning, I remembered Zack and tried his number again. It was a sweet female voice on the other side to inform me. 'The number you have dialed currently does not exist.' My heart sank. I had no clue of how to ever contact Zack. In just a couple of our acquaintances he became a good friend ... I thought ... at least!

Have I lost him forever? I tried his number five to six times thereafter in the next couple of months to just hear the same recorded sweet mechanical voice. 'The number you have dialed currently does not exist.' Disappointed I couldn't keep seeing that number in my contacts. I've removed it permanently from my phone. In the meantime of course I got busy with yet a few more new acquaintances, and a vacation and then my work. One day, perhaps a week after my vacation, I thought of dropping in to his flat. But I wasn't sure he would still be staying there, in fact it was the most unlikely thing. I forced myself to drop that idea.

Yesterday when I was busy removing all the clutter from my study, my phone rang. This new cell apparently didn't carry any name. Someone from the other side inquired: 'is it Christopher?'

The voice was like that of my cousin Ronald. But I wasn't sure and was even worried. I didn't expect Ronald to call me. He was in police and looking at the agitations and disturbances outside I felt an instant worry. The call got disconnected; this old phone got turned off at that moment. I quickly grabbed the charger and put it to charging. It apparently took a while to boot back. I quickly searched for the last incoming call and dialed the number from my new phone. The same voice said, 'hello!' I replied 'Er ... , hello! Er ... , this is Chris, just ... now I was called.' 'Oh! Hi Chris, how are you?' Said the other man.

'I'm fine', I knew I should have said ... 'How are you?', but instead I said '... who are you? Oh! ... I am sorry I didn't mean to, ... Ronald!' I concluded.

'Er ..., no it is Zack, actually it was my mistake. I didn't introduce myself ... so don't be sorry.' Said Zack.

'Zack!', I exclaimed.

'Er ..., you remember me? ... Chris! We met, actually long time, may be an year passed ... long time ago.' He paused and then said, 'you remember me, right!'

'Er ..., yeah! Surely, I mean, just was trying to pull myself. I remember you Zack, in fact, it came as a little shock, some time back I tried your number but it wasn't working.' I waited.

'Yeah I was out of station, been into some modeling assignments and I've been away for 6 months.' I came back a couple of months back and settled myself here.' Then he quickly added, 'it's not the same flat, it's a bit away from there. I found your number in my old cell and just wanted to tell you ... we can meet.'

Open mouthed, I gasped loudly, the very thought of being able to see Zack was electrifying. I quickly recovered and said, 'fine I'll see you sometime this week. Actually you see today, the situation outside is quite tensed and so I'll try to make it sometime this week, or perhaps this weekend.'

'Yeah! Fine that's perfectly OK with me. I'm free and my roommate is out of station, you can make it at your convenience ... see you then, bye' he finished. 'That's fine, Er ..., thanks for calling.' I've pressed the red button of my phone keypad. That was a quite unusual and formal dialogue of invitation and acceptance.

After a heavy work of removing clutter from my study I was too tired and went to bed quickly. The next day I got up a little bit early. I switched on the news channels. All the schools and colleges were closed. The agitating students were, nevertheless confined to the University campus in a silent non-violent procession. I quickly got up and finished my breakfast, had a brief shower after a clean shave. I felt the same urgency like the one I had months ago working on my presentation in my office. I dialed Zack's number, under heavy breathing. There was no response. I tried again and for the second time there was no response. I almost threw the cell on my bed and walked into the hall to answer somebody at the door. It was some hawker selling some socks. Early at this hour how can somebody knock the door to sell socks? I mean people might still want to sleep. Or perhaps no, it was 10'o clock.

How mean I was, God knows, how desperate he was to sell. God knows, what urgent need he was in. I felt sorry for him.

When I returned back to my room, there were already three missed calls. My heart started beating fast. It was Zack, in reply to my missed calls. I quickly called back. 'Hello! Zack ... This is Chris ... I was just thinking of meeting you, if ... it is possible.'

'What time will you be coming Chris?'

'Er ... Right now, I mean it'll take an hour for me to drive.' I replied. Zack was thinking, for 5 seconds, the sound of each I could hear from my wall clock. But those five seconds were like 5 long sleepless nights for me. I could feel the urgency of sleeping with Zack in my veins. What if he wasn't free till evening? What if he says he could meet only the next day? What if he says he was just leaving for some assignment and will be back the next week? What if he says he was going on a vacation and will be back only the next month? What if he says he was to accompany his family or friends on some world tour?

'I'm waiting, come to McDonalds here and call me.'

And here I was actually driving to meet Zack, after cooking up some story at home. And there it is McDonalds, standing high right at the corner of street no.10; you can't miss it, can you!

Zack could see me and was indicating to me on phone, waving his hand, and I got him, he was just sitting at a table having his belated breakfast.

Zack came out after five minutes and joined me in my car, after I told him that I had already had my breakfast.

It was perhaps an year since I met this guy last. For a split second I couldn't actually place him.

I was trying hard to act normal while on the way. It was a small apartment and we climbed the stairs to the first level. I followed Zack and stepped into a small flat with little furniture, two bed rooms to the hall and a kitchen beyond. 'Have a seat, please feel at home ... Er, you might want to watch something.' Zack switched on the Television while he walked into the kitchen.

I was least interested in anything what was flickering on the screen and sat there feeling rather impatient. Zack was quite cool and relaxed and this was disturbing. It was like a torture to act normal. It was another great torture to wait there anticipating a perfect day with a perfect guy.

Two minutes later Zack came out of his room, in his Jeans but his T-shirt removed, revealing his broad neck, wide chest, flat thin stomach and cute little navel; with perfectly clean tight skin around his bulging muscles. I quickly turned my eyes to the Television screen, not bothering what the program was, just to make my breathing normal. I had to make up my mind before watching him again.

He started talking about the on going agitations and the raising tensions outside, while I was struggling to cope with the tension building in my insides.

'I'll just have a brief shower and join you in a while.' He announced and walked away while I was sitting there with my mouth wide open, wanting badly to call him back. I wanted to tell him I didn't mind if he smelled bad. I had no problem with his may be sweaty smell. Now it was my mind game, when I sat fantasizing every delicious inch of his body, his pink thick cock in my mouth, his sweet piss slit treat my tongue with some oozing cum. Zack interrupted my thoughts and called me inside the bed room, just coming out of a hot shower, still wet. I stood at the door petrified and he came close to me. He knew I wasn't ok. He grabbed me for dressing me naked while I was staring at his eyes, his smiling pink lips, his wet black hair, gulping my thirst for him. I was left there surrendered to that intoxicating touch. Know not when our lips met and I closed my eyes to feel his tongue swirl around mine. Lying flat on bed I wasn't aware how much I drank from his mouth preparing my throat for his strong hot cum in my thoughts. He held me tight in his strong arms, yet he was so caring that I felt his body like a cushion. My shivering hands caressing his wet hair, making my breath heavy, I moved down to his neck and his toned muscles of his back wanting to touch every inch of his body which I could reach. He was moaning with the pleasure of my touch while our cocks were in their own romance of cuddling one another.

I suddenly woke up and pushed him to the side. He was shocked. I couldn't afford to waste a second and snatched my tongue from his mouth. With another good gulp of his saliva, I quickly moved down and took his cock inside my mouth. He then realized that I had felt his pre-cum near my groin. Content with what was happening he left a moan of pleasure and whispered 'man! You are wild and horny.' I first made sure I had cleaned all his oozing pre-cum and then hugged his thick 9' long to my neck, smelled it kissed its head, and then caressed it on my cheeks.

Now it was Zack's turn to surprise. Aaah! ... it ached, when he grabbed me by my hair, but served me with another long delight of smooch.

His tongue was again swirling inside my mouth, this time taking on all the taste of his pre-cum.

With closed eyes, I threw myself on him rubbing my cock against his naïve, again rubbing my fingers inside his wet hair and trying to reach his cock with the other hand and imagining it inside my tight asshole. I was trying to crawl on his body when our lips broke apart. I licked his ear, took the aroma at his under arm and reached his nipples, kissed n bit to hear another moan. Slithering down I reached his cock, smelled his groins, to take in his perfect male aroma. That was fragrant, intoxicating and wonderful. I had let out a moan and took in those balls completely, to wash them wet in my watering mouth and brushed them hungrily. Zack was moaning louder n louder. I gave my fingers to his mouth. He took them deep inside licking and moaning heavily.

Then there was a sudden rush of excitement in me and I reached down to taste his asshole. Zack was moaning even more loudly when I turned him to his side to spread his legs wide and open his asshole. I could see his beautiful pink hole between his hard toned buttocks. I didn't know what made me do that but that was fantastic. It was all lovely. First time ever I did such a thing and it tasted amazing, luxurious and I kept doing it, pushing hard my tongue into that canal, while holding his cock tight in my hand, till suddenly Zack got up and grabbed me for another treat of smooch. We were both not sitting comfortably, something was aching somewhere but it all seemed brilliantly pleasurable.

My smooching lips were thirstier. Both of us were sitting tightly coiled in each other's arms; legs crawling around each other and pulling our bodies even closer, into a hot tight pack. Our powerful tongues made us roll over the bed with dripping saliva over chin and cheeks and nose and neck. It was wild. It was mad. My open mouth was just grabbing and licking anything what it could find, just any part of his face. This time when I was lying flat on bed, Zack went down to grab my cock. I could feel all my pre-cum on his tongue. He turned around to give his cock to me, pressing me hard to the bed under his smooth heavy muscles. It was hard for me to control, and not to make it finish soon.

I took in his wet cock, and started deliciously sucking it. My heavy breath, under that heavy weight, and then the lost sense of time, and surroundings, till the moment when Zack started blessing me with shot after shot, which I drank, feeling the taste all over my tongue, and then feeling the heat moving down my throat, just when I came out and Zack took it all. I didn't expect Zack to cum out before me. The climax went on well. Slowly our breaths controlled and we pulled out our lollypops. Zack fell flat beside me on the bed. His thigh was touching my cheek. I turned my face and pecked it with a hug.

He turned back to face me. Cuddling and talking, remembering the wonderful hour before we were lying there for some time.

I got up to have a shower. When I just started Zack came in and joined me in that hot shower for another wonderful act of love, of romance and it was a more wet one this time. Again our tongues met, again our cocks caressed one another and again the taste of oozing pre-cum and then after a long time, again those hot shots of Zack filled me with pleasure. I could actually, after a long gap, taste once again that éclairs inside my lost chocolate.



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