Let me start by saying I'm a very masculine and very straight man, except for one little fantasy...to suck a cock. I have fantasized about it since I was a teenager.
I let it stay a fantasy for ten years or more until my curiosity finally got the better of me. I was working out of town and could not stop thinking about what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth. I decided that now away from home so no one would ever find out was my chance. I got out my lap top and posted an ad on a website and immediately got several responses. One in particular stood out. He included a picture of his cock so I knew what I would be getting. 

We chatted a little and I told him, “If it were OK I’d suck a cock.”

“What do you mean, if it were OK? It's already not only OK but fun and plenty of men are doing it and more and more married men are sneaking around getting their cocks sucked. All of these guys aren't straight, they're bi or gay. They just won't admit it. If you read the personals, you will see that most of the married men want to reciprocate. What goes on behind closed doors would surprise everyone,” he returned.

We decided to meet. His name was Clive and he’d been born in England hence the name but moved her to the US when he was less than a year old. He had an RV in storage so we decided to meet there. It was set up to be a blow and go type meeting.

I arrived at the storage facilities, my heart pounding. When I walked in the door Clive was laying on his bed, completely nude. He was soft but I could tell he had a nice sized cock. Nervously I got on the bed and crawled between his outstretched legs. Clive tensed and then relaxed as I rubbed my inner thigh. He tensed again when I found his hard cock. I moved my face down close to his cock. I took him in my hand and moved my face towards his crotch. The first thing I noticed was the scent, just slightly musky mixed with the scent of soap. 

A large drop of pre-cum hung off the tip. I spread it with my thumb. This was the moment I’d been waiting for. Fingers wrapped his cock and started slowly stroking it. I stroked it a few times and then guided it towards my mouth.  After licking its reddish/purple cockhead, I slipped my lips over it, running my tongue all around it in my mouth. “Uuuuuuuummmm,” moaned Clive and then he relaxed as my lips closed around his hard shaft. 

Having his soft cock in my mouth was very different than I imagined it would be. As I began to suck Clive started getting hard. It was such an empowering feeling to feel him getting aroused from what I was doing with my mouth. Once he was fully hard I increase my movements, slowly bobbing my mouth up and down his hard shaft. I used my hand and mouth together to make him moan, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.”
Clive had a mirror above his bed so I was able to glance up and see what I looked like with a hard cock in my mouth and that was a huge turn on. 

Moving up onto my knees between Clive’s thighs, I held his erection upright and positioned my mouth over it. He moaned, “ugh, ugh, ugh,” as I took him into my mouth and slid my lips down his shaft. I clamped my lips as tight as I could and then slowly pulled back up his hard shaft until his cockhead was against the inside of my lips.

Holding my head, Clive slid my cock in and out of his mouth. I was in a classic blowjob position. The motions and the sensations from pushing my mouth up and down his shaft soon had Clive moaning, “Oh shit, oh shit,” over and over as he thrust his hips against my face. It didn't take but 5 minutes before his moans peaked and he cummed in my mouth. It was a little salty, a little bitter and it kind of burned my tongue. But I swallowed anyway. I think the biggest thing to accept is where it's coming from…another man’s balls.

I finished him off, stood up and left and have fantasized about Clive’s cock ever since.

The end…



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