I walked into my friends house and said hello to his mom , who was cooking dinner, and asked if he was in his room. She said "Yeah, go right on in." I walk upstairs, and open his door, and am surprised to find Austin jerking off on his bed. He looks at me, and noticed the bulge quickly growing in my pants. He asked me if I liked what I saw, I replied with "Yes." He asked me if I wanted to taste him and his cum, and I said "yes." I walk over to his bed, get in between his legs and lick up his shaft to his head and swirled my tongue around on the tip. I then pushed my tongue into his piss slit just a little bit, which warranted a loud moan. I lick down his shaft to his balls, and licked the sack. I grab the skin with my teeth lightly, and pull back a little bit.  I take each ball into my mouth one at a time, and swirl them around in my mouth. I go back up to the head and engulf it with my lips then go down half way on his 8" dick and start bobbing, moving farther down each time. When I take him all the way into my mouth my nose rubs against his bush, and I flick my tongue down his shaft, and rub his balls a little bit before pulling back off. I ask him if that was all he wanted, or if he wanted anything else, like me. He said that he would take me after dinner. I agreed and we went down stairs to see when dinner would be ready and his mom said in about five minutes. We waited around, and after dinner, we went back upstairs, and I went to the bathroom. I walked into his room and shut the door, and dropped everything. He stood up tossed me onto the bed, and kneeled down. He licked my tight hole and then started thrusting his tongue in and out of it to loosen me up and to get me slick and ready. He stood back up and pulled me up to the edge of the bed. He put his cock at the edge of my hole and slowly pushed into my hole. I recoiled at first at the shock. He started moving faster and thrusting farther in. He instantly started to slam into my prostate, making me moan a little bit louder than I should have. He clamped his hand over my mouth and started slamming deeper into me, his balls slapping my balls, making me want to moan louder. He started slamming into me faster and more sporadically. I noticed his balls stopped slapping, which meant he was getting close and that his balls were drawn closer to his body. I tell him that I want him to come into my mouth. He pulled out of my ass, leaving a gaping hole where his cock was. I slid off of his bed and onto my knees, and he started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, all the time getting closer to coming. He started panting, and said "I'm gonna cum soon." I was ready, and started to deep throat him. He started shaking and before I knew it I was slowly trying to swallow enough of his cum to breathe. I suck on him until he goes flaccid. He pulls out and we get dressed. We go about playing games and talking and now every time I go tomhismhouse we have a bit more fun.

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