My name is Matt Rivers. I'm a 28 year old account executive for a large accounting firm and have a nice window office on the sixth floor of a ten story office building.

The city has been trying to revitalize the downtown area and had demolished old unoccupied buildings and offered cimpanies and investors large tax incentives to build and lease offices and lofts in the downtown area. The lot across the street from my office is just such a place.

There are several deli's and sandwich shops near my building and I frequent them for lunch, picking a different one each day for variety in my menu.

I had visited one one Monday and as I stood in line, a gerogeous hunk of a man came into the deli. I'm not atracted to men but for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

When I saw him that first time I felt my body react like it never had before when I looked at another man. There was a strange stiring in my crotch and my heart beat faster.

He was about six-two, super muscular and his face was one that looked like it came from a Greek statue. His thin white tee shirt was darkened in front by the dark hir covering his muscular chest. His jeans were snug and revealed a large bulge in the crotch. His biceps looked about the size of my thighs.

I'm not bad to look at by any means, and am fairly well built, but this man made me feel totally inadequate.

He saw me stareing at him and smiled slightly. With my face turning red, I diverted my glance to the menu.

Twice more that week I ran into him in different shops, and three times the following week. Each time I had to stare and each time he'd smile and nod a hello.

Construction had started on the building across the street from my office window. I had my desk perpendicular to the window so wih a slight turn of my head I could see the utside world. I just couldn't have my back to the window as the others in the company did.

I looked out oneday and saw that the upright steel beams for the firs floor were in place and that they had started attaching the uprights for the second floor. It was then that I saw him.

He was one of the steel workers, and I watched as he bolted a horizontal beam for the second floor to one of the uprights. I couldn't see him that well and decided that I'd just have to bring my binoculars to work.

I'd watch him some in the mornings and afternoons when he was working within my view and ocassionally run into him at lunch. The binoculars helped tremendously.

After a couple of weeks of 'spying' on him, he was working on the fifth floor. The weather had turned extremely warm and after lunch when I looked out he was working shirtless, wearing just his snug jeans, tool belt and work boots.

I watched as he walked the narrow beams with such ease that he made it seem like it was five foot wide. I had my binoculars to my eyes when I saw himlook directly at me, smile and wave. I quickly jerked them down.

I returned to my work and later when I glanced out he was no longer in sight. I scanned the site and could not find him. I returned to my work and moments later looked out again. I saw him standing on a hook attached to a cable being lifted back up to his work.

He sawmeooking as he stepped off the hook onto the narrow beam and smiled. He pointed to himself, then to the ground, then held his hands at his crotch as if he was pissing. I knew what he meant....he had gone down to pee.

I smiled and gave him a 'thumbs up' sign and as I did he pulled a piece of paper out of his back pocket nd unfolded it. I could see writing on it and grabbed my binoculars and zoomed in on the writing. It read: 'Beer on me after work across street.' I nodded yes and he returned with a 'thumbs up.'

The small bar across the street was nice and quiet as bars go. The music was low but not so low that others could hear your conversations, but not so loud that you had to yell to be heard at your table. When I got off, I crossed the street and went into the dimly lit interior.

I spotted him at a small table in a back corner. When he saw me he waved and as I approached he signaled for the waiter.

'What you drinking?' he asked.

'Bud Lite,' I replied.

'Make it two,' he toldthe waiter.

As the waiter left, he smiledand said, 'I'm Buck Connors,' and held out his hand.

'Matt Rivers, and I feel I owe you an apology.'

'Well, I wouldn't say that but I figured it was time we finaly met, since we see each other at lunch and you seem to enjoy watching me work.'

'Buck, I'm sorry. I'm going to be honest with you and say that first dy I saw you I was totally entranced with your features ad build. I've never seen a morre handsome man. Then when I saw you walking the beams. I was in awe of you.'

'Matt, it's fine. I'm really flattered. You're pretty well built yourself and secondly you're damn nice looking also.'

'Thanks,' I replied.

We talked and I found that Buck was thirty-one, single with no gorlfriend and originally from Nebraska.

'You attached or seeing anyone in particular?' he asked.

'No,' I replied. I was seeing a girl but within a month after we met she began hinting a marrage. I let it go for a while and when she said we should set a date, even though I hadn't asked her, I told her it was over and that I never wanted to hear from her again. Hell, I enjoy my freedom too much. There are things I haven't experienced yet.'

I wondered why I had made that last statement.

Buck just smiled, then said, 'O know what you mean. I like being my own man, living life the way I want it.'

'Exactly,' I replied.

Buck then said that he had just moved to town when he was hired on by a local company to do thid job.

'They told me if I worked out well on this job I'd have a permanent job with them.'

'How do you like it here so far?'

'So far, I like it. It's not too small, yet not too big. I haven't really met anyone I care to hang out with till now,' he said.


'Where I live,I'vemt a couple of other guys there, but they are both crack heads and I'm not into drugs.'

'Me either,' I replied. 'What about the guys you work with?'

'Oh, I'm friends with them at work, but most are married and have other interest. The singe ones just like to party and ger drunk on the weekends. I'm not into that either. I'll have a beer or two after work but that's about all.'

'How do you like to spend your time?' I asked.

'A quiet evening at home with close friends, anice dinner out, listening to country music andreading, going to movies with a close friend, things like that. How about you?'

'Well,' I began, 'when you started saying what you liked, I thought you were discribing what I enjoy.'

'No shit?' he asked.

'No shit,' I replied.

'Fucking nice, man. I'dlike to get to know you better.'

'Same here,' I said. 'Why don't you have dinner with me tonight? My treat.'

'I'll need to shower and clean up first,' he said.

'No problem. I can follow you to your place and we can take my car from there.'

'Sounds like a plan,'he said.

He paid for the beers and we left the bar. His truck was outside and my car was in the parking garage. Itold him that I'd pull up and blow my horn and then follow him.

I followed him to a shabby motel with small rooms with kitchenettes. There was a sofa, chair, TV, bed, and the kitchenette all in one room. Only the small old bath was private.

'Sorry about the crib,' he said.

'Hey, don't sweat it,' I said as he uncaringly began to strip in front of me. He was down to his briefs when he said, 'I'll be out shortly,' he said as he removed his briefs in front of me and tossed them aside.

He showered then stepped out of the bath still drying off. I got my first good look at his muscular hairy body. He was beautiful. Then for some unknown reason to me my eyes were drawn to his large cock. It was a good seven inches long an thicker than mine.

Oh fuck, Matt, I'm sorry. I should have taken my clothes into the bath with me. I'm used to it just being me here.'

'Hey man, don't sweat it. I lived in the dorm for four years and all us guys went to and from the shower totally nude. Someeven stayed nude so I've seen plenty of guys nude but none built like you. Hell, I stay that way most of the time when I'm home.'

'You too?' he asked. 'I do the same thing here. It's a lot more comfortable.'

'How true,' I rreplied.

'Damn, something else we have in common,'he said as he dressed.

We went to dinner and had a great evening talking, then we ent to my place for mort converation over a glass or two of wine.

When we entered he said, 'Fuck, Matt, this place is nice. I could never afford a place like this.'

After that evening we'd get together three or four times a week for beers after work or dinner. If we were going o dinner or the theater, I'd follow him to his place and without hesitation,he'd strip nude, shower and come out nude, sometimes with a semi-erection.

I realized that I was wanting to see it fully erect and began to wonder what it would be like to have it in my mouth. I'd never had houghts like that before and wondered why I was having them now. I was anting to suck his cock and even take his load and see what it tasted like. Suddenly I realized my own cock was rock hard and wondered how I cold hide it when I stood up.

One night he noticed it I'm sure because I saw him smile slighty but he never said anything.

Two months passed and Buck and I had become good friends. He was still living in that slum room and as we had dinner at my place that night I asked, 'Buck, what are you paying for that room you have?'

'A hundred twenty-five a week,' he said.

'What!' I exclaimed. 'For that dump?'

'Yep. It's all I can afford right now.'

'Look, I've got two bedrooms and two baths here. You pay me the one twenty five a week and move in hrer with me. We ike the same things and we get along great together. How about it?'

'Matt, are you serious?'

'Very,' I said. 'When are you do to pay again?'

'Day after tomorrow.'

'Well, go get your things and you get two days free here.'


'Right now,' I said.

'Fuck man, you got a deal,' he said as he headed for the door.

An hour and a half laer he returned and we unloaded his truck and I gave him a key to the condo.

'Matt, you said you go nude a home some. I don't want you to change your habits just because I'm here. It won't bother me. I got used to it in the Marine barracks.'

'Look, we can both do and dress the way we want.'

'Deal,' he said.

I went and showered while he wtched TV. When I enered the living room he glanced over at me and smiled and said, 'Nice body.' I was totally nude.

'Wine?' I asked.

'Sure,'he replied as he got up.

When I entered the living room with our wine, he was gone. Seconds later he returned also nude.

I smiled.

From that night on, Buck and I stripped as soon as we got home. If he got home first, he'd start dinner. If I go home first, I'd start dinner.

Then, after just a couple of weeks, one night after dinner we were watching TV and I suddenly began to get a boner and befoe I could hide it Buck noiced.

'Hey, man,' he said, 'it happens to all of us. I've heard you at night stroking off and I'm sure you've heard me. All guys do it, so if you need to, go for it, and if it will make you more comfortable, I'll join you.'

'You for real?'

'Yep. My brother and I used to do it every night together growing up.'

'No shit?' I said as I began stroking my hard cock.

'Hell, yea,' he replied as he moved over and sat next to me on the sofa. 'Shit, we even used to jerk each other. Felt good to feel another guys hand on it.'

'Man, I never had a chance to do that,' I said.

'Want to do it?'

'I don't know,' I lied. Then said, 'Hell, why not?'

As he graspedmy cock I closed my hand around his. We sroked each other to a climax and as we cleaned up, I asked, 'Did you two do anything else?'

'Yes, we did. He was and is gay and after he confessed to me he'd suck me while I stroked him.

It felt fucking great.'

'Buck, did you, uh, ever....'

'Yes, I did several times.'

'I'm sorry. That was totally out of place.'

'Hey, I believe in honesty betweem friends. I don't mind at all. I just hope it dosn't affect our fiendship.'

'Definately not,' I replied.

That weekend, Buck had to work that Saturday , and knowing that he liked getting sucked, I wanted to know exactly what gays did together.,' I went to an adult video and rented a ay movie.

Back at home, I watched the movie and kept a boner throughout the feature, jerking twice.

I knew what I was going to do that evening.

When he got home I had dinner almost rready.

'By the time you get out of the shower, dinner will be ready,' I told him.

'Great, I'm starved.'

We ate dinner and after cleaning up the kitchen we settled on the sofa with a beer and watched TV.

After a while, my cock began to get hard and I started stroking. He glanced over and saw me and began doing the same, moving closer to me.

I reached over to grasp his cock and he thought we ere going to jerk each other. However, before he could reach for mine I had leaned over and had half his cock in my mouth.

'OH, FUCK YEA!' he exclaimed loudly,leaning further back and spreading his legs. I continued sucking and eventually took all of his cock in my mouth. Before long he began to breath heavier and said 'Fuck, Matt, I'm close.'

Seconds later his cock exploded in my mouth, filling it with his salty-sweet cum. I collected it all then sat up and swallowed.

'Damn, Matt, I wasn't expecting that, but it was awesome. I had no idea that you sucked cock.'

'That was my very first time.'

'No way!' he said. 'Really? Why?'

I explained my feeling the first day I saw him and how my curiosity had grown after seeing him nude.

'Then after you said your brother was gay and sucked you and how good it felt, I knew you liked it and wanted to do it.'

'It was fantastic but I have something to tell you. I'm gay also and I've wanted you also since our first beer.'

'I've never done anything with another male until we jerked together. Show me what a blow job is like.'

'Gladly,' he said.

Buck then gave me my first blow job and I loved it. I told him about renting the gay movie to see what guys did together and I wanted to do it all.

'Let's take it slow,' he said.

That night he showed me what kissing another guy was like and I loved it. Then later we hadour first sixty-nine.

After that, every evening we greeted each other with a kiss and hd a sixty-nine after dinner, calling it desert.

After a week he had me fuck him and we both moaned in pleasure as I did. I wanted him in me and he warned meof the pain that I would experience the first time. I didn't care. I wanted him to fuck me. The pain was unbelieveable to start but by the time he climaxed it had turned to pure pleasure. Fucking became a regular thing.

After we started having sex, whenever I'd see him on the beams, my cock would get hard and I could see his lips pucker into a kiss.

He finished the job and was hired on permanently, continuing to live with me. On weekends, we'd ocassionally go out of town to a gay bar and find a hot built third person for a three way.

He's been living with me for wo years now and six months ago we became lovers. I never dreamed that I could ever love another man as much as I love him. Things are great and we're now in a totally monogomous relationship, loving and having sex only with each other.



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