I finish work and come home to my girlfriend of five years, her face as beautiful as the day we met and her smile to greet me as glowing as ever. I look her in the eye and ask her if she has had a nice day, to which she replies with the usual pleasantries "Yes dear, how was yours?" I reply "The usual darling."

She comes over to me and gives me a kiss on the lips and a big hug and retorts "I'm glad you liked it." While that is not a strange response, the guilt within me triggers paranoid thoughts that she knows my secret. I did not go for a sandwich at lunch; I had my regular meet with a local transvestite. I dismiss the thought and believe there is no way she can know what I did; she has been at home sorting one of many amounting chores around the house that need doing.

While I feel the guilt of going behind Nicole's back, I cannot help myself. After all the years we have been together the sex has become mundane and predictable. I want more from my sex life but cannot bring myself to discuss this with her. She has always been there for me, loving and caring but uninspiring in the bedroom. If I cannot tell her this, how can I tell her that I am bi-sexual? This simple answer is, I cannot.

I walk through to the bathroom and get undressed for a shower. I want to remove any evidence of the day's activities. I wash all over, rubbing my cock and fantasising about my next meet with 'Eva' when I hear the bathroom door open. In walks Nicole, a spring in her step and completely naked except for a pair of red high heels and black fishnet stockings. She looks at me and raises a pair of handcuffs using only her finger and says to me "I think we need to have some fun mister!" Is this for real? Have my dreams come true? I follow her to the bedroom, watching her toned tiny bum wiggle and she walks in front of me.

As we get into the bedroom she orders me to get on the bed with my ass in the air. The order from Nicole gives me a fit of submission and I obey her commands. She guides my wrists to the frame of the bed and places them in the handcuffs she so seductively teased me with in the bathroom. As I lay there extremely exposed to her will and desire I am informed that I am to be blindfolded. She announces to me "You're going to be spanked because you have been a very naughty boy." My heart races with expectation and my imagination runs wild as she ties a pair of her tights around my head; only the faintest glimmer of light gets through them.

I begin to feel her gentle hands slap my ass, gradually getting harder and harder as I wonder where this side of Nicole has come from and where she has been hiding. Another slap brings me back into focus of the situation, my ass beginning to become tender from the ever increasing heavy slaps. Little does she know, this is the treatment I get from Eva once every week.

After what seems only a short time, she stops spanking me and I hear her footsteps walk away and open the door. My mind races with anticipation, where is she going? What will she do next?

Bang! Her hand hits me even harder, the force of which is just on my threshold for pain. She shouts at me "You have been a very naughty boy and you are going to be punished!" I doubt I have ever got so hard so fast; it drives me crazy as I let out a gentle moan at the thought of what is to come.

Bang! Another blow, this time even harder that makes me moan out loud. The pain from the blow blocks out the feeling that it felt different somehow. I hear her giggle and also a faint click in the background. I begin to question what I heard but I am swiftly told to shut up. Her voice seems somewhat different to what I was expecting, where is she?

I didn't have time to ask her before I feel two big hands grab my ass and spread it wide. Panic sets in. These are not Nicole's hands! "What's going on?" I scream. The panic truly sets in as she begins her response. "I came to your work today to give you some lunch I made for you but you were leaving as I arrived. I decided to follow you thinking it would be fun to surprise you." I know exactly what has happened but she carries on "But you did not go for food, you went to a house where I saw you greeted by a man dressed head to toe in clothes you have never even see me in." My heart sinks. My bi-sexual secret is out and she is going to tell everybody.

"I have thought about what to do with you" she begins, "do I out you? Do I leave you?" I know both are inevitable. "What you do next will decide what I do. I am going to film you now while my lovely friend Aaron fucks your ass with no mercy whatsoever. You can submit or I can out you, your choice." I pause for a second, thinking of anyway to explain my actions but I am put off by Aaron's tongue licking from my balls all the way over my ass. "I submit" is the only thing I dare say.

As I lay there, hands sweating, legs shaking, all I can do is moan as Aaron pushes his fingers deep inside me. They feel so big inside my ass and I know he has only used two so far. Nicole encourages him to use more to which he obliges and uses a third finger in my ass. I groan fairly loud from a mixture of pain and hidden pleasure as he pushes even deeper. I hear Nicole giggle to my left as she films me being used. I try to think of how to convince her to let me keep the video but Aaron's fingers prevent me from thinking straight.

"Aaron baby" she calls, "I think it is time this bitch got what he deserved don't you?" Before I can begin to wonder what lays ahead I heard Aaron's deep voice "Mmmhmmm, it is time for this bitch to get it." His deep voice feels like it vibrates through my cock as it gets harder, hanging between my legs. I feel him get off the bed and hear the unmistakeable sound of jeans being taken off and a condom being put on. Nicole's gasp and statement of "oh my" makes me worry about what is to come. I've never actually been fucked before; Eva is not dominant and will only be fucked.

As he gets back on the bed, his hands grasping my hips I feel his sizeable manhood press against my quivering ass. He begins to push against my ass but it takes a few seconds before he enters my tight hole. The pain is temporary but feels like a lifetime, is this a cock or a fucking torpedo that has just entered my ass? I let out a yelp which is accompanied by slight laughter from both Aaron and Nicole. I deserve this but she is enjoying it also, what is she going to do next?

The first few times Aaron thrusts it hurts my ass, I would ask him to be gentle but I am in no position to be making requests. I have to endure what is going to happen to me and take it from there.

He carries out pushing his cock deep inside me, I begin to moan each time he does. His deep voice makes for an amazing grunt and he fucks me harder and harder. He must have at least eight inches between his legs. It feels huge inside my tight previously virginal ass. As I start to moan even louder I hear Nicole mutter under her breath "mmmm yeah baby." Could it be she is actually enjoying this?

Aaron's groans get louder and faster and he fucks my ass harder and deeper. My cock grows with excitement, swinging between my legs as he ruins my ass. Nicole must have noticed this as she tells Aaron to stop and 'let me have it'. What could she mean? I pray it does not get worse than this.

As he pulls out I get the most amazing feeling downstairs, a feeling I cannot describe but which makes my legs give way and my cock explode with hot sticky cum. I want to enjoy the moment but I can't as I hear Aaron pull his condom off and Nicole yelling "fucking do it to the little bitch!" He groans louder and louder as I feel the bed shaking. He places a hand on my back, leans on me and unloads all over my ass and balls, I feel it run down my ass, over my balls, down my dick and drip onto the bed.

"Mmmm thank you Aaron, you can get dressed and let yourself out now" Nicole announces with a slight breathlessness about her voice. Did she get off on that? I guess I will find out. No sooner had I thought about that I hear the door go and Aaron has left. Just Nicole and myself now, the departure of Aaron is a disappointment as I won't get to see the man who took my anal virginity.

"So what shall we do with this?" she asks referring to the video she has, "what is it worth to never show this anybody ever?" I think that she wants the house, the car and all the rest but I know it would be worth to keep that video private. "Anything you want" I reply, preparing for the worst.

"OK..." she begins with a devilish look in her eye, "from now on; you are my slave, to do with as I please. You will fulfil all my fantasies without objection; you will do everything I tell you without delay. You will be fucked weekly by strange men who you will never know. You are now owned and will obey your master's every command. Do you accept?"


My first job? Cleaning the sheets and having another shower.




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