Eventually I semi-retired from being a male stripper. I still went to out of town gigs when I could, but after a while, no matter how good a stripper is, the locals grow tired of you.

I managed to segue into bartending and deejaying at one of the hottest dance clubs in the city. Predominately a straight club, I almost never saw one of my old fans.

Around this time I also found a great little carriage house to rent. After years of roommates or neighbors above below or beside me, I had a place detached from any other building. Granted it was on an alley, and garbage pick up could rattle me right out of bed, but it seemed a small price to pay for almost total privacy.

One night, after closing out the club, I trudged home, through the alley snow, around two in the morning. At the other end of the alley, I could see something lying in the snow. A little closer revealed a man lying face down in the snow, in the middle of a set of tire tracks. Feeling in one pocket for my switchblade and the other for pepper spray, I went to check closer. ( I never trusted things to be what they seemed in the city, for all I knew this was a setup to rob someone or worse.) When I got closer I could hear the sound of snoring. Just a drunk passed out in the alley. Still, self preservation had me running into my home and calling 911. Let the police deal with it. I then ran back out to stand guard over the man, to keep some car from turning into the alley and running over him.

The police came pretty quickly, there must have been a couple squads in the area. A few questions and they let me go home.

After a night of bartending, and especially with the alley incedent, I wasn,t ready to call it a night, or rather a morning. Usually to wind down I put on some music, and workout. In my living room, instead of couches and chairs I had a nice bowflex system, with one corner set up for my painting and drawing. I like to strip down to undershorts, and do enough reps to tire me out. I have heavy curtains about two thirds of the way up the windows, so noone could see in, yet I could still get plenty of good light from the upper third. Sometimes for the kick of it I do my workout in a jock or even starkers.

Well I was well into a workout, the alley far from my mind, when there came a knock on the door. Scared the hell out of me, because who comes knocking on the door at three thirty in the morning. Grabbing a pair of sweat pants I went to peer through the peephole. All I saw was a badge and some uniform. Wondering what the police wanted now, I cracked open the door, chain on and looked out, and up. I swear this cop looked about seven and a half feet tall, with shoulders so wide, I didn't think he'd fit through my door.

My mouth hanging open and my eyes bugging out in shock couldn't have been very pretty. I know it wasn't dignified. He identified himself and said he just wanted to check if I was okay. If my mind had been working, I might have wondered why he was checking up on me, after all, the other officers had let me go almost right away. I'm afraid I stammered, out an I'm fine, and something like what can I do for you, Officer. He asked if he could come in, and I nodded and unchained and opened the door. I'm usually more cautious, but this was the police right.

He just stood there a moment, smiling and I took a closer look at him. I'm telling you he was like a wet dream come to life. Tall,( I learned later only six-five) impressive shoulders, nice lower legs,( Damn winter uniform parka hid quite a bit) and whoa, was he a looker.

He had curly black hair, a heavy beard shadow,a killer smile and bright green eyes.

Not quite sure why, I asked him if I could get him something to drink. He smiled and said a coke would be great if I had it. He pulled off his coat and I think my eyes got a bit bigger. I think that uniform must have been sewn on him, it was so tight and revealed a set of muscles, that made me feel down right puny. I finally regained some control, and went in the kitchen to get his coke.

When I came back out, he was standing looking at a painting I was working on. I froze, as it was a piece with two naked men kissing. Normally it would not bother me, but I was already pretty unsettled by this god in uniform, and all kinds of fearful possibilities popped into my head. Then he looked at a side table and I groaned in embarrassment. Sitting there was a gag gift from a friend. A giant rainbow candle in the shape of a cock and balls. Interesting candle, he said, picking it up off the table. He just stood there grinning at me, running his hand up and down the shaft.

About this time, my brain started kicking in. This was definitely not usual police behavior. Suddenly wary, I asked him just exactly it was that he wanted from me. And he blushed! This mountain in manform actually blushed! Turns out he was double checking the alley, and happened to look in my window. Happened to look in my window?

My eyes went from the level of his, to the top of my curtains. Damn if he wasn't just tall enough to see in. Scowling, I turned back to glare at him. And waited for a better explanation. He turned even redder, ( If that was possible.) and admitted he'd stood outside my window and watched me work out. I looked him up and started to look him down, only my glare was interrupted by the hard on I could see in his pants.

Something clicked! This uniformed peeping tom, was turned on by watching me workout! Suddenly, I passed right into a fantasy, only it was really happening. This hot monster cop had the hots for me! And I got aggressive!

I actually walked right up to the guy, cupped his erection in my hand and asked him what it was, and what we should do about it.

It was his turn to stammer, and he asked me if he could come back when his shift has over. Could he come over? Was he crazy? Hell, yes he could come over! He left, saying he'd be back in about an hour.

Now, I really wasn't sure he would come back, but I was going to be ready for him in case he did. I made a pot of coffee, and while drinking a cup, tried to settle down. It was a long long hour.

I have to hand it to the man. He was back within a few minutes of the end of that hour. He was almost as impressive in civvies as in uniform.

I offered him something stronger than coke, and went to make him a drink.

While I was in the kitchen, I thought I heard my bowflex. As I walked back with his drink, I almost dropped it. In the time it had taken to mix up a rum and coke, he'd stripped down to a jock strap and was doing pulls on my bowflex.

His back was to me, and I could see every muscle flexing in his back, and the back of his arms. Those wide shoulders tapered down to a tight lower back above a gorgeus hairy butt. This cop was wasting no time in making himself to home. It was just plain unreal. Yet there he was, on my machine,giving me a show like I'd never seen.

This night was turning out to be hell on my mental equilibrium. I didn't quite know what to do next. He gave me clues right away though. He started talking as he worked out, using the word 'Sir', in abundance. It began working it's way into my stunned brain, that this mountain of a police officer, was acting very deferential.

Finally, I gained some control over myself, and went up to stand behind him. ' What do you want me to do.....Boy?', I whispered into his ear. He let out a big sigh and stopped working the machine. ' In my coat pocket...Sir.' He just sat there, facing the machine as I went to the pile of clothes, he'd left on the floor. I picked up his jacket and reached into the pocket. And pulled out two sets of cuffs. Each set had a key in the lock. In the other pocket I found a small jar of Elbow Grease. I must admit that made my eyebrows go up again. Surely, this cop didn't expect me to fist him? I turned to find him lying on his back, his legs splayed wide, and his wrists wrapped around the upper bar of my machine. I don't think i was ever actually in control of this situation. He was choreagraphing every move we both made. He looked at the handcuffs dangling from my hand, smiled and jerked his head towards his hands. In a daze I cuffed his hands around the bar. He sighed and closed his eyes. Asked me to touch him, all over. I ran my hands over those glorious muscles, through the black matt of hair on his body. He kept his eyes closed and a smile on his face. When I ran my hands over the dick straining in his jack cup, he raised his ass off the bench. ' PLease take it off Sir', he whispered. I pulled that jock down his muscled hairy legs, and watched his fat dick slap him in the belly. Precum was already beading in pisshole at the tip of the head. I ran a finger tip through the fluid and swirled it around the big pink mushroom. He arched his back, eyes closed, and moaned through gritted teeth. As I ran my fingers down his shaft to cup his big round balls, he lifted his legs in the air. I hesitated a moment. ' Please sir, touch me down there....please sir!' I ran the edge of my hand into his hairy crack, lightly brushing against his hole. His legs began to quiver. I could feel the heat of his asshole against my hand. ' Please sir, touch me inside, I want to feel your touch inside me.' I reached for the Elbow Grease. ' No sir please, not yet,just spit on it please. I want just you touching me inside. I want to just feel you right now.' A strange way to ask, but by now I was ready to do anything he wanted. I stuck my finger in my mouth, then leaned over to dribble some spit above his hole. The way he moaned I thought he was going to come. He started breathing hard as soon as I laid my finger to his opening. Then I forced the tip through his ring. Just the tip and enjoyed the feel of his ass working on my first knuckle. A little further insideand I could feel the wet slippery heat of him. I wriggled my finger around looking for his prostate. When I found it his dick seemed to get even harder. ' Yes!' he whispered, ' Touch me inside!' I massaged his insides some more, until he begged me to stop. He opened his eyes then and whispered,' The candle Sir, may I have the candle.' At first I was confused, then he turned to look at the huge phallus candle he'd been handling before. Please Sir, put the candle in me. I want to feel it deep inside me.'

I stumbled over to the candle. I picked it up and went bsck between his upraised legs. He made no comment, just watched avidly as I smeared the giant wax dildo with Elbow Grease. When I lowered it towrds his pulsing hole, he raised his ass up to meet it. ' Slowly, please Sir, I need to feel every bit of it go into me.' Slowly, carefully I watched the head slip in. Watched the lips of his hole stretch over the flange and then snap around the shaft. The monster dick,pulled in the black hairs as each color of the rainbow slipped into him. Cum beads welled up out of his piss slit. His cock began to jerk on it's own. Then when the wax balls were resting against his skin, it was like a signal. His back arched and white ropy strings of cum flew out to splatter against his belly and chest.

I was flabbergasted, I'd never seen anyone come just from having a dildo inched into their manhole. I hadn't even fucked him with the thing, just slipped it in! As he lay there gasping, I just stood and stared at him. His eyes were closed, his skin sheened in sweat. a soft smile on his face. ' Let me suck your cock , Sir' he whispered, never opening his eyes. I pulled down my shorts and laid my fat uncut dick on his lips. He opened his mouth and took me down to my balls. He held me there with his lips, tasting me with his tongue. But I couldn't wait anymore, I wanted to come. I started fucking that handsome face and he took it all. I was so worked up, it didn't take many strokes before I was pulling out and coming all over that same face.

We stayed there awhile, both breathing hard, then he opened his eyes. ' May I sleep with you awhile Sir?' I agreed, then went to the kitchen for a washcloth and tenderly leaned him off, while he lay there still handcuffed to my bowflex.

Then I released him, took him by the hand and pulled him upstairs to the bed. He laid down next to me, ass against my crotch and pulled my arm across his chest. I laid there awhile, smelling his skin, and rubbing my fingers through his chest hair. My dick came back to life, and poked up against his still lubed up hole. He just sighed and eased my dick inside of himself. I took my time, savoring the feel of his hot insides, and the way his ring stroked the head of my dick as I pulled it almost all out then slipped it back in. Finally he eased onto his belly, my dick never leaving him until I was over him, and pounding into him like a madman. He was raising his ass to meet every shove and our sweat combined to make a wet slapping sound each time we met. I fucked him long and hard, his little Yes, please sir fuck me's driving me to slam into him like an animal out of control. Finally I reached around him and squeezing his dick, slammed us both into cumming. I yanked myself out just as I felt the cum rising and sprayed my seed allover his back and ass. He came a moment later in my hand. Later still cuddled together, I listened to him fall asleep, as I marvelled over the surreal adventure I'd had that night. I still could not believe the strange way everything had happened, yet here I was with a very big proof lying in my bed.




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