I opened the doors to the gym. The scent of sweat hit my nostrils and I gladly entered. I tossed my belongings into a locker and changed my shoes. I started my work out on the treadmill, as a warm-up. The room was almost completely empty. Only two young women were present and they were only standing around, chatting. I assumed they were getting ready to leave and in a moment they did just that. I was now all alone.

About half an hour later the door was thrown open and three boisterous men walked in. They advanced to the locker room and in a moment were back out and headed towards the free weights. One man broke off and walked over toward me.

'Hey Tim!' the young man said.

Smiling, I gave him a wave, 'Hi CJ.' CJ and I had met a few weeks ago at this gym. He had needed a spotter and I had been more than willing. He had short hair that was perfectly gelled so that the front was slightly spiky. His facial hair was what really got me...that and his pectorals. He had a five 'o' clock shadow and a sideways grin that made me shiver.

'So how's life been, man? I haven't seen you in forever!' CJ grinned at me. We had actually seen each other two days ago.

'Oh, yeah! It's been forever!' I laughed. He smiled and wandered back over to his buddies, both very muscular, yet not as attractive as CJ. I kept up my workout, moving around the room but never out of sight of CJ. More than once I caught him looking at me. Each time I gave him my prize-winning grin and he each time he glanced away quickly.

It wasn't too long later that CJ's two friends left and went into the locker room. CJ again made his way over to me. I motioned after his friends, 'Aren't you going to join them?'

He shook his head, 'Nah, they're a little too wild for me, if you know what I'm saying.' I had an idea but that idea seemed too much like wishful thinking so I dismissed it. I just gave him a nod. 'Man, it is hot in here!' he groaned. 'I've just got to finish up a few more reps.' He walked a little ways off, paused, and slowly stripped off his shirt. The breath caught in my throat. I had not yet had the chance to see this sight and it seemed like he was almost putting on a show for me. His abs weren't amazingly defined but there was no doubt they were there.

His nipples were small, like hard bullets. Let me tell you, I'd like to bite that bullet. His arm muscles were also very nice. I was so busy studying his physique that I was slow to realize that his eyes were on me. One eyebrow was raised slightly.

'You've really put in a lot of work, haven't you?' I said, attempting to cover. He gave me that same grin, a brief nod and then moved back to the weights. Sighing, either with passion or relief, I knew not, I moved on to my last machine. During my last reps, I noticed CJ head to the locker room, and his friends leave without him.

I began to wonder how CJ was going to get home if his friends had ditched him. I finished up quick and headed to the locker room. I heard the shower water running as I opened the door. Also audible, yet so low that it wasn't going to be noticed by anyone making a whole lot of noise, was sobbing. I made my way to the showers and looked in.

CJ sat in the corner, clad only in a pair of white, cotton briefs. His head was angled upwards, as if he was looking at the ceiling. Through shut eyes, tears ran out. His chest rose and fell with his short sobs. Sorrow overwhelmed me. Here was this magnificent creature and this kind guy, crying on the floor of a dirty shower. I quickly pulled my shoes and socks off and squatted down next to my friend, ignoring the water that quickly soaked through my clothing.

CJ looked up at me, surprised. 'What?' he gasped before recognizing me. 'Tim,' he started but a sob interrupted him. I hesitantly placed one hand on his shoulder. He leaned up against me and I awkwardly cradled his head. I didn't say anything; simply let him get it out. I knew he would tell me if he wanted to. I didn't have to wait long.

'It was my friends,' he said. 'I came in and they were still fooling around. Jerking each other off, ya know?' Another sob forced him to pause. He took a few deeps breaths and seemed to get himself under control. 'I thought I had given them enough time, but apparently not. I haven't exactly had the best week; it's been really stressful at work and all. So...so I just thought that maybe I could join them.' He flushed a deep red. I gave him a weak smile. 'I thought maybe it'd calm me down or something but they just called me a fag and told me to fuck off.'

The idea that two guys could treat their friend like that really made me angry. I couldn't help noticing that the water had made CJ's underwear see-through. His flaccid penis looked enticing, but I knew that I had to be a friend first and listen to what he needed to say. After a few more sobs, he continued.

'It just kills me that they of all people called me that. It's obvious that they're screwing each other, so what right do they have!? And how am I supposed to get home?' he put his head in his hands and simply sat there. The water ran down his body, matting what pubic hair he had. I saw my chance to be a friend to this poor guy.

'CJ, I can take you home. It would be no problem.' He looked up at me and smiled.

'Thank you so much, Tim. You have no idea how much that means to me,' CJ said and hugged me. Remember that we were in the shower, him almost naked, and both wet. It was awkward yet, touching. 'I just wish I hadn't made a complete ass out of myself.'

'I'm sure everything is going to be fine,' I said and stood. He didn't make any movement to get up. I held my hand out to him. He shook his head.

'I don't really want to leave yet,' he said. 'Would you stay with me though, man? I sound like a chick. Could you?'

'Of course,' I said. I took off my shirt. 'Let me drop my clothes off outside though.' I walked out of the shower, dripping wet. I took all my clothes off, and walked back into the shower. I sat down on the cold tiles besides CJ.

He raised his head and I heard him gasp. I glanced over at him and saw that he was looking intently at my cock. I hadn't thought anything of it as I was undressing but now it seemed weird. Here I was, sitting naked next to a guy in a shower...

I opened my mouth to say something but before I could CJ reached over and grasped my cock. A moan escaped my lips. He worked his hand up and down my cock. I leaned back and sighed. Water rained down on our bodies.

'I've always wondered,' he said. 'Is it alright with you?' I nodded and he continued. When I had reached the brink I pushed him away. That gorgeous grin fell off his face. 'Sorry,' he mumbled.

'No, it's quite alright, man.' I smiled at him. 'It's just my turn now.' I ran one hand over his drenched briefs. He drew in a sharp breath and let it out in a hiss. I rubbed his member a little more forcefully. 'Let's rid you of that stress,' I smiled. He grinned that gorgeous grin of his and pulled my face to his. Our lips touched lightly and it was so tender. It began to heat up but I couldn't get the fact that we were rolling around on the dirty shower floor out of my mind. I pushed him off of me and stood. He looked up with me and I saw the amount of lust in his eyes. It shocked me to know that he wanted me so badly.

'What? What is it?' he asked urgently.

'Let's go back to my place, babe.' We both dried off and threw our clothes on. We walked out to my car.

'How far away do you live?' CJ asked.

'Not far,' I said. 'Maybe ten minutes.' I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

'Good. Plenty of time,' CJ smiled. I was about to ask him what he was talking about when I felt his hand slide into my lap. He expertly undid my zipper. I lifted my hips slightly so he could get my jeans down enough to have good access to my member. My cock sprang up and he immediately shoved it into his mouth. I moaned. My vision doubled as CJ ran his tongue around my head, teasing me. My foot pushed down on the gas and we sped up.

CJ tugged softly on my nuts and I groaned. He pushed my cock further down his throat. I realized too late that I was cumming and on top of that I was speeding. Red and blue lights flashed in my rear view mirror as my cock shot strings of cum across CJ's face. He lapped up what he could as I pulled over. I gave him a scared look. I didn't dare move, for fear the cop would think I was drawing a weapon. I sat where I was, pants down revealing my softening cock. CJ was desperately trying to get my cum off of his face.

'What we got going on here, boys?' came a voice from my left. I turned and stared up at the cop. He stood a little under six feet with brown hair. I couldn't see his eyes through his glasses, but I figured he had noticed my flaccid penis. 'Having a little fun on the ride home were we? You boys know that's illegal don't you?'

'I'm not so sure I understand what you're talking about, Sir,' I said. The grin fell off his face.

'Don't be a smart-ass, boy. It won't get you anywhere in this situation.'

'Sorry,' I said and hung my head. I noticed that my cock was stiffening again. The cop also had noticed.

'Like being talked down to I see,' he said. He took his sun glasses off and I saw that he had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. 'Well why don't we pull off the road a little more? There's a dirt road up ahead that isn't used as much anymore.' Without waiting for a response he walked back to his car. I looked over at CJ.

'Is this really happening?' he asked me. 'I just wanted to have some good, clean guy-on-guy sex and now this cop is harassing us!' He grinned. I grabbed him and pulled him to me. I kissed him roughly and then started the car. The road was well-hidden and I almost drove past it. I pulled down it a ways and the cop parked directly behind me, cutting off any sort of escape. He got out of the car and came up to my window again.

'Now, smartass,' he said as he tugged at his belt. 'You're going to go right ahead and suck my cock. It's the only way you're going to avoid a ticket and a large fine.' I gaped at him. CJ gasped behind me. The cop dropped his pants and underwear, exposing a prick that was already engorged. He shoved it through the window and at my mouth. I was already turned on so I eagerly took it into my mouth. He gave out a small moan. The door kept us too far away so he demanded I exit the car.

'What about my friend?' I asked him.

'He can join us if he is so inclined.' CJ and I both got out of the car and dropped to our knees in front of this cop.

'You really are abusing your power here, officer,' CJ said.

'You're enjoying it though,' he said as he whipped CJ with his cock. 'My name is Dirk, by the way but you can keep calling me officer. It's a real turn on.' I took Officer's cock back into my mouth. The head's circumference was oddly larger than the shaft, yet completely smooth. CJ stood and began to undress himself. When he was naked he began to work on Officer Dirk. I stood and quickly undressed. Now all three of us were standing naked on a back road. Officer Dirk had stunning abs and his obliques angled perfectly down to my favorite body part. It was cool, here in the shade and his nipples had already hardened. I pinched one, feeling the dark hair that grew on his chest.

'I'm not in this for a long haul, boys,' he said. 'I want to fuck both of you, roughly, and get the hell out of here. I'm still on the clock after all.' I looked over at CJ. He was biting his lip. I wasn't sure if this was really what he was looking for but he was in it now so be it.

'I'm more than willing to take that tiny thing you call a penis up my ass,' I told Officer Dirk. He raised his eyebrows. I loved playing along. 'I'm sure you can't last long so let's get this over with, pig.'

'You fucking smartass. You're going to be first and it will not be pleasurable.' He pushed me over the car, exposing my asshole to him. 'No lube boy. How you feel about that.'

'I doubt I'll even feel it.' He growled in my ear and I felt his prick poke its way into my crack. In fact he was well endowed but I had been fucked so vigorously in the past week that I didn't need to worry about it hurting. His gave a forceful shove and he was in. Playing along, I gave out a great cry. 'Oh god, no! Please take it out Officer Dirk!'

He laughed, 'No way smartass.' He ploughed into me for about five minutes. I began to really love the feel of his smooth cock in my ass. His muscular body pressed up against my back and his balls slapped my ass. He was grunting and breathing heavily. 'Fuck, this is hot,' he moaned.

'Fuck...you...,' I managed to get out between gasps. He thrust hard into me and I felt him coming. He wound one hand in my hair and pulled. I cried out. I noticed CJ leaning against the cop car, awaiting his turn. Officer Dirk pulled out of me and motioned for CJ to turn around.

'Your turn, pretty boy,' he said to CJ and pushed into his ass. CJ howled as Officer Dirk began to fuck him. The officer has obtained a light coat of sweat from screwing me. I watched as he closed his eyes and licked his lips. 'Oh yeah,' he moaned. His ass was really something of beauty. It was by far, the most muscular ass I had ever seen. I realized that I was very turned on and saw my opportunity. I snuck up behind the officer and before he could realize what was happening, thrust my own member into his ass. He cried out and tried to push me away but I reached around and grabbed both his nipples in my hands.

'Keep going at my buddy there, Officer,' I told him. 'I think he's starting to actually enjoy having you inside him. As for me, I'm going to have a go at this outstanding butt of yours.' I slowly withdrew my cock from his ass before shoving it back in. He cried out.

'You show him, Tim!' CJ cried from in front of the Officer.

'Shut up pretty boy,' Officer Dirk said and began to really fuck my buddy. CJ shrieked. It was a war. The officer would fuck CJ painfully and I would fuck the officer equally. Tit for tat. I knew we were all enjoying ourselves, even Officer Dirk. In ten minutes I had him begging for more.

'Like that, Officer?' I asked as I rammed my schlong into him.

'Yes, I love having you inside me.'

'What was that? I couldn't quite hear you.'

'Oh my god. I love it when you fuck me!' he screamed.

'Tim? I want this guy to taste my cum,' CJ said. I pulled the officer away from CJ and forced him to his knees on the soft earth. CJ turned around and pushed his cock into Officer Dirk's mouth. He took it hungrily and began to work it expertly. I dropped to my knees behind the cop and resumed my fucking. I just couldn't get over how gorgeous his ass was.

'You close, CJ?' I asked him.

'Yeah. You?'

'Real close. Let's do this together. One, two, ahhhhh!' I cried out as a powerful orgasm weakened me. I saw CJ lean back against the car to steady himself. The officer simply took it all in stride. When I had finished I stood and helped a smiling Dirk to his feet. CJ's cum ran down his chin.

'That was amazing!' he whispered. 'I've never been topped like that before!' He took a step toward me and actually embraced me. 'I love your cock.' His hand slowly stroked my member back to arousal.

'Want to fuck me again?' he asked hopefully.

'I thought you were on duty?' I asked. His eyes widened.

'Oh shit!' He opened the door to his car, bent over, and grabbed the radio. His ass hung in the air and I couldn't help myself. I moved forward but before I could get to it, CJ stepped in front of me.

'I want it,' he said. He turned and ran his hands over Dirk's ass. Dirk paused and the lady on the other end asked if he was alright.

'Yeah I'm fine. I was just checking in,' he said. CJ looked back at me, glanced down at my dick and ran one hand across his own ass. I got the hint. As CJ moved forward and slowly inserted his cock in the officer, I knelt and shoved my tongue into CJ's ass. He moaned and pushed back against my mouth. I stood and shoved my member into CJ's ass. The officer put the radio back and simply clung to the seat as CJ began to fuck him. Strings of pre-cum dripped from Dirk's cock. I kissed the side of CJ's neck. He turned his head and we kissed passionately.

'Come on, pretty boy!' Dirk yelled. 'Harder!' CJ picked up the pace and I matched him. CJ's ass, though not as amazing as Dirk's, was tighter and in moments I was filling him with my man potion. CJ pushed forward once more and I figured he was filling Dirk with his own jizz.

We all cleaned up and dressed. Officer Dirk handed me a card with his phone number. 'Call me sometime and maybe we can get together.' He got in his car and drove off. I looked over at CJ. His pants were wrinkled and his shirt was on backward. I laughed.

'So, how was that? I bet all your stress is gone.'

He smiled at me. 'Oh, I think I can find some more.' We embraced and that's how the owner of the cottage at the end of the dirt road found us.



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