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I was travelling up on an early train to London after a weekend with friends in Dorset. Shortly after we left Salisbury a soft voice said, "Is anyone sitting here?"

"No," I said barely glancing up from the book I was reading. I only vaguely registered the tall man who sat down beside me as I was deep in a book that I was going to have to discuss at a meeting later that morning. After a little while I became aware that his leg was gently pressing against mine and, without thinking, I moved to give him more room, but his leg followed mine. My eyes shifted from my book to his very long legs which were encased in a pair of attractive light tweed trousers. I looked up. He appeared to be as stuck in his book as I had been in mine.

"There's never enough leg room for tall guys," I said.

"I'm so sorry, am I crowding you?"

"Not at all." I returned the pressure from his knee, and a slow smile lit up his eyes. His face was open and friendly, his voice a soft, slightly accented light tenor. He was tall, wide shouldered and slim. His hand slipped below the table on to my thigh, it gradually moved towards the centre. My cock was waking up in anticipation. I covered his hand with my own, but he pushed on to cover my growing erection. He leaned towards me and murmured. "I want that."

I answered in kind but suggested that a railway carriage was a bit public. We chatted as though it was the most natural thing; quietly introducing ourselves and agreeing that there were better places to get acquainted than in the lavatory on train. He was fair haired, with deep blue eyes and a very sexy smile. We arranged that he should come to my flat later that day. We circumspectly groped each other for the rest of the journey. He felt bigger than I but not enough to cause me any concern that I couldn't give him pleasure.

That afternoon when I returned to the flat after the meeting and a working lunch, I was virtually shaking with sexual anticipation. I showered, douched and changed into a tee shirt and jeans and waited for the doorbell. When it rang I took the stairs two at a time down to the front door. I opened it and there he was, all six foot two (going on four) of him, most of which seemed to be his legs. He stepped into the hall lowered his head and kissed me. We went up to the flat.

"Let's fuck," he said and picked me up and I just pointed the way to my bedroom as our mouths met. He put me on the bed without interrupting the tongue games we were playing. He pulled up my tee opened my jeans, kissed my rampant cock and covered a nipple with his mouth. He tongued it; lightly chewed it then sucked on it until my cock tingled in relayed tremors. I undressed him. He was smooth, not shaved just smooth. He clearly worked out for his body was toned, but not overly muscled. I stripped him down to his boxers and shed my own clothes; I sucked on both his tits until they stood proud and hard. He was clearly enjoying the oral attention. I buried my tongue in his navel and mouthed his shaft through the material of his shorts. He was softly begging me to suck him. I slipped the boxers down and took between my lips the pink bulbous mushroom head that was forcing its way through his uncut foreskin.

It was sticky with pre-cum. I rolled my tongue over it. It tasted so bittersweet. I probed under the shield of flesh to tease his glans,  nectar for the Gods. I slowly swallowed him, all eight and a half inches of him until my nose was buried in his neatly trimmed bush. I massaged his cockhead with my throat and he moaned. He had a large pair of balls in a down covered sac. I released his cock and took them in my mouth and toyed with them. He was lifting and shifting his hips as though trying to get everything into my mouth. I tongued under his scrotum to find my way up to his neatly puckered, pink mancunt. He smelt clean and male. I worked my saliva around and into that hole. It pulsated as I worked on it and gradually I was eating him out and my tongue was probing further and further within him. He was crying out for me to fuck him.

I took some lube from the night stand, rolled on a condom and entered him first with a single finger, then two, then three.

"Fist me later but fuck me now." He begged. I slowly entered him, meeting so little resistance that in no time I was buried up to my cockroot in his dark haven of secret delight. He was squeezing my cock and milking it. I pulled back and then moved back in again. I started slowly and together we began to increase the fuck rate. With his legs up over my shoulders, I was pounding into him. I could feel that when I took his cock in my hand, he was ready to blow and I wasn't far off cumming too. Suddenly he was spurting spasms of spunk all over us. His stomach, our chests, his chin and even my face were all running with his manjuice. As he came he clamped onto me and made me shoot too, filling the condom so much that I could feel my sperm being forced back down the outside of my shaft. I collapsed on top of him. We fed on each other mouthing and licking his slightly salty cum off our faces and kissing hard as we came down from the orgasmic high.

It took a while but eventually I softened and slid out of him. He removed the condom and licked my cock clean before kissing me again so that we shared all the tastes of ourselves with each other.

"The night has yet to begin. Are you expected anywhere?" I asked.

"No, I left it open as I needed some sex today."

"Then let's find out just how much." We kissed and started again.



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