This story is about a couple of ordinary Jamaicans: Bobo, Zeeko, Chinaman, and Fuckaman. so here it goes without any delay

One fine hot summer sultry day four friends went to a bar on love lane in the small town of Annotto Bay. when they entered Bobo said

'But wait! the place is empty man.'

'yeah man. for true.' said fuckaman. there was of course a male bartender around the counter. 'hey how the place is so empty' said Bobo.

'Its cause its a gay bar. and there aren't many gays in this town.' said derrick the bartender. upon saying this a smirk came across everyone's faces.

about an hour after they arrived and had a few drinks chinaman began to express his interest in guys on a whole especially in fuckaman. immediately fuckaman said he was interested in him too. 'so you ever had sex with another guy before?' asked chinaman. 'no' said fuckaman.

'you want to try?'


'first you kiss me.'

they both began to kiss each other passionately in front the other two. (the bartender had left on an errand.) who both exclaimed at the same time:


this made the other two begin to jerk each other off. 'yow, bobo come suck mi cock please.!' he then proceeded to do just that. 'fuck just do it like that baby. oh yeah.' after a couple of minutes bobo got up, striped down naked and then proceeded to strip zeeko as well.

zeeko then lubed bobo's ass with his tongue and saliva. 'are you ready for my 15inch dick up your ass?'


zeeko then stood bobo up and gently placed his cock head right to bobo's main gateway. he then slowly slid his cock up his ass and bobo moaned in pleasure. 'oh god.oooooh! just like that baby.'

'yow i'm gonna ram it hard you hear.'

'OK.' after about fifteen minutes they were ready to come.

'yow, I'm ready to release the flood gates.'

'by all means go ahead. I'm ready too.'

they both came at the same time and fell flat on the ground all this was happening at the same time as the other two did the same thing.

then they all got dressed and left the bar. just as they were leaving they met the bartender on his way back inside the bar.

' y'all had a good time?'

'we did, boy we did' answered fuckaman.




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