I woke gradually, my head was a mess; someone was moving me, trying to bring me back into if not the real world, at least to his. With some difficulty I forced open my eyes. And there right before me was this beautiful uncut cock pointing at me. Its head had forced its way through a deliciously ragged foreskin, and there were a pair of nuts for which coco would not have been an inappropriate prefix. The cock was displaying a glistening droplet of pre-cum. I raised my head and after letting my tongue caress the piss-slit leant, forward and took the helmet gently between my lips.

When I am in full suck mode I find it concentrates the mind. . Those wonderful feelings of the male member, first through your lips as you push the foreskin back. Then as your tongue plays over the head and teases the shaft so that you can taste that faint echo of urine in the flow of the pre-cum honey and you feel the cock stiffen to its full length. Then you take a deep breath and gently exhale so that they feel excited and so they go forward and in that moment you take them down into the throat for the first time and hold them there.

Tops will try and take control. And he did. He pulled back then tried to plough his cock into my mouth and I rejected it.

"I want to CUM!"

I reared back and glared at him. "Both of us in good time. Baby"

I played my tongue around and under his foreskin; I slipped his cock back into my mouth and started to suck. He gasped. I took that delicious weapon back into my throat and swallowed. His grunts told me that he was really enjoying this. He started to fuck my face, but gently, and I realised that this time he was trying to give me pleasure as well. So I raised my hands and played through his bountiful body hair before finding his tits and squeezing them. He groaned

His cock in my throat was glorious and I wrapped my tongue around his shaft, so that as he fucked me I could feel that ball pulse, not only were those great eggs bouncing on my chin, they were sending out messages of release. As he thrust and withdrew there came a moment when I could feel the sperm fighting to burst forth and his balls rose up to deliver. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into me. He came. He poured cum down my throat like a creamy elixir that would give me an eternal youth and I swallowed and swallowed everything he could give me.

Eventually he stopped filling me full of his seed and was groaning. I vacuumed out the very last drops of his semen and then teased the head of his prick with my tongue. He cried out but I held him, my fingers clenched into his ass-cheeks. His eight inches slipped back to six and I played with it and even nibbled the lips of his piss slit. He was desperate to pull away, but he needed a small lesson in manners. My lips were clamped round the base of his cock and when I tried to draw it back down my throat, he shouted out to let him go, loud enough to waken the neighbourhood.

Well this was his neighbourhood not mine (so far as I knew), so I slid my lips out over his cock, reached up, grabbed his head and kissed him with my tongue slavering over his so that he could taste his own bountiful harvest. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to engulf me in his embrace. I slid a hand down between us as though reaching for his manhood.

"No! Please. Don't touch me, not there, not yet"

"Ah? Have I not served Sir as he would wish?"

"Fuck it you bastard. No one has ever sucked me like that. Christ what do you have in that throat of yours?

"Just a little experience; let me teach you the ways of the old boys. There may be tops, there may be bottoms, but when we both have fun there is magic."



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