Living in a small town can be both a blessing and yes it can also be a curse. The town I live in has a population of about 8500 and although I am out and by no means closeted I am not exactly running around with rainbow bumper stickers in your face kind of thing either.

Until most people get to know me, especially the men in the town are kind of distant where as their wives and girlfriends love me, however the men are a little more reluctant to get talkative with me until they realize I am not trying to get into their pants. Although lets be honest there are times I look at some of their bodies and think wouldn't that be hot in the sack.

So here I am one night just finishing my shift and heading to my car, when a regular customer approaches me, now this guy is what you would call a the typical gym rat good looking, tall and built like a brick shot house. His girl friend is drop dead gorgeous and she and I get on a like a house on fire at work, and I know he is one of the stand offish kind of guys so I was surprised when he approached me.

Of course the first thing out of my mind was okay here is coming trouble cause I am guilty of flirting with a lot of women through my job but since I am openly gay there is not usually a problem as most take it with the fun it is meant in.

So here is this blond tall Nordic gym god standing near my car and I am thinking of all the worst case scenarios. Looking around to see if any of my work comrades are nearby in case I need to call for help.

However his menacing look changed to a look of panic then a sheepish looking at his feet. As I approached I offered a good evening and went to the drivers side. He looked up at me in the eye and instead of a menacing look I saw a look of panic and questioning in his eyes.

"Hey dude can we go get a coffee? I need your advice about something?" and looked at my keys and then into his pale blue eyes. There was a sad look almost pleading in his eyes and I though well if he wants to take me out he wouldn't be asking me for help.

I quickly thought about it and said sure, great he responded follow me.

So I got into the car and followed him towards our local Tim Horton's but instead of going into the parking lot he went into Drive Through, so I thought okay I will play along I entered as well and ordered my usual Hot Chocolate when I exited he was waiting across the street for me in his car. As soon as he saw me exit the drive through he started to pull out and headed out of town I followed close behind.

Not far out of town he pulled into a side dirt road and I followed behind then he pulled into a little used picnic area with table and outhouses. Intrigued I pulled in next to him and followed him to a picnic table.

He looked up as I sat down opposite and gave me a sheepish grin.

"Thanks I really appreciate this."

"Sure not a problem whats up?"

I realized he had picked an out of way place so we wouldn't probably be seen by any locals. With his head down it was obvious he was going through some inner turmoil, the first thing that went through my mind was god don't tell me he thinks he is gay and wants to come out.

What came out next was a gushing of out pouring that was something I really didn't expect.

"Well my girlfriend and I have been experimenting." God not the bi thing I thought not interested in a girl on guy and guy thing no matter how hot this guy is.

"Experimenting in what way?"

With a heavy sigh it all came out.

"Well it started off with her giving me head and she is great don't get me wrong I love it." he sighed and continued on. "But then she started doing stuff with me." he looked down at the cup in his hands and blushed. "She started playing with my ass a bit, at first rubbing with it then another time she started playing with it more and then she started putting her finger in my ass."

"At first it was kind of fun when she did it and then she started putting two fingers in and then all of sudden she found a spot in me that made me leak like crazy and it was incredible the sensations going through my body."

"So later when she was at work and had the day off I was thinking about it wanted to feel more so I found some things that might work. I rummaged around the kitchen and found a good sized candle and some lube that I used sometimes when we fuck and tried it on my ass."

I looked at him eyes wide open wondering where this was going.

"Go on." I said in a hushed voice. I could hear the birds chirping and the distant noise of the highway.

"Well it was okay but I didn't find it as comfortable as I thought so then I remembered my girlfriend had a vibrator she used when I was away on work sometimes." He shuddered as he recounted the story. In all honesty I was amazed by his confession and wanting to know where this was heading.

"So I found the vibrator was a hell of a lot more comfortable then the candle and when she was at work and my schedule allowed played with it as much as I could I was enjoying it a hell of a lot." he sighed then looked up from his coffee to me, and continued "I then I found out I was really getting turned on by it and it was making me harder and almost cumming without touching my cock."

I looked down at my hot chocolate and I could swear that through the slats of the picnic table I could see a hardon.

"Then things got crazy." he gulped, "How?" I asked.

"She changed her schedule and came home one day and caught me."

"Whoa" I volunteered.

"Yeah but not as bad as I thought she rode my cock like a banshee with the vibrator in my ass and I swear to god it was the most intensive orgasm I have ever had." he breathed a deep sigh of relief after telling me that and the intense look on his face and in his eyes as he looked at me, started to make me feel uncomfortable. Remember not into the Girl and Guy on Guy thing.

"Okay!" I held up my hand, "I can understand your questioning things but I do not see how I can help you?"

"Well after that...." he paused then continued "she ordered a strap on from one of those web sites, and now we take turns fucking each other." at this point he really blushed a deep crimson.

"And fuck I love it but I want to try something else...."

I look at him the eye and asked "What would that be?"

"I want to feel a real cock in my ass nothing plastic the real McCoy."

"Ah okay..." now I was really intrigued "and why are you bringing this up with me?"

"Well..." he looked down at the table then searchingly straight in the eye. "Will you fuck me?"


I stared at him in shock I swear to god my mouth was hanging open, I could imagine he was as shocked by my response as I was by his admission.

"Ummm are you serious?" I squirmed on the bench of the picnic table and continued "You want me to fuck you?" I was amazed at his request.

"Well I know my girlfriend likes you and I know your a fag... Um sorry gay and I really do not any other gay guys except for that freak at 7-11 and I really do not want him, would you think about it?"

"Wow I am flattered and also a little concerned you know I am not into women at all and I think your girlfriend is drop dead beautiful but sexually I am just not into the guy and girl thing."

"No I am not asking for threesome I just want a real good fuck I want to feel a real cock fuck me!" he slammed down his fist and looked at me seriously.

"Okay can I think about this?" I looked down at my almost empty hot chocolate cup.

"Sure I understand this is a lot to consider." he pulled out his phone "can we exchange cell numbers and keep in touch and when the time is right follow through when your ready?"

So I agreed and we texted each other to ensure we had each others cell numbers.

We parted with the agreement I think about it. A few days later I received a text message with pictures had I seriously thought about it, again my jaw dropped. Here where these incredible pictures of his total naked body in a mirror tall blond, light dusting of hair across his ripped abdomen and pecs down to a meaty thick cock half covered by a foreskin with the head just peaking out, the next picture really amazed me. His big meaty globes an even lighter dusting of hair with the tight muscular dimples on either side, the next picture made me really salivate, it was a close up of a his girlfriends purple vibrator embedded in his hole. Now that got me hard. Especially when I could see the same mole in both pictures, to realize it was the same ass.

I responded by sending a picture of my cock from my profile from a gay chat site within minutes he responded quickly, whoa bigger then I expected will you be gentle? I responded I would ease him into it, or ease it into him.... LOL.

Then one morning I got a specific text from him, his girlfriend would be away for a week doing a training course would I come over soon? I responded I would check my schedule and let him know.

It was agreed that when it happened I would park a block away, he would leave the door open and I would let myself in, he had already out layed the floor plan for me and I knew where he would be naked everything would be ready.

Lets be honest he is a blond "Greek" god who would say no!

The morning arrived and I made sure I picked out my best cock ring that hardened my cock to the point the veins bulged down the sides of my shaft. Ready and somewhat nervous I drove at the agreed time being a work week there was little of no traffic in the suburb, I parked the car and made my way to his house. As agreed I went down the side of the house and let myself into the side door. I could hear some noise coming from the back and knew exactly where to go.

As I went down the hallway the expectation and the nervous anticipation built up in me. However as I came to the door I was not expecting the sight that was to greet me. There he was on all fours ass in the air but wearing a used jockstrap, his large veiny cock was extended and hard travel-ling down his left leg held in place by the pouch of his jockstrap and in his ass was a purple vibrator humming away.

Fuck but the most incredible thing was the mirror over the head of the bed he was looking at me his blue eyes starring at me burning with desire daring me to make the next move. My next move was quick I practically ripped off my clothes and moved forward, kneeling down in front of his meaty jock strapped framed ass, bringing my nose closer watching his ring clenching tight on the vibrating fuck tube in his ass. I brought my nose in closer almost smelling the rubber scent of the vibrator and the distinct smell of the lube, I noticed his thighs where quivering in anticipation but what I did next I do not think he was expecting.

My tongue came out and the prenium between his vibrating asshole and his balls came into touch. He audibly gasped as my tongue travelled closer to his ass and as I did he clenched pushing the vibrator out, I reached up and stopped its quick exit. Gently pushed it back it at the same time bringing my tongue to his hot ring with the vibrator, and with gentle ease gently slid it out as I did my tongue was pushing in next to the vibrator. As it finally slid out he asshole snapped closed puffy and reddened. My tongue quickly replaced it's exit tonguing and teasing his hole. With gentle assertion his hole responded to my tongue and like a small flower opened slightly, taking advantage I buried my tongue into his asshole.

From his audible moan and thrust back of his muscular cheeked ass, I knew he was enjoying the ride. I reached forward and grasped his knob as my tongue dug deeper into his bung hole, from the amount of leakage I knew he was enjoying the probing.

He grunted and pushed back. "Yeah fuck man eat my ass!" with my other hand I reached down and touched my cock, fuck it was hard! He leaned forward pushing his head down and reached back spreading his ass open more so to make my tongue more accessible to his ass.

"Oh fuck this is incredible!" he exclaimed! By this time he was undulating his ass making harder for me to keep my tongue into his waiting asshole, and then the unthinkable happened he came almost with a strength that took him off my tongue I released his cock head with the slime of his come and started to reach down to my own cock ready to release myself, reaching back he grabbed my hand stopping me from doing so. Taking my mouth away from his hot and boiling ass I looked up and contacted with his eyes in the mirror.

"Fuck me!" he barely breathed.

"Are you sure?" I asked, thinking he was done now that he had cum.

"After you eating my ass I want the rest of you!"


Incredibly hard all I wanted to do was mount him but after he just cum I didn't think he would still be interested.

"Oh fuck man I am still really horny! After your tongue I still want it more then ever!"

I couldn't believe this stud wanted more I reached forward with my tongue touching the head of his still leaking cock, all his cum was still running down his leg, and a string was still connected, it was tangy sweet and he twitched as my tongue then my mouth made contact. I reached up and pulled the pouch of his jock aside allowing his large furry nuts to escape. For a blonde guy he sure was hairy which surprised me.

Taking my tongue I slid it up his shaft and taking each of testicles rolled them in my mouth then with my thumb gently teased his freshly eaten ass.

"Come on dude stop teasing my and just get down to business!"

I stood up and started taking off my clothes, now I am by no means a physical god like him but I am still grateful that my body isn't bad hairy, and of course my thick veiny uncut cock helps. To which it was hard and heavy down the left leg of my jeans. As I unbuttoned my jeans I looked up into the mirror and saw him, he was looking straight at my throbbing cock in my jeans the longing in his blue eyes was very apparent.

As I slowly pulled down my jeans he could see my pubic bush first and my cock ring became apparent, as I finally pulled them down my hard cock sprang free a long stringy load of pre-cum flew off and landed on the left cheek of his lightly furry butt, as if there was a secret code between it and his hole I sorry it clench and open slightly waiting for more then a purple vibrator.

We had prearranged that he would be ready for me and I slowly advanced towards him, checking out the agreed lube wipes etc but missing was the condoms.

"Hey where are the condoms?" I asked looking at him in the mirror, his blue eyes pierced mine and he stated, "Come on dude if I bought condoms it would be known." he paused and then asked "you have anything?"

"Nope I am clean!"

"Then have at her!" he roared shaking his muscular ass globes still framed in his old jock strap. I moved forward and reached for the lube it was a little crusty around the top obviously well used and opened if dribbling a little from the top of his crack watching is slowly leak down and caress his hot ass hole gasping for breath like a fish out of water. It appeared to almost be gasping for the lube as it got closer. Taking my cock head I slid it up and down his crack pushing the running lube towards his hole. Gently I teased his hole with my throbbing cock head but as I said his hole was gasping and everytime my cock came close it was snapping at it to enter.

I looked up in the mirror and noticed he wasn't watching what was going on but his attention was drawn to the right, I followed his direction and saw another mirror my cock could be seen aiming at his ass and I could see his eyes gleaming with expectation.

Knowing my cock is bigger then his vibrator I gently pushed forward the tip of my cock and his straining hole opened slightly, I nudged forward and is it started to stretch his hole he took the initiative and pushed back taking a few inches into his throbbing ass.

Reaching down I grabbed his hairy muscular globes and steadied his advance, although just moments ago he had a vibrator in his ass and was tongued deeply it was hot and tight.

"Ah wow dude that is incredible!" as he arched his back I looked over and he was watching intently at the tip of my cock in his ass. Holding his fantastic muscular ass I continued to slide my cock into his tight and suctioning ass. Finally I was balls deep and pushed up tight and stayed there allowing him to get used to my throbbing cock.

The fact that my balls where drawn tight to my body didn't help and the fact that his ass was so tight and velvety smooth didn't help matters. I looked up and with a sigh he dropped his head and shoulders down pushing his ass up more in the air allowing me deeper penetration.

Now as my balls settled I started to slowly pull out and thrust back into his ass and everytime I hit bottom he would grunt.

Muffled from his head down I heard the comment, "Aw fuck yeah better then any goddamn dildo!" and soon he was bucking back with every thrust I pulled back he was wanting to follow. His muscles on his ass worked overtime milking my cock and knew I couldn't hold back anymore. I thrust harder and bottomed out grunting as I blew a deep seeded cum load into his ass. Although I had just come and my cock was harder and thicker then ever he kept ridding my cock with a passion.

"Whoa hold it," I grabbed his ass "I just came."

"I know dude but it feels so awesome just keep going!"

As per his request and with the clenching of his ass it was hard to go down completely and I continued with his request. I stroked his ass in rhythm with my cock and before I knew it he reared up and was throwing his back onto my sweaty hairy chest.

"Come on dude FUCK ME!" he stepped down off the bed with my cock still buried in his ass. Shifted around until I was with my knees back to the bed as I gently sat down he followed keeping my cock into his ass.

Thank god for cock rings cause although my cock was somewhat rubbery it was still almost hard.

I layed back and watched his muscular back clench as he rode my cock.

"Fuck yeah man better then a strap on better then a fucking dildo!" by this time the natural lubricant of my cum in his ass was making it really slippery and hot, my cock reared up to full hardness and I looked over to the side in the mirror. His face was mixture of ecstasy and longing as he rode it hard.

It had to have been one of the best fucks I have ever had the way this hot man rode my cock, I could feel it again, I knew I was hard to come again.

I reached around him and grasped his still hard cock, I began to stroke it in unison with his gyrating actions on my cock.

I was reaching my second orgasm quickly and his cock felt hard and was throbbing.

Finally I warned him I am going to cum again, with grunts of pure pleasure he shouted out, "Fuck man your going to make me cum!"

It was as simple as that although my second load was not as much as the first I bucked up and blew another load into his ass and just as I did that he erupted shooting cum all over my hand and across a good two feet of the carpet at the end of the bed.

I lay back exhausted and finally my softened cock eased out of his ass. He reached for the facial clothes next to us and started to clean his cock and then reached back wiping the leaking cum from his ass.

"Thanks man," he said as he rose "it was better then I expected."

As with most situations of straights after their first gay experience I knew things where about to get awkward. He seemed a little sullen and withdrawn.

So I reached down and grabbed my clothes.

"You good then?"

"Yeah fine man thanks I really wanted to try that."

So dressing I looked back and he seemed lost in a world of his own.

I said good bye and let myself out, realizing it maybe just a one off experience.

Three blocks from his place my phone beeped a new text message.

"So when can we FUCK again?" scrolled across the screen.




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