I had to go on a business trip and went to the place before I had to do my job there the next day. I stayed at a hotel nearby and I arrived there in the early evening. For an evening meal I went down into the hotel restaurant and had a look at the menu and at the waiter whose head was shaved. I couldn't take my eyes off from him and when he came to my table to take my order I got a huge erection.

I ordered my meal and when he took the menu away he touched my hand and smiled at me. This let my erection grow even bigger and being the only person at the table I went down with my right hand and got my penis out under the table and started masturbating a bit. The waiter was standing at the other end of the room and was watching me. He smiled again at me while I masturbated and I'm sure he knew what I did.

He brought my meal and again he touched my arm putting the plate in front of me. Hastily I ate my meal looking at the waiter all the time. My penis was still out of my trousers and was still hard. When I had finished my meal he came to take the plate away and he dropped my serviette into my lap.

'I'm very sorry about that. Please, excuse me.' His hand went down to my lap and he grabbed my penis under the serviette. Masturbating it he asked: 'what would you like for desert?' - 'Just you' I whispered and again he smiled at me. 'Please, tell me your room number. I'll put your meal on your hotel bill.' And then he whispered as well and said: 'I'll have to work until midnight but then I'll come and see you.'

Very exited I went up to my room and took a shower to be fresh and clean for my waiter. Looking into the mirror I realised that my hair had grown again quite a lot and I decided to ask the waiter to shave my head while we were having sex. Luckily enough I had my beard trimmer taken with me and I also had shaving cream and a razor.

A few minutes before midnight I was naked and my penis was waiting for the waiter. A few minutes after midnight I heard a knock on my door and when I opened the door my dick greeted him. He had brought a bottle of champagne and two glasses and while he took his cloths off I opened the bottle. We drank a bit from the champagne and kissed each other holding our glass in one hand and our dicks in each other's hands.

I told him about my plan: 'I would love if you could shave my head tonight. You look so wonderful with your shaved head and I should have mine shaved as well.' - 'I would love to do that.' he said.

A few minutes later I was lying in the waiter's arms and he took the beard trimmer and started shaving my head very slowly. I took his penis in my right hand and my own one in my left and so I masturbated both of us while he continued shaving my head. I had my first orgasm when he was finishing shaving my head and now I gave his penis both hands until he shot his nice sperm on my shaved head.

We then went to the shower and I took a condom with me which I rolled over his hard penis. The shaving cream and razor was in the shower already and now I guided his penis into my ass. He started fucking me and I masturbated my penis with both hands after I had turned the shower on. He took the shaving cream and covered my head with all over and then he simultaneously fucked and shaved me.

After a few minutes my head was shaved clean and then I felt the condom spreading in my ass from the sperm that the waiter sent out. He left his penis inside me until I had my orgasm as well and while getting to that stage he caressed, touched and kissed my shaved head all over. We then stood a few minutes under the warm water coming down from the shower and kissed each other for the whole time.

'Now I want to be fucked as well.' the water said and dragged me out of the shower. He took another condom and rolled it over my hard penis. Then he kneeled down on the floor in front of the bed. His chest was on the bed in a way that I could reach and touch his shaved head. I kneeled down as well and let my penis glide inside him. I grabbed his shaved head and massaging it I fucked him now.

He had his penis in both hands and masturbated while I was fucking him. Finally I shot my sperm out and seconds later he ejaculated as well and caught his sperm with his hands. He turned round to me and kissing me he massaged my shaved head with his nice after shave.

Then we fell into the bed and fell asleep. We had set my alarm clock to five in the morning as he had to start work again at six. When I got down for my breakfast at seven he had arranged a nice table for me and served me a wonderful breakfast. The people around me who had seen my with hair the evening before looked a bit astonished that I now had my head shaved. But I didn't care and the waiter and I smiled again at each other.



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