During a hot summer night I woke up and my whole body was bathed in sweat. The heat was nearly unbearable, how could I get some relief from the heat? I felt the sweat all over my body and my long hair was wet and from turning round in my bed it stuck all over my face. From the bedside table I took a hand mirror and looked at myself. I saw a hairy monster with long wet hair and a face covered with a thick beard. Suddenly an idea struck me. I opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out a clipper.

I grabbed my sweating hair with one hand, lifted my head a bit and with the clipper I slowly shaved a track from my forehead all across my head to the neck. I touched the shaved track now with one hand and felt the skin of my head and immediately my dick got thick and hard. I took him in one hand and started masturbating holding the mirror in my other hand and admired the shaved track of my head.

My masturbating hand got wet now from the movements and I continued shaving my head track by track now and I moved the clipper slowly all across my head and made sure that all my long hair was cut off. After a few minutes all my long sweaty hair was lying around my head and I enjoyed touching my shaved head and continued jacking off.

I took the clipper again and started shaving off my beard as well. After a while I could admire my shaved head and face in the mirror and now my dick was getting crazy. I threw away the linen sheet that I was lying under and with one hand I went down to my ass. With the middle finger I searched for the entrance and I pushed it inside myself as deep as possible. That gave my penis even more motivation to grow and finally the sweat on my hairy body mixed with my sperm which I shot all over my body.

With both hands I massaged my hairy body now with my sweat and sperm and I thought that I could do a bit more to get my body cooled down. With one hand I touched my shaved head which offered the armpit at the end of that arm to the clipper. I shaved it clean and then I changed over to my other armpit. After shaving that one clean as well I shaved both my arms and my dick got hard again.

Now I could give him one of my hands again and I started shaving my chest. Reaching my nipples and shaving all hair off around them my penis grew big in my other hand and I guided the clipper further down to the direction of my dick. He had got so big and hard that it was easy to shave my pubes and my penis. My balls had become hard as well and I shaved them clean as well.

Now only my legs were left and I did a sigh of relief when they were shaved as well and seeing all my wet hair shaved off and lying around my body and head I got a huge erection which I served with both hands now. My hands got wet again and I cleaned them on my shaved head. Then finally I had a big orgasm moving my dick with both hands and my sperm shot all over my body and my face.

Now it was time for the really clean shave. I got up from my bed and went under the shower. I stood under the flowing water and then I covered my legs with shaving cream. I took a roazor and shaved them clean. Then I did the same with my arms and armpits. When I started to shave my chest I took my penis again to make him thick and hard and shaving my chest now I prepared my dick and balls to be shaved as well. I really enjoyed shaving that area and my erection was enormous when the razor came closer and shaved all stubbles off there.

Now only my face and head were left to be shaved clean. I concentrated on my face now and gave it a good shave. Then I spent several minutes covering my head with shaving cream and jacking off at the same time. I continued caring about my dick and took the razor and shaved my head all over in all directions until it was shaved totally clean.

I only needed my final orgasm now and for that I took a dildo and pushed it into my ass as deep as possible. With my back I was standing against the wall of the shower and moving forwards and backwards it was like being fucked. With one hand I started jacking off again while I fucked myself with the dildo. I felt my shaved head with my other hand and my clean shaved penis and balls felt good in my hand. Finally I got a wonderful orgasm again under the water which was running down on my shaved head and body.



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